The Satyrs’ Feast Ch. 02

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All characters are over 18.


Dixie stumbled along the path, naked and gleaming with sweat, Kyril’s seed leaking profusely from her pussy and ass. The sun was hot above her head, and it was a relief to find another waterfall not too far down the trail.

She stood under the freezing cascade, laughing as the chill water made goosebumps erupt all over her; the cold spray made her nipples stiffen, and she hissed as her hand brushed the hardened nubs.

“Oh, fuck, they’re sensitive today,” she murmured to herself, and she leapt out of the water to continue on her way, rubbing unconsciously at her breasts. I’m just trying to dry them off faster, that’s all, she thought to herself, sighing as her hands drifted down her body.

As she walked, her thoughts wandered back to Kyril and the primal, animalistic way he had fucked her, and all the promises he had made. He said he would present her to the satyr king, and the king would fuck her and let everyone at the feast do the same. Arousal awoke in her belly, making her feel warm and wet and wanting.

She moaned, quickening her pace, but it wasn’t very long before she heard voices behind her. She turned abruptly, watching the trail carefully for something to appear.

A human is made to be shared.

Two satyrs turned the corner, laughing about some joke she hadn’t heard, and she froze, staring at the pair with curious eyes. One had an almost bronze sheen to his skin, with dark golden hair to match. His goatee was a little longer than Kyril’s, as was the fur on his legs. His companion had red hair and a darker tan than the bronze one. Both were toned and had at least an inch or two on her in height.

At twenty feet away, the red one noticed her first, stopping his friend with a gasp. “A human,” he said, and the bronze satyr stared at her in wander. Both glanced at each other, then turned back to her and approached slowly, twin smiles on their lips.

“Lovely maiden,” the red one cooed, “what are you doing so far out in the woods? Are you going to the feast tonight?”

She smiled, waving in greeting. “Yes, I am.”

The bronze one shuddered. “She smells so sweet, Hadrin,” he moaned, and Hadrin smirked.

“She smells of rut. And she looks like a lovely young human just waiting to be fucked again. What is your name, my love?”

“A human is made to be shared,” the bronze satyr said, as if in protest, and his ruddy companion laughed.

“Who said she wasn’t going to be shared?” He turned to her, smiling wickedly. “You’ll have to forgive Euphrades, he’s new to his manhood. Your name, my sweet?”

“Dixie. My name is Dixie.”

He smiled, bowing slightly to her. “But by the stars, it’s been so long…does Kyril know about you? He’s the sentry in that direction, and if you’ve gotten this far, you would have met him.”

“Yes,” she replied, “I’ve met Kyril. We…um…”

“He fucked you,” Hadrin said simply, his smile predatory now. “And now you’re on the way to the feast, and that can only mean one thing…Euphrades, you’ve never been with a human, have you?”

Euphrades shook his head, his mouth agape and his eyes wide as he took her in. Hadrin laughed and rounded on Dixie, reaching out for her in silent permission.

She took his hand, swiftly kissing his fingers in gratitude, and he kissed her forehead fondly as he drew her güvenilir bahis back against his chest. “Let’s make Euphrades’ first time with a human memorable, shall we?” he whispered in her ear, cupping her mons with rough, calloused fingers. “He’ll fuck you like a young bull in heat, and he loves licking ass. We’ll make you feel wonderful.” His fingers caressed her slit, spreading Kyril’s cum around her pussy. “You have my word.”

She moaned, leaning back against him, relishing the feeling of his hardening cock on her back. Euphrades grinned wildly, though the look was gentler on him than on Hadrin. The younger satyr lowered himself to the ground and kissed her exposed stomach, licking around her belly button.

“We’ll fuck you like it’s our last day on this earth, lovely Dixie,” he whispered, nuzzling into her pubic hair. “I want to feel you cum around my cock! I want to feel your asshole milk me dry!”

“Ever the eager little sprite,” Hadrin sighed, and he nudged Euphrades away from her. “Let’s make her comfortable first. Then I want to see you lick her pussy and her ass and make them wet for us.”

The bronze satyr let her go, and Hadrin led her to some boulders off the trail. He pulled her back to his chest, spreading her legs wide and leaning back, and he gestured to her pussy, a signal for Euphrades to continue.

