The Slave School – a story i’m working on


The Slave School – a story i’m working onupdate- chapter 8 added Warning – the following story has BDSM, submission, humiliation and various other humiliating and painful things, if this isn’t what your looking for don’t read it. More chapters will be posted on completion of them. The slave school Chapter 1 – Arrival The driver got out and made her way around the long black stretch limousine, fearing what will happen to her if she kept her master waiting for too long, she sped up, her short black mini skirt creeping up an inch, revealing her clean-shaven cunt beneath it. Arriving at the back of the limo, she took a long breath, making her tits bounce out of her half buttoned black business jacket. This part always scared her the most, if she screws this up the master will be angry at her for the rest of the day… if she were lucky that is. She had no choice but to swallow her fear and carry on so she quietly opened the door and got on her hands and knees in front of it, clearing her throat. “We have arrived Master. May this slut have the honor of helping you out of the car?” she says in a low respectful voice. Adam, her master, was sitting inside the limo, his pants pulled down with two of his travel-slaves busy pleasuring him, both naked with their hands tied to the floor of the car. The older one was sucking the tip of his cock while her daughter was busy licking his balls. Without looking up, he replied, his voice commanding as always, “Thank you Katie, you may have the honor of being my step”. Katie nodded, her head even lower than usual as she changed her position so that her master could step on her back on his way out of the car. It had been an almost daily ritual for her since she graduated from his school and was picked to serve as his driver yet it always made her feel so humiliated. With her long black ponytail reaching the floor, she looked down and waited quietly, like a good slave should. Pulling the two busy mouths off his crotch, Adam calmly took the two ball gags from beside him and replaced them into his travel-slaves mouths, “if you’re lucky I might find another use for your mouths on the ride home”. Stepping out of the limo and onto Katie back, he took his time pulling his pants back up and straightening his clothes before finally stepping off her and walking towards the gate. When Adam arrived at the gate a few seconds later the guard, a Russian bombshell named Alana, was already bowing. Her humongous breasts were flowing out of her skimpy blue guard uniforms and onto the cold cement floor thanks to a few purposely missing buttons and her ass was raised high into the air. “Good morning Headmaster.^” Her voice soft and creamy with only an hint of her original accent remaining. Not impressed with her perfect position and overflowing sexuality, Adam carried on with only a small pat on her ass as he walked by acknowledging her presence. A small smile crept across her face…it was more attention than she had received all month. Once past the gate, the entire campus revealed itself to Adam. Large buildings of various sizes and architectural styles were all around with wide white bricked roads leading to each of them. In front of him was the school statue, a golden sculpture of himself standing with his arms at his sides while various women on their knees around him begged for forgiveness for some unknown transgression. Turning to his left, Adam walked to the nearest building, a modern looking office building, fifty floors of glass and metal with only a small marble sign in front showing its purpose. The black letters on the white rocks stated “School Administration” with smaller letters beneath them bearing a message “Students may only enter with staff permission.” Taking a step further, the automatic doors opened to him and Adam stepped inside. With the air conditioning providing a much needed relief from the humidity, the building lobby was a much nicer place to be. With expansive floor tiles and wooden trimmings across the walls, one might even confuse it for a slave-free office if it wasn’t for the receptionist tied to the front desk, her bare ass welcoming those that walk inside while her breasts jiggled free at the other side of the desk. Adam walked to her and grabbed her ass and began toying with it. He only noticing the electric shocker dildo shoved up her asshole when a timed shock forced the young redhead to convulse, biting her lower lip in the process. Speaking as calmly as if the young redhead wasn’t being tortured, Adam asked, “What did you do this time Cum-bucket?” Cum-bucket looked up at him with tearing, begging eyes as she tried to answer him between shocks, “I… I… I was half a minute late for my shift Master… this bitch deserved this Master… this bitch knows her place.” Adam smiled and gave Cum-bucket’s ass a hard spank. “I take it Nicole was the one who punished you?”, stopping to give her another spank he then carried on “How long is the shocker to be in your lousy ass?”. Nicole was the school supervisor, a gorgeous light-haired brunette with ample breasts, pear shaped ass and legs that went on for miles. Being one of the headmaster favorites she was awarded with the school supervisor position as well as having the privilege of being allowed to wear evening dress for work. After suffering from another shock, Cum-bucket broke down in tears, partly from thinking about her punishment but mostly it was because she disappointed her master, after all the hard work he put in training her, after he allowed her to stay in the school and continue serving him, after everything he did for her, she still failed him, and that was too much for her to bear. As her tears started falling to the ground Cum-bucket tried to make up for her mistake “Two weeks Master… and Master, may I say, I’m sorry, you trusted me and I…”, feeling his hand pet her hair she stopped, savoring the touch she was afraid she might never feel again, only to have it taken away from her and replaced with a brutal spanking just as soon as she started to relax. Cum-bucket’s screams of pain filled the lobby, making the other slaves there close their eyes as they all remembered the sharp pain of being spanked. By the time it was over, Cum-bucket was crying uncontrollably and her ass had at least three different shades of red on it. Leaving Cum-bucket tied to the desk, Adam made his way to the elevator. Its doors opened as soon as he hit the button, the result of having the only elevator to run the entire length of the building declared private to him and a few privileged guests. The slaves still had an elevator they were allowed to use, only it started on floor 10, forcing them to run up and down the stairways for the first ten floors. The elevator arrived at the top floor and when the doors slid open two voices were heard, “Good morning Headmaster.” Chapter 2 – Morning routine The two blonde slaves where bowing in front of their master, they have been waiting in front of the elevator doors for an hour so they were quite excited to finally see him. Both secretary slaves had long blonde hair, large E cup breasts hanging outside the open business jacket that both wore and a tight fitting pencil skirt, the only difference of them was of age, with Jessica being almost 10 years older than her counterpart and future replacement, Rachel. “… we are so glad to see you again master” speaking in well trained unison, “how may we serve you master?”