The Starlet

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“Here is your dressing room, Miss Devane.” The producer’s secretary led her into the plush accommodations adjoining the warehouse-like soundstage. From the outside it looked like a gas station restroom, but inside it was the picture of elegance. Looking all about her, young actress Evelyn Devane knew she had made it!

“Nice, isn’t it?” the secretary said pointing to the art deco mirrors lining one full wall of the dressing room. “This used to be Katharine Hepburn’s back in the ’40s.”

“Really?” she replied. “She was such a beautiful woman.”

“Mr. Tracy sure thought so. The shower’s in back and you can help yourself to anything in the fridge. On us. If there’s nothing else, Miss Devane, I’ll leave you alone. But I’ll be back in a half an hour to take you over to make up.”

“Thank you,” she said, “and Samantha?”

“Yes, Miss Devane?”

“Call me Eve,” she said with a wink.

When the door had closed, Eve stretched and slowly, gracefully wandered through her room, becoming cozy in her new surroundings. She felt the warm, thick carpet under her feet. As she walked, her hands fell to lightly graze a smooth oak table.

She opened up a fruit basket on the table and read the card: “Eve, you are the apple of my eye, Eric.” It was sweet and cute. But it rubbed her the wrong way. She never cared for his schmaltzy references because although they were well intended, she got the feeling that he just didn’t get it. Digging through the assorted fruit basket, she pulled out a soft, succulent peach and greedily devoured it, letting juice run down her chin.

“I guess I was more hungry than I thought!” Still clad in her running shorts and tank top, Eve had exercised very early this morning and had simply jogged over to the studio from her apartment nearby. Samantha said this had angered the drivers’ union, but so what? She’s the star now! And you can bet she won’t be taking any hassles from anybody!

Stripping off her tank top, sports bra and exercise shorts, Eve grabbed a towel and crossed to the shower. Flicking on a light switch, hundreds of tiny lights turned on behind her. They seemed to come from within the mirror.

Eve stepped up and examined the lights, then her body glowing in the reflection. Her delicate shoulders, her well rounded breasts (enhanced for the part by some product advertised on the radio), her long tapering legs, and her well trimmed slit. She let a hand fall down across herself to caress it and giggled. “They’ll get jealous and say, ‘She’s not a real blonde.’ Well let them think whatever they like!”

Flipping another light switch, Eve turned on the heat lamp over the shower stall. Stepping into the shower, Eve turned on the hot water. It poured out, steaming up the glass stall almost immediately. Her muscles contracted and relaxed, contract and relax. They fought the relaxation, but she forced them to calm down. As the starlet leaned back, letting the warm water envelope her from above, she thought back on how she got here.

Two months ago, after returning home from work as a waitress/actress at a local nightclub waiting to be discovered, she had received a call from her ex-boyfriend Eric. Since they broke up, he had gone on to become one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood. Based on their past experiences, he thought he had a good part for her. They arranged a meeting for the next day.

Eve was not too excited bahis firmaları about seeing him, again. The break up was not amicable. She wanted to leave, not him. Over the course of their entire relationship, he had not been able to give her what she needed. Not just money or security, either. At the ripe age of 26, she was both at her sexual peak and beginning to feel like an old maid. Sexuality was a major portion of her emotionally at this time, and try as he might, he could not satisfy her. He could not bring her to orgasm. So, unfulfilled, she left him. While she threw herself into other men, he threw himself into his work. Perhaps this was why he finally became so successful in his career.

Now Eric wanted something from her. She could hear it in his voice. She thought about calling to cancel, but she needed an acting job. So, she arrived the next morning at his office wearing a tight black skirt and blouse which she knew drove him wild.

“Please send her in, Grace.”

Eve entered and stopped dead in her tracks. He looked good! Too good. His tanned skin shone well across his face and forearms. Beneath his shirt was a bulge unlike one she had seen when they were dating. He had been working out. What’s more he had a certain confidence in his eyes and in his stance which she had not seen earlier.

“Looks like life has treated you well, Eric,” she said.

“Likewise, Eve,” he replied, unable to take his eyes from the material pulled tight around her hips. “Please, sit down.”

They chatted for a while about old times, asked about old friends, finally resting conversation on his latest movie. He explained the part, and she described how she would play it. They each acted professional to a fault, but there was an unmistakable sexual odor in the air.

Finally, he said, “Listen, I’d love to give you this part, but there’s one last thing.”

“What is it?”

“There’s a sexual side to it. A topless scene. I’ll need to see your bare chest before I can sign off on anything.”

“What?! Don’t you remember?” she demanded.

“Sometimes things change,” he said while letting a little wry smile slide out. “I just have to make sure there are no surprises for the audience. I’ve been looking at women’s breasts all week.”

“I’ll bet,” she muttered under her breath as she stood up. Appalled, she wanted to walk right out of there, but she needed the job. Besides, there was just something about him that day that she couldn’t put her finger on.

Slowly, reluctantly, she unbuttoned her blouse, one button at a time. Her long fingers fumbled with the fixtures. She was nervous, and the buttons were awkward, too big for the holes. Halfway down she came to a particularly difficult one. As she struggled with it, the top of her blouse spread open farther revealing the chalk white skin between her breasts. She did not wear a bra that day. Finally she got fed up and her temper came!

“All right. OK. Have an eyeful!” she said as she ripped open her blouse, popping open most of the buttons, causing one to actually fly off! She let it fall from her shoulders around her waist, then pulled it out of her belt and let it fall to the ground.

Standing before her old flame in nothing but that short, tight black skirt and high heels, Eve felt her nipples grow hard instantly! Eric took in a breath, then calmed himself, licking his lips.

