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Subject: The short life of Kiren Brown 4 The short life of Kiren Brown 4 Disclaimers: Everything you read in this story is my intellectual property and as such should be treated with utmost respect. The people described are not living, breathing human beings mind you. They exist only in the realm of pure imagination, somewhat. These are my fantasies that I have developed over the years. The people described in the story do not really exist but are rather the combination of several different people. Thus, I am not harming anyone, because they combine features and thus are not really in existence. ANY RESEMBLANCE TO REAL PEOPLE IS ENTIRELY COINCIDENTAL ON MY PART. All other disclaimers/rules/procedures apply. If you are under the legal age of viewing this material (depending upon where you live, that could be any age) please direct yourself to something else that will occupy your time. I’ve read plenty of Nifty stories over the years and have enjoyed many of the stories that I consider good, now I’m just trying to pay it forward. It’s going to be a chapter story, so if you are looking for a quick toss-off better move onto the next story. Other than that, I sincerely hope you enjoy my story. Constructive criticism/feedback/comments are duly appreciated. I want to thank everyone for waiting for this up date and I plan to finish this story before I get back to the other stories. I have been n and out of the hospital for the last two months. I have been having problems with my health for the last 4 years fighting heart diseases Diabetes and problems with my lungs. I plan to finish all the stories that I am writing and may have a few more stories to come. Life gives us challenges and we have to do what we can with the time we have. Thanks for reading BLADE Please direct them to my email at hoo. All are welcome! The short life of Kiren Brown 4 The plan for the day was to spend it at the restaurant with the Martinez family at their pizzeria. Pedro met them at the back of the restaurant. Once inside they were greeted by three young preteen boys. Jesus, Ricky and Emanuel. They were excited to see their new friends. Everyone talked excitedly about Pedro getting to go with Kevin and Kiren. Pedro knew his brothers were jealous because he was going to be spending the day with his new friend, they all seemed to get along. Once they finished talking the three headed out the door to the car Kevin had been renting and headed to the mall. First thing they were going to do is go shopping for new clothes. Pedro picked out a few things not wanting to over extend his welcome, but Kevin insisted he try on anything he liked. Kiren loved shopping it was one of his favorite things to do with his uncle and Kevin spoiled him rotten when it came to clothes. Pedro would come out to model the clothes he was trying on for Kevin’s approval where as Kiren just tried the clothes on and if he didn’t like it he wouldn’t buy it. Pedro found a pair of pants he really liked and was having trouble pulling up his zipper so he opened the door and asked Kevin to come inside with him. Kevin thinking it was innocent enough stepped inside with his young Mexican friend. When Pedro asked him to help zip up his zipper, Kevin had second thoughts. He could clearly see the young Latino boy was not wearing any underwear under the pants. The moment he touched the zipper he could tell that the young teens manhood begin to grow. This brought back memories of the first time he had ever had sex with another male. All through high school and college Kevin had always been attracted to the female body. Not once had he ever thought of having sex with another male. But that would change once he had join the FBI. On one of his first assignments ever he had been chosen as one of the lead agents in a case. He was suppose to pose as a street prostitute. Even at 22 years old he looked like he was only sixteen. He would spend his days either in a run down hotel with other street kids or they would spend the night in abandoned buildings. Kevin’s only contact with his fellow agents was when he would bring a john back to a room that was bugged and had cameras inside. Once inside and the john had taken the bait he would be arrested. The furthest he had gone with a john was kissing. Some of the guys he had kissed were not so bad but some of the others were disgusting. While working the streets he met a young man by the name of Miguel. He was a handsome young fifteen year old Latino, they spent many nights on the same street corner. One night when a john pulled up, he requested that the two of them make out in front of him before he decided. Kevin recognized the man from a sketch, from the files they had studied. So, to see ataköy escort what would happen Kevin kissed Miguel and it wasn’t just a little kiss it was a full out tongue slobbering kiss. It was the first he actually got turned on by the kiss. It was a kiss Kevin would never forget. Just as they finished their kiss the john made his decision. He chose Kevin to come with him because of the bulge in the young mans jeans. Kevin would go on to make the bust that evening but his feelings for the young Latino grew. The one cold night the two joined for a night of lust and love. Miguel was one of the few men or women who were able to take Kevin’s eleven and a half thick inch cock. Kevin was now hard as his fingers felt Pedro’s penis growing inside his pants. Kevin had not felt an attraction to anyone since Miguel. He looked up at the young teen and Pedro was smiling back. Before either one knew what they were doing their lips touched as well as tongues and they fought for superiority. Their growing lust for one another was broken by the knock on the door. The two broke their kiss and separated. Kevin reached for the door and opened and was not surprise to see Kiren standing there. He smiled when he saw the pants that Pedro was wearing. He could clearly see the outline of the erection behind the material. He wondered why he would have an erection with his uncle in the same room. It did not occur to him that his uncle was the cause of the erection. Kevin decided that