The Skate Park–Happy Birthday

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The Skate Park–Happy BirthdayThe Skate Park—HAPPY BIRTHDAYWoke up about 9:00. House was quite. Had been an eventful night. Couple of the boys were still asleep, crashed on the floor, stripped down to their boxers. I was still sportin my jock, and a huge piss boner. I walk over to the bathroom and cut loose—seemed like hours. Really need to blow some nut, but had too much to do. Today would be Dustin’s big day.I put on some coffee, grab a go-cup, and head for the skate shop. Didn’t take a lot of looking around—I knew what I was coming for. Guys in the shop asked what the occasion was, and I told them it was lil b r o s b’day. “Ahh kewl—here Matt, take a set of pads from us” “Hey thanx guys—that’s way kewl of ya”Back at the house—still quite, though Kelso and Petroni wre just waking up. I whispered loudly down the stairs “coffee”. I started some breakfast—which I usually don’t do. The smell of eggs and coffee soon filled the house. Mom came stirring out and looked at me “honey, are you cooking”? “Sure mom, gonna make lil b r o his favorite” “Thats sweet honey—you mean french toast”? “Yup” Mom purplexed goes on with “where did you learn that”? “Easy mom—watching you down at the diner”I served up five plates of the french toast. Grabbing the board I just got for Dustin I walk down the hallway, and tap the door of his room open with my toe. I paused for just a moment, admiring him, spread out on his belly, with his arms up over his head. I could see a bit of blood stains on the pillow cases, still oozing some from last nights beat down. Fuck—mom is gonna go nuclear. Taking the board I tap him on the ass—”cowboy up lil dawg” He stirrs and rolls over, wiping his eyes. His face is a mess. As he sits up I says “happy birthday lil dawg” and toss the board on the bed. He picks it up, and just kinda looks at it a minute. As it sets in, his eyes open up like it was Christmas. Clutching the board, he jumps up out of his bed, almost screamimg–”oh holy fuck ! Oh fuck Matthew—oh jeez—this is for me “? He was making such a racket that everyone ran to his room to see what was up. Mom cried out “what’s wrong honey—are you OK “? “Oh damm mom look—Matthew got me a Hawk” By now Kelso and Petroni had made their way to the doorway—”Ahh naa—no fuckin way—b*o got you a Hawk”? Dustin, still besides himself, “Ya—oh man this is so fuckin awesome—everyone gonna be so fuckin jealous” Mom pipes up with “a Hawk—what’s a Hawk ??” “Skateboard mom—Tony Hawk” “Oh I see, so I guess–” long pause. “Oh my god ! Dustin—Dustin baby what happened to your face ? Oh my god—oh baby are you ok? Who did this?” I jump between mom and Dustin “Mom—mom–mom–chill–he’s ok mom just chill. “No he’s not ok, he’s bleeding—who did this” I continue with “we don’t know mom—he just got jumped last night—bet we will take care of it. “Jumped ?? You mean someone beat him up? NO—Im calling the police”. “No mom—you don’t have to do that—we already talked to Kelso’s dad. We got it under control mom—now come on, lets eat before it gets cold”We all gather back at the table, Dustin excited over the french toast. Mom is still upset, but I just keep telling her to chill—”Your’e embarrising him mom, just calm down. It’s the face mom—looks way worse than it is. Check out his mohawk, just like me and the gang now” “Ya honey—that’s cute” not really approving. “Hey Matthew—can I get a loop in my ear, and maybe a tatto like you guys” inquires my lil b*o. “Ah jeez Dustin—not now, moms already upset”“You boys are great Matthew, but please don’t make my baby grow up too fast” I sat beside mom and go on with “too late mom. Ya know it happens when it happens. Dustin is way more grown up and mature than most boys his age. Look—he got hair in his pits” Dustin raises an arm, and makes a muscle, showing off his moderately hairy pit. “And check out that bod mom—dude is built like a brick shit house” Mom kinda grins a bit and just says “oh for sure baby, your a man now” I flash a grin too, thinking of last nights initiation. Ya, more than she knows :)Finally the situation calms down. Mom baby’s Dustin’s face with some alcohol, and gradually we all load up in the jeep and head for the park. Mom said she had some shopping to do before work, so she would see us later at the park.We get to the park, already kinda busy being a Saturday morning. Dustin hops out of the jeep, and heads straight for the tracks. Damm b*o—no pads, no helmet. Fuck, maybe he wont crash. It was kinda one of my park rules that you had to be padded up unless you were 16 or older. I figured at that age you were old enough to make decisions for yourself. I let lil b*o go cause I knew in just a couple of hours he would be well outfitted :)It gets about