Subject: The Straight Man Reveals Hey guys, hope some of you I am sending this to are Men’s Nipples Fetishists and hope you enjoy the story…and a big hello to those of you I have been out of touch with lately, hope you are all doing well… The Story… So the way I heard it you want stories, true stories at that about straight dudes who have had gay sexual experiences. Well, up until last week on Saturday when I was driving home from the gym after my usual morning workout I was no longer a straight dude who’d never had ANY gay sexual experiences. FUCK, having gay sexual experiences was something I never even thought about, until, as mentioned, last week on Saturday when I was driving home from the gym…and I had accidentally gone a tad over the speed limit on the highway I always use as a shortcut to get home, because the damned air conditioning in my car had broken down and I was sweating like a pig… …and not to mention, but for the purposes of this narrative it needs to be mentioned, I was driving shirtless, something I don’t usually do. I mean, I wasn’t looking to entice anybody, okay, I’d never had any gay sexual experiences, but I have noticed gay dudes at the gym checking me out, but I never did anything to try to entice them, I wouldn’t even tease them; I was just trying to beat the heat of the day…but even driving shirtless and with the driver’s side window rolled totally down I was still suffering from the heat. It was when I heard the sound of the police car’s siren and saw the flashing lights on the top of the police car behind me that I knew something was wrong, FUCK! And now I had to stop on an open, hot as hell lonely road. I brought my car to a stop and as I reached for my tee shirt which was on the passenger seat I heard the cop approaching my car yell out, “Please place your hands on the steering wheel!!!” So with no choice in the matter I quickly did as I was told. When the cop reached my car he stood a few inches from my vehicle so he was able to fully see me in the car, Vince Cole, all muscular and pumped up and shirtless… “Do you know why we pulled you over, Sir?” the cop, who appeared to be Hispanic, asked me. I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw his partner standing next to their cruiser on the passenger side. “Uh, no Officer, I’m really not sure,” I replied. “We clocked you going five to six miles over the speed limit,” the Hispanic cop replied. “Could you please step slowly out of the car, Sir?” Doing as the cop said, keeping my hands in plain view, as I opened the door of the car and as I stepped out, I said “Was I really over the speed limit officer? Well, I truly apologize. The air conditioning in my car is broke and I was trying to beat the heat and get home to my air conditioned house.” Once I was standing in front of the cop I saw him take in the sight of me, or, to be more precise, I saw him take in the sight of my robust and muscular chest…OR, to be more precise again, I saw him take in the sight of my hugely colossal nipples. Fuck that, the cop took in the sight of my showstopper sized nipples. “UM, may I see your driver’s license and registration, Sir?” Officer Ortiz asked me, as I saw from the name inscribed on his nameplate pinned to his dark blue uniform shirt. “Of course, Officer…” I said and as I reached into the back pocket of the shorts I was wearing I saw the cop’s hand move to his holstered weapon…and at the same time he gestured with his other hand for his partner to come over and join us. As I handed Officer Ortiz my driver’s license and car’s registration card his partner sauntered over to us, an Irish looking dude in his late twenties to early thirties he appeared, and his nameplate read, “Burke.” ??? When Officer Burke was standing next to Officer Ortiz I saw how he too instantly took in the sight of my humungous sized nipples. But unlike Officer Ortiz he did nothing to conceal his amazement at the sight of my nebulous nubs…as he licked his lips… …a few times… “What uh, what’ve we got here?” Burke asked Ortiz, attempting to act as professional as possible. “Well, his license and registration check out, and he wasn’t exceeding the speed limit by that much,” Ortiz said and then looked at me, or, to be more precise, he looked at my giant nipples and then looked at my face. “Tell me Mr. Cole, do you have any other priors you’d like to tell us about or should we run your license to find out?” I smiled a half smile and replied, “Nope, no priors Officer Ortiz. And I assure you I’m telling you gentlemen the truth.” The two cops looked at each other and Ortiz said, “He told me the reason he was over the speed limit was because the air conditioning in his car is broken and he was in a rush to get home to his air conditioned house.” Office Burke looked at me, a snide expression came over his face, he licked his lips again, and he asked me, “That why you were driving shirtless as well, Mr. Cole?” and as he asked me that I saw Officer Ortiz look at him quizzically, because that wasn’t a usual question for a cop to ask a man who he’s detained. “UM, yeah, I suppose so, Officer Burke,” I said. “But uh, is there a law against a man driving shirtless?” “No, not really, but it bursa escort works better in