. Ignoring their pleads Adam walks pass them, stepping on the paperwork Rachel left on the floor half done, not allowed to use desks yet the floor served as her work space. Passing from his slave secretaries office to his much luxurious one Adam cleaned his shoes on his black haired human doormat, titty, before sitting down in his expansive chair, costing more than the pair of cunts outside his door. Pushing the intercom button Adam gave his secretaries the morning orders, “slut Jessica move your milk jugs and bring me my morning coffee, extra breast milk… slut Rachel you may read me today schedule”. The two slavetaries looked at each other amazed, reading the master schedule was always combined with a titty fuck and up until now only Jessica was considered good enough to do that part of the morning routine, “make me proud”, Jessica said to her apprentice “… don’t forget what I thought you”. Giving Rachel a small pet on the back Jessica turned to get the headmaster his coffee, quietly sobbing as she realized it was just the beginning, soon he will have no more use for her. Seeing as the door was left open Rachel crawled in, an open door meaning she’s allowed inside without having to ask for permission, coming to a stop a short distance in front of Adam’s desk, far enough for him to see her even though she was sitting on her knees. A little excited she could feel her heart pounding, making her breasts go up and down inside her tight fitting uniform. “Master may I begin reading you the schedule?”, a simple motion of her master’s hand was all the approval she needed before crawling under Adam’s desk and undoing his belt, “thank you for this privilege master”, she said “… it’s a great honor to be the one allowed to read you the morning schedule and I will not disappoint you master”. Petting her head Adam leaned back into his seat as he the feeling of young, perky breasts wrapped around his hard shaft, being used to having a gorgeous blonde under the desk Adam barley reacts as Rachel begins reading the schedule out of memory while her breasts slowly rub up and down his shaft, her nipples touching each other as she squeezes her breasts around the thick cock. “master after your morning relaxation here I’m afraid you have a busy day… the cheerleading squad is scheduled to be inspected and there is a possible students that managed to beg her way into getting an entrance interview with and the kitch…”, stopping as she heard Jessica coming back into the office, holding a boiling cup of coffee with both hands, one on the lower part of the cup and the other the side opposing the handle, kneeling to the side of her master Jessica offered the cup up to Adam while her gaze stayed directed at the floor, “here you go master… just how you like it”. Taking the cup by the handle Adam takes a single tiny sip from it before placing it back into Jessica’s waiting hands, enjoying both its taste and the aroma it created when combined with Jessica’s rose scented perfume. Jessica stayed perfectly still as the hot cup burned her hands, serving the headmaster was more important than a silly little burn. Slapping Rachel across the face Adam looked at her angry, “I didn’t toll you to stop whore, keep moving those milk jugs of yours”. Rachel shook off the slap, her face having a bright red print of Adam’s hand on it, “yes master, sorry master”, she carried on, “… the kitchen staff asked me to inform you they are prepping a special dish as a sign of their love and respect they have for you master, and after lunch there’s the weekly teacher meeting master”, her breasts sore by now from the constant rubbing but that didn’t stopped Rachel, a well trained slave, from picking up the pace, making sure to time the up and down motions with her breaths to maximum enjoyment, “finally Sapphire asks for a meeting with you master… she said something about a broken rack in the dungeon”. Adam listened to Rachel reading him the schedule, allowing her to talk uninterrupted, occasionally taking another sip from his coffee, seeing Jessica’s hand getting redder and redder every time he lifts the cup from her, finally Rachel finished reading the schedule and was free to concentrate on her titty fuck, a job she took seriously, grabbing her breasts with both hands and squeezing them as tight as possible against his cock, rubbing up and down at various speeds. She was defiantly trying hard but her inexperience showed trough her motions, changing from one to the other too rapidly and generally being all over the place. Taking the cup off Jessica’s hands and putting it on her desk Jessica let out a small moan of relief, “why don’t you give her a few pointers sugar-tits? She needs to know how to I like my morning titty fucks if she’s ever to take your place whore”. The thought of not teaching her Rachel all she knows ran trough Jessica’s head, but she quickly brushed it aside, if the master tells her to do something she should do it even if it means being replaced by a younger cunt, “Of course headmaster”. Letting her burning hands onto the cold floor Jessica crawled under the desk next to Rachel, shoving her body tight against the bulging cock in front of them, “you need to use your entire body to rub… not just your fat tits whore” her voice a little louder then usual, still upset this young cunt that didn’t even know how to titty fuck properly was to replace her some day, “… and use your hands more… play with the headmaster balls, rub his pre cum on your tits, you’re not a glory hole, you’re a slave and you should act like one”. Jessica’s advice helped and Adam could feel getting close to coming, grabbing Rachel by her left nipple and forcing her tight against his crotch as he began shooting his sticky load all over her, filling her breasts, face, mouth and even her uniform with his sticky hot sperm, calmly standing up and motioning Jessica to clean his cock. A job she excitedly did, licking his cock clean and swallowing his cum like the hungry bitch that she was. Rachel got out the other side of the desk and stood at attention in front of it, her grandbetting yeni giriş arms behind her back with her legs at a light split, clearly showing her cum covered physique, “thank you for coming on me master… may… may I leave it on?”