The Sibling Games Ch. 03

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***The authors would really like to thank tanglegirl for all her help in editing this third part. She did an amazing job***

Tim and Brant left Vicky’s room, both pretty much spent from the multiple ejaculations during the course of the evening. They both went to the kitchen and drank a 20 oz. Gatorade, neither of them speaking. When they finished Brant turned to Tim, shook his head and tossed the empty plastic bottle, hitting his brother in the head.

“I can’t believe how fucking easy you got off. After what you did to her that first time and then during her first DP? I can’t believe that was all she did to make you pay. Fucking unbelievable!”

“Hey, fuck you! It was up to her and besides that was a long time ago, a lot has changed.”

“Still, way too easy for you. If I was her I would have shoved a bat up your ass and a knitting needle up your cock.”

“Whoa dude! That’s harsh.”

“You deserve it.”

“You’re no peach either and then practicing fucking your own ass so it wouldn’t hurt? Judas dude, are you gay now? Is that why you came when I was jacking you off? You’re so gay now.”

“Shut the fuck up before I kick your ass!” Brant screamed.

“Truth hurts, twink!” he yelled back.

Brant lunged at his brother and their naked bodies came together with a thud as they both crashed to the kitchen floor. Brant got in a good punch to Tim’s face before Tim rolled him over and returned the favor. They screamed at each other and continued to wrestle and throw punches on the ground.


Vicky heard the commotion from the kitchen just before she dozed off. Her brothers were fighting. She got up, put on her light robe and hurried to the kitchen to find them rolling around on the kitchen floor, both bleeding from cut lip and nose.

“What the hell is going on!” she shouted.

They froze, separated and looked up at her, not answering.

“Wow, if you guys could have just seen yourselves. You do realize you have no clothes on, right? You reminded me of when Borat was wresting that fat ugly dude in that movie. Now get up and apologize.”

“Yes, Mistress…” Brant said, getting up first.

Tim was slower but did the same. She made them shake hands and apologize to each other. She turned to Brant knowing he had probably started it.

“I know what this is about. And honestly Tim and I worked through it. I’ve forgiven him and you for that matter, Brant. Just let it go.”

“I don’t know if I can.”

“You can, or else,” she said. “Now, both of you go to bed and not another word between the two of you.”

She watched them leave, listened for anymore arguments and then followed after them, intending to go to her room. As she walked she thought about Brant and the difference between him and Tim. She felt closer to Brant and she felt he had more of a connection with her than Tim. It was sweet what he did, how he felt, and how he was so mad at Tim for hurting her and acting like such an ass. Granted, Brant hurt her too but not as bad, nor was he such a jerk about it. She felt a much stronger connection with Brant, actually desiring him more than Tim in conversation and for sex. Before going to her room she went and quietly knocked on his door. He answered it and let her in.

“I appreciate what you did and how you feel about Tim. Don’t think I don’t.”

“Then punish him more… he doesn’t have to get off that easy… you still have all day tomorrow and most of Sunday before Mom and Dad are home.”

“What else could I do? I know it hurt him; he felt the fire and pain I guarantee.”

“Maybe, but I think you could come up with something more lasting and emotional… something that he’ll remember for a long time.”

“And what do you have in mind?” she asked, moving forward and putting her hand on his bare chest.

“I don’t know. I’m sure you’ll think of something.”

“And if I don’t? What then? Will you be angry with me?” she asked.

“Disappointed, but not angry.”

“You know, you hurt me too and then that sneaky trick of practicing before I got to you. Maybe you’re the one that needs more punishment,” she said reaching down and grabbing tightly to his soft penis.

He flinched but she didn’t let go. Leaning in, she planted a deep open mouth kiss on his mouth that she hadn’t planned on. The siblings didn’t kiss much, it was more just about the sex but for some reason she felt like kissing him. She noticed his hesitation but then he kissed her back. It got hot, tongues became twisted and she felt his penis lurch in her tight grip. She kept kissing him, rotating her head as he did his. It was wet and sizzling and fire sprung up inside of her. His dick continued to rise and before long he was fully erect and throbbing in her hand as they stood in his room kissing.