your defense to answer my question if you want to get off with just a warning for speeding, a smack of the wrist if you would,” Burke replied, a bit of an authoritative tone having crept into his voice… …and lo and fucking behold, the man was stepping slowly closer to me… “Yeah, I’m guessing a warning will suffice in this case…Mr. Cole…” Ortiz piped up, him also stepping closer to me and handing me back my license and registration cards. As I put both back into my wallet and reached behind me with two hands to place my wallet back into the pocket of my shorts I saw how the two cops were again stealing glances at my mountainous nipples…because as I had reached behind myself to put my wallet back into the back pocket of my shorts it caused my chest and my giant nipples of course, to really jut out at the two officers. “You were coming from the gym, Mr. Cole?” Officer Burke asked me next, and I saw he was looking in the backseat behind the driver’s seat of my car at my big gym bag. “Uh, yes Sir,” I said. “Anything in that gym bag we might be interested in seeing?” Burke asked, sounding even more authoritative now. “Well, only if you want to see my sweaty and smelly gym gear and my randy jockstrap,” I replied with a grin… …and that’s what it happened… …and what happened was Officer Burke’s facial expression turned totally anger-filled and fast as lightning it seemed, he grabbed my left-sided nipple in his thumb and first two fingers of one hand…and as he reeled in my face, “You getting sarcastic with me Mr. Cole, Mr. Vince Cole??? Is that it? You think all this is funny?” and as he reeled he squeezed down hard on my giant nub, twisting it hard as fuck at the same time. “OWWWWWW!!! N-no Sir, Officer Burke, just stating what you would find in my gym bag if you were to search it…OWWWWWWW, eas-easy with my nipple Officer, please…” I huffed in a mixture of pain…and ecstasy…realizing in the backburner of my mind that I didn’t do a thing to push the officer’s hand off my nub. But instead of being easy with my nipple the cop squeezed it harder yet, twisting it even faster at the same time… …and as I this time cawed out a sound that sounded like, “AWWWWWWHHH”, Officer Ortiz proceeded to grab my right-sided nipple, squeezed down HARD as fuck on it… …and as his partner was doing to my other nipple he twisted it as if it were a fucking bottle cap. “ARRRRRRHHH PLEASE, Officers…stop…stop this please…” I blathered crazily. “We don’t like people being sarcastic with us Mr. Vince Cole!” Officer Ortiz shouted directly into my ear, as he went on torturing the fucking fuck out of my right-sided nipple, the tip of his tongue grazing my earlobe. “I-I’m sorry, I do apologize, Officer Ortiz!!” I pleaded… …my cock betraying me by growing stiff and crusty in the shorts I was wearing. Frantically looking around, turning his head from side to side, Officer Ortiz then said, “There! Just up the road, a closed down shack that was a shop of some sort!” Without a word both cops let go of my oversized nipples, grabbed me by one upper arm each and began moving me quickly along on my sneaker clad feet toward the closed down shack that used to be a shop of some sort, so said by Officer Ortiz. “WH-what goes on here Officers???” I huffed miserably, my big nipples still smarting and tingling from the way the two cops had manhandled them… …and fucking fucks of fucks my nipple tips seemed to be leading the way to the closed down shack along the road… When we reached the shack Officer Burke kicked the door open with a tall booted foot and I was quickly half dragged half walked into the slightly cool musty smelling deserted business place… …and in what seemed like no time I found myself propped up against a post in between two of the aisles and my hands cuffed behind me and around the back of the post… …courtesy of Officer Ortiz, who seemed to be running the show, the show that was starring my tremendously then jutted up HARD nipples… “FUCK, FUCK, FUCCCKKK, never saw a pair of nipples like this before buddy!!” Ortiz said to Burke, his voice trembling as he spoke. “Look Officers, this is going a bit beyond punishment for driving just a tad over the speed limit,” I said pleadingly. “”Wouldn’t you both think?” But instead of neither of the cops responding to my totally valid question they resumed with my nipples what they had begun out on the road by my car… …each of them grabbing one of them between their thumbs and first two fingers and squeezing and twisting the tar out of them… “AWWWWWHHHHH!!!!” I cawed again. “OH DAMN, my man tits, my poor man tits!!!” Jeering in my ear, his tongue tip flicking over my earlobe as he relentlessly squeezed and twisted my nipple that he had in his fingers, Officer Ortiz said, “Tell me Vince Cole, tell me, how did you manage to get your nipples so big, pointy, beefy and hypnotically inviting like yours are?” “Yeah, fucking tell us,” Officer Burke said as he continued working the bejesus out of my other man tit. “I mean, I’m married to a woman, a woman with awesome fucking tits at that, but never, NEVER have I seen a pair of nubs like yours and wanted to work `em over like bursa escort bayan we’re going to do to you here! Fuck, I never gave another dude’s nipples a