. For a slave wearing the master cum was a badge of honor, showing both that she managed to make her master climax and that he was happy enough with her performance he allowed her to keep it on. Adam answered Rachel while Jessica finished straightening out his pants “You weren’t bad for a first time whore… I’ll allow it”. His replay making Rachel smile from ear to ear, “thank you master… thank you so much”. Walking outside to begin his day Adam could hear Rachel excitedly telling Jessica how amazing her first titty fuck was, showing off her cum covered jacket in the process. Chapter 3 – The cheerleading practice With the weather still hot and humid and the practice yard being the other side of the school Adam decided to stop by the office stables, banning all motorized transport inside the school grounds the only transport allowed was pony-girls based vehicles, and even that was only to be used by the headmaster and his guests, the students and staff having to run from place to place. Scanning the stables he tried deciding which vehicle to take, the young newly broken pony-girl? The large 16 slaves drawn wagon? His eyes then laid on the perfect mode of transportation. A royal carriage pulled by his 4 best pony girls, all naked revealing their perfect bodies, their hands tied behind their backs and with chains running from the first 2 ponies to the 2 behind them and to the carriage from there, the chains attaching to the slaves in there neck collar, forcing them to painfully pull the carriage behind them as they ran. Each pony gagged to prevent her screams of pain from interrupting the headmaster relaxation. Just as soon as Adam decided on his mode of transportation the stable slave returned holding a bale of hay, noticing him the first step she took the young black woman dropped the bale and felled to her knees and bowed, “master I’m so sorry I wasn’t ready for you… no one informed me of your arrival”. Shaking with fear ant anticipation her tits rubbed against the hard wooden floor, causing her nipples to ache. “It’s all right slave” Adam calmed her, “I won’t punish you for it this time, now is the carriage ready? “, forcing herself to stop shivering the 22 year old stable slave, Abby, crawled on her hands and knees to the carriage, opening the door of it for her master, “of course headmaster, ready and waiting”. Using Abby as a step Adam gets into the carriage, telling Abby where there heading before shutting the door of it right into her face. The ride over to the practice yard was nice and peaceful. The pony girls feet’s hitting the ground being the only noise Adam heard the entire ride, that quite was even kept when the carriage passed a group of students chain-ganged to each other, no doubt on their way from one class to the other. Arriving to the yard 5 minutes later Adam opened the door and got out even before Abby could get on the floor to serve as his step. “You may go back to the stables and tend to the ponies slut”, a quick “yes sir” and Abby and the ponies was already on their way back to the stables. The field was shape similar to a football field, lacking the goal posts and the lines on the grass yet similar enough to make the group of 21 cheerleaders in the process of forming a human pyramid on it not out of place, having their backs to him Adam could see each and every one of the young pussies reveled to him under their tight red and white cheerleading outfit, panties weren’t part of the school dress code. Walking quietly across the field until Adam stopped within arm reach of the human pyramid, his pants already open he shoved his cock into the asshole of one of the slaves in the middle at the pyramid, a sexy blonde named Crystal, at the same time his fingers found their way into two of the wet pussies to his sides and he started licking the pussy of the slave on top of the pyramid, another blonde named Natalie. The entire pyramid began to shake from excitement, knowing exactly how was filling their holes the girls started panting and moaning, most of them were still virgins and even though their lessons trained them day and night for something like this to happen it couldn’t properly train Natalie on how Adam’s tongue slowly circling around her clit would feel, her massive H cup swinging into the face of the cheerleader beneath her. Being her first anal Crystal was by far the nosiest of the group, screaming in pain and pleasure every time her master’s cock pushed into her ass, her own blood being the only lube used as the thick shaft was forced deeper into her. After several minutes of having the entire group wave back and forth with every thrust of Adam’s hips Tiffany, one of the lucky two to have Adam fingers moving inside her pussy spoke up in an excited voice, “headmaster… this… this is so”, having to stop for a loud moan as Adam shoved another finger into her wet cunt she then carried on, “OHH… headmaster thank you for finding me… finding us worthy”. Amber, the other cheerleader being fingered by Adam was shaking uncontrollably, her hazel eyes covered by her red hair, her pussy so wet she felt like she was about to die if she didn’t come soon, “headmaster… I’m… I’m sorry to bother you but…” she needed to gather her courage for the last part, “… could I please orgasm?”, Her question annoying those unfortunate enough to have any of their holes used, that whore with only DD breasts was about to come and they weren’t even touched by the headmaster yet, forced to be so close to his sweaty body yet still not allowed to feel it. Smiling and pushing another finger into Amber and Tiffany he stopped licking Natalie wet pussy and replied “you may come with me slut… in fact you may all come with me”, all 21 cheerleaders smiled hearing that, being allowed to come so rarely each time was a special treat, all saying “thank you headmaster” in perfect unison as Adam began pushing faster into Crystal ass, feeling it tighten around his cock he turned back to nibbling on Natalie pussy lips, her low moans every time his teethes bite down on her pussy combining beautifully with moans of pains from the lower row, forced to hold all that weight above them for all this time without even being touched once. A minute later Adam pulled out of Crystal ass and started coming on the pyramid of sex starved sluts, each one of them using the permission given to them and orgesming with him, even those on the bottom of the pyramid came, being trained to orgasm on command even without being touched. Shacking from her orgasm a little too much, one of the cheerleaders lost control of her legs, causing the entire pyramid to crumble down, ending in a pile of sweaty and exhausted, cum filled slaves. Grabbing one of the girls hair Adam used it to clean the last remaining drops of cum from her cock before straightening his clothes, “now where is that tasty coach of yours?”, with some of the cheerleaders passed out and some too exhausted to speak only one answered him was Fuckbunny, a pretty black haired bitch that was left untouched “she’s in the showers headmaster… and master?”, looking at her Adam nodded, allowing her to keep talking, ” did we satisfied you master?”