The Stepsister Part 19

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The Stepsister Part 19~~Start of Part 19~~We get up the next morning and the girls have to head into work, so we go through our normal morning routine and they head out the door. Becky and I are just sitting there, and I figure it is good to let her just keep figuring this out on her own, she will talk to me if she needs anything.Becky finally looks over at me and asks, “So, what do you think I should do with the house?”I think about that for minute and then tell her, “If it was me, I think I would just have the attorney sell it. I would not want to be in that neighborhood anymore, everyone knowing what had happened and constantly being a reminder of it, let alone the house itself. But that is just me.”Becky looks at me and says, “Very good insight honey, I was thinking along the same lines myself.” “I will have the attorney take care of it, and put it in an account when the sale is done, I was thinking perhaps Mandy and Sis might like to move into a house and we could all watch out for each other as they are finishing up their PHD programs. That would be nice for all of us.”“I think they would love that Becky, and I would feel good knowing you are all together and watching out for each other while I am over in Korea…”Becky looks over at me and can tell it is starting to weigh on me now; I will be going halfway around the world and be in a strange place for a year with only phone calls back to the real world to keep me sane… She looks over at me, gives me a hug, and says, “You know we are not going to forget about you right?”“yeah, a little boy that is now not even here, you will all be married and gone by the time I get back to the real world…”Becky pulls me in to her and gives me a huge hug and says, “you are not a little boy, and have proven several times in just the short time I have known you, honey. You are a Man that is going off to start his life, and I for one will not be married I guarantee you that…Just try to relax and enjoy the time you have left here honey. It will help you on the tough days over there, trust me I know.”I half believe her, hell she did do 3 tours over in a war zone when she just a few years older than I am, and she was dealing with all the guys about my age beaten and broken up by war…I file all this crap away for now…The rest of the day we just relax and enjoy each other’s company and I try very hard to burn every detail I can into my head…so I can recall it when everything is really sucking over there and hopefully it will get me though.Mandy comes in the door at about 4:15pm and sees Becky and I leaned up on each other snoozing away. She quietly goes in and gets changed and come out and sits next to me and gives me a little kiss on the cheek. I jump, and that wakes Becky up…we look at her and say, “crap it must be about 4:30 or so…Where is Sis?”Mandy looks at us and says, “I was just going to ask you guys, I talked to her right before she left work at about 4 pm and she said she would see me at the apartment…”“Humm, she must be up to something. She is a big girl though and I do not want to piss her off by trying to find her unless it gets to be about 8 pm and she is not back…then I am going to be worried. She did not say anything to either one of us…” I look at Becky.“Nope nothing here, I was sleeping too…” she laughs at me.We were all sitting there and starting to worry now, and at about 6:30pm Sis comes walking in the door. She runs into the bedroom with several clothes bags it looked like and changes and comes out to the living room.“Ok, sorry you guys I know I should have called or something, but I had to go and pick something up. Everything is fine and don’t worry ok?’I say “Ok, what were you picking up?”“We will talk about that later, but I am starving…you guys eat yet?”Mandy says, “Nope we were waiting to see if bro was going to call out the national guard to help with the grid search for you…” They all laugh at me.“He will forgive me later, trust me…”Sis goes over and orders a pizza and has it delivered, and we all dig in and sit back to relax for the evening.Sis motions Mandy and Becky and they all go into the bedroom, I just relax on the couch and finish up the beer from dinner. I can hear them in there doing something and giggling back and forth and figure if they want me to know they will come out and tell me.They all come out in a file and stand in front me wearing these black illegal bahis and gold (Army colors) cheerleader uniforms…down to the spanks, shoes everything… I am sitting there in disbelief… It seems Sis called a friend that owned a shop that does the uniforms for the high school and college teams in the area and set this up a few days ago. She was late getting home tonight because she had to go to the shop to pick them up and make sure everything was ok with them. WOWThey all are having a good time with my facial expressions and come over and sit down next to me…Sis says, “See your own personal cheerleading section honey.” She leans over and gives me a kiss and makes sure I look down her top to see there is not a bra on…I am still in awe and of course turned on by seeing all of them in these uniforms that I used to have to watch Sis dance around in when she was in high school. Mandy notices that the desired effect has been achieved and she says, “Oh what is this?” as she reaches down my shorts and grabs on to my rapidly growing cock.Sis being the cheerleader of the group stands up on the couch, moves over in front of me and bends over with the crotch of her uniform right in my face and says, “I am not sure, let me have a look…” Now I am sitting there with Mandy’s hand down my shorts, and Sis’s warm and spandex covered pussy in my face… and she keeps bouncing her butt so that it smacks me in the face…This is getting good.Sis stands up and somehow figured out how to sit on my shoulders