The Stripper

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As I headed out that night I wasn’t really expecting anything other than a few quiet drinks at the bar. I was at a loose end and as I stepped into the bar it didn’t look like anything much was going to change. There were some familiar faces as I looked around but everyone were in groups, chatting and laughing, having a good time.

I got a few nods from people as I made my way to join the other loners propping up at the bar. To one side of me were the usual older guys and businessmen drinking alone while to my right I could see 3 guys crowding around a cute brunette in a short, tight red dress. As the guys circled around her I would catch glimpses of her curvaceous bum and pretty face, but not a lot else.

Seeing as she had her hands more than full, I ordered my drink. As I savoured the first sip, I glanced over at her again and just happened to catch her eye. As I was thinking how beautiful her eyes were, she winked at me and my interest was immediately aroused.

I sipped my drink slowly, wondering whether the pack of dogs would ever leave the girl alone and if I would ever speak to this unknown beauty. As the bottom of my glass drew closer the 3 guys moved away and I got my first full view of this mysterious girl. I had been mildly interested before but when I saw this girl’s figure I was entranced.

Looking her up and down she had smooth long legs, that lead to a shapely bum, tiny waist, long flowing hair and huge beautiful breasts. Once I saw these, I was transfixed. It was rare to see curves like that on such a slender frame.

She must have caught me staring as she giggled quietly to herself before she said:


“Hey,” I replied back.

“Another drink?” I asked, noticing her empty glass on the bar.

“Sure,” she said moving closer to me.

As her ample bosom rested on the counter I found it hard to keep my focus on her face, pretty though she was. The barman brought us our drinks and I introduced myself.

“I’m Nicky,” she replied smiling as we sipped our drinks.

The conversation and the drinks flowed pretty freely from then on. We were finding out just enough about each other to keep both the interest and the mystery.

As flirting replaced conversation, the topic of the 3 guys from earlier came up. Nicky told me that they had eventually given up because she wouldn’t dance for them.

Intrigued I asked:


“Yeah,” Nicky replied.

“Did I not tell you I’m a stripper?”

It was at this point that I realised that if it wasn’t before, my quiet night was well and truly over.

“You’re a stripper, really?” I asked trying not to sound too shocked.

“Yes illegal bahis I really am a stripper,” Nicky replied grinning, with that mischievous glint in her eye that had been drawing me in all night.

My mind was struggling to process the images that swirled through it. Nicky and her amazing breasts twirling around a pole seemed almost unbelievable. I laughed to myself.

“Well I guess you can’t blame those guys for wanting a dance.”

“Oh I don’t,” Nicky replied.

“But like I explained to them I will only dance for one guy at a time. Just so it’s really special and exactly what he wants.”

At this stage, it wasn’t just my interest that was at aroused as I felt my jeans becoming tighter.

“Interesting,” I managed to say as Nicky continued.

“I’m not the dancing-round-the pole-in-a-club kinda stripper you know!”

“There are different kinds?” I asked innocently.

“Well sure, I’m a 21st century kinda girl who uses a webcam to perform.”

“Oh. Oh wow!” was all I could muster as it dawned on me I was talking to a real life cam-girl.

“So like I told those guys I only go private with one guy at a time.” Nicky said staring straight into my eyes.

Before I had even got a chance to say anything, she continued.

“So the question is now, do you wanna take me private then?”

Downing the last of my drink I moved in closer to Nicky’s face.

“So my question to you is, how far away do you live?”

We both smiled at each other. Nicky quickly finished her drink and grabbed me by the hand leading me out through the bar. I could tell that she knew exactly what she wanted.

Back at Nicky’s apartment things moved even quicker. No sooner than we were in the door and she was leading me to the bedroom.

In the back of my mind I suddenly thought that maybe she was going to film us for a webcam show or something. My heart was beating so hard I could almost hear it and I couldn’t make this passing thought into anything more. The thought was lost altogether as Nicky stood in front of me and began to strip out of her dress. I followed suit by ripping my shirt off and tugging my jeans down.

By the time I looked up, Nicky was standing there naked and I was rock hard. Her body was a wonder to behold. Completely smooth all over with her huge firm breasts heaving as she breathed heavily, looking me up and down from head to toe. I pulled my boxers off, my hard cock springing upwards as Nicky made her way to the double bed.

She climbed on and laid back, spreading her legs wide for me to see just what I was about to experience. I climbed on top of her, the head of my throbbing cock rubbing against her shaven pussy. Nicky moaned loudly, panting at me:

“Slide illegal bahis siteleri it in me.”