. Smiling Adam petted her head “you did just fine whore… you all did”. Fuckbunny smiled before laying her head on one of the other cheerleaders breasts and felled asleep happy. Leaving the pile of cum covered sluts behind Adam turned and headed to the showers. Chapter 4 – family punishment Even before he got to the shower room Adam could hear the unmistakable sound of a harsh spanking, as he got closer it the sound of a young slave begging was added, he couldn’t make out what she was saying trough the door but it was obvious from her tone that she was begging for mercy, no doubt some poor slut disappointed Giselle, the cheerleading coach and was now paying the price for mistakes. Opening the door he entered the showers, seeing Giselle perfect ass sitting on one of the white benches there, her large tits and her blonde ponytail both swinging with every swing as she delivered a brutal spanking to the assistant coach, jenny. At 36, jenny was one of the older slaves at the school and was only allowed to stay as her body remained in great shape, her tits bigger than but not as perky as Giselle’s. Quietly taking her punishment not making a sound as Giselle hand landed on her ass yet again. As it turns out Jenny’s daughter, Kitty, was the one making all the noise, sitting on her knees in front of her coach the cheerleading team captain was begging to stop the beating her mother was receiving. Noticing Adam first Giselle throw Jenny to the ground and bowed to him, Jenny took a second to recover before bowing as well. Kitty ran up to Adam on all fours and grabbed her master leg, tightly holding it, “I’m so glad you’re here headmaster… please make her stop, I’m begging you”. Pulling her off his leg Adam gave kitty a hard slap across the face before screaming at her, “What makes you think a stupid little slut like you can tell me what to do whore?”, slapping her again Kitty felled to the floor, her cheek a deep shade of red. Jenny felt compelled to speak up in behalf of her daughter, shyly and a little fearfully she looked at her master, “hmm master may I say something?… please?”. Putting his leg on Kitty face and forcing it to the ground Adam looked at her mother, “make it quick whore”. Jenny quickly spoke her mind, disregarding her daughter’s pleas, “thank you headmaster… I… I just wanted to say that I’m sorry I didn’t train my daughter better headmaster, it’s my fault so please punish me master”. Pulling Kitty up from her hair Adam calmly led her to the bench and sat down near Giselle which couldn’t resist herself and stole a quick peek at his groin as he sat near her, pulling kitty miniature skirt to her knees Adam forced her across his lap, her ass up in the air, rubbing kitty ass Adam looked at Giselle, “well what are you waiting for whore? Grab that slut and carry on with her punishment”. Giselle nodded and quickly placed Jenny in a similar position to the one Adam placed kitty, the mother and daughter looking at each other eyes as the first hits began landing on their bare bottoms, Kitty quickly beginning to tear up from the ruthless spanking she was receiving while her mother stayed perfectly still, taking her punishment obediently and quietly. “So what did Jenny did anyway?”, Adam asked in between spanks, “noting… I was punishing her for her daughter mistakes headmaster, Kitty seem to learn more from having her mother punished in front of her then from being punished herself” Giselle replied. Spanking was almost a daily event in the life of the students as it was one of the only punishments every staff member was allowed to administer without permission, the more severe forms of education requiring permission to use. Having a staff member use it on another staff member was a rare even but Giselle was given special permission to use it on her assistant. As the spanks continued even Jenny could no longer hold her pain inside and forced out a small moan, a minute later she was crying and screaming just like her daughter did, carrying on screaming until the punishment mercifully ended. Dropping Kitty to the floor Giselle followed Adam’s lead and did the same to Jenny, The two sharing a quick hug as they helped each other back to their knees. Even though she was punished for her daughter’s mistakes Jenny was the first one to apologize, “master I’m sorry for making all that noise… I know how much you like quiet when punishing a slut”, turning to her daughter she continued, “isn’t there something you want to tell to the headmaster as well sweetie?”, Kitty was so ashamed of herself she couldn’t even look up when she spoke, “I’m so sorry headmaster…”, begging to tear up again, from embarrassment of what she had done this time she carried on, “I failed you… I forget my place… I did so many things wrong that I… I don’t deserve to serve you anymore”. Hearing that last part Jenny gasped, all her life she dreamt about serving the headmaster with her daughter by her side and just the thought of her not being worthy was too horrible for her to think about, speaking up quickly before Adam could kick her daughter out of his school, “master please let my daughter stay, she’s a good slave… she’s just a little emotional but I promise I will work with her on it, please master…”. Putting his finger on Jenny red lips Adam shut her up, “you can calm down little slut… I’m not going to kick her out”, relaxing a little Jenny gave Adam finger a little kiss as a show of gratitude, turning his head to look at kitty, Adam carried on, “whether or not you believe it you’re a good slave… you’re not perfect but that’s why you’re here, so study harder and remember your place and if you’re lucky you’ll take your mother’s place after you graduate whore”. Hearing him say that Kitty almost jumped up and hugged him but this time she remembered her place and just said in an obedient voice “thank you headmaster… I will try my best to make myself worthy for that honor”. “Now Jenny…”, said Adam, “give your daughter a kiss and show her you’re not mad at her”. After quick “yes headmaster” Jenny had her lips tight against her daughter’s, it was so grandbetting giriş rarely she was allowed to show her daughter how much she loved her that given the chance she always pounced