The Story of Gilly Gee Pt. 04



I awoke in the morning, spooned into Paul. He had one arm under my neck and the other draped across my chest. It felt nice, cosy. Roger was spooned into me with my arm under his neck and my other over his chest. It also felt nice and cosy.

I tried not to move, I wanted to continue enjoying the feeling of waking up between my two lovers for the first of, I hoped, many mornings. I became aware of Paul’s cock pushing hard against the back of my thighs. My first encounter with the delight of the ‘morning wood’. I raised my upper leg very slowly hoping I could encourage it to slip up my thigh as it rose to its full majesty. It worked a treat and Paul didn’t appear to notice.

With Paul’s cock pressing nicely along the length of my slit I decided to see if Roger also had a morning woody. I had to frootle around a bit as I was feeling in totally the wrong place. It was hard up against his belly! Two morning woods, lucky me.

Paul started to move, as if wakening. His cock moved a little and I was of two minds to prevent it or not. Just as well I decided to leave well alone. He moved a little then I could feel him pressing his hips forward carefully. Hi lovely cock slipped straight into my morning wood ready cunny, as far as he could make it.

I murmured my appreciation.

“OK?” he whispered.

“Yes, very. Good morning Darling.”

“You awake Roger?”

“Oh yes! Got a nice warm hand teasing my woody.”

“Wanna try and roll over, slip it in with mine?”

Two cocks in my cunny at the same time? I shuddered with excitement.

Roger rolled to face me.

“Good morning, Sweetheart, fancy trying to start the day with two cocks at once?”

I nodded eagerly. He kissed me lightly on the tip of my nose. If you’ve tried it yourself you will have discovered that laying on your side, taking a cock from behind means you really need to bend your knees to bring your legs out of the way. If they are out of the way for the boyfriend behind then they are automatically in the way for the boyfriend in front. Try as we did there was no way Roger’s cock head was going to get anywhere near my cunny, let alone any depth inside.

“Let me roll onto my back.”

Paul rolled and I did my best to roll with him but his cock still slipped out. I sat up, spread my thighs and fed his cock back where we all wanted it. I was riding him reverse cowgirl, unbeknownst to me. I carefully lowered myself to rest on Paul’s chest. His cock slipped back but remained inside my cunny.

Roger positioned over me so I could guide him in alongside Paul’s cock. It slipped in an inch or so very nicely. It also felt great but whenever Roger tried for greater penetration he only achieved it by forcing Paul’s cock out. We kept trying with Paul lifting his hips and my cunny up closer to Roger’s cock but despite our best efforts we managed to get no further. Lots of fun and no end of laughter but no double penetration for my willing cunny.

“Let me turn around,” I suggested hopefully.

DP was possible, we’d read about it only the previous evening but like lots of things in ‘text’ books there was scant actual information.

We reorganised. I sat on Paul’s cock cowgirl and leaned forward to rest my tits on his chest.

“Hold on, let’s try a couple of pillows under your bum,” suggested Roger.

I climbed off, waited while Roger organised the extra height then mounted Paul’s cock for the fourth time sinking right to the bottom quite happily. I could climb off and on Paul’s cock as long as they wished. I was facing downhill when I leaned forward, my face nicely against Paul’s. I kissed him.

“Sorry about this,” I giggled.

“I can put up with it,” he chuckled.

Roger straddled my hips. I could feel his hard cock pressed downwards, resting between my bum cheeks. The cock-head started to move down the crack. I felt it against my anus. It paused and Roger changed the angle a fraction and started to push.

“Oi!” I squeaked, “wrong hole!”

“Sorry, we’ll try that one later,” he laughed.

“We bloody well won’t!” I told him firmly.

Paul grinned up at me and kissed me on the nose. I giggled. We all knew that we would, sometime if not that day. Roger continued downwards until I felt his cock-head nudging my cunny entrance and Paul’s cock. Paul felt it also.

“Relax, Sweetheart.”

Roger pushed gently but firmly. I felt myself opening up to welcome him. He paused.

“Can someone reach the lube, please?”

I could and passed it back to him. I felt deliciously naughty as I felt him spread lots of lube around my cunny entrance and both cocks.

‘I’m gonna get two cocks!’ I told myself excitedly.