noon, and a few k**s start canlı bahis gathering around the tables under the trees. Kelso, Petroni and me go fish out some presents we had hid in the jeep. A couple of others at the park had presents too. Officer Kelso shows up with a cooler full of gatorade. I give a hollar out to the park, and wave everyone in. “Lets open some presents”! Everyone gathers at the pic-nic tables and Dustin is proudly showing off his new board. I hand him the first present, from the guys at the skate shop. “Kewl, kewl—check it out—elbow, knee and gloves too” “Tell them thanx Matthew”. Kelso goes next telling he and Petroni went in together. “Oh fuck guys—awesome–thanx dawgs” New helmet—black red and silver. Three k**s walk up together and give him a $25 gift card from the skate shop. I hand him another present from me which he eagerly opens. “What is it dude “? asks several at once. “Dustin responds with a gleam in his eyes—”holy shit—it’s a gift card from Kims Twakandoe—1 year “! Cries of “oh wow” and “awesome” ring out. Suddenly most got quite, and a few points and whispers. It’s Simmons. I shoot him a glare—if he fucks up this party Im gonna have to hand out the biggest beating of his life. He walks up to the table with a small grocery bag in his hand. Dustin pauses his excitement and just kinda looks at him. Finally Simmons speaks up—”Hey uhh Dustin. Uhh look man, Im really sorry about yesterday. I just heard about your crash this morning—Ididn’t know that happened yesterday. I was a fuckin prick man, no excuse. I was kinda fucked up, Hope ur nuts are ok today. Im really sorry—so here, I got ya a little something too”. Dustin opens the sack and fishes out a white baseball hat. “Fox Motto—with the fox head on it” “Thanx Simmons—It’s kewl” and shoots him a grin. I give Simmons one of those “barely nods” indicating approval. He nods back, and heads back to the tracks and continues riding.About 2:00 in the afternoon now—mom shows up with cake. “hey k**s—I got Ramons death by chocolate” Shouts of oh wow and kewl and awesome ring out as we all devour the cake in a matter of moments. Mom gives Dustin another present—red and yellow Hawaiian shirt. Totally awesome. The excitement gradually dies down. Officer kelso and mom finally leave. I announce there was one more thing to do. Kelso heads for the jeep. He walks back to the bathhouse—plugging up a 50′ extension cord. Walking up to the tables, he hands me some clippers. “Time to shed some hair lil b*o” Dustin just sits there, gleaming with pride as I proceed to shave the sides of his head forming up the mohawk that was promised. I tell Dustin that his face is swelling up some from the heat, that we had better get back to the house and put some ice on it. Hate to be a party pooper, but we would party more later. Myself and Dustin, along with Kelso and Petroni, and girl ?? Who’s this girl? We start piling up in the jeep. Seems that lil b*o had picked him up another “present” from the park. As we get back to our house, I grab some ice from the freezer for Dustins face. “Mandy” is all too eager to “help” We all head down to the basement where Dustin and Mandy grab the X-box. The rest of us just sit around talking about pretty much nothing. After about an hour Dustin and Mandy start heading up the stairs. I notice Dustin is sporting a pretty impressive boner, and I just sarcasticly say “take it easy there cowboy” Kelso pipes up with “ya dawg—dont do anything I wouldn’t do twice” Dustin grabs Mandy between the ass cheeks as they continue up, raising his left arm up behind his head and flipping us off. We just look at each other like “did he just flip us off” Pretty much dropped it, and went to playing video games ourselves. After about another hour Dustin comes back down the stairs, sweat dripping down his torso. We all grin at him, asking did he “get him some”. Dustin replies with “do you guys always make such a big deal out of a blow job” ? We just snicker and tease him—asking was it “good” Dustin kinda sheeplishly says “shot that cream all over bitches face” “she was pretty good—corse could’nt get it all in her mouth” Grinning from ear to ear Dustin wedges between me and Kelso, picking up the forth game controler. “so stud—where did she go”? “Ahh, she had to jet—said she would see me later” We tease a bit more, but go back to playing the game.It got to be close to 6:00 now. Kelso and Petroni decide to Jet—telling Dustin happy birthday again. Dustins says thanks, and tells them “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice” They reply with “oh we won’t” grabbing each others ass while walking up the stairs. Dustin and me kick back on the bed and scan the TV for a movie. We decide on Star Wars, for at least the bahis siteleri 25th time, lol. I micro some pop corn, and we settle into