at her without a second thought, she was a slave first, a slave-teacher second and a mother last. The two blondes kissed each other lovingly, their tongues in each other mouths before slowly breaking apart with a large trail of saliva going from Kitty’s mouth to Jenny’s. Letting the line of drool fall to their breasts the two looked at Adam again, proud to be his slaves. Chapter 5 – The new girl With the heat broke down by a nice breeze Adam left Kitty and Jenny to the mercy of Giselle and walked back to his office, surprising the occasional student peeping out of the window only to see him alone, a rare sight as he was usually using one or more of his slaves at any given time. Passing Cum-bucket still tied to the front desk Adam entered his private elevator. When the door opened Jessica and the still cum covered Rachel where already bowing in front of their master, “welcome back master” said Jessica, “I trust the cheerleaders passed the inspection?” Rachel added. Petting his two well trained slaves on their head he noticed two women standing at one of the corners of the room facing the well. “I take it my next meeting is ready for me sluts?” Adam asked his slavetaries, both replaying with a quick “yes headmaster” before Jessica added “shall I prepare them for you master?”, a flick of Adam’s head to the two slaves at the corner was all the answer she needed, shaking her ass from side to side as she crawled on all fours towards the two while Adam walked into his office and made himself comfortable. A minute later Jessica led the two slaves into Adam’s office, the two being led inside by a leash attached to their collars, the older slave collar being red, signifying she’s a public slave and the younger one being dark blue, showing she’s still a student in a public slave school. As being owned was the standard position in life for a woman owned slaves were allowed to go collar free, public slaves, which every man could legally use, required to be collared 24/7 to show that availability to potential users. Jessica bowed, shortening the leash she forced the two public slaves to bow as well, “here is your next meeting headmaster”, using her sexiest voice Jessica carried on “does the headmaster have another use for this slut?”. Smiling at her Adam replied “you may leave us alone whore… and shut the door on your way out cunt”, bowing to her master yet again Jessica obediently crawled out of his office and shut the door behind her, leaving the two public slaves to the mercy his mercy. Adam took a long look at the two naked slaves in front of him, the older bitch which he assumed to be the younger bitch mother was around 40, extremely old for a woman, she also had the biggest fun-bags he had ever seen on a whore, each a little bigger then a ripe watermelon, her long blonde hair partly covered her massive jugs and her deep blue eyes. The younger whore was strikingly similar if still somewhat lacking in the breast department, with only an D cup to be covered by her longer brunette hair. Breaking the silence Adam ordered them to their feet’s, an order which both slaves quickly executed, their massive tits bouncing up and down from the speed they got up with. Adam eyes wandered in between the four juggling tits in front of his as he spoke “so I hear you want to join my school… normally I don’t allow sluts in after the school year started so why should I make an exception for you cunt?”, the younger woman, Candy, didn’t dared look up when answering “well sir… I’m the top of my class at submissive high, my teacher and classmates all agree I give great head and I know my place in the world sir… I’m young and barley used and I’m eager to learn and to serve sir… also as you can see on my mother here my tits are likely to grow to a more fuckable size… I hope you will agree and give me the privilege of going to a world renowned slut training facility such as yours sir”. Standing up Adam walked around the two sluts and grabbed both their asses at the same time, ordering them to touch their toes. the two slaves obediently bended over, both easily grabbing their toes as flexibility was a required skill for a slave. Pushing fingers into both Candy and her mother, Titty, at the same time Adam began Candy’s inspection, Titty didn’t flinched, her years of serving hundreds, if not thousands of mans made her used to having rough hands grab and poke her in every way possible. Candy on the other hand had a little excited flinch as Adam’s fingers penetrated her, she was used only by one man before, the headmaster of her pervious school, but he wasn’t as rough as Adam was. After finishing with examining the applicant rear Adam moved to the front exam, grabbing both Candy’s young and relatively small tits and Titty’s huge pair, squeezing and pinching them until finally he was sure that Candy was good enough to study in his school, grabbing titty by her hair Adam led her to his chair, sitting down Adam forced Titty to sit on his cock, arranging her in such a way so that she will face her daughter Candy, her massive tits jiggling up and down as Adam grabbed Titty’s arms and forced them behind her back, giving him more leverage to push even deeper into her wet cunt. While fucking her mother, Adam looked at Candy, embarrassed from having her mother fucked in front of her, but also a little jealous she wasn’t the one getting fucked. “I will allow you a week stay in my school on a trial basis whore”, said Adam calmly, as if he wasn’t in the middle of fucking a big titted slut “…after that week you will be inspected again to make sure you fit my standards”, hearing that Candy jumped up slightly, excited to be given the chance to learn how to be a better slave. She then thanked her new headmaster, “thank you headmaster… I promise I will be the best slut you ever had”. Titty moaned loudly, her excitement of having a dick inside of her multiplied by hearing that her daughter will get to learn how to be a good slave from the best teachers on earth, “ohhh sir… this is too much… thank you so much sir”. Grabbing Titty’s milk jugs with one of his hands Adam started speeding up the pace, looking at Candy young naked body, “you go get dressed appropriately to your new position whore, my slavetaries can give you your uniforms”, almost as an afterthought Adam added “and take that collar off cunt, you belong to me now”. Titty’s cunt convulsed around Adam’s cock hearing that her daughter was now owned, it was her life ambition to have her daughter owned. Knowing that Candy won’t share the pathetic life of a public slave she had to endure was all that Titty could ever wish for. Still excited for her mother moans of pleasure Candy took a moment to remember her place, bowing down she said a quick “yes headmaster” and left the