“Wow. They’re better than kaçak iddaa I remembered,” he said. “Come here.”

She marched over standing indignant turning her chin up at him, but also jutting her breasts out towards him.

“What do you think? You’re going to–“

Before she could finish, he reached around her ass and pulled her down to him, sucking one bulging, red nipple into his mouth, grinding it between his teeth!

“Oh, God!” she breathed as her head collapsed and her shoulder muscles convulsed. Suddenly, unexpectedly, she wanted him, needed him badly! As he licked his way across her twin mounds, she grabbed his hair and pulled him closer to her.

Eric then stood up and, pulling her into him, and kissed her full on the lips.

“I’ve missed you, Eve.”

Feeling his member twitch within his pants, her knees gave way, but he held her up pressing her against his desk.

“You too?” she struggled out.

His hands were all over her as his tongue met hers inside their hot locked lips. He tugged and flicked her nipples until they were red and engorged, like they would burst at any moment. His other hand roamed down beneath her short skirt pulling it up over her hips, groping her bare buttocks.

“You still don’t wear panties in the summer,” he growled.

“I get too hot down there, remember? You never used to mind,” she replied.

“Who says I do now?”

He slipped a finger into her slit from behind. Then two. She convulsed and her pussy twitched around them, milking them like they would his favored limb. What was going on? She felt that wonderful, wonderful feeling welling up inside of her!

She needed his heat which she could feel so close deep inside of her! Groping about she clawed at his belt trying to get it undone, but he was holding her so close she could barely get her hands between them.

He finger fucked her from behind, sliding three digits in and out so smoothly. She was dripping wet! He pulled them out and held them up, watching how the light caught them as the juice dripped between them. Then he abruptly spread her cheeks and plunged one far up her asshole!

She jumped and wrapped her arms and legs about him. She came and came hard! Holding on to him for dear life as the sensations rocked through her convulsing body. Eve nearly tore him apart as the orgasm coursed through her.

“Eric! My God…. my God….” she said as he laid her down across his desk.

She must have passed out. The next thing Eve remembered was waking up out of breath. Her breasts heaved back and forth towards her as Eric, now standing over her naked, pounded away at her sore cunt!

One of her legs slipped down and he lifted it back up onto his shoulder. She gasped and cried out as she finally felt his cock in her pussy. He stretched her out, forcing her walls wider and wider. It must have been a long time. She must have been so tight.

Eric grunted and huffed as he pumped into her. Muscles twitched all over his body with each back and forth movement. He had been working out. He was much stronger than she remembered. He slid almost all the way out of her with each motion, his member now well oiled by her successive (albeit unconscious) orgasms.

She looked dazed so crossing one hand from its place bolstering her hips, Eric reached down to her clit. It was huge and filled, nearly as large as the tip of her little finger. It throbbed kaçak bahis and rocked clearly affected by the constant collisions of his thrusts. He tapped it with his thumb and her head shot forward!

She glared at him with a gaze confusing anger and raw heat. But as he circled it with his thumb, the gaze disappeared. She lost focus, and her eyes rolled around in her head as tears streamed down her cheeks. She arched her back suddenly and pushed towards him!

She came with a shriek from the top of her lungs! Afterwards, she thought that the other execs must have heard, but she wondered if this was a regular occurrence coming from this beast’s office.

She had no time to contemplate then because she was in another world. Eric kept on pushing in while she was still recovering from her last ride. Unconsciously, her hips moved in time to match his. They pushed in towards his and pulled away as he did to milk the greatest pleasure from this moment.

Then she saw him. Returned suddenly. She sat up abruptly on his desk, rising without using her arms, and held onto his chest tightly. She kissed him on the lips, then the neck, then sucked his earlobe between her lips.

Picking up on her aggression, Eric pumped faster and harder. He lifted her up and stepped back from the desk, holding her to him as she bounced up and down on his cock!

He leaned her back, looking into the deep blue pools of her lustful pearly eyes. Then he dove his head down to feast on her voluptuous white boubles. She stretched, soaking in the sensation, nearly tilting them off balance.

Then she gripped him and pulled herself tight to him, loving the way her bare breasts felt as her nipples slid up and down through his scraggly chest hair. She threw back her head and let it roll loosely around its axis as she bobbed on his pole!

Eric’s breath quickened into little short spurts. He was close to coming, and so was she! Then he stopped thrusting and grunted! Hot, sticky liquid filled her pussy in mighty waves. Knowing he needed all his strength just to hold on to her, she squeezed him and thrust her hips inwards with each spurt from his hose. Then she grasped him and just hung on, letting the muscles within her tight hole milk him as they constricted around his cock with the force of her own mighty climax!

For a moment, they just stood there holding on to one another, kissing each other lightly on the neck. Then Eric just slumped down in his office chair with Eve laying on top of him. The leather felt wonderful against their sweaty, bare skin.

As she absently pressed her lips to his neck.

In a hoarse voice, he managed to choke out, “I guess you got the part!”

With that she looked at him, smiled, and just started giggling. She giggled uncontrollably! She just sat up and laughed and laughed until she slipped on the sweat between their bodies and slid right down to the floor beside him.

It was then that she actually saw it for the first time. Even in its rapidly deflating state, Eric’s cock was nearly twice as big as she had remembered! She stopped giggling and coughed. Confused, she looked up at him.

“Well aren’t you going to thank me?” he said.

She did! She leaned up between his legs and thanked him again and again that day and many days after! Eric launched her career, her flight to stardom. And she was grateful.

And despite his recent annoyances, Eve was thanking him right then and there as she finger fucked herself in the shower of her dressing room, frigging her clit to several satisfying climaxes, putting herself in the right mood for her first day as a star!

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