chill mode. About half way through the movie the doorbell rings. I go answer the door, and it’s Jennnie from school. I invite her in, and she joins us in the basement, plopping down on the bed between Dustin and me.Not much talking going on, but Jennie starts rubbing on my abs, and turning her head rubbing her nose in my pit hairs, tickling them. I put my right arm around her neck, and dropping my hand down to her chest, start gently pinching on her right nipple. Jennie continues rubbing my belly, but now makes a slight dive under the waist band of my gym shorts, now playing with my pubes. I look over at her and grin, and she licks my pit. Kinda surprised at that cause most girls don’t do stuff like that. Dustin, I guessed, assumed we were getting “hot” so he excuses himself saying he was going up to his room. I told him he didn’t have to go anywhere, it was still his birthday. He stays put, but I catch a glimps that he was starting to bone up as well. Healthy boy :)I turn over facing Jennie, and hook my thumbs under her top, pushing it up. I go for the right tit, and start sucking on it, like a baby wanting milk. She moans a bit, and Dustin can’t help but glance over at us. I continue down her belly with my tongue, and reaching her shorts un snap them, and then pull them completely off her. She kinda hesitates a bit with Dustin laying right there besides her on the bed, but being the slut that she was didn’t object. I had fucked her a couple of times back at school, on time in the locker room. She was really into jocks, specially if she could manipulate a 3-way.I stick a finger into Jennies cunt, and give it an in and out a few times, getting her real wet. She starts moaning, and breathing heavy now, and I just smirk to myself thinking “damm bitch, ain’t done anything yet” I get pretty much fully boned up—I can fell the fuck juice oozing out of my piss slit. Dustin keeps looking over at us, and I notice him grabbing his balls now. Guess he must be pretty much recovered from busting them up yesterday 🙂 I look over at my b*o and tell him to “come here” “Put your face right there lil b*o—ya right there between her legs” He hesitates, but does what I tell him. “Now take your hands, and push her legs back, and spread her open—real wide” He does as commanded, then looks at me with a “what now”? I just say “Dive in b*o—get ur face in there”. Dustin places his face in Jennies now wet pussy and just kinda holds it there. “Come on dawg—munch it—just like ice cream”. Dustin finally gets it, and starts chewing on Jennies cunt like a dog in heat. I shoot him a big smile and continue with “now stick your tongue in there dawg—deep as you can go” “Ya that’s it—fuck that pussy with ur tongue”. Jennnie starts moaning louder now—such as slut. I grab the back of Dustins head and start rocking it back and forth. “Like that dawg—get that juice all over ur face—eat the shit up”. Dustin is like a wild man now eatin pussy like he would never get another chance. I shuck off my gym shorts, and get behind Dustin, and yank his off him as well. I reach down and grab his rock hard boner giving it a hard squeez. I grab him by his mohawk and turn his head around to face me. “You wanna fuck her dawg”? “Huh—you wanna fuck that cunt”? Dustin, now sweatin again, and pantin like a dog, just replies with “ya”, and a shit eatin grin. Encouraging him on I tell him “Then stick it dawg. Slam that cunt and tear that shit up b*o” Dustin waste no time—pushing Jennies legs up and back to her shoulders, points his big 7” teen age cock and literally slams her dripping wet cunt. Her eyes roll back, and she starts screaming now “oh my god, oh my god” “That’s it b*o—hit that shit hard—make them pussy lips swell” Dustin holding on to Jennies tits now, hitting that pussy for all he’s worth. Sweat starts pourin off his back, and ass. I notice again the fine line of hair that was developing in his crack, and a nice swirl around his hole. Gonna be just like his big b*o :)After a few minutes of relentless pounding I could tell that lil b*o was getting close, as his thighs start trembling. I tell him to slow down, and then to stop—leaving just his head inside Jennies pussy. I ease up behind him, pushing my chest into his back. Grabbing my now full blown hard 10” cock, I aim for jennies pussy, and slid right in along with my lil b*o’s cock. He shoots a big grin, and just mutters “oh fuck” “Aight dawg, now real slow—depp as you can go”. Lil b*o follows instructions, and now together, we both slide in and out of Jennies dripping cunt, with our cocks side by side. Dustins picks up the pace, grinning bahis şirketleri now from ear to ear and just says “fuck ya—this shit is hot” ! After a few minutes Dustin starts to moan himself. I tell him to pull out and get ready to