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The Spring Break Affair � Chapter 2 * * * The next day felt like a blur. The vivid images of what happened the night before still resonated in my brain. I tried to keep myself busy and went through my usual daily routine. That night I even called a girl I knew really liked me and tried to go out on a date. My goal was to reassure myself I was a straight, athletic, All-American college boy. But during the whole time I was with her my mind still drifted back to James. All I could think about was that boy. The date was awkward and uneventful. We both knew after a certain point it wasn’t going anywhere. We parted ways and I hurried home. I made a mad dash to my room, stripped naked, loaded a bowl, and took a deep hit. Then I oiled up my hard cock and started slowly stroking myself, thinking about that boy. That devious smile he gave me when he saw me gripping my hard cock as I watched him. Then the slapping sounds and his boyish high-pitched moans. Then seeing him pressed up against the shower wall as the large man with the charging bull tattoo fucked into him nice and good. Then I thought about James’ long skinny smooth legs, flexing and straining. I remembered his feet being on their tip toes, as he tried to meet the man’s thrusts. His pert boy ass jiggling, his body shaking as the man’s hips relentlessly slapped against his body. The sights and sounds of what I had seen were those of pure unadulterated lust. Taboo sex at its finest. All those thoughts had me cumming in no time. My orgasm was mind blowing as I imagined sinking my own cock balls-deep in that tight young ass and breeding the boy with my potent load! Coating my chest with the biggest load I had blown in a long time. As I came down from my orgasm, the guilt of what I had just thought about came racing back. “What is wrong with you?! You’re perving on a kid?! …and a BOY, at that!!!” But deep down I knew I had opened a Pandora’s Box. Why was I fixating on this boy? Fortunately, I also knew there was a good possibility I would never see this boy again. I somehow took comfort in that thought. How foolish I was. The next day I needed to be at the athletic building to be on call in case something or someone required attention. I had the last shift of the day, so I would be working until 6 in the evening. The events from two days ago now seemed more under control as I went about my work routine. I thought I had everything under control, but then I entered the staff locker room. I froze for an instant as I walked past the shower room, my cock instantly chubbing up as the images of that night suddenly flooded back into my mind as I stood in front of that now infamous shower room. But I was able to quickly block it out of my mind, grab what I needed, and get the hell out of there as fast as I could. I tried to think of something, anything, to will my semi-hard cock back down. Thankfully, I was able to regain my composure and continue with my day. It was late in the afternoon, and I was sitting in the athletic building office manning the phones, which were not ringing, and browsing on my smart phone. The day was actually rather boring and slow since everyone had left campus for spring break. It was just after 5 PM, and the only people who needed access to the building was a youth lacrosse team who were out on the field practicing. They’d be done soon, I’d make one pass through the regular locker rooms, check to make sure everyone was out, lock up and go home. Easy peasy. A few minutes later the coach of the lacrosse team, a good-looking guy in his 30’s burst into the office. “Hey, I need your help.” The man said with a concerned look on his face. “What’s up?” I asked slightly confused. “I have a kid, cramped up badly. Can you could look at him?” “Sure.” I said, somewhat relieved I now had something to do. His request was not unusual since one of my majors was in athletic training. Even though I’ve not officially finished my certification yet, we have already covered basic things like muscle cramps, so I felt confident I could help this coach with his player. Plus, it gave me something to do to keep my mind off ‘James.’ As I followed the man down the hall, the first thing I did was imagine this man naked. Did he fit the man I saw two nights ago? His build looked the same, but then I spotted his right forearm. No charging bull tattoo. It wasn’t the same man. For some reason I felt relieved it wasn’t him. However, I was a little unnerved to realize imagining him naked had excited me a little. So, I quickly refocused on supplying the help he needed… thinking about what I’d learned about cramping muscles. We rounded the corner and approached a bench where a shirtless boy was sitting holding his right thigh. “This man will take a look at your leg, okay James?” “Wait, did he say James?” I thought. But before I could react the coach stepped back and I almost let out gasp. It was him! The boy from two nights ago! My heart started to race, and I started to sweat. But I also felt my face turn white as all the blood flushed from my head straight to my cock! I could feel it starting to swell in my athletic shorts! “This is Felix. Felix, this is James, our best middy.” The boy looked up at me, his green eyes locked on to mine. His pained look eased slightly, a slight smirk growing in the corner of his mouth. But then his body flinched, his face contorted in pain as he grabbed his thigh. “UUUGH! IT HURTS! IT HURTS!” The boy yelled out in pain. My mind went into automatic mode as I knelt in front of him and grabbed the thigh that was giving him problems, running my hands up inside the leg of his loose Navy-blue Lacrosse team shorts. Instantly I felt the smooth feel of his compression shorts underneath. Then I felt a huge knot in the back of his right thigh through the compression shorts, most likely an epic Charley horse. “I need to get back to practice. Can you…” “No worries, I got this.” I said reassuringly to the coach as I worked my fingers into the knot. The coach rushed off as I kept trying to work out the tight muscle. I glanced up at James, but thankfully he was looking at his leg with a worried look. As I kept massaging his leg, I started asking him questions to try and keep his mind off the pain. “So, you’re a middy?” “Yeah… OW!” James flinched. “How old are you James?” “Twelve.” sakarya escort James gasped as I worked the knot. “Think you can walk?” I asked him. “I… I think so.” He gasped. “I’m going to take you to the trainers’ room. It’s just at the end of the hall, right down there.” I gestured with my head to the right. “Okay.” He gasped in slight pain. “Now we’re going to stand up and you can brace yourself against me, okay?” James nodded his head. “Ready? One, two, three!” I helped James stand, he hooked his arm around my waist and leaned into my left side, using me as a crutch as we hobbled down the hallway. The top of his head was just coming in right at my pecs. The same height relationship he had with the mystery man in the showers. “STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!” I shouted in my head. We made it about halfway down to where we needed to go when suddenly James let out a horrendous scream. “AAAAAAAAGHHHH FUCK!” I suddenly felt all the boy’s weight pull on me as he started to keel over. “IT HURTS! IT HURTS! IT… OOOOOWWWWW!!!” I caught him and at once picked the boy up in my arms and ran to the trainers’ room the rest of the way. James kept groaning in pain. I noticed he had a few tears running down his face but was trying to be brave and not cry. Thank God the building was empty. Feeling the boy’s warm, firm, athletic body in my arms was also influencing me. I hated myself for getting aroused while the boy was in pain. I laid the boy face down on the massage table and quickly pushed the lower part of his right leg down while rubbing the back of his thigh through his team shorts. I could hear James lightly sobbing as I worked the tight muscle. “James, I’ll need to take your practice shorts off.” I explained in a calm tone. “Okay.” James whimpered in pain. I reached up and started to pull down his Navy lacrosse shorts, James helped by lifting his hips off the table. As I pulled his shorts off, his perfectly shaped ass popped out. tightly encased in his white compression shorts! The sight of James’ round ass encased in that stretchy skintight material made my cock ache. I hadn’t realized it, but I was staring right at his ass… that same ass I knew had been fucked and bred… UGH! “FOCUS FELIX!” I yelled inside my head as I continued to struggle keeping myself focused on my job to help the boy. My cock wasn’t helping as I could feel it throbbing in my shorts. I, again, forced myself to refocus on the job at hand. I rolled up the material of the compression shorts exposing his smooth, soft hairless thigh and started massaging it. Finally, after a few minutes of massaging, I could feel the muscle relax in his smooth bare thigh, and James’ quiet sobs thankfully stopped. I was now very conscious of James’ warm, bare, smooth boy skin as I slowly massaged the cute boy’s thigh. Feeling his sexy smooth skin had my lust soaring. “I need to run to the office and get some massage oil so I can work the muscle a bit more. There’re some towels over there in the corner you can use if you want to take your compression shorts off, so you don’t get any oil on