Brant’s heart raced, he didn’t understand what Vicky was doing, kissing him like this but he liked it. He couldn’t believe how fast he became erect, especially after all the use his penis illegal bahis had had. It was the kiss, it had to be. She had never kissed him like this before. It was new and exciting, which seemed comical to him since they were accustomed to much harder sexual relations including oral, vaginal, anal, and even double penetration sex with her. Now this hot kiss had him all sorts of worked up again.

When they broke the kiss to breathe both of them were aroused, breathing hard to catch up. She kept a firm grip on his dick and he noticed her nipples were erect through her thin robe.

“If that’s your idea of punishment then never mind. Don’t punish Tim,” he said, smiling.

“I would never kiss Tim like that… just you,” she said and he saw her blush.

“I’m flattered, sis… Mistress, I mean.”

“I feel closer to you, Brant… I just do.”

He didn’t have a reply but his heart skipped a beat with excitement. He cared for her deeply, more than she knew and that was why he was so protective of her. He leaned in this time and they began to kiss again. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her body against his, feeling her aroused breasts press against his ribs just below his chest. Her tight little body felt amazing, only spurring him on. Picking her up suddenly, he spun around and laid her on the bed, kissing her the entire time. She was forced to let go of his penis in the move. He eased his body down onto her, his firm cock pressing onto her pubic bone over the robe she still wore. He kissed her, she kissed back as if this was their first sexual lust-filled encounter ever. Hands were on heads, hair was messed up and wet lips smacked and tongues danced as the hot kissing continued.


Tim couldn’t sleep, his lip stung where Brant had split it and he was thinking about what Brant had said about Vicky. Leaving his room he walked down the hall to talk to her but found her door open and her room empty. He checked the kitchen, living room, several other places and finally figured out that she was with Brant in his room. This didn’t make him happy, but there wasn’t much he could do since she was Supreme Leader and had not invited him. Quietly, Tim walked to the closed door and listened. It was very apparent what was going on inside, making his face hot with jealousy and anger for being left out. He listened to his siblings going at it for a few minutes before returning to his room.

His anger subsided slightly when he thought about how much of a dick he was to her that first time. Having her do Brant instead of punishing him more was just fine by him. Maybe it would keep Brant off his back as well. He decided that as long as she had worked things out with him and was keeping Brant happy it was a win-win. With that thought easing his conscience and the exhaustion of the day’s activities finally catching up with him he fell asleep.


Vicky’s body was flushed and hot, the wide shaft of Brant penis pressing against her body and the wet hot kisses fueled her arousal. This was by far the longest make out session she had ever undergone with either of her brothers. Her feelings for Brant were growing almost as fast as her arousal. His strong muscled body against hers felt amazing. She wasn’t used to it. Normally their bodies aren’t in contact much beside the wide cocks of her brother’s rapidly thrusting inside her sex in positions that facilitate movement more than emotional bonds. Indeed this was much different.

He hadn’t tried to enter her or remove her robe. Possibly because she was the Supreme Leader and in charge or possibly because he was feeling the same thing she was and didn’t want to interfere with the newness. Their breathing and kissing was loud, it sounded like they were engaged in hard intercourse but weren’t. She ran her hands through his thick wavy hair as he did the same to her. Their faces tilted this way and that as they continued to kiss. Finally in a pause for air she pushed his face away gently to talk.

“Can I sleep in here with you tonight?” she asked.

“You can do whatever you want, Mistress.”

“Right, but if I wasn’t Supreme Leader would you let me?”

“Absolutely, Vicky. Without a doubt.”

“Good, then kiss me.”

Her heart raced with excitement and the thrill from the simple act of kissing Brant. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt like this… vulnerable, relaxed, not on edge wondering what debauchery her brothers could think of next for her. Lying on her back, kissing Brant with not a care in the world was proving this game of theirs was worth it. They went on and on until her lips and mouth began to ache from all the kissing; whereupon she rolled him over until she was on top.

“Wow, we sure have overlooked kissing in all of this, haven’t we?” she asked him, sitting up on his lap.

