The Student Lodger Part 2


The Student Lodger Part 2This is just a FantasyAfter James had graduated we had taken in a new Lodger, Chris. Chris was tall, black and in his early 20s having started university a few years later than most. This meant he came with a bit more experience of life. He was confident, but not cocky, and friendly to chat with, and as my wife put it ‘easy on the eye’. After he moved in my wife and I discussed how we could broch the subject of him becoming my wife’s lover during his tenancy. I first checked with my wife that she wanted to try it again, and she did, but she had now had self-doubt as she didn’t feel a guy like Chris would give her a second look sexually. I said he would be a fool not to. We decided we didn’t want to put Chris off getting involved, or to be blatant about my wife offering him her body. I also asked my wife if she wanted to start through masturbation like with James, or go direct to fucking Chris. My wife liked the idea of fucking him from the start. After discussing the various ways we could invite Chris we hadn’t set upon a solution that wasn’t too forward. It was a Tuesday night and Chris had come home from University and had settled down in his room, probably doing course work. It was a bad night on TV so I suggested to my wife we go to bed early and maybe fit in a love making session. She jumped at the chance and we were soon naked in bed, she stroking my cock and me playing with her tits and then her clit. I then licked her clit and brought her to a noisy orgasm and then I fucked her and when I shot my cum into her she orgasmed again, also very loudly. When she had recovered I laughed and said we probably had disturbed Chris. As it was gone midnight my wife felt that Chris was now probably in bed and quickly went off to the bathroom naked to freshen up before sleep. I think to her horror she was caught in the hallway by Chris, in his boxer shorts. My wife didn’t know what to do but brazen it out and apologised to Chris if we had woken him up. He said we hadn’t and it was good to hear people having fun, with a big smile on his face. My wife saw this as an opportunity and said that she hoped he was also getting some adult fun. Chris smiled and said he was in a little barren patch at the moment, and my wife noticed his cock twitch under the cloth. My wife then said that she was going to freshen up, but hoped he didn’t mind but she might be a bit noisy again before she went to sleep. Chris told her to go for it. My wife then cheekily said that her husband might not be up for another session but she needed another orgasm. It was then that she suggested that Chris come and join us and maybe help her out. Chris jumped at the chance and without freshening up she took Chris by the hand and led him into the bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and released his cock from the boxer shorts. I heard a very large sigh as she saw it. It was massive and still growing. She stroked it until fully hard, about 10 inches in length and with a large girth, that made it difficult to take his knob into her mouth. She peeled back his foreskin, licked around his knob and then took the whole knob into her mouth. He thrusted a little but there was not much more my wife could take without choking. Chris was very confident and was playing with her tits and then pushed her gently back onto the bed. He knelt on the floor and started to lick her pussy, and I realised my wife hadn’t cleaned herself and he was licking and tasting my cum from earlier. When my wife orgasmed Chris didn’t say anything, just positioned his cock at her pussy opening and pushed himself into her. It must have hurt my wife at first as the noise she made wasn’t one of pleasure but he was soon in his rhythm. He fucked her like this for ages and I was able to move around the room looking at him doing so from many angles. I could watch his dangling balls slap my wife’s body as he fucked her. It was then I noticed he was in a passionate kiss with my wife and she wasn’t stopping him. He then started to speed up and was clearly sinking all of his cock into my wife’s pussy. He then groaned and with a couple of hard deep thrusts he was emptying his balls into my wife. They carried on kissing and then he withdrew leaving my wife gaping open and cum streaming from her. He looked at me and told me that my wife was a real good fuck, with a pussy that was so strong it sucked the cum from him. He looked down at her pussy and smiled at me, saying he hoped he hadn’t ruined her for me with a big smile on her face. My cock easily slid into her and Chris watched as I fucked my wife and added my cum. However, I knew if this was a competition he had won. Chris then left the room. My wife looked at me and all she could say for the next few minutes was ‘wow’. She then told me that Chris’s cock was massive and had filled her. It gave her different sensations than she had had with anyone else. I asked her why she had kissed him as that was against our rules, but she said it just happened and felt natural. I was now wondering if this had turned a corner I didn’t want it to take. On the other hand my wife loved the feel of Chris’s cock and his confidence. She knew he was just using for his own sexual gratification, but why not if she was also gaining gratification. I had felt with James, the last lodger there were boundaries we all agreed on and it had worked well. Even after only one fuck, I felt Chris was a rule breaker than follower. The next evening my wife and I had a long chat. My wife was happy if boundaries moved, as canlı bahis long as she was in control, but I was a little concerned that the kissing boundary had been broken without any consideration of my feelings. My wife asked if watching Chris fuck her had turned me on and I said yes, and my wife replied that was all that mattered. It was still the same between us, but now the lover had a different perspective. It didn’t matter if he viewed himself as a Bull and me as a cuckold, as in effect nothing had really changed apart from an individual perception. My wife asked me if it would be OK to have a similar relationship as we had had with James before he left – she could fuck Chris whenever they wanted as long as she gave me all the details, and we could fuck with Chris watching every week or so. It felt that now my wife was taking