The solution is at the adult theater


The solution is at the adult theaterI had been home alone for five days and that had been enough for me. Victor was away from town and my pussy was tingling due lack of attention. I needed a good hard cock there. I could not stand it anymore playing with just my naughty fingers…I was really horny. So, I wore a pair of sexy six inches fuck me pumps, an opaque black body stocking with a black ultra mini skirt and a sexy corset.My girlfriend Helena had told me about a local adult theater; where men just would go to get a good pussy. I decided there I could fix my little trouble…A tall guy followed me into the theater and sat next to me. I saw there were other two black guys in another row, with their eyes also on me. The white guy moved closer to my seat and started to rub my thigh. He grabbed my hand and placed it onto his crotch. I unzipped him and got out a huge piece of hard cock.I bent over his lap and started sucking that konak escort huge dick. Once he was fully hard I stood up and straddled his thick head opening my pussy lips.I closed my eyes and went down until his balls touched my cunt. Then he grabbed my hips and made me move onto his powerful hard cock.I moved up and down; feeling his hard piece of meat and started fucking him. While I was doing this, one of the black guys came closer to us.He offered it to me and I started sucking it. That dick was amazing; black, thick, hard and very long. I felt like a bitch in heat slurping, sucking, licking his balls, jamming that head as much as possible as far into my mouth and throat as possible. Suddenly I felt the white guy exploding inside my wet cunt. His hard dick had discharged a warm amount of semen deep inside of my cunt. I slipped off from his hard dick and I wake up. I was still horny; that bastard had been konak escort bayan so fast and I had not cum yet…The black guy made me bend over the seat. I put my hands on the back and he moved behind me. Then I felt him. I felt his giant black serpent invading the inner walls of my hungry cunt. I was on fire; I needed that black dick…His thick head hit my bottom and he started to move inside of me, as he grabbed my hips and took care of my hard nipples…This time I cum twice; before the black guy finally could come in my cunt.He pumped me in a wild way, making me shiver with pleasure and tremble with no control over my full body.When he filled my vagina with his warm semen, he just slipped off from me; kissed my earlobe and disappeared from my sight.I stood there, bent over the seat trying to recover the air; when I felt another pair of hands grabbing my hips. It was again the white guy; handling escort konak his hard cock between his fingers.I was satisfied enough, after riding his hard huge dick and his black colleague fucking me from behind. But I decided I still wanted some more…He whispered on my ear he wanted to fuck me in the ass. Before I could say anything; his hard tip entered my puckered rear hole in a swift motion.It made me move ahead and cry in pain; but soon I started to feel pleasure.The guy whispered he loved my tight asshole. He was pushing balls deep.He kept jamming that rock hard tree trunk of a cock into my ass during hours, I thought. Before he could come in me, I had experienced another three intense loud orgasms. I felt a ragged doll as he pumped out my anus.My legs ended trembling from the feeling of having my ass pounded and used so brutally by that bastard. He made me promise I would come back to that filthy theater to meet him there…Later that night at home; when I was enjoying a warm bath at the tube; my loving husband called me. I told him that I missed him so much and I needed him at home.Victor said he would come back for sure on Tuesday.I warned him he should better come back home before Monday…

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