second thought…until you that is Vince Cole…until you…fuck man, how’d you get your nipples so JUMBO-SIZED like they are???” They then took my nipples by the center of them and as they squeezed them they began trailing their fingers up and down, as if they were masturbating my man tits as if they were cocks on my chest… “RRHHHEEEEEE…” I railed crazily, arched my head a bit and seethed, as what they were doing was sending icy-like shivers through my muscular being. “FUUUCCCKKK man, these fucking nipples, I can work them over all day bud,” Officer Ortiz said to his partner. “You and I both man, you and I both, follow my lead here, my wife loves when I do this to her nipple tips…” Burke said… …and looking down again I watched as he let of my nipple that he was working, pressed the pad of his index finger against the very tip of it and began rubbing it back and forth and in a swirling motion as well… “Okay man, do the same thing to his other nipple…” Burke said to Ortiz… …and the Hispanic cop didn’t need to be told twice. “HUHHHHHHHH oh you fucking cops!!!” I moaned huskily… …as indeed what Burke did to his wife’s nipples that she oh so loved… …was proving to getting the same reaction out of me… The two officers rubbed and rubbed and swirled the tip of their index fingers over and over AND over the very tips of my giant nubs, moving faster and faster with each passing second… …to the point that they had me doing a stupid looking dance in my sneakers as I leaned against the post I was handcuffed to…GOD!!!! And as I did my stupid looking dance the tent in my shorts was now at full mast and staining the front of my shorts with pre cum… When the very tips of my nipples felt numbed beyond reason the two cops grabbed them meanly in their thumbs and index fingers and pulled on them…FUCKS…stretching the flesh of them as far as possible… “ARRRRRRRHHHH…” I roared, my voice filling the closed down shack we were in. And as they went on stretching my nipple tips, Officer Burke again asked, “So tell us Vince Cole, fucking tell us… how’d you get your nipples so JUMBO-SIZED like they are??? No man’s nipples get like yours are on their own…” As I was about to respond, both cops suddenly let go of my nipple tips, hunkered down a bit… …and greedily and most unceremoniously gobbled my gigantic man nipples into their mouths… …and INSTANTLY began sucking, slurping, chewing and bighting on them… “HUUUUUUHHHH oh my nubs, my mighty nubs, being mouth tortured now!!!” I screamed at the suddenness of what the two cops were now subjecting me (my damned nipples) to… “FUCKING BALLS, having my man nipples worked over here…HUHHHHHHHHH…” Next thing I knew, the two cop’s heads were bobbing back and forth as they both got a good steady rhythm going as they continued AND continued mouth working my nipples…sucking them, slurping crazily on them, dribbling their saliva profusely on them and sucking that saliva back heartily back into their craws, chewing and gnawing on the beef of them…driving me batty and battier…and especially into a tailwind when they swirled their tongues over my nipples in their mouths as if they were licking ice cream cones…DAMNNNNNN!!!! When they pressed their tongue tips against the very tips of my nipples and swirled those tongue tips round and round, I made a sound like, “EEEEEEEEEERRRHHH” and felt as if I would literally jump out of my sneakers and sweat socks… “G-guys, Officers, Officers Ortiz and Burke…” I huffed; my eyes squeezed shut and my erect cock churning in my shorts. “Please, please…” What I was pleading for I didn’t really know…because the truth was, I was loving every blessed second of what the two crazy cops were doing to me…to my nipples…BALLS!!!” And then balls it was, and my cock in the shorts I was wearing… …because the next thing I knew, as the two cops were furiously mouth working my stupendously sized nipples they reached down to my crotch and were teasing my cock and balls in my shorts, squeezing them, kneading them…GOD… I arched my head back, clenched my teeth and breathed raggedly as the two officers then worked the zipper down on my shorts and then, ABRACADABRA, like magic, my huge cock and big testicles were on display… Slurping sounds filled the area as the cops couldn’t seem to get enough of mouth working my nipples. FUCK, I wondered when they would stop and come up for air… …but then, my thoughts grew fuzzy as they used my pearly pre cum as a lube and took turns stroking my manhood…teasing me…vying to see which of them would make me burst my load first… I clenched my cuffed hands behind me into and out of fists, I trembled in my sneakers, goosebumps broke out all over my well-muscled body. Fuck, as the two cops were then sucking my HARD as hell at that point nipples I felt as I were somehow floating outside my body… “HUUUUHHHHHH…it, it won’t be long now, Officers…” I said throatily, feeling my testicles churning and preparing to give up my load. “HUUHHHHHHHHH…” And it was Officer Burke who would have won the prize, if they escort bursa were giving away a prize that is to the cop who had me in hand and was masturbating me… …as he and Officer Ortiz went on relentlessly sucking my by then numbed nipples…GOD!!!! “AND THAR HE BLOWS!!!!” Officer