The Simple Truth

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How should I begin this tale? Okay, first let me allow you to understand. Truth is not pornography that most of us see while we are growing up either in a magazine or in a raunchy DVD somewhere. Sex is never like in the movies. Clumsy things happen, like the center console hurting your man’s knee or the gear shift pushes hard into your ass cheek. The gear shift will eventually stab into a girl’s ass at one point leaving a definite circular bruise. Either that or a girl’s hair is almost pulled out by the root due to the steering wheel cover or the seat cushion and your partner’s leg. This is when he became over excited and began thrusting upwards into your mouth forgetting that you have to breathe, so you back your head up because you understand the signs of him about to explode. You, however, want him to have a nice time, the entire purpose of you being down there in the first place.

The signs are simple if you’ve been through just one accidental discharge in your life before. The fast paced breathing, the truly harder than steel cock and the never lying sponge for a penis head which rapidly expands to twice its normal size before release. Well, the truth is as ladies, never get to that halfway point in, no ladies land, or you may wind up regretting it. The deluge to follow can possibly drown you or mess your clothes up for the date you’re on. So, rule number one, although it is an A- rating considered by most men, Ladies don’t give an early blow job on a date unless you are going to a lake, beach, or swimming pool and you are swimming because it is Summer time. The water can rinse off any trace of a great head giver. Just was explaining in advance that tidbit of information. I will be moving right along now.

Now let’s see, yes I was trying to explain, that some ladies, like the men who are great kisser’s because they were told about those kisses from other girls. All women favor a Casanova type because of mere curiosity. I know women fall for the debonair and suave types but I was always attracted to the geeky nerdy men for some reason. I may have liked a jock or two but mostly average men with nice cocks do me perfect.

Many years ago I began a love affair with a neighbor friend which was beneficial for us both. However, I find comfort in how I gave my nerdy neighbor his first experience. It was clumsy, quick, and a little embarrassing for both of us but the comfort was there for both of us. I merely touched his cock. I examined it with my hand moving my fingers. I stroked it, kissed it, and eventually sucked it. Well, in like literally two sucks it did something inside my mouth which was slimy and gooey but I kept swallowing like I overheard another girl say to do. I only lost a little out of the corner of my mouth. I used a finger to clean it off my leg and lick it into my mouth. Joey Brannon thought I was the shit. I was the sexiest girl in the world who would do things for him. He was a little older than me however; we became secret lovers for many years.

He thought I was great. I thought truly at first, he was a two pump chump who couldn’t last long at all. I told him this too, because we had watched some of his Daddies pornography in his garage. I noticed that the guy receiving the blow job in the porn movie could last forever. Not only had that been the case but the guy seemed to have an extra enormous cock. I voiced my opinion on my disappointment and Joey apologized. I did kind of say it harshly but it was before either of us actually knew that the pornographic movies were looped like a hundred times before the money shot or ejaculation scene. Joey promised me he’d get better and he did. Boy! Did he ever get to be the best at satisfying me!

Joey would eventually make me scream his name in the throes of passion almost every time he touched me. He could give me multiple orgasms with his cock, his tongue, or his fingers. Joey became my number one lover, my best kept secret, and truly my favorite cock to suck. I was comfortable, which means the world to me and just about to every other woman in the world. Familiarity breeds contentment in truth. So see men out there pay attention. Rule

, Women love to feel comfortable. I loved making love to Joey. He was a very amazing perfect lover. Most importantly, Joey was what I was very comfortable with and it worked perfectly.

However, the simple truth is this Joey had to beg me for a second chance at vindication. I almost would have been like most of the other girls, who went out with the fancy football player Casanova types. I spoke to Cindy a girlfriend of mine who explained that her jock boyfriend was a rutting pig and she never got hers. The simple truth was that she felt secure and comfort around him. Cindy explained that she would try to teach him a little along. She explained that’s why when they hung out at the bon fire she would get wasted in order for her to not care about the sex part. He was handsome, muscular, popular, and you would think a stud but the simple truth is he could not satisfy her bahis firmaları needs ever. Out of Cindy’s mouth herself.