them. Be back in a second.” My mouth was dry, and I felt light-headed as I left the trainers’ room and quickly headed to the office. On one hand, I told myself I was doing the right thing by helping this boy out. But the other side of my brain was saying, “You just told that boy to get naked! And you’re about to rub oil all over his smooth hairless body!” I felt so conflicted at that point. I entered the office and was looking in the metal cabinet for the oil when I heard a knock on the door. I had just enough time to turn and hide my tented shorts behind the counter before the lax coach popped his head in. “How is James?” “He’s okay now, but he had a Charley horse from hell. Just going to give him a quick rub down and send him home.” I was thankful for a normal conversation right then, it calmed me down. “Well, that’s good to hear.” The coach said with relief, but then added. “I know this is asking a lot, but I need to leave and get a couple of the other boys’ home. Could you make sure James gets home in case he has any problems walking or riding his bike? He just lives one block over.” “No problem, I’ll make sure he gets home.” For some reason, my cock twitched a bit after I said that. “Thanks! You’re I life saver. I owe you one! Here’s his backpack.” The coach said dropping James’ backpack by the door then quickly disappeared leaving me alone in the office. “Shit! What are you doing?” I asked myself as I locked the office door and looked down at the boy’s backpack. As I walked back to the trainers’ room, I kept thinking repeatedly, “Just keep your mind on your work. Just keep your mind on your work.” I paused right before entering the room, I took a deep breath and entered. My breath caught. James was laying on the table, still on his stomach, but now with a towel draped over his butt. His compression shorts were on the floor next to his shoes and socks. The towel was just barely covering the bottom of his ass. As I entered the room, James shifted on the table spreading his thighs a bit showing off more of his ass, and the bottom of his smooth hairless balls. Was James intentionally giving me a better look? I dropped James’ backpack by the door, then stepped up to the massage table and looked over the nearly naked boy laid out before me. I squirted a generous amount of oil in one hand then rubbed my hands together, getting them both nice and slick. I started by working my hands over the problem spot. James’s body slightly flinched as my thumbs pressed into the tender muscle. The boy let out a long low whimper as I slowly massaged the sore muscle for a few minutes. Once I was satisfied it was loosened enough, I started working the rest of the boy’s leg. First going down, working his calf muscle, then down to his amazingly cute feet. James giggled and tried to pull his foot away as I massaged his foot. “Just try and relax.” I responded, as he got more into the foot massage. I worked his toes, his arch, all over his sexy foot. Then I worked my way back up his leg. “Can… uh… can you do my other leg too…? “The practice is over… do you need to… get home soon?” I croaked out; my mouth was really dry now. “No… not for about two hours… but I can… call mom… and… getting home even later than that… would be… okay.” James replied in a shaky voice. Fuck! This boy wanted it to continue. “Is coach and everyone gone? He added. “Yeah …no one else is here but us.” I replied; my heart was now racing. I oiled up my hands once more and started working his other leg in the same manner as I had the first. Only this time I started at his feet and worked up. As I continued past his calf, I thought back to when I first entered the room. Did James spread his legs on purpose? Did he want this to happen? I worked up higher on his left leg, until I was almost to his butt. “Tell me… if… you want me to stop, James.” I muttered, dreading that he might just do that. But he didn’t reply. I added more oil to my hands then let my fingers very gradually work up onto his 12-year-old ass, pushing the towel up and out of the way. Damn, I didn’t think samsun escort it would feel so smooth and warm, and yet so firm. I was now running my oily hands all over his beautiful bare underage butt. It glistened with a sheen of oil as I kept massaging it. I let my fingers gradually slip into the boy’s crack, running the tips of my fingers in between James’s perfectly shaped cheeks. I let my fingers work deeper onto the boy’s ass. I felt like I was in a trance. