The Steakhouse Ch. 04

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When Rosie and I finished – we cuddled and dozed for a while – resting and getting our energy back. I got up and fixed us a couple of drinks and we retired to the living room, not bothering to dress. I think we both felt that there was more to the night.

As we sat sipping our drinks – my darling daughter and Lucy came into the room. Lucy looked like death warmed over. Apparently my little girl was too much for Lucy in the sex department Lucy settled down on the arm of Rosie’s chair while my daughter sat on my lap putting her arms around my neck and leaned down to kiss me. The smell of sex was all over her. I couldn’t tell whose juices I smelled but it was definitely pussy.

We Frenched for a while and I slid my lips around to the side of daughter’s neck – nuzzling her as I sucked and licked her ‘on’ switch – that special little spot on a woman’s neck that drives them wild and causes their pussy to juice up. Pinching and pulling on daughter’s tits, I rolled her nipples in my fingers – pinching and prodding – making her nipples harden until they stood out like little pencil erasers. Leaning down I took one in my mouth – sucking and biting it while my darling moaned – wanting more – getting hot.

I rose and carried my little girl over to the ottoman and lay her across it. Motioning to Lucy and Rosie – I beckoned them over to join me. The three of us were going to take my little girl on a trip. A sexual trip. One that she would never forget.

Rosie knelt between my little girls legs – spreading her silken thighs and began licking her – first her thighs – up to her swelling labia – bypassing her pussy to the other thigh – then to return – working closer and closer to baby’s pussy – keeping her tuned so high as to almost burst with pleasure.

Lucy, meanwhile, had gone back to the bedroom to fetch the toy box. Returning with it, she selected a long slender dildo and began lubricating it. As Rosie began to slowly lick baby’s pussy and inserting a finger inside her – Lucy began to tease baby’s ass – pushing the long dildo slowly into her – keeping plenty of lubrication on the dildo and baby so that soon she had the full length inside her.

I wasn’t about to be left out – I moved to baby’s head and offered her my hardening cock. As she opened her mouth to engulf my mushroom head, I noticed her labia were swollen and all purple with blood – a sure sign that she was highly aroused.

Slowly she sucked – taking no more than a couple inches of my massive cock into her mouth – licking and teasing around my pee hole as her teeth lightly scraped the valley separating my cock from the mushroom head. Biting gently – squeezing my cock head with her lips until pre-cum began to flow. I was close to cumming so I pulled out of her mouth and moved between her legs.

Easing my large mushroom cap into Baby’s pussy, I slowly and methodically stroked my length inside her – then withdrawing as she moaned in pain – wanting to cum – and wanting to hold off until I came.

“Fuck me, Daddy” she said. “Fuck that huge cock inside me. Give me your cum, Daddy – I want your baby. Please, Daddy. Please” she whimpered.

I picked up the pace. Forcing my cock deep – all the way to the top of her cervix – deep and hard as I came. Spurt after spurt of hot molten cum deep in my little girls pussy as she thrashed beneath me in ecstasy.

While I was fucking her – Lucy and Rosie had been busy as well. Rosie had stood up and pulled Lucy’s face into her pussy – grinding her crotch hard against Lucy’s face – spreading her cunt juice all over her. Lucy, meanwhile, had pulled the huge dildo from Baby’s ass and inserted in her own – turning the speed up as she bounced up and down on it.

When my balls were drained – I pulled my softening illegal bahis cock from Baby’s pussy and offered it to Rosie. She leaped on it like a dog on a bone. Licking and sucking until it was clean and beginning to harden anew.

By the time I was semi-hard – Rosie had me lie down and she straddled me. Holding my tumescent cock in her tiny hand – she wiggled my cock-head at the opening of her pussy – opening herself up to accept me as she lowered her ass. Slowly her pussy engulfed my cock – squeezing and massaging it until it was as hard as before. Then she began to stroke. Lowering and lifting her ass as she rode my cock while she continued to lick Lucy’s pussy.

I have no idea how long we kept this up until finally the exhaustion meter ran up and everyone just decided to get some sleep.

The next morning, Baby had a surprise for me. She was pregnant. She had known it for some time now and had wanted to keep it from me but had decided that all this activity wasn’t good for the baby. Instead – she had decided to get married to a guy she had been dating. I didn’t think they were that serious, but Baby needed cover for her pregnancy and, if she waited too long, the guy might back out.