“I’ll say; it’s really fun.” She smiled down at him, untied her robe and opened it, pulling it from between her legs so it lay open on her naked body. She could feel illegal bahis siteleri his hard penis flattened on his stomach under her. When she pulled her robe out her wet sex met his shaft as she remained upright and sitting with her legs straddling his body. Leaning over, Vicky kissed him again, letting her breasts barely brush his chest, sending tingling sensations through her nipples. She moved her hips slightly, sliding her sex down his shaft slowly, grinding her clitoris on the hard flesh.

As she continued to kiss him she moved back up, arching her back to remain in contact with his mouth until the head of his cock slid past her aroused pussy. This act let his dick rise off his stomach just enough to be in the perfect position for her to ease back and take him into her body. She didn’t do it automatically, no she continued to kiss him and let his engorged head tickle the lips of her sex, before ever so slowly easing back onto him. He slid in effortlessly as the kissing picked up to a fevered pace, culminating in a synced moan from both, as she buried all of him inside of her from above.

The sensation was so much different than when they were just having sex. The kissing and connection had multiplied the pleasure, made it significant. They were not just having sex, not this time, no, for the first time Brant and Vicky were making love.

She rocked her hips, letting a few inches of his shaft out before settling back down on him. Their tongues danced together, twisted and lips overlapped as she worked her hips up and down and back and forth, slowly caressing his cock with her movements. Pleasure engulfed her body, sending electric impulses to every inch of her skin. It tingled, hummed and she could scarcely remain in control.


Brant’s mind raced as his body underwent something he never expected. He had difficulty wrapping his mind around the person straddling his body and treating his cock to bliss he didn’t know existed. He knew it was his sister but this was the first time it didn’t ‘feel’ like his sister. His eyes were closed, his lips and mouth entwined with hers, this creature who had sprung new feelings in his body which confused and thrilled him all at once. What had sparked this in Vicky? He didn’t know and as she rocked slowly forward and back he decided he’d worry about it later.

His heart raced in his chest, as if he was swimming the 100 meter freestyle, but in reality he was lying on his back not moving anything besides his lips and tongue. These sensations and feelings he felt were new, unexpected and had surprising results he never expected to feel with his sister, but he was. Vicky’s erect nipples tickled his chest, each time she rocked backwards onto his dick and lowered herself onto him. He was blown away by the intense sensation the simple caress caused in his body, her hardened nubs dragging across his chest sent inexplicable pleasure through him.

Her hot and very wet sex milked his shaft and head with each slow movement of her hips, the result was indescribable bliss. She was in total control and that above all was a huge turn on. There was just something about a woman, his sister, controlling the speed and friction on his dick that drove him nuts. The speed was also a surprise; the sensations were much different at this speed compared to rapidly slamming his cock into her. He could feel her lips clinging to his shaft and stimulating his flesh as well as her inner sex caressing the head with each slow movement. Slow was nice.

Even after all the ejaculating earlier the act of making love and the new sensations had his balls tight and snug against his body in preparation of his climax and ejaculation. His mind seemed fuzzy, his body seemed to float and not be his own as Vicky continued kissing and stimulating him like never before.

Time was irrelevant; whether it be minutes or hours he didn’t know or care. His pleasure slowly and steadily increased until he found himself letting loose and cumming inside of her without realizing it. His body convulsed and jerked with each contraction beneath her, sending his cum forcefully out of his highly stimulated dick. So overcome and surprised, he scarcely moaned and said nothing until well after his climax had ended.

When he opened his eyes Vicky was looking down at him with a grin on her face, like she had just gotten away with a big secret only she knew about.

“I don’t even have to ask how much you enjoyed that,” she said.

His mouth slowly formed a smile and he tried to speak but she put her fingers over his mouth, eased off him and snuggled up to his side. They fell asleep with interlocked legs and arms without another word.


