The Sheriff , His Lady Ch. 1

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edited by Starglyderz

* * * * *

In the time it took her to get into the car, the rain had started and she was soaked. On the drive home she ran into some heavier rain and had to pull off the side of the road to wait out the downpour. She only sat there 10 minutes when she saw flashing lights behind her. When a knock on her window came, she turned to look a cop standing there in the eyes. Rolling down the window she asked, “Yes sir what seems to be the problem officer?”

“Miss you need to come with me please, the road ahead has been washed out by a mud slide, and it’s on its way here now,” he told her. Getting out of the car, she grabbed her purse and overnight bag she had from staying the night at her parents last weekend. The cop saw her everything when she got out of the car saw that she was soaking wet and he could see what her body looked like under those clothes, but he didn’t think she knew that. As he got in the car and closed the car door, his radio squawked.

“Sheriff where are you, Sir, we’re having problems locating you.” dispatch said.

“Now where the hell would I be you goofball, I’m sitting in my car at ———–” he told them.

“That roads been washed out from both ends and we can’t get anyone in there for a while.” They came back saying.

“Fine, then I’m going up to the old Frank’s cabin high in the mountains, oh I also just found a young lady in her car and am taking her with me,” he told them turning the radio off.

“Sorry about having no heat in here, the county can’t afford to get it fixed right now,” he told her.

“It’s ok, I hope this isn’t to much trouble for you.” she said.

“None, no trouble at all,” he said. They made it to the cabin before the rain hit again. This time even worst than before.

“As soon as I get the fire going, take off your wet clothes and hang them up by the fire so they’ll dry quickly,” he told her. She watched his back as he gathered wood and lit the fire. When it was roaring she saw him start to remove his clothes. First came his soaked shirt. He had a magnificent back, big wide shoulders, and strong muscles. Next came his jeans.

“Oh lord he’s got a great ass,” she thought to herself. When he bent over to lay his clothes near the fire she saw his cock hanging between his legs. He was long; it must reach almost to his knees, it looked soft at the moment, but she knew that when he was hard he’d probably be at least 7 1/2 or 8 inches long, and very fat. Turning away before he caught her looking she begin to undress.

He turned around when he finished undressing and caught her looking. He went over and sat down on the bed and openly watched her undress.

“What’s your name Miss?” he ask her.

“Sara McFee” she answered him.

“How old are you?” he asked with a laugh.

She was always asked that. “I’m 20, Sheriff. And how old are you?”

“Young enough to want, but old enough to know better. I’m 46.” he said, as he watched her undressing.

“And what is your name?” she asked. She had her back to him but he could still see her by looking in the mirror on the wall, and what he saw was a big-breasted young lady.

“My name is David.” he said. He loved big tits, and hers were big and beautiful, round, ripe, with illegal bahis large nipples that were hard and pointed out. As she dropped her jeans he saw she was a little chubby, but his cock didn’t care, it was getting hard. He reached down and stroked his cock before getting up to rebuild the fire.

“Why don’t you see what kind of food is in the kitchen and I’ll get more fire wood.” he said.

Walking in the kitchen she opened doors and found a few cans of soup and one can of beans. Opening another door she found some crackers and a rat eating them. She screamed and ran from the room, right into his arms.

“What’s wrong?” he said holding her in his arms.

“Rat!” she said, her body shaking.

“I’ll chase it out, what did you find?” he asked.

“Not much, a few cans of soup and one can of beans, oh and the crackers the rat was eating. Could you bring my bags from your car I have some bread and stuff in there.” she asked.

“Sure no problem, honey, just stop shaking, you’re driving my body crazy.” he whispered.

She stopped, and felt his naked body against hers for the first time. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean for it to happen…” she said.

“It’s okay, feels nice but it’s just isn’t right. I’ll go and get your bags.” he said. Pulling away from her was the hardest thing for him to do. He wanted to keep her in his arms, but he did and headed for the door, looking back at her totally nude, sexy, available body as he cleared the door.

She went to the bed and sat down waiting for his return.

“Girl, what do you have in these bags, they’re heavy.” he said, dropping them on the bed next to her.

“Well beside my clothes there’s some food, I wanted to have something to eat when I made it to my new home, you know in case there were no stores open.” she told him.

“Where is your new home?” he asked.

“It’s the old Peterman place on Drake Road I think.” she said.

He thought to himself, not far from where he lived, and the house wasn’t in the best shape. “I know of the place, did you buy it or was it owned by a family member.” he asked. “My ex husband bought years ago, I got it in the divorce, as part of the settlement.” she told him.

“How long were you married to him?” he asked.

“I married him when I turn 17, I got pregnant and his parents forced him to marry me, and it wasn’t a good idea, cause he use to hit me and one night he got stinking drunk and beat my stomach. I ended up losing the baby, but I had him arrested and jailed for killing my baby. His parents tried to stop me by telling the judge it was my fault but I had the proof and witness on my side. And after it was all over I left and came here, end of story.” she said.

“How long has it been, since the baby I mean?” he asked.

“A year and a half ago.” she said quietly. She opened the bags and pulled out the food, laying it on the bed. Pulling out a large tee shirt she tossed it on the bed and pushed the bags off to the side.

“Excuse me for a minute Sara I have to go do something.” he said, and went out the door. Getting up she looked out the window and saw him jerking on his cock. Smiling she opened the door and called out to him. “You know I could help you with that little problem you have.” she told him, illegal bahis siteleri as she walked up to him and knelt down to take his cock in her mouth. Just then his cock exploded in her mouth. Swallowing his cum and licking her lips when she was done she told him he tasted so very good.