I checked with another girl Susanne. Susanne explained her handsome running back was great at making cuts on the field and having a body to die for with the washboard abs but he too was horrible in the sack. She always thought he was hot and sexy though. Susanne said even though he is a super cheater, looks like a Greek God, and has always made her feel great personally she needed to have an orgasm. Susanne wanted to scream at the top of her lungs because her wonderful running back so handsome and truly nice sucked in the sack. I asked her, why stay with him? Truly, her answer was, it is what she was familiar with and comfortable with in truth. Susanne explained he wouldn’t be that bad in the sack, he needed to slow down and take his time. He was running even in the sack at a furious pace. Susanne’s man was too quick for his own good. She explained if he would slow down, enjoy her canvass learning to stop and linger well she would certainly get off. He wanted to go, go, and go. She needed him to be on pause forever in the most important places to feel the sensuality of it all.

The simple truth is had I not received this information about the popular guys, I would have never given my nerdy Joey a second chance to please me. It came with a simple kissing lesson. I told him to get completely naked. I stroked his penis until it was rigid. I then told him to kiss me passionately on the mouth as I stroked his cock. Slowly, gently, with baby oil, so my hand was velvety smooth gliding up and back. I explained that he would let me know when he was going to ejaculate because I wanted to suck it up. I was lying to him. Joey kissed as I stroked. I thought for three and a half strokes he was about to lose himself. I then squeezed hard as hell until it must have been painful. Joey screamed, “Ouch!”

I trained him not to ejaculate quickly and his hair trigger, quit being our problem. I then allowed him access to fuck me again, after he begged for his second chance. I made Joey wait a week until I needed him. I told Joey to please be slow and easy. I placed my hand on his chest gently explaining, “Joey this is absolutely your final chance babe. I want you to succeed, but you have to want to succeed as well. So, slow down your breathing, ease into your excitement, and take your time please, getting to know my body. I give you open access to me babe. I need you to explore slower. Ask me questions. If I have a distant look like glazed over eyes you better continue doing just what you’re doing. If I can speak you’re doing okay. If I cannot speak at all with rapid breathing well let’s say you are the man. Do you understand?”

Oh my God! It was the absolute best warning I could have ever given him. See I was his secret blow job giver. I became his play toy. Joey didn’t have to jerk off like other guys to magazines and pornographic movies. He had me literally over his house every afternoon sucking his cock, him finger fucking my tight little pussy or fucking me silly. This meant he had to care about me leaving him alone because truly he was meticulous and caring. He was gentle, passionate, every touch of his hand or caress made my flesh, and my pussy, come to life. It was when he changed touching, grabbing, probing, and sucking my neck, earlobes, collar bone that I enjoyed how he took me. I came alive in a renewed sense of sexual bliss.

Joey transformed into a completely different lover. He was amazing to every need I desired. It was when he pulled my hair, biting my bottom lip passionately, and sliding his cock deep into me at the very same time that I came like crazy. I lost it good fashion and it was the first of my orgasms I ever had with him. I felt my muscles lock up tenser than a hat band and then I was as relaxed as a rag doll. I truly felt as if I was floating in some ultra-Universe. This is when I knew I could never give up my lover. However, Joey had other ideas. He wanted to use his new-fangled lessons on other more sexy popular older girls. I was merely his play ground.

I was ultimately the most pissed off angry chic in the world. I actually suffered through his inadequacies and now I was being placed on a bench for a less than adequate replacement. I was too hot and angry for words but devised my own strategy. See Joey wanted to be treated the way I treat him. Well these new girls would never be as good to him as I was. I mean I am a freak and love the taste of his cum. They would be squeamish and never ever satisfy his insatiable lust for head. I would just wait and when he came back to me, I wouldn’t be there for him. It’s only fair. I would teach him a hard lesson. Much pun intended.

Just as I thought he went out with Marie Thurmond. She was a very nice cheerleader type. Word in school is that Marie never gives blow jobs, only hand jobs. Marie had a sexual fetish of just being eaten and never liked to please the guys except with her hand. If kaçak iddaa she allowed you access between her legs it was very rare. I knew and understood that Joey would absolutely hate that. The night after their date my cellular device was blowing up. I knew who it was without even guessing. I wanted so bad to answer and take care of his magical cock but I wanted him forever. I invested time in him but he had to realize I was the only one like me. It killed me to wait it out but I was a determined little shit. I can be a pouty baby when I need my man to be exclusive to me.