without sending us all tumbling over…and says, “That looks like a cock to me, what are you going to do to us with that cock Mr.?” Just then Becky gets in on the little game and stand in front of me and slides her arms though the sleeves on the top part of the uniform and flips is down exposing her beautiful breasts and hard nipples and says, “I think he wants to be dirty with us girls…”and she giggles in a girlish way and leans over to put her boobs right in my face and wiggles them back and forth hitting my cheeks on each side of my face…Mandy looks over at me and with an innocent look on her face and says, “Mr. would you teach us what boys like?” Well if we are going to do this, let’s do it… “I don’t know, you all seem a little young, you could get me in trouble…”Becky looks up at me and says, “I am not that young, sir…you could show me, and they could watch…” and winks at me and runs her tongue across her teeth and blows me a kiss.“Well that would be ok I guess…” and they all giggle and Sis presses her legs together around my neck and says, “Yes! We get to play with a cock!”Sis dismounts my shoulders very gracefully, and Becky and Mandy grab my hands and Sis puts her arms around my waist from behind and they all lead me into the bedroom. This is going to be wild I have a feeling….When we get into the bedroom, they all start taking my clothes off and Mandy gets my shorts and underwear and drops them to floor. She says, “Oh Becky are you sure? He looks kind of big and might hurt you…”Becky looks at me and gets her puppy dog eyes and pouty lips on her face and says, “You’re not going to hurt me, are you Mr.?”I look at her and say, “It might hurt a little in the beginning sweetie, but it will feel really good after that…would you like to look at it and play with it a little first?”Becky’s eyes light up and she says, “Oh can I Mr.? I have never gotten to look at one and play with it before!”Sis and Mandy lay me down across the bed and Becky comes over and straddles my chest and plops down facing my cock with her spandex covered pussy right in front of my face…that has a nice little wet mark on it too…and says, “Is this ok Mr.? I just really want to look at it and play with it first, please?”I say, “Your fine right there, sweetie, don’t be afraid if you feel me doing something back here, I am just looking too ok?”“Ok Mr.”The three of them start playing with my cock, rubbing it, and whispering back and forth and I reach up with my right hand and pull Becky’s spanks to the side and bury my face in her wet and warm pussy.She lets out a girlish moan and says, “Oh Mr. that feels really good what are you doing?” The girls, playing along come back to inspect the situation and see my face buried in Becky’s pussy and they report back to her, “His face is on your girl and he is licking it Becky…It looks very fun! How does it feel?”Just then I lick illegal bahis siteleri Becky’s clit and she moans a little louder now and says, “It feels really good girls, you should let him try this with you too…” She moans again loudly; she decides I am having too much of the fun and finally sucks the head of my cock into her mouth and proceeds to take me all the way in…which causes me to let out a nice moan for her. Sis and Mandy go back down to that end and say… “Oh my Becky you have him all the way in your mouth…” “that looks fun too” and they giggle.Becky continues to torture me for a few more seconds and then slowly allows me to flop out of her mouth and she tells the girls, “it is really fun, but you have to try it like this…it is much better when he is playing with your little girl too!”Sis and Mandy in perfect spoiled brat tone say together, “When is it our turn, Becky? You are hogging him; we want to try too!”Becky squeezes me with her legs to let me know there is switch coming…lolBecky says, “Ok, ok…who wants to try next?”Both the girls are doing the “me, me, no me” Becky says ok Sis…go ahead….Wanting to show off her cheerleading skills a little and also to shock the hell out of me I am sure Sis steps back and does this front flip somersault onto the bed and lands her knees right next to my chest, as I see her legs flying through the air right at my head; and then when I open my eyes…there is her cute little ass sitting right in front of my face with a very large wet spot on her spanks…Becky and Mandy are worried too and come back to where my head is and say… “you ok back there?”I laugh and say, “yeah I thought I was going to have a broken nose for a second though…”Sis looks back at me from her perch on my chest and says, “Seriously Bro? I am sure you used to dream about something close to this…I figured I would show you that it is possible…” She winks at me…Becky and Mandy give her a round of applause and then Becky says, “Ok back into character everyone…” We all laugh and continue with this little drama they created.Sis looks back at me with her long blond hair d****d over her eye and says, “Mr. please don’t hurt me ok? I do, want to know what it feels like though…please!!”I pull her spanks to the side and of course to no surprise she is already massively wet with all the acting we are doing, and I dive into her beautiful blond love mound and go right for her clit. She loudly moans several times…Becky and Mandy say, “oh what is he doing to you?” Sis says, “I don’t know but it feels really good…it feels like he is licking that little button at the top of my girl…” as she moans several times again…I am really giving her a good licking for that little jumping in the air thing and she very quickly is breathing hard and moaning regularly. She knows she is about to cum too and she throws her head forward and takes me in her mouth and starts up with the Becky Head flip treatment…Damn it that feels really good, but I am trying to make her cum first…lol I hold out as long as I can then I can’t hold it any longer…I erupt in to her mouth and she calls the girls over to help out this is another one of those 4 or 5 pump ones… Just as I am about to finish cumming Sis sits up and gushes her love juice in my face…wow she had a noticeably big one too!Mandy says, “Ok my turn damn it…I want to know too!!”I did not know this at the time, but Mandy was a very good gymnast in her own right and she stands on the end of the bed facing away from me by my legs and proceeds to completely bend over backwards so her face is down by my cock now and then rolls her entire body out slowly so she ends up laying on top of my chest with her cute little ass in my face now…I say, “OK Time-Out…Where in the hell did that come from?!?” Becky and Sis both laugh, and Mandy now looks over her shoulder at me with her beautiful long brown hair d****d over her eye… “You didn’t know I was gymnast in high school and college honey?”