Me? I was torn between telling the guy and just letting her marry him.

Baby hadn’t mentioned her pregnancy to anyone but me so we decided on a course of action: Breakfast first – get rid of Lucy and Rosie second – contact Brad third. I left that one up to Baby. Let her tell him she was accepting his proposal – I was staying out of it.

So, after feeding everyone, I took Lucy and Rosie home and returned to find Baby and Brad in the living room eager to announce their engagement.

I met Ronnie the weekend that my daughter got married and moved out of the house. I had gone to the Steakhouse to reminisce and have dinner. Near the bar there were several ‘2 person’ tables. I sat down – ordered a Martini and began rethinking my situation.

When I ordered my 3rd Martini the bartender, Ronnie, began delivering them herself. It seems my waitress wasn’t feeling well and they were a little short handed at the time. I hadn’t seen any sign of either Lucy or Rosie that day, so no wonder they were short handed.

Ronnie was a gem. She looked as though there were several nationalities in her breeding but, as it turned out, she was a daughter of a beautiful black model and a white actor. Names are useless, so don’t ask. She was Ronnie. Pretty – even with the black rimmed designer glasses she wore and an infectious smile. Short in stature – I’d guess about 5′ even. Nice firm bouncing butt and small unfettered tits whose nipples had a way of tenting the white silk blouse she wore.

After my 5th Martini – Ronnie caught my eye. Smiling, she inclined her head – motioning to an empty stool at the end of the bar. Since it was near her workstation, I figured we’d have time to talk between her mixing drinks and me drinking them. I took the hint and migrated, quite wobbly, from the table to the bar stool.

Ronnie was busy when I sat down, so I sipped my drink and waited until she returned. When she did – it was to place a cup of black coffee and a huge steak burger sandwich in front of me. I looked up – and she uttered one word. “Eat!” she said.

When I was finished – somewhat more sober than when I first sat at the stool – Ronnie whisked away all the leavings and placed a check in front of me. Giving her my MasterCard to pay the bill – I told her, “I’ll be back in a few minutes – nature calls” and I left to go to the bathroom.

When I returned to sign the check, Ronnie was sitting on the bar stool next to mine with her coat on. Holding out her hand, she said “Keys, please”. And we left – her at the wheel – me navigating.

Arriving illegal bahis siteleri at my home, I pressed the Garage Door opener button on the overhead console and she drove into the huge garage. Turning off the ignition – she reached up and pressed the button, lowering the garage door. Turning, she took my face in her hands and placed one of the wettest, sloppiest French kisses on me that I’ve ever had. By the time she finished both of us were breathing hard and I was getting an erection. With all that alcohol, I knew I wouldn’t last long.

We went inside and I ushered us to the master bedroom. After I finished showering, Ronnie entered the bath. Sad to say – I fell asleep waiting on her and didn’t wake until the next morning.

She lay there – sheet around her waist – nice little tits and large erect nipples – half-smile on her lips. I was wondering what she was dreaming about. Tracing her lips with my forefinger – she began to twitch and opened her eyes. Smiling at me – she pulled my head down so we could kiss. As we made out, I was getting hotter and hotter. The booze was gone and I was ready for some action.

As we kissed, I kneaded her breast – first one – then the other – pinching and pulling on her nipples – causing them to swell and redden in the process. Kissing my way down her body – I nibbled on her tits. Then reaching her belly button, I began to dip my tongue inside it – playing with her belly ring – nipping and licking around it.

As I did, I reached down a hand down to begin fingering her pussy. That’s when I got the surprise of my life. She didn’t have a pussy. She had a full fledged cock!!!! And it was hard as a rock. I just had to see it.

As I was pulling the sheet aside, Ronnie began to softly cry and babbling about how disappointed I must be.

“Shhhhh!” I told her. I wasn’t disappointed – just surprised.

Her cock was much the same as mine only much larger. I mean – here I am with 8 full inches of man meat that was hard as a rock but her cock must have been a full 12 inches. And bigger in diameter than mine as well. My little ole 2″ seemed puny in comparison. Her cock had to be 2½” at least.

We talked. Ronnie said she was immediately attracted to me but didn’t know how I would accept her as a transvestite. Funny, though. All the time we talked, I was stroking her cock as she was mine. It seemed so natural. I mean – I’ve masturbated before – what was wrong with stroking another person’s cock.