Burke bellowed loudly when the first spurt of my mess erupted from my wide sexy cock slit and splashed clear across the room. “AWWWWWWHHHHH OH BALLS, FUCKING BALLS!!!!” I railed crazily then, as the sensations I was feeling were beyond electric and astronomical, having my big nipples being sucked on and being made to cum and cum at the same time…AMAZING. “AWWWWHHHH fucking tit crazy cops you two are!!!” My load spurted haphazardly all over the fucking place, as when I looked I was shocked to see that it was now Officer Ortiz who had me in hand as I was cumming like a madman… Somehow the cops had switched so that they would both get a chance at masturbating my load out of my balls… At the point when my load began dissipating I was shivering to the point as if I were naked and outside in a snowstorm… …and also at that point, as I cummed and cummed some more, what the two cops were doing to my nipples mouth wise was hurting like the devil, but I loved it!!! For most guys, after they shoot a load every part of them becomes sensitive to the touch, AND especially their nipples, that is, if those nipples are currently being sucked on like no one’s business while said guy is shooting and SHOOTING his load all over a closed down shack on a lonely road that used to be some sort of business… Finally, when I was spent, Officer Burke, who had me in hand once more let go of my cock… …and the two cops, seemingly reluctantly stopped mouth working my nipples… They grinned at me, licked their lips and ran their hands over the huge tents in their uniform pants… Without a word they both gobbled my sore as fuck giant nipples back into their mouths, began sucking them once more, and as they did so, and without even looking down they pulled the zippers down on their uniform pants, extracted their erect pre cumming cocks from the fly openings of their uniform pants… …and as they were once more mouth working the stuffing out of my nipples Officer Ortiz had Officer Burke’s cock in hand and vice versa…what a kinky sight this was… As I huffed and gasped while the two cops were again sucking, chewing on, licking and this time even kissing my nipples, it seemed that the sounds of the afterglow of ecstasy I was making was driving them on all the more…as they were beating each other off faster and faster…the squishy sounds of men’s cocks that were lubed with pre cum and being masturbated filling the area…GOD!!!! Amazingly the two officers of the law shot their loads in unison, all over my sneakers and sweat socks… …because as they cummed and cummed they didn’t for a second stop mouth working my entrancing to them nipples… Officers Ortiz and Burke swore like marines who hadn’t had sex in months as they breathlessly shot what seemed like days’ worth of pent up cop sperm… Once they were spent they let go of each other’s manhood and again, somewhat reluctantly, let my nipples slip out of their mouths… “What a great way for a routine traffic stop to turn out…” I said with a grin. As the two cops caught their breath and packed themselves back into their uniform pants they both nodded in affirmation of what I had just said. “I’ll say this Vince Cole,” Officer Ortiz said. “You can thank your lucky stars you got tits better than a woman’s there. If you didn’t I definitely would have ticketed you!” At that we all laughed raucously and it was Officer Burke who stepped behind the post to release me from the handcuffs. As I stood there massaging my wrists, my semi hard cock and testicles still on display outside my shorts, Officer Burke said, “So you never told us how you got your nipples to be so fucking oversized…” I chuckled a bit and said, “My wife loves big nipples, so after we got married I worked at working them up to the way they are. It was a lot of time spent with alligator tit clamps snapped onto them, I used suction cups, both electronic and non-electronic and over time my nipples were worked up nice and BIG…” “Fuck, that’s amazing…” Officer Ortiz said and as I proceeded to pack myself back into my shorts the two cops gave my nipples a last kiss and suck each… We exited the shack and as we were walking back over to my car and the two officer’s cruiser we saw another cruiser next to theirs and two cops standing there. When we reached my car, where the two new cops were standing, it was Officer Rusty, a handsome rookie looking officer who said, “What goes on here? We’ve been radioing you two for the last half hour…” “Everything’s under control guys, we had a bit of a lesson to teach Mr. Vince Cole here for driving a bit over the speed limit earlier…” Officer Ortiz chuckled, gesturing at my chest…or, to be more precise, he gestured at my robustly HUGE sore, and well-worked over nipples. Officer Rusty and his partner, Officer Stanton, a cop who looked to be in his forties or so took in the sight of my nipples, the cum all over my sneakers and sweat socks, looked at each other and just as Officers Ortiz and Burke had done hustled me quickly back to the shack. I didn’t resist… Shortly, back in the shack I found myself again handcuffed to the post… …as the two new cops went to work feasting heartily on my giant nipples… /The End/????

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