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Then I noticed the sounds. The boy was moaning softly. My cock throbbed as I remembered him moaning in the showers. I now had both hands, one on each cheek, massaging, then gently prying them apart. Oh fuck! There it was! James’ boy hole! It still looked slightly puffy and… it… it was twitching! My cock started drooling precum in my boxer-briefs. I let my thumb brush over it. I felt James push his hips slightly up off the table as he moaned a bit louder. Then I withdrew my hands. I heard James let out a groan of disappointment. I grabbed the oil and dribbled it on the crease of his ass, then I resumed my massaging of this boy’s fantastic butt. I cupped each cheek with each of my hands and slowly spread his ass open once more. The fresh oil I had spread was now running down into his sacred valley, coating everything. I let my thumbs circle over the twitching, puffy little rim, and marveled at how it puckered and moved like the lips of a baby seeking a nipple to feed its hunger. At that moment I didn’t care. I wanted to see how far I could go with this boy! I started to slightly finger his entrance with my pointer finger. First with the tip, just running it over his puffy entrance. Then I started to push. I held my breath as James’s hole slowly opened, taking the first inch of my finger. We both gasped at the same time as I kept slowly pushing in. James’s hole easily gobbled up my finger to the second knuckle. My cock ached as I slowly twisted my finger around in his hot hole. “Mmmmmmm… more…” I heard James moan softly. I obeyed and added a second finger, sliding it in next to the first. James arched his young butt higher, his hole letting my second finger in as the kid let out a low boyish moan. I slowly twisted my two slippery fingers around inside him, feeling his hot silky-smooth insides. Then I found his prostate and rubbed my knuckles against it. “Uuuuuuuugh…yessss….pleeeease….” My cock throbbed as I realized I was now controlling his pleasure… and he wanted it this way! I withdrew my fingers and was amazed to see James’s hole stay open for a few seconds before slowly closing. I quickly stripped naked, my eyes never wavering from his boyish body. James looked like a cat in heat with his ass arched up, ready to be taken. I climbed onto the massage table between the boy’s oiled up legs. Then I lowered my face down to his upturned ass, spread his cheeks wide and jammed my face in between his upturned cheeks. I immediately started stabbing my tongue into his loose hole, rimming him as if my life depended on it! “Aaaaagggh! OOHGAWD! YESSS! AAAGH! MORE!” James nearly screamed in that boyish voice of his. Hearing his moans increase caused me to attack his hole even more. Before I knew it, I had at least an inch of my tongue buried in him. Then I switched back to fingering him, but deeper this time. His hole now taking the entire length of my two adult fingers. I twisted them deep, feeling the hot silky walls of James’ 12-year-old ass grip my fingers. “Uuuugh! Yeessss! Pleeease! Fuck…mmeeeee!” There was no question, we both wanted and needed the same thing. I was consumed by lust of such power I’d never felt before, and I wanted to fuck him long and hard, I wanted to come inside of him and make him orgasm whether he could cum or not! I wanted to take James and drive him wild, exhaust him with pure animal fucking! I removed my fingers, and sat back, staring at James’ dilated hole. My painfully hard cock needed to be in there! I moved up and over James, my throbbing 8 and half inches hovering over his upturned, oily butt. I paused, taking in the sight of my large cock aimed at James’ 12-year-old butt. I was quite a bit thicker and longer than most men, and it looked like my cock was much much thicker than James’ entrance was wide, despite all the fingering I had done. The idea of forcing myself into him, ripping him up with every stroke, was not what I wanted. Hurting this boy was not in the game plan. I was on the verge of abandoning the whole thing, despite the overpowering lust and James’s obvious desire. Before I could move off James, the boy shifted, arching his butt up higher as he reached back and put the head of my cock right up against his hole. I could feel his lips stretching around the top of my cock as he kept pushed back! The shock of actually having my dick so close to being inside James made me freeze for an instant, all my doubts were driven out of my mind. Even this small contact was amazingly exciting, and I couldn’t think, I didn’t want to think. “Do it! Please! I want you! I want you inside of me!” James breathed. I slowly pushed in. The head of my cock felt resistance for a second, then suddenly it popped in! “Uuuuuuuuugghh….” We both groaned breathlessly. It was too late to stop. No chance now! James pushed back against me again, only this time I responded and slowly pushed forward, feeling