blast. He does as told, and blows about 2 feet across Jennies face and boobs. Still behind him, I shoot between his legs, leaving 6 streams of my massive donkey nut from Jennies boobs, all down her torso, soaking her pussy, and even hitting Dustins ass crack. I grab him by the waist, and pull him back. Shoving his head back into Jennies pussy I command him to eat her out again. “Eat that shit up b*o—come on eat her out good” Unnoticed by the others, I bend my own head down, and take a quick lick of my junk from Dustins sweaty ass crack. I loved my own jizz, and licking it up from my bros crack seemed to make it even better. Jennie finally creams all over Dustins face. He finally gets up, and grabbing a tee-shirt off the floor wipes his face off. Throwing the shirt to Jennie now, she starts to wipe up our brotherly load off her belly. But I grab the shirt from her and says “uh-uh bitch. You gotta wear it” Dustin shoots an approving smile and reapeats “Ya bitch— wear that diamond load” ! I grin back at my lil b*o and says “nice choice of words” We hustle Jennie back into her shorts. I give her a plain white tee to wear home, but tell her again she has to wear our jizz. She lets herself out, and Dustin and me settle back to the movie now, almost over, and just mellow out again. After a bit Dustin says “that was fuckin awesome” He continues with “Matthew, you shoot like a fuckin horse ! Did you hit my ass-crack”? “Ya, —but I cleaned ya up” I had put my gym shorts back on, as well as Dustin. Went up to the kitchen to get some grub. We continued the rest of the night in pretty much silence, just “hanging out” It had been a big day for my lil b*o, and although he was still pretty young I could see he was happy, and loving the attention he was now getting from his big b*o. Ultimately I fell asleep—it had been a long day for me as well. Started dreaming something really good, but when I suddenly awoke I couldn’t remember anything about it. I layed there, sensing a tingling in my dick. I grinned slightly to myself, now recollecting the nights adventures. But my dick kept tingling, and I noticed I was one again getting hard. I could feel now what seemed like someone runnning their fingers up and down my shaft. It felt good, although tight from the too small gym shorts. I reached down and hooked the waiste band and pulled off the shorts, throwing them to the floor. Still mostly asleep, I dosed mostly back into unconsionness. But I kept feeling the awesome sensation in my cock, and now my balls were starting to tingle as well. My cock, once again, was now at full bone, and I could feel something rubbing my piss slit, milking it’s fuck juice out, and all over my head. My balls begin to swell. It then finally occurred to me—it was Dustin playing with my dick ! I recall now that he was still on the bed with me, watching TV when I fell asleep. I moved my left leg outward, just a bit, giving a bit of spread. Just enough to make it appear natural. I increased my breathing some, so to appear I was still asleep. I assumed feeling confident now, Dustin then took my whole cock in his fist—but just barely touching it. Ever so gently he started stroking me up and down, hitting my piss slit each time with his thumb. The sensation was incredible—I thought to my self “where did he learn that “? I did a half ass clearing of my throat, and swallowed. Dustin now, prolly fearing I was waking up, gave my cock a full hard squeez, and vilolently slamming down to my pubes, caused me to yet again erupt my jizz like a volcano. I shot str8 up into the air, with it landing back to my chest and belly. I could feel the puddle of jizz piling up, then dripping down to the sides and into my pubes. Dustin finally lets go of my dick, letting it plop down on my belly,but still about half hard.I sense some movement now, but not sure what he’s doing. Then, he rolls over on his side, and blows his own nut all over my belly, mixing it with mine. For a little dawg, it was an impressive load as well. He finally subdues, and rolls back over on his back. Still breathing kinda heavy, I could smell the sweat from his pits, as well as mine. He had an almost sweet ripeness to his smell. Finally he reaches down and finds his gym shorts, and slips them back on, then kicking back on his back. A few moments go by, then I finally, very softly say “you gonna leave ur mess, or lick it up”? Of corse it startled Dustin, but after a moment he rolled back over and started licking up our combined junk, like a puppy.I didn’t say anything else, and neither did he. He rolled back over on his side to fall back asleep. I just had the thought that it was going to be a great summer, and finally dosed back off myself.Happy birthday lil b*o.

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