Subject: The sexcapades of Uncle Drew and Ian: Chapter 6 Greetings Nifty Archivist! Here is the next installment of the ongoing story “The Sexcapades of Uncle Drew and Ian.” ——— Greetings readers! I hope you enjoy this ongoing story and that you contribute to to keep this archive free for us all. If you like my writing, search for drewseyboy24 or novelli23sc fty to find my other works. —————– I awoke to Ryan and Ian next to me. I thought I caught movement in the darkness as the moonlight dappled the interior of my bedroom. Then I was sure of what I was seeing. Ian was under the covers bobbing up and down on Ryan’s cock. I felt my own member rise to attention when I realized what I was seeing. I didn’t want to interrupt, so I pretended to still be asleep. Ryan must have sensed that I was awake, since he swiveled his head in my direction. He smiled at me, and I couldn’t help myself and returned his smile. He pulled Ian off his cock and looked at me. Ian’s face, shrouded in moonlight stared up at me as well. “You are both beautiful,” I said as the haunting moonlight lit the curvature of their faces looking at me. Ian had something glistening on his chin. Probably Ryan’s precum. “Don’t stop on my account,” I said. Ryan looked back at Ian. He flicked the sheet off of himself showing his hard penis to us all. Ian leaned back down and resumed sucking. Even though I couldn’t see his eyes, I knew Ryan was in heaven. My own dick was so hard it was starting to throb. I started stroking myself and licking precum off my fingers. Ryan slowly pulled himself toward me. Ian moved to, never letting his dad’s dick out of his mouth. Ryan arrived and leaned over and started sucking on me. I was torn between watching them and closing my eyes in ecstacy. Ryan reached up and cupped my balls to really accentuate the experience for me. I sat up on my elbows and studied them, istanbul travesti just in case this was the last time we were ever together like this. I gently stroked Ryan’s hair. He let out a contented sigh. “You are both safe and loved here,” I whispered. Ryan heard me and started going faster as a reward. His sucking took on a renewed sense of urgency. Ryan pulled off and scooted himself further up my body. He pressed his lips to mine and I granted him immediate access. His tongue found its way into my mouth. Ian saw us and sucked harder. I felt Ryan convulse and I knew he’d exploded his semen into someone who’d started life coming out of that same cock. I felt Ryan relax and pull back. He looked down at Ian, “That was amazing.” Ian looked at me. He was still wearing his pajamas. “Ian,” I said, “What to you want to do next?” Ian pulled down the elastic waistband of his pajamas just enough to reveal the nail hard boy cock. I scooted over and started sucking him. I could feel Ryan watching us. He leaned down and devoured my man cock. I reached around and started gently massaging Ian’s butt through the cozy pajama material. I felt Ryan speed up. I sped up too hoping that Ian and I would cum simultaneously. Which, we did. In a frenzy of hissing and grunting and delirium. We all flopped back on the bed, spent for the moment. “What do you want to do today?” I asked after a few minutes of blissful silence. No one immediately responded. “I just want to stay here,” Ryan said. “That’s fine with me,” I said. “Drew, can I ask you a question?” “Yes.” “Have you always known you were gay?” “Pretty much. I noticed you in that tux too.” Ryan smiled. “I presume you’re at least bi.” “I guess I. I don’t know if Ian’s ready to hear all this.” Ryan said. “Good point,” I conceded. “I just sucked your dick. You can tell me.” Ian replied. “I don’t want to talk kadıköy travesti about it right now.” Ryan said. “Do you remember the tickle monster?” Ian hopped off the bed quickly. “Yes. I was a baby.” “I know your too old, but could I? For old times sake?” “Fine.” Ian replied. I scooted up on the bed and leaned against the headboard. “I’ll condone this tomfoolery under one condition,” I said. “What’s that?” Ryan asked. “That you’re both completely naked at the time.” They stripped off the last of their night clothes and stood there in their boyish and manly beauty. I watched them roll around and tickle each other mercilessly. It took Ian a few moments to get into it, but soon they were laughing and giggling in a playfulness I’d never associated with Ryan. He seemed comfortable here, naked, with Ian squirming and laughing. I pulled me feet closer to myself to keep them from getting run over. Soon, they’d spent themselves. Ian was hard again. Oh to be that age when you could just about be a nonstop orgasm. Oh wait, Ryan was hard too. Two hard dicks. Whatever was a guy like me to do? They looked over and I had my shorts pulled down and I was stroking myself. They turned to face me. “I feel like bottoming.” I said, “That’s what I feel like doing today.” “Cool” Ryan said, suddenly nervous. I kicked my shorts and black boxer briefs off and laid back. “Ian, you go first.” I tossed him some lube from the nightstand. My dick was solidly at attention now that I was about to get fucked by my nephew with his Dad watching. I rolled over. Ian slicked himself up and approached. I felt him touch my torso to steady himself. He guided his punishment toward me. I felt the pressure. While he was young, he was no slouch in the endowment department. I felt him slide in. God it felt good. Ryan was standing beside the bed stroking himself watching us. Watching Ian fuck bakırköy travesti me. I could feel him pulling out and pushing in. The sliding motion was driving me crazy, but I didn’t want to cum yet. I wanted to make sure Ryan got a turn. I felt Ian speed up. I felt his breath coming quicker and quicker. I felt him tense up and shove himself against me. He was filling me with himself. He fell up against me as the intensity subsided. He got up and sat cross legged on the bed. There was a bit of cum leaking out. He wiped it off with his finger and put it up to his butt. Ian started fingering himself with his own cum as Ryan lubed up and got in position. Ryan was noticeably bigger, but Ian had been a great warmup act. I felt Ryan pressing against me. The heavier man supported himself on his arms like he was doing a push up over me. I could feel his member sliding in and sliding out. I looked over my shoulder at Ian who was still sitting cross legged on the bed, but with at least two fingers deep in his ass. I too felt Ryan speed up as he was approaching climax. It was so hot getting topped by two guys in my own bed after having intimate sex the night before. This down and dirty stuff was hot too. Ryan bucked against me as he finished his load blasting into me. He fell on top of me. The sensation of his weight pushing me down into the mattress was intoxicating. I looked at Ian who was still slowly fingering himself. “Can I?” I asked. He nodded. I took some of the lube and laid down on my back. Ian hopped on top of me and expertly guided my member into him. I could feel the tight warmth envelope me. This would not take long. Ian skinny boy naked body on top of me with my dick lodged firmly in his ass was more than I could bear. I filled him up. His body greedily gobbled it up. “Phew!” I said, flopping back onto the bed. “We should get cleaned up,” Ryan said. “Yes. We must be quite a sight,” I said, the post coital haze settling over me. As we were getting dressed after showering, Ian leaned over to me and whispered, “Do you think Dad would like Kevin or Hyaden better?” Ohh. Now there’s a thought. Until next time! ~ Drew

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