this would be a good time for him to exit the room before something else were to happen. Once they finish trying on clothes at the mall they decided to go back to the hotel and spend some time in the swimming pool. Kevin decided to join the boys for a dip in the pool. What he didn’t expect was that Pedro would be attracted to him. It wasn’t a problem for him but he hoped Kiren would not notice how close Pedro and him were getting. Kevin looked around and when no one was looking he gave Pedro a quick kiss and Pedro returned the kiss later. When they finish in the swimming pool they returned to the hotel room. When they had changed earlier Kevin had gone to the bathroom to change. This time Kiren was the one to go to the bathroom and change while Pedro and Kevin changed in the room. Pedro’s eyes were as large as saucers when he saw the grown mans penis. Sure he had seen his friends penises in the shower at school and he had also seen his friend Devon’s penis but Kevin’s penis was huge compared to any of them. His six inch penis was growing at the sight of the naked man before him but they both knew there was nothing they could do with Kiren in the bathroom so both quickly dressed before they were caught. Kevin had hoped Kiren would fall asleep to the movie they had rented from the hotel so he could have a little time together before taking him back home. Unfortunately Kiren wanted to go with when taking Pedro back home. *** The next day Kevin and Kiren got up early to go back over to the restaurant. This was going to be a daily thing for the next week. Pedro was the first to meet them at the door. Instead of hanging around Kiren. Pedro attached himself to Kevin. Kiren and Jesus seem to hang out together for most of the day. The two boys would disappear for several minutes and come back flushed and smiling. As for Pedro he was hanging around Kevin throughout the day until the restaurant opened. Kiren and Kevin enjoyed their time working with the Martinez family. *** But the good times were coming to an end. One night after they had finished working at the restaurant Kevin was called in to talk with his partners. They were given a new assignment. This time it was to infiltrate a pornography ring that specialized in children. It would be Kevin and Kiren’s last assignment because it was decided that Kiren needed to have a stable life. After the assignment both Kevin and Kiren would be given new names and go into the witness protection program. Kevin would become a teacher and Kiren would be his son going to middle school. But first came the assignment. Kevin and Kiren would pose as a father son involved in incest. Before they would be allowed in the group they had to send photos of the two engaged in sex. Kiren loved taking pictures and he was enjoying taking them with his uncle. Many of the photos were innocent enough. They were the ones where they were involved with sex. Kevin would be photographed with Kiren naked on a bed naked and with his nephews hard six inch penis just above his mouth to make it appear that he had been sucking on Kiren’s penis. Other photos had him pressing his hard eleven and a half inches pressing into his nephews pink pucker. Kevin merter escort actually found it hard not to fuck his cute little nephew. The part Kiren liked was when they were kissing. He would always get turned on when they pressed their lips together. Back in the hotel room Kevin had a hard time not looking at his nephew in a different light. The young boy was a natural beauty with lots of sex appeal. He often wondered what it would be like to feel his ass wrapped around his eleven and a half inches but he was afraid that he would hurt the young preteen and then he would wake from his fantasy. He knew it was wrong having those thought and tried to keep them at bay. When the day finally came for them to meet with a member of the group, Kevin went alone. The meeting went well, he met with two of the members of the group at a very nice restaurant. The first thing they asked about was the age of Kiren when he told them his son was ten they were surprised. They all thought he was older because of the size of his penis. They agreed to meet at a club on Friday for a get to know one another meeting. This meeting would include the boys. Once Kevin got the address or the meeting place he let his fellow agents know. The night before the meeting they went and looked the place over. What they found was the place had video cameras all over the place. From the front door to the back door. They got a hold of the local police department and borrowed equipment to tap into the video feed of the building. They spent the better part of the day hooking up equipment and by the end of the day they had feeds to every camera in the building. On Friday they held their meeting in the hotel conference room. Kiren was involved in the meeting. He was instructed to not leave Kevin’s side. Kiren understood what he was suppose to do. His job was to be Kevin’s escort and to do what ever his uncle told him to do. After the meeting they went to their rooms to get ready for there meeting. Kiren put on a nice pair of Huston Texan boxer shorts then a nice pair of pants and a Texan football team polo shirt with the Texan logo on the chest and NFL label on the sleeve. Kevin wore boxer briefs gray in color with khaki pants, with pockets every where inside the pockets he had cameras and digital recorders, plus a pocket full of condoms. The condom were for Kiren mostly. Kevin wanted to protect the boy incase he found another boy he liked. Sure he had a few for himself to if the occasion arose. There was a bunch of people waiting outside the club when they pulled up. From the looks of it there had to be at least twenty men and boys ranging from 6 years old to 16 years old waiting for the door to open. Kevin and Kiren stood behind a man and a young boy about the age of Kiren. So, the boys talked as we slowly made there way to the front door. It was decided at the meeting earlier that they would use the names Bryan and Bryce Brown. They had no problem getting inside. When they walked into the main room, they notice that their photos they had shot were