The Stepbrother

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She got up early, too early for a Saturday morning. Slowly Deidre stumbled into the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. As she left the bathroom, she noticed Mark was in the basement working at the computer. He had to be the only one home.

“Hey Mark, where is everyone?” Deidre’s voice was raspy and sleepy, she sounded like a little girl.

Mark smiled at his younger step-sister. The way she stood there in that over grown t-shirt that clung in all the right places. Sure she was 18 and he was 21 and sure they had the relationship of two siblings, but this morning was different.

“Mom’s out and your dad’s at work. They probably won’t be home until tonight.

Deidre nodded and sauntered over to Mark, where he pushed the office chair back away from the desk to let her sit on his lap like she always did.

“I wanna show you something.” He opened up an e-mail that had been forwarded to him and they both had a good laugh. His hand was firm on her stomach and Deidre could feel him grow under her. Mark kissed the back of her neck and canlı bahis she jumped off.

“What do you think you’re doing? That’s gross, you’re my stepbrother!”

Mark reached for her hand and she didn’t resist.

“We’re not related by blood or anything, Dee…it’s only our parents that are married. If they divorced, we really wouldn’t have any ties.”

Deidre thought about it for a minute and climbed onto his lap, facing him.

He smiled the largest smile Deidre had ever seen.

His hands traced her creamy legs, silky smooth. Slowly his hands reached up to her ass cheeks and traced them, giving Deidre goose bumps. Her hands ran through his hair, their lips met and locked. Letting each other’s tongues play with the other. His cock was starting to grow under Deidre and Mark could feel her wetness through her panties. She pulled away slightly and whispered, almost breathless,

“I still have to have my morning shower.”

To which Mark said, “Why don’t we spend some time in my bed first?”

Then both ran to his bedroom, clawing bahis siteleri and moaning at each other like animals. Mark stripped Dee of her shirt and panties; he rubbed her rock hard nipples and cupped her 36B breasts. Dee exposed a body of abs, muscles and a 10 inch cock on Mark.

They hit his bed, as he readily sucked at her pussy, tasting the sweetness and moistness of her insides. Her juices were flowing uncontrollably and Mark continued to force his tongue in and out and let his teeth nibble on her clit. Deidre lost all sense of control.

Mark moved up and without warning shoved his cock into her pussy. Dee let out a scream of pleasure, uncertain that the neighbours hadn’t heard her. He exploded in seconds and came again and again as he plunged his large member into her tight little fuck hole. The warmth of his cum mixing with hers.

After almost 2 hours they stopped to catch their breath. Deidre got up and led Mark to the bathroom, they hopped in the shower and he came to life again. This time, the cock found it’s way into Deidre’s ass, where she bahis şirketleri had never had it before. But his cock was still so wet from his cum and the cum of Deidre’s pussy that it slid in with ease. The screams grew and mounted into something uncontrollable. She loved every minute as he grabbed her hips shoving her down on him again and again. There was not much for Deidre to grab onto to stay balanced.

They stayed in the shower until the water went cold.

That night after dinner, the two went out for dessert, in the back seat of Mark’s car, without their parents suspecting a thing. They pulled into an empty parking lot, and rocked his little ‘65 Diablo Rojo Mustang. She had orgasm after orgasm and he came again and again. The two only laid spent for just minutes as they continued to go at it again. He filled her pussy and he filled her ass and Deidre could never get enough.

That same night, after everyone went to bed, Mark slipped into Dee’s room and he ate her out and she returned the favour. Mark and Deidre kept up their secret sexual liaisons until their parents divorced a year and a half down the road.

Sure the incest was over after, but the sex lasted forever. Even getting a little kinkier with a threesome, only making it all that much crazier to Dee.

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