Roger pushed back in. His cock moved smoothly, stretching me to take his thickness. It hurt but nowhere near enough to make me call for him to stop. Shutting my eyes tightly and chewing on my lips to stifle my squeals of pain I focused on what was happening. My cunny was opening up to take both my boyfriends at the same time! Paul later said that bursa escort when Roger was fully inside me, as far has his cock would go, my eyes popped in surprise. He said he felt me relax and I smiled a beautiful smile. I’m not so sure but it sounded good and I certainly didn’t want Roger to start moving it out any time soon.

It seemed to take some time for my cunny to adapt to having both cocks inside it at once but I could certainly feel it was getting less painful with each passing moment.

“You OK?” asked Roger at length.

I nodded.

“Sure?” checked Paul.

I nodded again.

“In your own time Rog, slow and steady,” advised Paul.

I reached for the lube bottle against my knee as Roger backed off and held it up to him when he stopped. He applied some additional lube, putting it back against my knee within my easy reach he pushed inside my cunny again. I sighed delightedly.

“Ohhh, that feels wonderful!” I mewed gleefully as my both my boyfriends cocks made my body tremble.

Roger stroked in and out, stopping frequently to apply more lube. I was soon taking his length almost as painlessly as I would had Paul been sitting in the arm chair reading a book.

“Your turn Paul.” he announced just as I was getting close to the big one.

Roger stayed buried deep while Paul raised and lowered his hips, the only way he could make his cock move inside my cunny. It felt incredible! Roger’s cock was forcing Paul’s cock to press against the front wall of my cunny for the entire length and that included over my ‘G’ spot! My orgasm built rapidly. Paul must have seen it in my face because he kept going at a steady pace. When I started to jerk he continued with the same regular action. He kept it going right through my massive climax even while I collapsed on his chest and he wrapped his arms around me protectively.

Unlike when they’d both fucked me on the table, like a slut, I felt very warm and deeply loved. They let me rest and recover for a while, without removing their cocks.

“Ready to go again?” asked Roger.

“You pull back Rog, don’t drop out and I’ll start back as soon as you start coming in, OK?”

Remaining absolutely still I reveled in the feeling of first one cock pushing deep into my cunny then another right behind it. Serially fucked, at the same time or is that synchronised fucking? Matters not, I came very quickly and very hard.

They let me rest again. They remained hard throughout and both rested with their full length inside me.

“Fancy going for both together?” suggested Paul wickedly.

I nodded and he grinned.

“I was actually asking Rog,” he laughed.

They went together, perfectly in time from the off. My climax started the moment they moved and it didn’t stop until both of them shot their loads into me. That brought me off yet again. It took a long time for us to recover from that. I knew I was going to be spared from further pleasure when both limp cocks slipped out of my poor abused and very happy cunny.

“Hey! Both barrels!” exclaimed Roger delightedly, “you OK Sweetheart?”

I was, very much OK. I kissed Paul deeply, eased myself off and rolled onto my back. Holding my arms up I invited Roger into them, hugged him close and kissed him hard.

“And you can both keep those cocks of yours away from me for at least…” I paused for effect, “five minutes!” I laughed delightedly.

=== === ===

We all flopped on the bed and started giggling.

“That was fun.”

“Yeah, great fun. How about you Darling?”


I loved that! I was ‘Darling’ and ‘Sweetheart’ and they mixed it up. Darling to both and Sweetheart to both. Could a girl as for more?

“Where do you keep your pills Sweetheart?”

“Shoulder bag in the kitchen, on the counter top, front, top pocket.”

“Hey! I’m not opening the thing up. No telling what’s inside. I’ll put the kettle on and bring the whole bag up. Need a glass of water with it?”

“Yes please.”

“You look after her mate. Make sure she knows she’s loved and appreciated. I’ll be back in a minute.”

Paul gave me a soft, loving kiss and left me in Roger’s tender care.

=== === ===

With due deference to the fact that he and Paul had just DP’d me Roger applied a good quantity of lube to my cunny, clitty and surrounding area. He then applied more to both of his hands.

When Paul returned with my shoulder bag I was laying on my tummy. Roger had one arm under my hip so that his well lubricated fingers could slide easily up and down my clitty. On the up stroke he held both fingers close together and worked them up on top of my clitty, pressing it against my pelvic bone. On the down stroke he parted his fingers and pushed them, one each side, down the side of my clitty. As the clitty is the female equivalent of the cock Roger was wanking me off wonderfully.

