Subject: The Speedo The Speedo, a Short Story Bisexual Incest – Adult/Youth If you enjoy reading these stories, please contribute to Nifty. My son, Tom, is a natural athlete. Tall for his age, and slim. He has a sleekness about him with a tan complexion and dirty blond hair worn longish that makes everyone take a second look. There is a running debate between my dad and my father-in-law about whether Tom will be a basketball player, or a wide receiver. My husband insists his son is going to be one of the great players in either tennis or golf. All I know is that women of all ages adore Tom, and he drinks half a gallon of milk every day. One day Tom came home from school and said he had been invited to join the swim team. According to his coach, Tom had natural ability and could compete for a college scholarship. His coach thought him to be that good. Little did I know of the growing friendship between Tom and his coach. Tom and his coach were close since Tom spent so much of the time around the coach. In addition to sports, the coach was Tom physical science teacher, and had Tom in his homeroom. Tom said it was because the coach wanted to keep an eye on Tom. Well, now I know the coach’s eyes were looking at Tom in the nude every day. Tom worked out before school, then showered. After school he had practice and then another shower. I never put two and two together, and just assumed Tom was doing what every other boy in school was doing. The fact that this coach was always around Tom when Tom showered did not even occur to me. And frankly, even if it had, I would that concluded the coach was around all the boys. But things turned out to be different. Later, much later, I found out they were alone most of the time. Buying Speedos is something I will never forget. We were at the store where he was trying on Speedos and when I asked him through the door of the dressing room how they fit he replied they fit tight, but the next size up was lose around the legs. The store clerk said Speedos are supported to be tight and asked Tom to step out. I was shocked to see Tom in gaziantep escort speedos. I had often seen Tom in briefs around the house; but the Speedo showed everything. It was as if Tom’s body between where his stomach ended and his legs began had been painted white. And not only did the material not cover much, there was a lot to Tom that needed covering. Tom was so well endowed, and it showed in his Speedos. His cock was visible, even down to the vein that ran along the back of his dick. His nuts looked like to large apricots, I mean clearly delineated in his ball sack, and the shaft which was thicker than a fat carrot started down low from between his between his legs and ran across the body towards his hip. You would also make out the two halves of a very big head. I was embarrassed to see him in his Speedos, especially when I realized it looked like he had an erection, but he didn’t. The clerk said perfect and I knew she meant the Speedos fit, but I thought Tom looked perfect in his tight Speedo. I could not get the image of Tom in his Speedo out of my head. And then when his dad came home Tom came down stairs wearing only his Speedo; not even a tee. He wanted to show his dad how he looked in them, I of course needed no reminder. As he walked away from us his dad whispered to me the boy is going to be very popular with the girls when he gets to high school. I heard what my husband said but it took a second to register as I was watching Tom’s ass. It was the most beautiful ass I have ever seen, male or female. That night I jumped my husband and rode him to an incredible multiple climax and nearly died when my husband said that maybe he should wear Speedos. I couldn’t face him the next morning knowing my husband had guessed I was thinking about Tom when we had sex. As he was leaving for work he told me to enjoy my finger. Horror of horrors, he guessed I was planning to masturbate thinking of our son. Tom spent a lot of time as school so the image of Tom in his speedos started to vanish, and I was down to only masturbating once a day. His coach would suriyeli escort pick him up at 7AM for morning practice, and drop him off at 7PM after his after school practice. I never, ever imagined what was going on between them. And then Saturday morning I took Tom to his first inter-squad swim meet and saw him in a wet Speedo. The Speedo had shown everything, but wet it became transparent. All the Speedos were like Tom’s, but no other boy was like Tom. Tom was for all intents and purposes nude in public. When I got home I was not sure whether to talk to my husband about this first, of fuck my husband first. I was so horny. Sunday Tom was home and he kept smiling at me. It was like we had some unspoken secret between us. He said he wanted to go buy another pair of Speedos because he hated getting into a wet suit, and then smiled at me. I did not understand. When we got to the store I gave Tom some money and told him to go in and buy the exact same size as before. He smiled and asked don’t you want to see me in them. I know I blushed because I felt the blood rush to my face. I could not speak so I just shook my head no. However, there was no escape when we got home. My husband had gone golfing so we were alone. I reading when Tom walked into my room wearing his speedo; not even a tee shirt. He stood right in front of me, so close his crotch was in my face. He said he wanted to show me what the new speedo looked like and I told him it was exactly like his first pair. He asked me if that meant that I liked these two, and when I looked up to make eye contact he took a half step forward. A half step was all he could take otherwise his cock would have been pressed tightly against my mouth. I looked back to his cock and it was right there. Just sticking my tongue would have touch it. I looked back up at him and I could feel my eyes tear up. He put his hand on the back of my head and I pulled me to him. I guess he instinctively knew I needed a little encouragement. I let him. I did not fight. I did not pull back. I did not resist rus escort in any way. In fact, I rubbed my own face against his crotch and then opened my mouth and blew hot air on his balls. I sucked his balls right through the material of his Speedo and then gently bit the entire length of his cock. It grew. It grew in length. It grew in thickness. By the time I got to his cock head his cock had pushed the material away from his body so that the head was poking out. I licked the head and it seemed to come towards me. I reached in and grabbed his cock and as I did so he pulled his speedo down. His cock flopped at me and hit me in the face. It was a solid slap, and I love it. He had pulled his speedos down to his knees and I went to work on his cock and balls. But, to do so I had to open my mouth wide. Even his father cock was not as thick as Tom’s. He let me suck on his cock and balls for a while, then he put both hand on the back of my head and started to pump his hips. I kept sucking and he kept pushing and soon he told me to open wider. I felt his hands tighten on my head and he told me to just open my mouth. I could feel him hitting the back of my mouth, and then the big head pushed into my throat. I was not ready for that and gagged. I tried to come off his cock but he did not let me. He actually picked up the pace and as he face fucked me he put one hand on my neck and said he could feel his cock in my throat through the skin. I could absolutely feel his cock down my throat. He said I’m coming. Swallow. Keep sucking. Keep sucking. Fuck. Holy shit. He stopped pumping into my mouth and was breathing very hard. He told me to jack his cock a bit and suck him so that I would drain his balls. Finally, he took his cock out of my mouth, cleaned the head on my cheek, patted my head and said that was great for a first time. You are going to be doing that a lot. I realized my son knew about blowjobs and assumed some girl or girls at school were going down on him. At his 8th grade orientation we were told middle schoolers start exploring their sexuality, and it was obvious Tom had. As he pulled up his Speedo I asked him where he had learned about oral sex and he smiled. He said his coach was a great teacher and he just did to me what his coach did to him. As if that was not shocking enough he then said “Wait, till I fuck you in the ass”.

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