She gasped as his tongue licked at her swollen, sensitive clit, and she groaned, arching her back into the work of his mouth. “Feels heavenly, doesn’t it?” Hadrin cooed, tugging at her nipples. She squealed, her nails digging into the hair on his legs. “That wet, questing tongue, burrowing into you, making you ache with need…mmm, all that sloppy saliva making your slit nice and wet and slick for us, for two hard, hot, throbbing cocks to plunder your holes…”

She moaned again, and Hadrin chuckled in her ear. “Tug his hair, my sweet, he likes that.”

Her hands immediately flew to Euphrades’ hair, pulling it this way and that, and the satyr groaned into her pussy, giving it open-mouthed kisses and suckling on her clit until she thrust up into his face, overwhelmed with the pleasure of it all.

“Yes, force him into you,” Hadrin growled, and she obeyed, pushing Euphrades’ face further between her legs. “Such a talented tongue, no? The king himself said he’d never had his ass licked so well as when Euphrades rimmed him. Everyone loves that tongue of his…”

As if waiting for his cue, the tongue laving her pussy with saliva trailed lower; Hadrin tugged hard on her nipples as a wet, hot tongue speared her ass, and she cried out, teetering on the edge of orgasm. She felt suction at her hole, and she couldn’t hold back any longer as she realized Euphrades was sucking Kyril’s sudsy cum out of her asshole.

“Fuck,” she groaned, tumbling from the heights of pleasure and shaking with need. “Oh, shit, I need your cocks in me so bad!”

Euphrades slurped the last of the seed out of her sopping wet hole, and Hadrin moaned at her neck, squeezing her tits in his hands. “You heard the female,” he said, and Euphrades’ eyes gleamed black with lust. “Take your first human.”

His cock prodded at her entrance, rubbing up and down her slit, and she pressed back, silently begging for his thick, throbbing meat to fill her up.

He trembled as he entered her, taking his time, savoring each moment. She nearly came türkçe bahis again just at the look of bliss on Euphrades’ face, and she moaned prettily for him, rubbing her hands up and down his hairy chest.

“Take me, Euphrades,” she begged, and he looked down at her in awe. “Take me like a young bull in heat.”

She was surprised at the growl that came out of the bronze satyr’s mouth – she had gotten the impression that Euphrades was more docile than that – but all thoughts of his aggression flew away as he pounded into her, fucking Kyril’s cum out of her as they rutted together. Hadrin continued to play with her tits, toying with her nipples and nibbling at her neck. She could feel the older satyr’s hard cock pressed firmly into her asscrack, and she rubbed back against him on Euphrades’ outstroke, letting him know that she needed him next.

Cum flooded her pussy, but Euphrades hardly seemed shaken. Hadrin flipped her onto hands and knees so his brethren could more easily fuck her ass, and she moaned as she was confronted with an angry red cock in her face.

“May I please suck your cock, Hadrin?” she whispered, nuzzling his manhood as Euphrades rubbed his cock against her asshole. “I want to feel your cock fill my mouth as Euphrades fills my ass. I want both of you inside me, please!”

Hadrin cooed again, stroking her hair. “Yes, my sweet, you may, but let Euphrades get inside your ass first.”

She moaned, licking his shaft with an eager tongue, but she paused and pressed her face into his hairy abdomen as Euphrades pushed into her asshole, filling her steadily with a strong, solid thrust.

“Fuck!” she cried, pressing back against the younger satyr. “Oh fuck me, Euphrades, that feels amazing!”

“When it comes to fucking, we always keep our promises,” he replied breathlessly, and he gave her ass a hardy squeeze even as his pace increased.

Carefully yet hungrily, Dixie took Hadrin’s swollen cock into her mouth, suckling it as the thrusts from behind moved her mouth along his rod. Her tongue laved over him, and she tried stuffing as much of his meat into her mouth as she could, holding herself up with one hand as she fondled his balls. Hadrin moaned, stroking her hair as she worked his shaft, and she groaned around his cock from the supreme ass-fucking she was so fortunate to receive.