His other hand wasn’t idle either. First he slipped one long finger into my cunny. That was quickly followed by a second. Having just taken escort bayan two big cocks my cunny had no problem when Roger slipped in a third finger. He started to work my cunny in ways I’d never have imagined. The sheer pleasure of having two cocks in my cunny at once had exhausted my need to shout and scream my pleasure and delight. With Roger’s fingers in my cunny and two more playing incredible tunes on my clitty my vocal range was restricted to soft moans, occasional grunts and urgent pelvic gyrations. Roger worked his pinkie finger into me as Paul returned. Roger wasn’t pumping his hand into me like he would his cock. He moved it around. He explored with his finger tips. When they actually circled my cervix then, quite deliberately, pushed against the tight entrance I was on another planet. Add the fingers on my clitty and the planet became a galaxy and my body convulsed violently. Not that that stopped him. He formed his fingers into a little fist and ground the big knuckles into my cunny entrance. Round and round, first one way then the other.

I grabbed a quick glance towards Paul. That’s all I needed. His cock was rampant, hard up against his belly. He was clearly enjoying what he was seeing. I went back to enjoying what Roger was so excitingly doing with my body.

The text books tell us that despite women saying that they want a long cock it is the fatter cock that does the pleasure side. The sensitive area is just inside the vagina (technical word for cunny) and Roger was grinding his knuckles hard into those sensitive nerve endings AND wanking my clitty!

An explosive orgasm was the only possible outcome and out it come in no time at all. I thought I was gonna die and really didn’t care one jot. Bring it on, and on and on and …

Roger very carefully worked his exciting fingers out of my cunny. I sighed with relief and groaned softly with sadness. It changed back to euphoria as soon as I felt a hand stroking my bottom. It was dry, no trace of lube at all. Paul was stroking my bum and my heart rate started to race once more. He stroked down my bum crack and circled my anus. I tried to relax and hold my breath at the same time and failed totally in each regard. The finger moved away and a wet slippery one replaced it. That wasn’t Paul! That was Roger with his long, lubed fingers!

Two dry hands took hold of my hips and lifted me bodily until I was on my knees. I didn’t need to be told to stay in that position. Roger circled my anus. Paul stroked his hard, fat, cock up my slit, all the way to Roger’s stroking fingers. The cock retreated, found the entrance to my cunny and paused. Dry hands grasped my hips. A slippery finger circled my anus and started to press into the puckered centre. Paul’s cock pushed into my cunny as Roger’s finger pressed deeper and deeper into my bum. I managed to remain still for maybe thirty seconds. After that things became a bit of a blur as I urgently fucked both finger and cock.

Roger tried for a second finger.

“Too much! Too much!” I sobbed with regret.

He returned to just the one finger. My two wonderful boys DP’d me, cunny and arse and it felt terrific. I came again and it kept rolling for a long time. Not long before I can be DP’d cunny and arse with a cock in both, I assured myself eagerly.

=== === ===

We showered. Roger with me then Paul with me. I was squeaky clean and they were hard, again. They refused to let me make them soft until after breakfast or, as it was eleven thirty, brunch. It was an unhealthy breakfast made slightly less so by being cooked on the Bar-B-Q. Roger and Paul cleaned up the Bar-B-Q and such like while I stripped the bed and put the very messy linens in the washer/dryer. With the chores completed they kindly allowed my to make their cocks soft. I sucked Roger first, greedily taking his seed straight into my belly. Paul watched my every move and when his turn to cum came he did, in torrents, straight into my belly again.


=== === ===

We made a collective decision – we needed a bit of a rest. A five mile hike was suggested. Even the proposer failed to raise a hand on that option. We settled for going around to Paul’s, just to make sure it was still there, he said. I wore my nice summer dress again and proper girly sandals. It was less than half a mile.

=== === ===

“I’d like to discover if you look as fantastic, naked, in my house as you do in yours,” Paul said as he opened the front door.

By the time he’d closed the door my dress was around my feet and I was stepping out of it.

“And I’d like to see you both naked in your house.” I replied, totally ignoring the quality aspect. I knew they would look fantastic naked, anywhere.

Having my cunny eaten on the counter top in the kitchen was just as good as at home. I checked, twice. Playing with their cocks in the lounge, on the settee, was just as enjoyable. And Paul’s bedroom? Well it was a mess but his bed was very comfortable both on my back and kneeling up. Cock in my mouth and bursa escort one in my cunny at the same time, both ways.

We dressed, locked up and, as Roger’s parents were home thus preventing us checking his house, we returned to mine and just checked to make sure nothing had changed significantly. We discovered a difference. At Paul’s I had cum more than a few times whereas neither Roger nor Paul had. Back at mine they both filled me to the brim, mouth and cunny, each.

