The Sensual Seduction Ch. 1

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You were sitting in your computer chair surfing the Internet when I came into the room. I noticed right off that you were too busy reading an erotic story and you didn’t notice that I had come into the room.

I could tell that you were getting excited because I noticed that you nipples were making tents in the T-shirt that you were wearing. As I crept closer, I could start to smell the erotic smell of hot pussy juice.

I gently put my hand upon your shoulder to let you know that I was there. You almost jumped out of your skin. I laughed at you and asked you if you found anything interesting. You mumbled that you were just reading a story. Standing directly in back of you, I was able to see the computer screen and see your silhouette of your breasts as they pushed forth into you T-shirt.

I gently put my hands on your upper neck and began rubbing your muscles. You groaned and said that felt really good. My hands slowly rubbed your upper back and shoulders. As I was rubbing your shoulders, you must have been reading something really well because you gave a faint moan.

I leaned forward and gently flicked your right earlobe with my tongue. As I did this, you moaned louder. I slowly began to trace you earlobe with my tongue. Leaving a path of wetness in its wake.

Your hair was held up in a ponytail so I was able to move it aside. Once I moved it aside, I softly kissed you on the nape of your neck. You arched you back. I slowly began to kiss the back of your neck starting on the right side and moving to the left side. I can feel and see the goose pimples on your skin. Your hips began to gyrate in the chair. As I was licking the back of your neck, my hands reached in front of your shirt and began to rub you breasts through the T-shirt, leaving your nipples alone. You pressed yourself back into the chair and leaned back against me. I slowly caressed your breasts through the T-shirt, feeling their weight in my hands.

I slowly removed your T-shirt and asked you to lean slightly forward into the chair. You responded by propping your chin up in your hands and resting your arms on the computer table. Once I had removed your T-shirt, I slowly licked the top of your spine. I slowly began to run my tongue down your spine until I reached your bra strap. Upon reaching your bra strap, I ran my tongue along the top of the bra strap. I could feel more goose pimples and feel the heat emulating from your body. I felt you quiver as my tongue slowly caressed your back. I then skipped over the bra strap and started moving down your spine. You leaned further forward allowing me to get a your lower back. I continued to trace your spin until I reach you blue jeans. Upon reaching your blue jeans, I ran my tongue at the top of the your blue jeans from the right to the left hip. You whimpered as my tongue darted internet casino out and softly licked your skin.

I moved back up to your bra strap and unhooked it and moved the straps out of the way. My tongue darted out and slowly traced where the bra strap had hidden your tender skin. I slowly spun the chair around and had you face me. Once you had faced me, I took my hands and slowly removed your bra, releasing your breasts so firm and high. I gazed at your breasts with the nipples totally erect. With my left hand, I gently tweaked you right nipple making your gasp aloud. I leaned forward and kissed you on your tender lips. You kissed me back passionately sticking your tongue into my mouth. I left your lips alone and kissed you on the forehead. I then ran my tongue down the right side of your face and traced your jaw line and back up the left side of your face. I could taste the saltiness of your sweat as my tongue continued to explore your face. You breaths became gasps. I then ran my tongue down the left side of your neck to your shoulders. Upon reaching your collarbone, I traced you collarbone all the way over to your right shoulder and up your right side of your neck.

I then ran my tongue down the center of your throat. You leaned your neck back exposing your neck to my tongue. I ran my tongue down to the base of the throat where my tongue traced lazy circles in your skin. I then moved my tongue down in between your breasts. Upon reaching your breasts, I slowly licked the outside edges of the right breast. Leaving your nipple alone, I traced your entire breast. I ran my tongue on the underside of your breast and this make your gasp. I then moved to you left breast and traced the same route. I looked up into your eyes and noticed that your eyes were half closed and full of lust. While looking into your eyes, I took your left nipple into my mouth. I gently put your nipple between my lips and ran my tongue over the tip of your nipple. I could feel the ridges in your nipple and feel the firmness of your nipple. I flicked my tongue and washed your nipple slowly. I then started to suck on your nipple. I moved to your right nipple and proceeded to do the same thing.

I left your nipples along and began to trace my tongue downwards. Once again, making lazy circles on your skin. You took a sharp breath in anticipation of what was coming. I reached you belly button and stuck my tongue into your belly button. You moaned. My Tongue flicked out and slowly explored your belly button. I left your belly button and moved to the top of your blue jeans. I traced the top of your blue jeans from the right hip to the left hip. I slowly popped your button loose and slowly unzipped your blue jeans. Each time I would expose more skin to my viewing, I would flick my tongue out and wash the area. I did this canlı poker oyna until I reached the top of your panties. The lower I got, the more I could smell the odor of excited pussy. I ran my tongue at the top of your panties.