office to get dressed according to her new school dress code, a short plaid micro-skirt and a white t-shirt with ample cleavage with high heels topping of the submissive school girl look. By the time she was allowed back into the headmaster office her mother was on the floor, her breasts covered with cum. Chapter 6 – a special lunch Stepping out of his office Adam’s two slavetaries bowed towards him, looking at Rachel I picked up a loose, cum covered, strain of her hair, “go get cleaned up whore, you’ve been wearing my cum for long enough… and have Nicole meet me in my lunch room” turning to Jessica he carried on “have the fat titted slut in my office shipped back to whatever public slave warehouse she came from and find an open slut for her daughter in one of the starter class”. Bowing their heads even lower both answered “yes master” and turned to accomplish their respective tasks, Adam Entered the elevator and headed to his private lunch room two floors down. The elevator doors opened to reveal a huge room with a single large table in the middle of it, the room filled with expansive paintings. Sitting down at the only chair by the table Adam rang the golden bell laying in the middle of it. Sarah, Adam’s personal waitress came running through the kitchen doors the second she heard the bell, taking a second to catch her breath before bowing in front of him, her large breasts moving up and down in rhythm with her breathing, her white apron only covering the lower part of her body, giving Adam full view of her breasts. “Good afternoon headmaster, it’s a privilege to serve you again” she said, forcing herself to calm her breathing down, “may I suggest you try the special dish the cooks prepared for you today master?”. Without looking at her Adam motioned his hand towards the kitchen, giving Sarah his permission to prep her suggested dish, Sarah acknowledged his command and hurried back to the kitchen, her natural place in life. Barley a minute after Sarah hurried into the kitchen Nicole arrived as ordered. Wearing a nice red evening dress that generously showed off her best futures she bowed, “good afternoon master”, her voice filled with lust, “Rachel informed me you require my presence master?”. Looking at her Adam motioned her to sit in his lap, he always liked her more than the other slaves and as a result allowed her special privileges. Happy from the honor she received Nicole hurried to her master and sat in his lap, her hands around Adam’s neck, fantasizing about the last time he fucked her ass until his voice broke her train of thought, “I’ve seen what you did to Cum-bucket sugar tits… it’s so nice to know that at least I don’t have to worry about you doing your job”. Smiling to him Nicole purred “thank you master” and laid her head on his chest, compared to other slaves she was very mature mentally yet whenever she was in his arms she felt like a little girl. Sarah walked back to the lunch room, standing still at the door for a moment enjoying seeing her master so content with one of his slaves she almost didn’t wanted to interfere him, only the weight of the lunch tray attached to her nipples with a pair of clamps convincing her she have no other choice. Stepping closer she spoke quietly, not wanting to interrupt him any more then she must, “here you go master… enjoy your launch sir”. Unhooking the tray and placing it on the desk in front of Adam. Bowing again Sarah took a step back and stood there at attention, just in case her master would need her again. Adam started digging into his lunch, Nicole rubbing her breasts tight against him, Amazed at how great his lunch smells, it was nothing like the slave mulch woman where allowed to eat. For a moment she even entertained herself with the thought of how tasty it must be but she quickly pushed that thought out of her head, that meal would be wasted on her, she was just a slave after all. Nibbling at Adam ear she whispered, “is there anything I can do to make this lunch more enjoyable for you master?”. Smiling Adam took a sip from the glass of breast milk that was resting on the tray, washing down the bite in his mouth before grabbing Nicole ass and turning his head to face hers, “that’s not why I wanted you here whore… you’re here because I have a task for you”. Hearing that Nicole started getting wet, anxiously waiting for Adam to finish another bite and tell her what the task is, “slaves must know how to behave in social settings as well so I want to add a public service class… and I want you to design the curriculum whore”. Nicole was amazed, up to this moment no slave was ever trusted with such an important task, forgetting her place for a second she kissed him, a long kiss with plenty of tongue. Remembering her place a minute later Nicole broke off the kiss and apologized, “I’m sorry for not getting permission to kiss you master… I was so excited and honored you trust me with such an important task I forget my place”. Lowering her head clearly ashamed of herself she apologized again, “I’m sorry master”. Calmly playing with Nicole’s hair Adam replied to her pleas of sorrow, “I know you’re sorry whore, and I forgive you… but you know you still need to be punished for it right?”. A shameful nod of her head was the only answer Nicole managed to give, she was too ashamed of herself for acting like a new slave to answer Adam properly. Forcing Nicole to stand up Adam took another bite from his special lunch before turning to face her again, “go and bring the whip slut… luckily for you I don’t want my lunch to get cold so I’ll make it fast”. Nicole uttered a quick “yes sir” and ran to get the whip, returning with the whip in her mouth before Adam could even finish his bite Nicole handed it to him with her eyes looking down. Cleaning his hands on Nicole breasts before taking the whip Adam stood up and signed Nicole to turn. Being well trained Nicole immediately took the correct position for her punishment, her hand and knees on the cold hard floor and her ass as high as possible, her skimpy dress not covering any part of it in that position. As Adam started the whipping Nicole eyes started watering, partly from the pain of the hard leather whip tearing into her flash and partly from knowing she failed her master, forcing herself to remain quiet Nicole took her punishment staying perfectly still. By the time Adam decided to stop Nicole ass was completely red with several bleeding cuts decorating it. Placing the whip around Sarah’s neck Adam helped Nicole up, cleaning the tears from grandbetting güvenilirmi her eyes before giving her a small kiss on the lips, causing Nicole to blush. “Now I trust this won’t happen again whore?” he asked her, shaking her head she replied, “Never master… thank you for teaching me a much needed