His hot, throbbing manhood pushed deeper into her mouth, and Euphrades slowed his thrusts, fucking her ass slowly now. She thought she knew what that meant, and sure enough, her ass was hosed with cum just as Hadrin let loose his load deep inside her throat. She gulped it down, squeezing her rectum around the cock cumming inside it, and both satyrs groaned in delight.

“Yes, human, milk me dry,” Euphrades croaked, pushing himself deeper into her even as he softened. Hadrin waited until she had swallowed the last of his seed, then pulled her up and kissed her full on the mouth.

“You may not have felt it with one satyr’s cum inside you, but you’ll be feeling it now. Satyr cum makes humans desperate for sex, and the more you fuck, the more you’ll want to fuck, until you’re ready for our cocks at all hours of the day.”

She nodded eagerly, panting in arousal, and she knew his words were truth; sore as she was getting, she still wanted more, and the feeling of cum dribbling out of her just made her want more cum inside all her güvenilir bahis siteleri holes.

“Now,” he said, and without preamble, he twisted her around and impaled her ass on his cock. “Suck Euphrades’ cock as a thank-you for the wonderful ass-fucking he gave you. And feel free to lick his ass too, it’s not often he gets to experience that. We did promise him that his first time with you would be wonderful, didn’t we?”

“Yes,” she replied hungrily, and she gobbled down his cock, saliva dribbling in rivulets down her chin and his balls. Somehow she was able to make her throat relax better than ever, and soon she was deep-throating the satyr cock while her ass was pounded from behind.

“Our sweet Dixie will make a wonderful fuck-toy, won’t she?” Euphrades gasped as her tongue lapped at his balls even as his meat filled her throat. “She’ll be the perfect slut, and bear us many children.”

“Oh yes, she’ll be absolutely perfect. By the time she reaches the feast, we might not even have time for any preamble before we all need to fuck her. A shame she doesn’t have fifty orifices so more satyrs can partake in our wonderful little cock slut.”

“Would you like that, sweet Dixie?” The younger satyr pulled her off his cock and stared down at her with dark, hungry eyes. “Would you like to be our whore for the rest of your life?”

She moaned and nodded, and immediately buried her face into his balls like her life depended on it. She sucked at each one, licking them as if they were covered in the sweetest, most delicious substance. She suckled and fondled and stroked and licked, then pushed her face lower, forcefully spreading his asscheeks as her tongue found his hole.

“Yes, lick his ass like your tongue is a cock,” Hadrin growled, and Euphrades seemed to melt back into a more docile satyr, whimpering and stroking her hair.

She slurped at his asshole, piercing him with her tongue as deep as she could go, and Hadrin’s pace slowed once more, and Euphrades was groaning.

“Let me cum inside your mouth, sweet Dixie,” he pleaded, and she gave his asscheek a little nibble before thrusting his cock deep into her throat.

The sight seemed to break the two of them, as she was once again hosed with cum from both ends. The salty, slightly sweet taste of cum danced on her tongue as she swallowed furiously. Hadrin said he would fuck her like a young bull in heat, but he came like a horse, his seed pouring out of her mouth and soaking the rocks under them.

“Lick that up,” Hadrin commanded as he withdrew, rubbing her ass fondly. “You’d best get used to the taste of satyr cum. You’ll be practically drowning in it soon. Our sweet, slutty little Dixie…”

The both of them rubbed their hands lovingly over her body as she lapped up the excess cum, mouthing the ground to get every last drop.

“Oh Hadrin, I want her again,” Euphrades moaned, and the older satyr chuckled.

“You’ll have her again, at the feast tonight. But we must let her go so she can spread her legs for other satyrs.”

He turned her around to face him, tenderly stroking her cheek with one finger. “When we meet you again, we’ll take both your holes at the same time. You’re going to be a wonderful whore, you know that?”

She nuzzled at his hand, and he kissed her as Euphrades embraced her from behind, cupping her breasts.

“She’ll be exactly what we need,” he moaned into her shoulder even as he tweaked her nipples. She squealed, parting her legs, but Hadrin laughed and sent her on her way, letting her walk away from the pair on wobbly legs, cum still dripping down her thighs.

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