I had you stand up and removed your blue jeans. Now you were standing there in your panties and white tube socks. I removed your tube socks so all you had on was your white cotton panties. I knelt down in front of you and blew gently on your pussy. I could see the pussy juice had made a huge wet spot on your panties making it transparent. I could see your pussy lips bulging against your panties.

As you stood there, I ran my tongue down the inside of your left thigh, just at the edge of your panties. Your hands reached up and began to massage your breasts. Running your fingers over your nipples and softly pulling on your nipples.

After I had reached you lower thigh; I ran my tongue down your right inside thigh, just at the edge of your panties. You began to moan louder. I was so tempted to put my lips upon your pussy but I wanted to tease you more. I slowly ran my tongue down the top of your right thigh to the knee. Then moved to your left leg and traced from your knee to your upper thigh. Your legs were barely shaking as lust began to take over your body. I slowly turned you around so your ass was in my face. I ran my tongue from the center of your knee of your right leg all the way to the edge of your panty-covered ass. After reaching your ass, my tongue traced the outside edge of your panties until they disappeared between you legs. I moved my tongue to your left leg and traced down to the center of your left leg.

I moved upward and softly kissed your pussy through your panties from the back. My tongue flicker out and softly slowly kissed your pussy through your panties. You pushed you ass back toward my face slowly humping your ass against me. I reached up and ran my fingers on your pussy through the juncture of your legs. I could feel the heat emulating from your pussy and feel the wetness of you pussy juice as they trickled down from your pussy and collecting in your panties. I then turned you around and slowly began to roll your panties down. Kissing your skin as more and more your tender skin was unveiled to my gaze. I kissed your skin until I reached the first trace of your pussy fur. Your hands gently grabbed my head and pulled it towards your pussy.

My tongue gently lashed out and kissed your pussy through your panties. Upon doing this, you pulled my head more forcefully against your pussy and moaned loudly. I pull the rest of your panties down and moved them off your body and left them on the pile of the clothing on the floor. You spread your legs in anticipation as I moved closed to your pussy. My tongue flicked out and caressed your clit, poker oyna which was totally erect. I could taste your pussy juice upon my tongue. It was tangy but smelled like wild flowers. I captured your clit between my lips and softly, slowly caressed your clit with my tongue. I began to flick your clit with my tongue faster and faster. Your breath got faster and faster. As I was doing this, I looked up at your face. Your eyes were closed and your head was leaned back. You moved backward until you ass was resting upon the computer table and spread your legs wider allowing me to obtain further access to your pussy.

I tongue left your clit and moved to your pussy. I ran my tongue down the left side of your inner thigh just on the outside of your pussy lips. I could taste your juice on my tongue as I explored you pussy. As I got to the bottom of your lips, I slowly licked the bottom of your pussy and moved to the right side of your inner thigh just on the outside of your pussy lips. I moved my tongue up your thigh until I reached the top of your thigh. I moved my tongue back to your clit and began to suck on it. Your face contorted as pleasure surged through your body. I moved lower and took you pussy lips between my lips and gently sucked them. Your pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I could feel the juices as they rolled down into my mouth. As I was sucking on your pussy lips, I stuck my tongue into you pussy as far as I could put it. As I did this, you began to come. I could feel your thighs as they clenched around my head. I hands reached up and grasped your ass and pulled your pussy further into my face.

I continued to fuck your pussy with my tongue as your finished coming. Your knees grew weak as your body finally began to relax. I told you to go ahead and sit upon the computer table. You sat upon the computer table and leaned back against the wall. I parted your thighs more and started kissing your pussy again. I reached down with my left hand and spread your pussy lips. I could see the wetness of your pussy shine in the light. My tongue quickly flickered out and flicked your clit. You gave a gasp. As I was doing this, my middle finger of my right hand slowly penetrated your pussy up to the first knuckle. I could feel the hot wet moisture upon my finger. I felt almost like a volcano.

I slowly inserted my finger into your pussy until I could put anymore into your pussy. As I finger fucked your pussy, my tongue continued to caress your clit. You began to moan louder and louder. I could hear a sloshing sound as your pussy began to get wetter and wetter. I added another finger into your pussy and you started to hump my hands. I started finger fucking your pussy faster and faster. I could feel you body start to tense up and start to shudder as you started to come. Your hands grabbed my head hard and pressed me hard against you pussy as your came. You body quivered and shook as your hot cream ran into my mouth.

I stood up and kissed you as you slumped on the desk. I then said “was it good for you?” You smiled and said “oh yea.”

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