The simple truth, ladies is steadfast and brutal if you want the gold. It is better than melting and giving in too soon. So, I became truly obscure for about five weeks even though we lived next door. I worked on my body running late in the afternoon when I knew he was at work. I also, took up Pilates which was the hardest shit I had done in my life. I made my muscles burn good fashion. I ate determined to get sexier so that when I presented my body to him again he would desire me big time. I lost twelve pounds of fat and water, reshaping my thighs and ass. I felt amazing with energy and joy.

I never thought I would see him again. However, I was invited to a senior dance and Joey was already graduated but he was invited because of Shelley Thompson the latest of Joey’s conquests. I would never have attended the stupid party but a girlfriend of mine insisted for me to get out. I wore a sexy little hose dress, made of spandex, black low cut in the front to accentuate my now 32 C cup breasts. I weighed one hundred ten pounds with a size six waistline and a now flat tummy. I hate to say it but I was truly hot looking. I had high heels, black lacquered nails, and black purple lips from a dark coat of grape and a black lip gloss for gothic girls. I felt like a gothic babe too. My heart was dark. I was like Elvira, an unforgiving vamp. The night was half over when I noticed Joey with that skank whore, Shelley.

He looked directly at me and smiled knowing my heart would leap. Joey’s eyes drunk me in and devoured me as I eased over to where my friend stood. I said, “Kimberly, I have to be going because I just noticed an old friend of mine is here and I been avoiding him.” I was the most honest person I knew because I hated being lied to. I also told things just like they needed to be told. I never tried to make myself out to be something I wasn’t or front with friends.

Kimberly responded, “Oh baby, please do not leave, the real fun doesn’t start until a little later.”

I felt a hand on my back and he whispered in my ear, “Yeah babe, please do not leave. I mean I will do anything and I do mean anything to have a second chance with you.”

I stiffened up and loved how he approached me so sexily feeling the strength as well as the warmth of his hand on the small of my back. I turned towards his voice to protest but I could never say a word when I met his eyes. I just managed, “Okay.”

Joey leaned in kissing my cheek and neck then whispered, “You look so sexy hot, I never would have guessed you could look so delicious. You look so yummy to me babe.”

I felt the heat flutter from my butterflies down from my stomach to my inner thighs. Wetness was then drenching between my thighs as I felt the need of what he was saying and the recognition. I was totally amazed at how hot I became just with his mere whispering voice and the effect it had on me.

I then asked, “What about Shelley?”

He looked over his shoulder and said, “What about her? Shelley has her own agenda and was using me to get to her ex-boyfriend. Who are you here with?”

I smiled then responded, “You’re looking at who I am with. I just came out to see who was out and about. If I would have known you were here I would have never come.”

“Ouch! Sorry, I did come now. Are you still angry at me?” Joey looked down at the ground shuffling his feet.

“Let’s see, anger isn’t an appropriate response I do not believe. Too bad I couldn’t tar and feather your ass in time square like days of lore. You hurt me Joey. I gave you a second chance and everything, remember that? Then you never gave two shits when I was falling… Oh fuck, never mind! You are an ass!” I turned walking off from him.

Suddenly, I felt my arm being caught on the inside of my elbow and turned forcefully. I was grasped and kissed passionately by my sexy man. Joey pulled my hair gently remembering how I love him to do things as he kissed me. I began moaning in his mouth with approval. Oh my, the flood gates between my thighs were opened. I was gently kissing his mouth with my eyes closed and leaned back into his arms as he held me. I was too happy forgetting where I was at.

We both ran to his car as I had gotten a ride to the party. I do not even believe Joey checked with Shelley or told her that he was leaving with me. I was inside my familiar honestly comfortable setting when he looked into my eyes and for the first time he kissed me deeply, passionately, kaçak bahis where a thousand little alarms with bells and whistles went off inside my body.