“Why’d you do that?” he asked.

“Well I figure since you were hard because of me that the least I could do was suck you, but that didn’t happen, You were too quick for me.” she told him.

They spent the next hours cleaning the cabin and fixing something to eat, as darkness fell the air got chilly. He went to rebuild the fire, to heat up the room.

“I’m going out to the car and calling in to see how things are going in town.” he said. He wanted to give her time to get in bed and asleep before he came back inside. He knew he wouldn’t be getting any sleep tonight, not lying next to her in the same bed. She cleaned up the food and got ready for bed. An hour went by and still he didn’t come back inside, so she turned off the lights and laid down.

Seeing the lights go off he figured he’d be able to go inside in a few minutes. 20 minutes later she heard him come inside. He undressed quickly and slid in bed next to her, pulling the sheets up to cover himself.

“You know that you could have came back a lot earlier, I wouldn’t have jumped your bones unless you ask me to.” she told him, then turn away and closed her eyes.

He turned to see her back toward him, “Would you? Would you really jump my boner if I ask you to?” he asked.

Turning over to look at him she answered, “In a New York minute. All you have to do is ask me. And I’ll be on you so fast you won’t know how it happened.” she answered him. “UUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!!!” he groaned. She sat up in bed looking down at him, his cock hard and throbbing, as she reached out to touch him she could feel the heat of his growing cock before her hand wrapped around it. “MMMMMMMMMMMM” he moaned as he pushed his hips and enlarging cock up into her hand. Lowering her head she licked his cock’s head, opening her mouth she took him in and sucked on his hardness. Moving her head up and down she swirled her tongue around his crown as it moved in and out of her mouth. “OH GOD BABY…… FEELS SO GOOD, SUCK ME BABY, SUCK MY HARD COCK.” he groaned as he moved his hips up and down. His hands held her head and caressed her face, feeling his cock moving in her mouth gave him the most unbelievable pleasure he’d ever had, no woman had given him this kind of pleasure ever before. Pulling her off his cock took a lot of will power but he wanted to be in her pussy when he shot his cum. Pulling her up on top of him he held her face and kissed her lips hard, giving her his tongue. She returned hers. His hand found and squeezed her big tits, breaking the kiss he lifted his head and licked one of her nipples, then sucking it in his mouth. “Ooooooo” she gasped. Then he pulled her closer to get more of her tit in his mouth. Her hand reached down between their bodies and found his throbbing cock.

“Don’t, baby I won’t last long if you touch him right now. OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.” he groaned, as he felt her move his cock down to touch her wet, hot pussy. canlı bahis siteleri Pushing up he buried his cock deep in her pussy. He held still trying to grain control of his body, but he couldn’t. He grabbed her ass. As he pulled her toward him, he plunged hard into her pussy and she cried out.

“OH GOD, YES FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD,” she screamed.

He knew he was going to cum any minute. He reached down and rubbed her clit hard bring her to her orgasm first, then he exploded, filling her pussy with his cum. After their bodies settled down again he rolled on to his side bring her with him.

“That was too quick, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it last longer for you.” he whispered.

“It’s okay, we have all night to try again if you want to.” she said.

“God Yes I’m still hard as a rock, can’t you feel it?” he told her. He loved being inside her, but he couldn’t believe he was still hard after blowing his big load of cum. Slipping out of her pussy he pulled her to him and told her to get some sleep, he’d wake her early in the morning. She was already half way there, and when he bent to place a kiss on her forehead she was asleep.

He laid there for about an hour when he thought he heard something outside, quietly he got out of bed, threw on his shirt and pants and went outside.

“What the hell are you doing here Grace?” she ask his ex-wife.

“Just checking to see if you might be lonely.” she said.

“Sorry Sheriff, she wouldn’t stay at the station to wait for word you were ok,” his deputy said.

“Oh I’m just find, and as for you, go home Grace I want nothing to do with you. EVER! Looking at his deputy he said, “You told me that the road was washed out. How in the hell did you get up here, and why bring her with you?” he demand.

“Sorry Sir, but the lady’s husband is at the station and wanted to know what happened to his wife, he’s waiting for her and he’s got a temper Sir,” answered the deputy.

“Well you tell him that she is sick and finely sleeping and we will be down tomorrow when the road is clear.” He waited for them to leave, then headed back in the cabin. He found her sitting up in bed, without the sheet covering her.

“David I’m telling the truth I’m not married any more and I don’t know why he’s here or how he found me,” she told him.

“Don’t worry honey I believe you, and right now I don’t really care. All I want to do is get back inside you and stay there all night long.” he told her. Laying down, he pulled her back up against him, taking his hard cock and rubbing it between her legs.

“MMMMMMMMM, baby let me in that nice hot, wet pussy of yours, please.” he whispered in her ear. Opening her legs she felt his cock slide between them and up into her pussy. This time he went slow and loved her slow and deep, she had many orgasms. When he was ready he reached around her and rubbed her clit hard. They exploded together.

When morning came he took her to her new home, and left. When he walk into the stationhouse, both her and his ex’s were there.

“Where’s my wife?” the man yelled.

“Your ex wife is home where she wanted to go, and just so you know you’re not allowed even close to her home or her.” he told the man. “Now if you people don’t mind I’m going home to bed, it’s my day off.” with that said he left and drove home.

All the way home he thought of Sara, remembering everything about her, remembering every inch of her, remembering every move she made on him, and planning on what they would do next.

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