lesson master”. Giving her another pat on the head Adam turned back to his lunch before giving Nicole permission to tell him about her plans for the curriculum. Knowing she won’t be allowed back to his lap after what she have done Nicole stayed standing motionless, choosing her words carefully so not to disappoint her master again, “I believe it will be wise to split the curriculum to two headmaster, the first part of the semester will be spent teaching about commercial public service so to prepare the students for their future positions as slave-waitress or public sex toys, the second half should be spent teaching them about proper slave ethics in parties and other social settings master… that way the students will be ready both for service as work slave and as a personal slave should they be lucky enough to become one”. Finishing his lunch Adam got up and placed the tray clamps back onto Sarah nipples, sending her back to the kitchen with a hard spank on her perfect pear shaped ass he then turned to face Nicole, “have a full proposal on my desk first thing tomorrow morning slut”. Biting her lips lightly Nicole replied “of course headmaster”, knowing that such a tight schedule will mean another sleepless night for her, something she was well familiar with. Chapter 7 – The teachers meeting The school conference room was richly decorated, expansive paintings with a slave motif to them covering all of the exposed walls with a single large window allowing plenty of light in, the only furniture in it was a large mahogany table spanning almost the entire length of the room and a single chair at the head of it. Around the table the teachers where already gathered, patiently waiting for their master’s arrival they stood perfectly still, all similarly dressed with a business jacket with a large cleavage and a micro skirt they all stood at a light split with their hands behind their backs. As soon as Adam opened the door they all gave a small bow and spooked up in perfect unison, “good afternoon headmaster”. Ignoring the teachers greeting Adam walked to the chair at the head of the table and sat down, there used to be small chairs for the teachers around the table as well but that right was taken away from them after Gwen, the sexual positions teacher, felled asleep during a meeting after a twenty hours lesson. Looking around the table Adam quickly made sure that all of the teachers where properly dressed and showed off enough of their bodies, he had only cummed 3 times today and seeing all of his teachers obediently waiting for his every command made cock throb, issuing his first command his eyes sat on a large breasted brunette “Laura move your fat tits over here and start riding my cock”. Laura was the school anal teacher, having a long curly brunette hair and large E cup breasts she fitted in perfectly among the other teachers. Straightening out her tiny micro skirt that kept her pussy exposed at all times Laura smiled towards her master, being used in holes other than her ass was a rare treat for her. “of course master” Laura replied before walking closer to Adam and kneeling in front of him, slowly removing his pants before sitting onto his thick cock facing him. Curving her back Laura let out a tiny moan of pleasure as her pussy felt Adam cock penetrate it for the first time in months and her breasts felt his rough treatment being twisted and fondled. With his cock deep into Laura and his hands grouping her tits Adam started the meeting, “let’s start the meeting with the weekly report whores… who would like the honor of going first?”, talking in a meeting was always considered a mixed blessing, on one hand it gave the slaves a chance to stand out from the rest of the staff and to be acknowledged by the headmaster but on the other any bad news had the potential to upset him, and as a result, have them all severely punished. Carla, a sexy Latina that served as the school striptease and lap-dancing teacher was the first to shyly speak, “master the students are advancing well in their erotic lesbianism dance lessons but I fear some of them are enjoying the class a little too much… I fear some might break the rules and sleep together without approval sir”. Taking Laura nipple out of his mouth Adam looked at Carla, she was the shortest of the teachers, a fact that made her large breasts stand out even more. “That’s no problem you dumb cunt… simply wait until two of them break that rule and have them sent to the dungeon for the rest of their pathetic life, after that the other students won’t dare to even think about breaking the rules again”, going back to nibbling on Laura tits Adam started with her right nipple, the left already baring his teeth marks. A little shocked from his order Carla didn’t dare looking higher than the floor, she still remembered her time as a young student, the constant fear of being punished and the pain of having every inch of her body used in every conceivable way. Now her students will have another fear to worry from, yet it was what her master decided so it must be the right one, speaking in an even quieter voice then before she answered “of course headmaster”. Knowing that as soon as he’ll cum the meeting will be over Rose quickly filled the void “master may I have the honor of speaking next?” Wearing a blue business suit that included less than a micro skirt she stood completely still, proud to be showing off her body. Giving her the right to speak Adam turned back to Laura breasts, enjoying them too much to really care about what Rose have to say. “thank you headmaster…” rose continued, “I just wanted to thank you for adding the cooking lesson for my responsibilities sir, the cleaning lessons alone weren’t enough and It made me feel like a bad slave… thank you sir”. Almost completely ignoring what Rose had to say Adam lifted Laura to the table and pulled out of her before starting to spray her breasts with his hot cum in front the rest of the teachers, licking their lips with envy none of the teachers that where standing around the table dared to interrupt Adam while he was cumming, all obediently standing motionless with the only sounds being made coming from Laura moans as she was covered with the white substance. After he was done with her Laura thanked her master, receiving only a pat on the head in return she watched him leave the conference room while still lying on the table, covered with cum. Chapter 8 – The dungeon After leaving the conference room Adam headed down the spiral stairs that led to the school dungeon, a large underground complex that spanned beneath the four buildings that surrounded the school central plaza, Adam always liked the thought that every visitor to the school grounds passed above the head of those slaves who preformed