I always remember the robot on the old television series “Lost in Space” saying, “Warning! Warning! Will Robinson.” Well, not that I am that old I watched a bunch of old reruns on the oldies channel. Well, that is how I felt. I needed to just relax because I so wanted his touch and needed his cock inside me like this second. I was a horny wench needing my man’s cock terribly bad.

Well I remember after that kiss that he asked where I wanted to go. I smiled then said, “I want you to take me to a hotel or your house if your parents are away honestly. I need you to love me like the world is on countdown and these are the final forty eight hours. If you love me then it will show.” Lesson # 3, Explain why it is important to you, restate it. This will ensure no room for error and if your significant other does care for you well, you can be persuasive in the positive because they are putting forth the effort. Those however that do not try and make excuses never truly wanted to be there in the first place.

I watched as Joey put the car into drive and said, “I think a hotel would be much better.” He made eye contact with me and smiled then said, “That way you can scream your head off if you wanted.” I blushed then elbowed him.

I called my Mom telling her I was spending the night at my girlfriend’s house. My Mom knew I wasn’t a virgin like I said I am truthful. I also was at the age of where I would drink but never drive and I told my mother the truth about that as well. If she would have asked, I would have told her I was with Joey. I would have explained that he was the boy who took my virginity. I would have stated further we were going to be together, but she never did. I never deliberately lied to my parents just never revealed everything either.

We arrived at the hotel in record time and the room was nice with one giant queen sized bed which swallowed my little frame up. I jumped on the bed trying to get Joey to play but he wanted me more than anything I do believe. He pounced on me like a big cat. I was not expecting him to be quite so aggressive but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The instant we entered the room, I felt his body press against mine from behind me. I relaxed as I felt his arm encircle my waist. I felt the heat of his breath on my neck near my earlobe and his whisper was maddening.

Joey’s rasping breath stated, “Oh my little kitten, you are in for such a fucking that you’re going to wish you had not come here with me.” The chills he sent up my spine merely enhanced the drenching between my thighs as I reached back grabbing his shirt with my tiny little fist almost tearing the buttons off with my gripping hand.

I was whimpering seriously when he turned me around sliding his hand up into my fishnet hose discovering under the spandex tight dress was nothing but those hose and my ever aroused soft hairless pussy. Joey immediately pushed me back onto the bed snatching off my black high heels. Then he pushed up on my dress and slid the fishnets off my body expertly as if he had done it a million times. I felt the heat of his hands as they kneaded my thighs, rubbing them with passion and purpose. My eyes half closed, my mouth opening and shutting, as my arms flailed at my sides. I was so hot. I felt like this moment was excruciating as the clock seemed to move ever so slow. My mind was racing full of wonder. I could hear my own heart beat inside my ears. I licked my lips begging Joey to please hurry but I didn’t even know if I was talking audibly or not.

It was when I observed Joey removing his shirt and slacks that I knew I was on the very edge of sanity. I felt the rapidness of my breathing thinking I was about to pass out or something far more drastic when Joey’s mouth found my clitoris. I literally screamed out loud as the jolts of electric liquid fire coursed through my every nerve ending pulsing in my swollen throbbing lips. Oh my goodness, the slithering devil was sliding and gliding his tongue expertly into my most vulnerable locations.

To combine the feeling of total satisfaction and overall control, Joey used his finger to enter my pussy gently. He began using it with a simple gentle come hither motion on my g-spot. It was all over in like thirty seconds or less. I was rotating my hips, fucking his face and hand, and squirting juices everywhere all over. Screams I never recognized as mine. The phone began ringing from a faraway location it seemed. Joey told me to settle down it was management with a noise complaint. I only managed to nod my head up and down.

He began laughing as I was saying inaudible shit that made no fucking sense at all. I felt like a bumbling idiot. Note to self; thank the little cheerleading bitch because she taught your man how to eat primo pussy. My eyes were glazed over after that monster orgasm. I felt so relaxed but I knew it was his turn but I felt so drained I wanted to savor the moment for a few minutes longer so I said, “Joey come here babe. I kissed him deeply on the mouth with passion as I tasted my own pussy juices. They were not that bad actually.”

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