Leaning over – I placed a wet sucking kiss on Ronnie’s cock and continued stroking it – building it up into one hard hunk of meat – kissing and nibbling on it to show her that this cock of hers was not a problem. While I was working on her cock – Ronnie began to stroke and suckle mine.

I could see we had a dilemma. What do we do next? Did Ronnie want me to cum in her mouth? Or did she want my cock in her ass? Did she want to cum in my mouth or did she want to fuck my ass first?

That’s when we decided on a plan. We would stop for now. Leaving each other with massive erections but we needed to talk this out. Here was the plan we worked out.

We would go to breakfast. After that – I would take her home – calling her later. Which one of us first used the word “Geronimo” would be the one in charge. The Indian Chief, if you wish. The other would be the slave to the Indian Chief. Thereafter – we would take turns – always honoring the wishes of the Chief at the time.

I had some errands to run after I dropped Ronnie off and it was late afternoon when I got around to calling her. When she answered the telephone, she did so with a “Hello. Geronimo speaking.” And she had me. This meant that she was in charge tonight and I had to obey her wishes.

Ronnie canlı bahis siteleri directed me to dress for dinner and to pick her up at 6 p.m. At which time we would go out to eat – returning to her place for the night. I was to make no plans beyond picking her up – everything was planned for me.

We had a lovely evening – Ronnie taking me to one of the TV hangouts that she frequented when not working and we danced for an hour or two. Rubbing our crotches together like a couple of teenagers – getting each other worked up until I could feel her erection through her dress. She was to mention later that she certainly felt mine.

Back at Ronnie’s house, we entered her bedroom and began undressing each other. While I made a pit stop in the bathroom, Ronnie pulled out the equipment that was to be our entertainment for the evening. When I returned, she began preparing me.

First, the ball gag. So I wouldn’t wake the neighbors, she said. Then the sleep mask. So I wouldn’t see what was in store for me next. Then the ear plugs and the radio headphones so I would be unable to hear what was going on.

Last, but not least – she directed me to on the bed, having me lie down on the rubber sheet – face down. And proceeded to tie my hands and feet to the four corners of the bed.

Propping a couple of folded pillows beneath my midsection achieved the effect she wanted – my ass up in the air. Open and accessible for her pleasure.

Then I felt the warm oil. She had dribbled copius quantities of it directly on my asshole. So much that it was running down my balls to drip off the tip of my already hard cock. Slowly massaging the oil into my anus, she stroked my balls and cock with her other hand as she dipped a couple of fingers into my ass and worked them around. Loosening my ass to take her cock. All the time – stroking my cock and massaging my ball sack until I felt as though I was ready to burst.

Easing the huge mushroom cap of her cock into my ass – Ronnie pressed forward – slowly inserting an inch at a time – then withdrawing – massaging my prostrate gland with the head of her cock. She must have had a good 7 or 8 inches inside me – stretching me until I thought my asshole would split. Then slowly withdrawing – letting the pain subside – then stroking into me again – deeper this time. All this time – stroking my cock – yet pinching off my cum and holding me on the brink.

Deeper she drove – 9 – then 10 inches inside me. Then withdrawing the full length only to slam her cock deep into me again. Five or 10 minutes of this? Who knows how long it took. It felt like forever. I had no sense of time. I couldn’t see. Nor could I hear. But I could feel. And every stroke of her cock inside me made me scream into the ball gag. Now I knew why she had me wear it.

I felt her pubic bone – hard against my ass – and I knew. She had all 12 inches inside me. Lifting up a little, she bent my cock backwards and inserted my cock-head into her anus. Little did I know but she had been lubricating her asshole as well as mine.

Lowering – she forced my cock into her ass as her cock went deeper into mine. The feeling was indescribable. I wanted to cum so bad yet I couldn’t. I wanted my little Indian Chief to cum first. She was the boss – my ass was hers to do with as she wished.

God only knows how long we rocked back and forth in this manned. My sore ass being violated by that monster cock of hers while my puny little 8″ worked in and out of her ass. Then I felt my ball sack began to tighten – signaling my impending cum. Harder and harder it became as my cock erupted deep within Ronnie’s ass.

I soon felt her cock swell as she began filling my ass with what felt like a pint of cum. She didn’t stop. She just kept cumming and cumming – spurting more cum inside of me than I felt she could possibly have.

Finally – exhausted – Ronnie toppled sideways – her cock leaving my ass as mine had hers. Lying there for a few minutes, I drifted off to sleep.

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