being displayed on the big screen at the back of the hall. Many people were gathered around watching as it showed the two of them fucking. Thanks to the work of the editor of the film it looked like they were really fucking and no one was questioning if it was the real thing. Every one was clapping when it came to the cumshot. What ever the editor did to it made the photo really looked like Kevin had his penis inside Kiren and cum was oozing out of Kiren’s well fucked ass. Which never happened in real life. It is amazing what they can do with photo technology. People started to recognize Kevin and Kiren from the photos and start to congratulate them for the great photo that had been taken. “Bryce, stay close to me we don’t want to be split up.” Kevin told his nephew. “Ok, dad.” Kiren told his uncle. Together they met with other fathers and sons, Uncle and Nephews and groups of other older and younger people who had come to the meeting. One of the men that met with Kevin took the podium and made an announcement. “Excuse me, can I have everyone’s attention. I have a few announcements to make before we head off to the meeting group rooms. Tonight we have two guest who hope to join our little group. They are from the Huston area, we are showing their introduction photos for all to see this evening. We also have special rooms set-up for those who are interested in S&M and bondage on the second floor. The steam rooms will be opened in the basement. So, when ever you are ready you are dismissed. Kevin decided it would be safer for the two of them to go to the steam room. There Kevin figured he could watch and take bahçeşehir escort care of his young nephew. They stripped down to their birthday suits and grabbed a few towels and wrapped them around their waist then headed for the steam baths. It was clear what this club was used for, in the steam bath there were oils and lubes of all kinds. Along with condoms ranging from small to 3XL. No one was shy about what they were going to do. Young boys were laid out on their back waiting for who ever wanted to take them. Several men and young boys and teens could be seen in the act of having sex. Kiren was certainly enjoying what he was seeing, Kevin on the other hand was not enjoying what he was seeing. This was why he joined the FBI to take down clubs like the one he was in. Kevin was about to get up and leave with Kiren when a young man and his father approached them. “Hello, your the couple from the photograph that they were showing in the main hall?” said the young man. “Yeah, that was me and my dad.” Kiren told the couple. “Is your penis really that big?” the young man asked Kiren. Kiren answered the young man by dropping his towel and showing him his semi erect preteen penis. The young mans jaw dropped at the sight of Kiren semi hard penis then asked. “Can I touch it?” The young man asked. Kiren turn to his uncle and smiled. All Kevin could think about was keeping Kiren safe, but felt that if he didn’t allow some interaction between Kiren and himself, they might be discovered. Kevin just smiled and Kiren stepped forward. “Hi , my name is Bryce.” Kiren said while extending his hand. The other young man extended his hand and introduced himself as David. The two young men then studied each other. Kevin watched as the two young men proceeded to touch and feel each others body’s. Others stopped what they were doing to watch the two boys. Kiren went down on the young teen taking David’s erect six inched into his mouth. Kiren’s expert mouth worked up and down the length David’s penis licking the tip. Kiren was soon rewarded with the prize. David shot his load into Kiren’s mouth and throat. Both boys counted six thick loads of cum, the people around them applauded the action. The two stood up and took a bow after they realize that the crowd of people had been watching them. Kevin just shook his head and laughed. He knew Kiren would enjoy a place like this. But this would be the first and last time they would come to the club. The night went better then Kevin thought it would, he allowed Kiren to enjoy himself. Ever once in a while someone would come over and ask if Kiren and him could put on a show for them like in the pictures. Luckily Kiren was busy with another boy or Kevin would have had to break down and have sex with his nephew. It was beginning to get late and close to the time when the bust was going to go down. Kiren was getting tired and they had to work in the morning with Pedro and his family. He enjoyed going over to help out at the restaurant. Kevin had just went to get Kiren when a alarm went off. They hurried to their clothes and were dressed in seconds when FBI and the local police entered the building. Kevin and Kiren went into one of the rooms off from the steam room and ducked behind a door. They were not the only ones in the room. The boy, Kiren had been having sex was in the room with them along with his father. Kevin advised everyone to be quite and hide behind the door which had been left open. As luck would have it the police looked inside the room but did not come in, so they were missed in the first sweep of the building. They check the corners and moved up to the next floor and that is where they were stopped and taken into custody. Kevin knew both Kiren and him would be safe, but the father and son would be taken in and booked. It was more than likely the man would be booked and be put behind bars where the boy would either be sent to a juvenile facility or be picked up by a family member. More than likely the mother. Usually in cases like this the child would be consider the victim and would have to go through counseling. Over 55 men and 48 juveniles were taken into custody that night but to of the ring leaders had somehow got out before the police conducted their raid. But Kevin and Kiren had done their job and would now be placed in protective custody. They would finish the week in Huston and then they would be moved to their new home. It would not be their final home because they still had to come back for trials. But they would no longer be working undercover for the FBI. 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