I grabbed my cock and began to rub it up and down her pussy lips, feeling how slippery and wet she already was. I felt her clit throb as I rubbed harder with the head of my swollen cock. She moaned again and I slowly slid my thick cock inside her, moaning myself as I felt how tight and hot her pussy was around me.

With a few thrusts I had slid all the way in and I looked down at Nicky moaning beneath me. She pushed her huge breasts together inviting me in. As I began to fuck her slowly as I leant forward sucking on each of her nipples in turn, feeling them harden against my tongue as I swirled it over them. This sent Nicky into a frenzy and she almost screamed at me.

“Oh my god. Baby. Yes.”

She panted hard between each phrase.

“Fuck me. Fuck me so hard.”

I didn’t need telling twice as I grabbed her arms, pinning her down as I began to thrust harder and faster. My cock pounded in and out of her tight pussy, to the hilt each time as we both grunted and moaned at each other.

Nicky wriggled her hands free of my grip and began to play with her clit as I fucked her. Her pussy began to pulsate, feeling even more amazing around my throbbing cock. I leant in and kissed her for the first time. We kissed deeply our tongues tangled together, exploring each others mouths.

Nicky lent forward our bodies separating before we continued to kiss, our mouths and hands all over each other’s bodies as we rolled and tumbled around the bed. We ended up with me laying on my back as Nicky, facing the other way, lowered her pussy onto my mouth.

I slid my tongue up and down her glistening lips, tasting all of her sweet juices before I began to suck on her clit. I could feel it throbbing hard as I tugged on it with my lips, flicking it up and down in my mouth with my tongue. I flick my tongue back and forth, all over her soaking pussy and clit. As I part her lips with my fingers so I can slide my tongue inside her as deep as I can.

Nicky begins to suck my throbbing cock. The cool of her mouth feeling so different and good after her hot pussy. We both lose ourselves as we pleasure each other with our mouths. I moan as her mouth slides up and down the length of my shaft and she swirls her soft tongue over the tip of it.

“That’s so good.” I gasp as I drive my tongue deeper inside her.

As I concentrate harder on Nicky’s clit, I feel her body tensing above me. I place my whole mouth over it and begin to suck as hard as I can, flicking my tongue over and over again. I feel her tensing harder before she cries out:

“Oh yeah,” as her body releases and her canlı bahis siteleri orgasm rushes through her.

I keep licking and sucking as she quivers before I lap at her pussy licking up all her sweet juices.

As she recovered, Nicky began to suck my cock even harder. She took my long shaft deeper and deeper almost choking herself as it went to the back of her throat. She spat and choked over it till it was covered in her spit as she continued sucking it hard and fast.

I groaned in pleasure as she reached around to suck my balls, taking them in her mouth one by one, grabbing my cock and jerking the shaft hard up and down at the same time. Struggling to concentrate, I slide two fingers into her soaking pussy and begin to finger fuck her hard and fast, my thumb circling round her swollen and sensitive clit.

Nicky slowed down her hand on my cock, jerking it firmly up and down from tip to base. She slid herself off my fingers and perched herself above my cock. I had a perfect view as she slid herself so slowly down onto my throbbing cock.

I could feel every inch of her pussy as she sunk herself down onto me. I groaned as straight away she began to thrust her hips hard and fast up and down and back and forth. This girl was testing my sexual stamina to the limits as she rode my cock harder and harder.

She was sliding up and down the entire length of my shaft over and over again, her tight pussy feeling so good on the tip of my pulsating cock.

As Nicky began to arch her back and quicken her pace I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock. I quickly grabbed onto her hips, guiding her up and down harder and faster on my shaft.

It wasn’t long before I felt her pussy exploding around my cock as Nicky cried out, her orgasm rocking through her body again. She kept thrusting and rocking hard as she was cumming and as I felt her pussy contracting around my cock I could feel it starting to twitch, my own orgasm building deep inside me.

Nicky must have sensed this too as she climbed off me and knelt down by the side of the bed. I was soon in front of her my cock throbbing as she took it deep into her mouth scraping the underside along her tongue. I quivered with pleasure, moaning as she quickened her pace sliding her mouth up and down on my cock harder and faster.

At the same time she slid her hand up, squeezing my swollen balls a little before wrapping her hand around my shaft. She slowly started to jerk my cock as she sucked it. Quickly she sped up until her hand and mouth were both sliding up and down the length of my shaft. It was too much for me and soon I felt my cock erupt, shooting a huge load down Nicky’s throat.

“Oh my god,” I moaned as I felt wave after wave of my orgasm spreading throughout my body.

I struggled to stand as my orgasm slowly subsided. Nicky slowed down her hands and mouth on my cock, draining every last drop from my balls, before finally kissing the head of my aching cock.

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