badly. Opening the large wooden door at the bottom of the stairway he entered the dungeon, as Adam eyes adjusted to the dim light the other side of the door he used that time to enjoy the screams of pain that emanated from that dark hall, even the air smelled like fear, stepping inside he heard the familiar sound of high heels against the hard concrete. As soon as Adam closed the door Sapphire appeared before him, bowing the black haired woman welcomed him, her voice holding a faint French accent, “it’s a pleasure to been honored with your presence again master”. Sapphire black hair was almost invisible at the dark room, with only its outline clearly visible, a clear contrast to her ghostly white skin, the result of living most of her life underground, she was wearing only her collar and high heels, both as black as her hair. Sneaking a quick look up towards Adam face Sapphire even met his eyes for a second before lowering her look back towards the ground, waiting for another second she made sure he wasn’t going to punish her for it before speaking, “master thank you for scheduling me in… I know how busy your days can be”. signaling Sapphire to follow him Adam made his way from the dungeon welcoming area to the main torture chamber with Sapphire following him two steps back on all fours. Even crawling on all four at the cold concrete floor Sapphire was smiling from ear to ear, despite living in a dark dungeon and having to torture slaves such as herself on a daily basis she was a cheerful person, most slaves ended up as fuck-toys or birthday presents but she helped turn young sluts into happy slaves. Stopping an inch before ramming into her headmaster leg Sapphire allowed herself a little sigh of relief, he might of let her go unpunished for that sneak peek in his face she stole but she was glad she didn’t needed to try her luck again. Looking around she noticed they had stopped right in the middle of the stretching racks area, a dozen massive wooden tables arranged in a circle with shackles for the arms and legs attached to each of the tables, seven of the tables had naked slaves tied to them, only five of them being students with the other two being unfortunate staff members punished for their students poor sales at last year graduation auction. Giving one of the winches a turn Adam stretched the hands of one of the students, making the young blonde burst into tears, her cry muffled from the ball gag in her mouth as her entire body convulsed in pain, having her butt lifted off the table a single drop of her pussy juice came dripping out. Ignoring the obvious pain in the young whore face Adam turned and looked down at Sapphire, “now what is it you wanted to see me for slut?”, still at her hands and knees Sapphire answered “one of the titty racks broke master… I had to transfer Grace here to another one after she broke one of the chains”. Moving her head toward one of the empty racks Sapphire showed her master that one of the chains was missing a link. Grace, a brunette with the deepest green eye Adam had ever seen was usually the perfect student, being sent to the dungeon after her cage-mate failed to do her part in preparing for inspection. She did a better job than the others in suppressing her pain, managing to remain ungaged so far, excused Grace slowly turned her head towards Adam and spoke quietly, “headmaster… may I please speak?”, nodding his head in approval Adam looked at her, immediately drowning in her big green eyes that had tears begging to form at the sides, it was the first time he had seen her without her glasses, and even he was amazed at how gorgeous she was. Taking a large breath to help her deal with the pain Grace carried on, “thank you sir… I wanted to apologize headmaster, both for breaking the rack and for not making sure that the cage was clean for inspection sir”, None of those things where her fault yet Grace, a slave at heart felt the need to apologize for them regardless. Petting her cheek Adam smiled at her, helping her forget about the pain of the rack for a few seconds, “I know you’re sorry whore, and I know that you’ll make it up to me… you are one of my star pupils, so after you’ll finish your punishment you are to report at my office, I’ll exam if you learned your lesson personally”. Hearing that the headmaster will be the one to exam her Grace forced back a smile, it almost made being punished worth it. Leaving Grace still tied to the rack with the other slaves Adam headed back to the exit, he had big plans for the little slut but for now she was to remain where she was, without stopping he gave his orders to Sapphire, crawling behind him like a good slave should, “take it easy on Grace whore, it wasn’t her fault after all so I don’t want to hear that she was crying more than twice a day understood?”. Allowing Sapphire the time to acknowledge his previous order with a quick “yes master” Adam carried on, “good girl… now for the rest of them I want you to break them completely, you’re allowed to use whatever method you wish, be it getting them sleep deprived or just strapping them to the whipping machine for the weekend”. Once again Sapphire acknowledged with a “yes master”, she didn’t enjoyed been as ruthless as he had just ordered her to be but she knew that if her master find it required so it must be so. Arriving back to the welcoming area of the dungeon Sapphire gathered all the courage that she had and forced a silent, easily missed squeak out of her lips, “master?”, turning toward her Adam gave her permission to carry on, feeling her heart race Sapphire spoke up again, a tad louder this time, “master I’ve been serving you for over 5 years now, and I would like to thank you for the honor of helping you teach this young slaves… also my birthday is coming up next week and I want…” biting her lips Sapphire cursed herself quietly, why did she had to you the word want?, “…I hope that you would allow me to go outside as my present master, even if just for a few hours… please?”, finishing her request Sapphire looked up with begging eyes, being allowed that small request would mean so much for her. Considering the request for a few moments Adam finally told her his answer, “you’ve been a good slave, a nice fuck and an helpful staff member at my little school…”, tensing up sapphire usual smile was lost in the hopes of being allowed outside for the first time in over three years, “however you have been sneaking looks towards me all day, and I can’t reward you for breaking the rules no can I?”. Looking down in shame Sapphire agreed with him, “of course master, sorry master”, waiting motionless for the headmaster to leave the dungeon Sapphire broke down in tears as soon as the door closed.

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