another inch slip into him! We were both panting and moaning as I felt my thick, 8 and half inch adult cock slowly sink into James’ 12-year-old body. Three, then four, then six…. UGH! I didn’t stop until my entire 8 and half inches were buried balls deep into him, my hips pressed flat against his smooth upturned ass. I let my weight press down on James, my muscular athletic body now touching nearly every square inch of his prepubescent body. I was now in the boy I had lusted after! “HOLYFUCK… this is so hot….” I thought to myself as I felt his hot silky boy love tunnel grip my adult shaft! I whispered, “I’m in you James.” “Pleeeease… fuuuck… meeee.” James gasped. The thoughts of holding back were long gone as I started to slowly fuck James, pulling out about halfway before slowly pushing myself all the way back in. James’ entire body was rigid, glued to my own, and he was fucking me back, pumping his hips back in time with me. James’ face was flushed with lust, his eyes squeezed shut, his mouth held open by the need to cry out. The feeling of his boy pussy gripping my cock was the most amazing thing I had ever felt. It was so tight yet so hot and smooth! James was now grunting with each stroke, panting ‘yes, yes’ between the animal noises of pleasure being ripped from his throat. His soft, boyish, passionate cries, the high voice of a boy not yet entirely deepened to that of a teen, only made me crazier, and I thrust again and again, moving faster and faster. Oh God the muscles of his ass were getting even tighter, and I could feel his ass lips stretching every time I pulled out partway. Knowing this 12-year-old boy had been fucked before I felt free to really give it to him. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! MMMMM!! AAAGH!! UUUGH!! UUUGH!! James’ cries were getting louder now, and I dimly realized that mine were ankara sarışın escort as well, and some vague portion of my brain was trying to tell me that if we got any louder than that someone would hear it, even halfway across the athletic building even with the door closed. But I didn’t give a shit. I was fucking this sexy 12-year-old boy and I was loving it more than anything else I’d ever done. Nothing in the world could be better than this. We were grunting and groaning and slamming against each other pretty hard and I knew that I’d cum soon. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! MMMMM!! AAAGH!! UUUGH!! That familiar slapping of skin on skin and boyish moans were now heard once again in the athletic building, only this time I was the one causing those sounds! I was the one fucking the boy! The boy I had lusted after! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “I wanted you that night!” SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “That night I saw you in the showers!” SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “I wanted to be the man fucking you!” SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “I want you James!” “Huu… huuu…huuu…fuuu…fuuuck… meee… huuh….” SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “Do you… want me… to stop it?” “NOOOOOOOOO!” So, I kept fucking him. Oh god, did I fuck him! I was a man possessed as I hammered into James, his tight hole milking my cock like a pro! I started to fuck the boy even faster, listening to his moans of rapture tearing from his throat! Our sweat and the massage oil caused our bodies so slip against each other like a well-oiled fuck machine! AAAAAGH!! AAAAAGH!! AAAAAGH!! AAAAAGH!! James became louder, his voice even higher pitched than it was before. He kept thrusting back against me hard, so hard it was almost painful, and I drove myself into him with enough force to rock his body forward even though I was pinning him down on the massage table. We moved faster and faster, James was so tight around my cock, so hot and wet that I thought I’d die inside his preteen ass. I could feel the tension building in my balls as I felt his boy hole start to contract around my throbbing cock. “GGGGUUUUUAAAAAAHH!!!” James pushed back against me, crying out repeatedly as his orgasm hit, his colon spasming around my thrusting cock. It was too much! OH God too much! And I was cumming with him, shooting my load deep inside of the kid. Each time I thrust into him little boyish cries echoed in my ears as I shot load after load into that wonderful boy butt of his. Feeling the violent shudders of James’ orgasm tear through his smaller body, his hips bucking back against me! I’d never cum so hard in my life, never like what I did into that hot boy beneath me. And never had I loved it so much! The man-boy fuck, the forbidden fuck, made it even more explosive, even more mind-blowing. The fact