Tim woke up with a hard-on, which actually surprised him. The house was quiet; all of them had slept well into the morning. He finally rolled out of bed to use the bathroom, bending his cock down as much as he could to hit the bowl. His erection soon decreased once his bladder was empty. He walked naked canlı bahis siteleri back to his room, wondering when the Supreme Leader would wake up and make him do something. Tim wondered if maybe Brant was successful in convincing her to punish him more since they were together doing it before he went to bed. If he knew his brother, Brant wouldn’t let it go even when Vicky told him to. The reassurance he had last night evaporated quickly.

With nothing else to do he lay in his bed and touched himself until he was hard thinking about some of the past games they had played.

Tim remembered how Vicky seemed to withdraw into herself from everything, after he and Brant had hurt her. She acted different towards them even when their parents were around. She devoted herself to track, running and working with weights like she was obsessed. Both Tim and Brant knew they had caused the change and that was the start of both their guilt. They couldn’t talk about the games but if they could have they might have made a pact to let her win then next time their parents went out of town. It would be the sixth time they played… six times without her winning.

Tim had learned about the anal sex Brant had forced on her when he came back from the hard chores that evening. Because of that neither he nor Brant got anything for the rest of that particular game. Brant felt too bad to ask her do anything at all and he sure wasn’t about to let Tim have her. That and the time before caused the big change in their sister. The thing was Tim and even Brant interpreted the change to be negative when in reality Vicky was using the memory to improve herself both physically and mentally. They had no idea how bad she really wanted to win and how bad she promised herself never to be hurt again either, even if they did continue to win.

Unbeknownst to them she had bought the anal toy… also unknown to them was how much she was making good use of said toy and practicing daily to condition her tight little ass to handle her brother’s wide cocks, knowing full well they would want anal again.

She waited a few days after Brant had hurt her, when her little rosebud wasn’t sore anymore to try the toy. She began playing with her clitoris, making herself wet and aroused. Fingering herself, she almost climaxed before picking up the long ribbed toy and easing it into her vagina. She enjoyed the increasing rib width and the vibrations they caused as she rapidly fucked herself hard and deep, taking the toy almost to the beginning of the handle. That combined with her other hand working her nubbin, quickly brought a pleasurable orgasm and plenty of lubrication for her to try the toy lower.

She spread her juices around her tight anal opening and slipped a finger inside after pulling the long toy out of her pussy. It was slippery and covered in her vaginal secretions, perfect for what she had in mind. Before she tried the toy she added another finger and learned more about her body and how her sphincter reacted to being penetrated. She was surprised at the involuntary muscle actions she had to work to control but soon learned to relax and actually pushing out helped.

Before the juices dried she picked up the toy off her tummy and with one hand holding the long handle she used the other hand to guide the tip of the toy against her prepared ass. As she began to press in thoughts of the pain, she experienced with Brant, suddenly entered her mind due to the toy’s wide head pressing on her. Her heart raced, she was nervous it would hurt again. Knowing this was the only way to practice she steadied herself and put more force on the toy, feeling her muscles quivering as the rubber toy slowly opened her. She paused, trying to relax and remembered to push out as she again added force to the toy. It wasn’t as wide as Brant but was still much wider than her two fingers. Her heart beat in her ears, pounding in her chest as the tip broke through her tight ring and entered her bottom to the first small rib.

The sudden release surprised her and she called out, expecting pain but only the feeling of being full and the slight strain on her muscles returned. She held still, letting herself adjust to the intrusion. Once the tip was in she was able to use her free hand to manipulate her clit, remembering this helped greatly with Brant. Pleasure surged through her when she circled her clit with lubed fingers. Before she realized it the weight of the toy had, by itself, caused another inch to enter her while she played. The next bigger rib came in contact with her tight opening, stopping the downward descent until she added a bit more force with the handle. She felt the rib pass through and the feeling of fullness increased as more of the toy entered her.

Still no pain, it was much different than when Brant had gone too fast and she was very relieved and confident she could adjust to anal rather easily if she continued to practice each day. Rolling onto her side, she held the long handle from behind with her other hand busily rubbing her clit and began to move the toy in and out three or four inches at a time as if Brant or Tim were fucking her. She knew they were longer than that but for her first practice session she felt it was enough.

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