We remade the bed in the guest room and checked everything was tidy. There was no real need to get dressed so we stayed in the conservatory and experimented with my bum taking their cocks a bit. Try as we might, and believe me I was trying as much as they, it clearly wasn’t going to happen that day. Even another DP wasn’t working quite right. Over fucked, Paul suggested and I had to agree. I was more than a little sore but…

I’d just finished blowing Paul properly when my phone rang. My Mother, home in about fifteen minutes. Just time enough to get what was left in Roger’s balls into my belly…

=== === ===

“I’m home Gilly!” called my Mother from the front door.

Paul was fully dressed and respectable. Roger was dressed but his trousers and pants were around his ankles. His cock was deep in my throat. I was still naked.

On hearing my Mother’s voice Roger shuddered. A warning that he was about to cum. I started to move my mouth down further onto his cock. His hands went straight to the back of my head and his hips thrust upward. His first ejaculation pumped straight into my throat. I tried to swallow as his cock backed off. His hips pushed up again. His hands pushed down and another load of glorious spunk poured into my body. A third and fourth swiftly followed. I became aware that Paul was rising to his feet. My Mother had obviously entered the room. Roger was still jerking his hips.

I saw no point in cutting short our shared pleasure, I’d been caught with one of my boyfriend’s cock down my throat and nothing could undo that. Wasn’t overly bothered, my Mother had taken a lot of time explaining the joys of sucking cock and having my cunny eaten. I didn’t think she would mind that much. Sucking the last dregs out of Roger’s pipes I licked around the head and stood up to face any music that might be headed my way.

“Sorry Mum, you were a bit quicker than I’d expected.”

“I’ll ask the taxi driver to go slower next time,” Mum chuckled, “hope I didn’t spoil it for you.”

“I don’t think you did, if anything…”

I let that thought pass. Telling my Mother that her arrival made one of my boyfriends blow his load beautifully might not be the best of ideas. She could start turning up unexpectedly regularly in future.

“Did you have a good weekend?” I asked instead.

“Wonderful! You?” she laughed delightedly.

“Far, far better than I would have imagined possible,” I admitted happily.

“Well boys, was it worth waiting until 11 o’clock?” Mum teased.

Roger was now properly dressed and on his feet, politely.

“Absolutely,” they chorused.

“You tell us what time to arrive in future and we’ll not be one minute early, Mrs. Gee.” replied Paul confidently.

“Nor one minute late, Mrs. Gee,” added Roger with delight.

“Excellent! Now I’ve had an exhausting weekend and a tiring journey so I’m off to soak in the bath for a while. If you should decide to make a hot drink, would one of you be so good as to bring one up for me please?”

“Certainly Mrs. Gee,” responded Roger instantly, “what is your preference?”

“Hot chocolate, please Roger.”

“Mum! Before you go…”

I still hadn’t pulled my dress on and it would only have taken a second or two.

“Yes Dear?”

“The boys liked my smooth cunny. They asked if I’d like them to sport smooth cocks too. Advice?”

Mum didn’t bat an eyelid. Between us conversations about matters sexual were as common and as relaxed as talking about the weather, more common, I mean who wants to talk about the weather when sex is an option? The boys didn’t know that and the both looked nonplussed.

“Personally I prefer a man to have a smooth cock. The hairs don’t tickle my nose. It looks prettier, clean and tidy. How were you thinking of doing it?”

This last addressed to my shocked boyfriends.

“Well, they asked were I got my cunny done,” I interjected before Paul or Roger died of shock.

“Yes, I could do them for you. Show you how to do it for future times. Need at least a few assisted goes first, if you like?”

The range of expressions that flashed across my boys faces was a delight. Ranging from shock, through disbelief to… I don’t know what.

“Well, the offer’s out there but if you’d prefer a man to play with your cock for half an hour or so, I’ll quite understand. Chocolate please Roger. Let me get settled and the bubbles doing their job. About 10 minutes?” Mum laughed.

=== === ===

“Your Mum serious? She’ll do both our cocks? Make ’em smooth like your cunny?”

“Yes, why not? She’s seen a cock before or would you prefer a guy to do it for you?” I teased wickedly.

“It’s not the fact that she’s doing it, it’s the embarrassment of getting a boner while she’s doing it that worries me,” admitted Paul.

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