that he was way underage, and I was an older man in his eyes, and I had made James orgasm good and hard. That James wanted me shooting in him, that he wanted me to fuck him like a bitch in heat. That this young boy BEGGED for me to fuck him! God, I can’t tell you how exciting that was. There’s absolutely nothing like it in the world! The orgasm seemed to go on forever and for a long moment I think I half lost consciousness, my brain unable to take such pleasure without shorting out. When my vision returned, I saw that James was still in the throes of his orgasm, still gasping as it rolled through his tender young body, so I kept gently pumping. Stroking the sensitive wall of his ass with my still rock-hard cock, causing his ass to orgasm repeatedly until we were both spent. Finally, we stopped, both of us breathing hard and still holding onto each other for dear life, covered in sweat. The sight of his flushed, sweaty face, the heat of his body, was almost enough to get me started again, and I dimly realized with some surprise that my dick, still fully buried inside of James, wasn’t getting any softer. The heat of his tight ass was beyond amazing! Could I keep fucking him without waiting to recover? It was an exciting thought. James giggled “That was so good. God, it was so good. It’s never been like that before!” I smiled at him and kissed the back of his neck. We spent a few minutes laying there on the massage table, my 8 and half inch cock still rigid inside his ass, making small movements in him. I was starting to really believe that we could just keep on going. James’ breathing was getting faster again, which of course got my own heart rate up, but before I could think about starting to fuck James a second time his phone went off in his backpack. “Ugh, that’s probably mom.” James said in a disappointed tone. The phone stopped ringing as I gently pulled my still pulsing cock out of James’ ass, my cum leaking out of his gaping hole and down the back of his balls and onto the massage table. I climbed off James and the table. James then slowly rolled off the table and limped carefully to his backpack. He pulled out his phone and checked it. I noticed my cum was now leaking down the insides of his long smooth boy legs. “Everything okay?” I asked as he texted something back, then put the phone back in his backpack. “Yeah, she said she’d be home in about an hour.” “You going to call her back?” “Nah, she just checks in with me like that. If it was something important, she would have wanted me to call her.” “Oh.” I replied as I started to wipe the massage oil and cum off me. I wondered what she would think had she known what her son had been up to lately. I sat down in a chair and James came to stand between my legs; I then started wiping the oil and cum off his naked body. James just grinned at me the whole time. About halfway through James giggled, then leaned in and kissed me. But this wasn’t an innocent kiss as our tongues at once started dueling long and slow. We kept kissing as James climbed up onto my lap, embracing as we made out. I let my hands roam all over his sexy young pre-teen body. “Fuck! This boy was also an amazing kisser!” I thought as I really started making out with him. This was so much better than my past feeble attempts at kissing women. James suddenly pulled back with a wild look in his eyes, “You were incredible.” James’ comment surprised me, suggesting he might have had much more sexual experience than I would’ve expected from a boy his age. “So were you.” I smiled back as I kept stroking his smooth body. I knew my fate was now sealed as I thought about how the best sex, I had ever experienced in my life was with this 12-year-old boy. James grinned deviously, “Can we do it again?” * * * * To be continued… *************** * Other stories: * Watching the Boys (Adult-youth) http://www.//gay/adult-youth/watching-the-boys * Thumping Time (Adult-youth) http://www.//gay/adult-youth/thumpingtime * I Want You To Watch (Adult-youth) http://www.//gay/adult-youth/iwantyoutowatch * Squeezing The Periphery(Adult-youth) http://www.//gay/adult-youth/squeezing-the-periphery * Hot Summer Daze(Adult-youth) http://www.//gay/adult-youth/hot-summer-daze * Swimming for The Team (Highschool) http://www.//gay/highschool/swimmingfortheteam * The Thirsty Boy (Sci-Fi) http://www.//gay/adult-youth/the-thirsty-boy * The Merger (Sci-Fi) http://www.//gay/adult-youth/the-merger * Incestsemilla(Incest) http://www.//gay/incest/incestsemilla * An Agreement Between Brothers (Incest) http://www.//gay/incest/an-agreement-between-brothers * * And in the Bi-sexual fty//bisexual/adult-youth/my-maddie

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