Subject: The Sexcapades of Uncle Drew and Ian 1 (gay/adult-youth) Chapter 1: Prosti-toots My nephew Ian was staying with me while his parents were dealing with a health issue. At first it was awkward, but he and I fell into a comfortable rhythm. We became housemates, of sorts. I remember one night a few weeks into being housemates. I was laying in bed reading getting ready for sleep. I sensed Ian was there. I looked up and he was standing in the doorway. I thought maybe he’d had a bad dream or something. He was wearing a long shirt with a cartoon train on it with the caption, “If you do it for loot, you’re a prosti-toot.” “Where on earth did you get that shirt?” I chuckled. “Nana.” “I believe that.” My mother, his Nana, was notorious for giving gifts that were a few years off on their age appropriateness. “What’s up?” I asked. “Nothing.” “Did you have a bad dream?” I asked, closing my book and placing it on my nightstand “No. I haven’t been to sleep yet.” “Okay,” I said, unsure what to say next. “Can I stay in here with you?” “Sure you can.” He whipped the night shirt off over his head. He stood there completely and thoroughly naked. My eyebrows shot up. What the…? “What are you doing?” I asked. He ran towards me and jumped up on the bed. He started jumping up and down and dancing around my legs, his little dickie bouncing around. He was chanting, “You should be naked too Uncle Drew. You should be naked too Uncle Drew.” I started laughing and he was laughing. He flopped down next to me, breathless. “For real.” He said., “You’re wearing too much.” “Seriously?” “Yeah.” Since he started it, I saw no harm. “Okay.” I slipped my shorts and shirt off. It felt strange to be naked in front of him, but he didn’t seemed fazed. He was staring at istanbul travesti my dick. “What do you think guys do when they’re naked together?” I asked. “They put their privates in each other’s mouths and butts.” I nodded, “That pretty much sums it up.” He tittered his amusement. “Have you seen videos online?” I asked. “Yeah.” “Okay. What do you want to try?” He moved down and put my dick in his mouth. I looked in absolute astonishment. His mouth was too small to get it all, but he was trying. He got the head in and was bobbing up and down on it. I let him go for a while before pushing him off. “Did I do it wrong?” “Hardly. That was perfect. But it’s my turn.” I laid him flat on the bed and went down on him. He was grinning from ear to ear. He was enjoying himself immensely. I went on to his little hairless sack and sucked on that. I could feel the fleshiness of his genitals all over my face. A dick on my tongue. A ball sack on my nose. My eyebrows rubbing his inner thighs. Confident I had done a remarkable job in his nether regions, I sat back. “How was that?” I asked. He swallowed hard and was trying to catch his breath. “Wow.” He said finally, I…I..well…umm…” “That’s all the compliment I need.” “Good.” “This conversation is starting to sound like the dialogue in a Robert Parker novel.” “What?” “Next.” “Will you stick your tongue in my butt?” He was blunt, but it was charming on him. Nudity was also charming on him. “Sure, but I have to ask you something first.” He waited. After a moment spent reconsidering the ludicrousness of my theory I asked, “Did you plan this?” He smiled sweetly, “What do you mean?” I narrowed my eyes at him. “You know what I mean. You planned this didn’t you. You came in and took your kadıköy travesti clothes off knowing I’d cave.” Ian looked at his Uncle Drew straight in his eyes and said, “You think of me as a kid, but I’m not. I know what I’m doing.” “You’ve definitely proven that.” I replied. He stuck his butt in the air. “Ready?” He asked. He flashed his little rosebud at me. He gasped as my tongue made contact. I burrowed my tongue in his skinny little butt, flicking in and out. I could hear his breath coming quicker and shorter. My own hard on threatened to erupt. I paused and sat back to catch my breath. He rolled over and looked at me. “I have wanted this.” He said. “Really?” I struggled to believe him. “Yeah. I found a video online of a boy and his uncle. I thought we could do that. In fact, the guy looked a little like you.” “I’m glad you thought of me. What do you want next?” “What do you want?” He threw it back at me. “This is your plan. I am merely your older, taller, devilishly handsome sex toy.” “Really?” “Yeah, for you, I’m just one of those inflatable dolls. He got a devilish grin. Uh-oh, I was in for it now. He got on his back and put his legs up. “Do it some more.” I laid flat on the bed and scooted up so that his legs were on my shoulders. I love guys of all ages in that position. It means they trust you because they are vulnerable. Much like a dog rolls over to let you scratch it’s belly. I went for it rooting around getting my tongue and nose as far in as I could. The instant I stopped, he rolled over and jumped up. Standing, he wiggled back and forth smacking my nose with his cock. I took the hint and went for it. He started thrusting into my mouth. “That feels awesome Drew.” I noticed he dropped the honorific. I felt bakırköy travesti him starting to tense. “Can you cum?” I asked. He nodded, “A little.” I felt him spasm and jerk. I let go so I didn’t scratch him with my teeth. He spurted a little clear, viscous jizz on my chest. I wiped it off with my finger and put it in my mouth. “What does it taste like?” I squeezed a bit more out of him and he licked it off my finger. He sucked on my finger for a moment, savoring it. “Mmm. Salty.” “Yeah, it is. I love salty treats.” “You have some too.” He said, pointing at the precum leaking out of me. “Do you want to try it?” I laid down and he went to work sucking me again. The electricity was almost too much to bear so I arched my. Ask, ringing my his and lower torso completely off of the bed. As I was getting close, I warned him. He sat back and I took the reigns and shot it straight in the air like a geyser. “Whoa! That’s a lot.” He leaned down, stuck out his tongue and licked some right off me. He swallowed. “How is it?” I asked. “Awesome.” He replied then slowly licked a few more globs off of me. He sat smiling looking at me. “Can I sleep with you tonight?” “Sex and cuddling? You’re gonna be a double threat when you’re older.” “I already am.” “Let me go get cleaned up.” After that, I slid under the covers with him. He wanted to be the big spoon. Of course I agreed. I could feel him behind me. My eyes were open when I felt his hands on my butt. “Can I?” He asked. I nodded. I had no idea what I’d agreed to, but it was sure to please. He slid down the length of my torso and I felt his body against mine. I felt his face brush my hips. I felt his hand pull them apart. I felt his breath rushing against my hole. He made himself at home down there and I just soaked it in. Who knew my nice but otherwise unremarkable ass could be Ian’s new playground. I felt his tongue hit paydirt. His tongue made its way down and I gasped as he entered me. ——- Tell me what you think!! Drew – novelli23sc at Gmail

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