“Uhm, nooo…that did not seem to come up…what the hell else can you do?”She smiles at me and gets up and centers up on my cock and slowly does the splits right down on top of me she stops and pulls her spanks to the side, and I slide right into her…holy shit that was amazing!“Wow, you girls and your tricks…that was amazing Mandy!” She smiles sheepishly at me, “Does that mean I can fuck you Mr.?”“Well since you are already canlı bahis siteleri there, honey, you might as well see what it feels like right?”She giggles, which causes her pussy to clamp down on me and I moan…“Oh, did you like that Mr.?”“Yes, that was rather enjoyable young lady…”Becky and Sis get in on the game again… “No fair!! How come she gets to fuck you and we don’t?” and they give me the pouty lips with frowns…Mandy is just slowly moving up and down on my cock and clenching down on me every once in a while…“Ok, I don’t want anyone feeling like they did not get to fully explore, so you can all have fun too…”“Thank you Mr. You sure are nice!!”I had to laugh at that one and that caused everyone to bust up laughing and Becky nearly strangles my cock again…but not as bad this time and I cum straight away into her love canal very deeply…“Mandy giggles and says, I think he put some of that white stuff in me girls…I feel his hose pumping in me!”Becky and Sis say, “Oh!! How does that feel?”“it feels amazing…he is really giving me some too…it is coming out of me all over the bed!”Mandy gets up now and Becky comes back over to the bed, she gets on it and says, “Ok honey, once I get in to position, you will know trust me, as I rock towards you, catch me with your hands just below my tits on my ribs ok?”I nod my head yes.Becky moves over my cock and rubs her lips over him until, as predicted, he gets very hard again and she slides me into her and then leans her hips forward a little and begins to fold over backwards and grabs her feet with her hands…kind of making whole body in to an O shape and she rocks forward…Wow that is an amazing feeling inside of her and I almost forget I am supposed to catch her with my hands…but remember just in time and she looks at me.She smiles at me and says, “I take it that feels really good honey?”“Uhm, yeah…how the hell can you do that?”“one of the things I do to stay in shape is yoga sweetie…that is how I was able to put my feet behind my head too…”Holy crap I am learning all their little secrets now. Becky now releases her feet and grinds back on to me and sits straight up and pulls her legs in front of her and then lifts them up so our only point of contact is her pussy and my pelvis…Wow it feels like I sank in another inch or two…She then puts her legs down right over my head and rotates her hips to the left and ends up in the splits on top of me with me still in her…wow that felt amazing too…now straddling me and facing to the left she starts to flex her thighs and butt and this causes her to bounce up and down on my cock…wow this lady!She spins back forward with her legs over my head again and then she puts them down on either side of me and says, “Mr. could you grab my hips and teach me how to ride you?”“Well of course, are you sure you want to try that though?”“Oh yes, Mr…I think it will feel really good!”I put my hands on her hips and she rotates them forward on to me lifts her knees up and rock back and forth as I am moving her hips for her…It does not take long with all of this amazing yoga happening with my cock in her and I rip lose again…She giggles and says, “oh he is putting some of that white stuff in me too…he must have really liked that…”I can tell Sis is thinking hard as Becky gets up off of me and drips our cum along the way…I lose track of her but then she appears up on the bed again, this time she sits right down on my cock and looks at me with devilish eyes and says, “I have a surprise for you…”She brings her hand around front and says, “These are the panties I was wearing all day while I was getting so hot thinking about what we were going to do to you tonight…would you like them?”Mandy and Becky giggle on the sidelines and Sis turns them inside out and put them right on my face…she says, “that is what you do to me honey…do you like them?”I am laying there with Sis panties that she has been slowly getting wet in all day thinking about having sex with me, I say, “yes sweetie, they are very you and very wet…thank you!”With that Sis takes off like an out of control jackhammer and is bouncing on me so hard we are actually bouncing up off the bed…Her breathing gets very fast again and then she slows down and stops with me fully inside her and leans over looks me in the eyes, with her Blond hair d****d over us and says, “Will you please cum in me MR?…and gives me the pouty face and lips…” Yep that did it, I explode into her too…another dream answered, and memory made!I just lay there exhausted again and they all come over and curl up around me and we all drift off to a very well-earned sleep…~~End of Part 19~~

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