charge. I felt this was going to take our relationship from hot wife to cuckold. I wasn’t too sure I wanted to lose any control I had. But then again it was her body, and of course I wanted her to be happy. The following week I was at work when I received a text message from my wife. She said that Chris had come home from university early and was in his room. She was feeling randy and needed a cock. Would I mind if she went naked into Chris’s room to see what he wanted to do. I replied ‘are you sure’. She replied ‘yes’. I wasn’t too sure but I didn’t want to stop my wife being happy. I thought for a minute and told her to go ahead. I felt that by giving her permission I still had some control and this could be a test to see how both of us felt. I carried on working and over the next two hours I wondered what was happening at home. Was she not contacting me because she was busy with Chris’s cock inside her, or was she too embarrassed to tell me that Chris wasn’t interested. I couldn’t wait any longer and made my excuse at work to leave the building. I went and sat in my car and used my phone to access the feed from the hidden cam that I had left in both bedrooms. The good news was that our bedroom was empty so that rule hadn’t been broken (any action in our bedroom I had to be present), but then I saw the view in Chris’s room. I was too late to catch any action, but my naked wife and a naked Chris were cuddling on his bed. I could hear what my wife was saying. She was telling Chris how great his cock was, how good it felt inside her and how her husband’s cock could never compete with. She said that she loved her husband but she needed more sex than he could give her. I listened for about 5 minutes and then my wife kissed him and got out of bed and went to the bathroom. It was about 30 minutes later, when I was back in my office, that I received a long text. She told me she had entered Chris’s room to find him sat at the desk working. He turned round and was a little surprised to see her naked in his room. However, it was him that then said ‘well if you are in my room naked, it must only mean one thing, you need my trouser snake to satisfy your lust’ He stood and quickly stripped. He pushed my wife onto the bed and buried his head between her legs. His tongue worked her clit until she orgasmed, and he carried on licking it through the first orgasm and made her cum again immediately. He then told her to suck his knob and grabbed her head and helped her to move along his shaft. He was careful not to make her gag. He then lay on the bed and ordered my wife to mount his cock. As she rode him her clit rubbed against his public bone bringing her to orgasm, but he carried on fucking her until he unloaded his cum deep into her. As she lay on top of him they kissed, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Finally when she rolled off him he told her to lick his cock clean and he moved her so she was in the 69 position above him. He then licked his cum from her pussy again bringing her to orgasm. They took 30 minutes to recover and in this time they chatted and she learnt about his sexual history. When he was ready to go again they fucked all over again, this time in the missionary position. My wife admitted that in this few hours she had had some of the most intense orgasms she had ever had, and that she had for the first time experienced multiple orgasms. I was of course jealous, but this went when I got home as I saw just how relaxed and happy she was. It was clear that Chris was enjoying his position in the house, some might say he was the Bull. He was getting to fuck my wife three of four times a week and my wife was loving it. I was still getting as much sex as before so in many ways I was also happy, but when Chris joined us in our room I did get a little jealous of how he was able to satisfy my wife. A few weeks before my wife’s birthday Chris caught wind that it was her birthday. He asked me if he could give her a surprise present. I asked him what it was to be, but he said he couldn’t tell me because it wouldn’t be a surprise. I can not remember agreeing to him giving a surprise present but a few days before her Birthday he told her that he had a surprise present he wanted to give to her a few days after her Birthday. On the night of her Birthday I took her out and Chris was nowhere to be seen when we got home so it was just a night for me and my wife to make love. In fact Chris was quiet for the next 24 hours. Then came the day for his surprise. He told me to take my wife to the pub for an hour or so, so he could organise things and he would call me when it was all ready. My wife was getting very intrigued about her surprise so off we bahis siteleri went to the pub. My phone rang and I was told things were ready. We arrived back home to be greeted by Chris in the hallway. He asked me to put a blind on my wife so that the surprise could be unveiled to her. My wife giggled and the blind was put on. Chris then told me to take her arm and guide her into the lounge. I opened the door, and I was not ready for what I saw. There were four naked black guys, already showing a sign of arousal and in the centre of the lounge was a wide yoga mat type thing. It had a towel on it and some bottles of oil at the top end. The guys were all staying silent. Chris then told my wife to strip. I wasnt sure she would be happy with these strangers seeing her naked. Part of me wanted to stop things, another part though wanted to see what would happen and how far she would go. It wasn’t long before my BBW mature wife was standing naked, still blindfolded, in front of these strangers. Chris ran his hands over her naked breasts and cupped them. He then squeezed her nipples. He led her to the mat and told her to kneel, and then lie on her front, and to relax. He then poured some of the oil along her back and along each leg. He then signalled to his mates and they all knelt next to her and started to caress and massage her body. She jumped at the first touch and I guessed she was trying to work out whose hands were on her, but she relaxed and let the massage continue. For about 15 minutes it looked like my wife was just getting a massage but I then realised that the guys kneeling at her ass were in fact allowing their fingers to stray and were running along her pussy lips. Instead of opposing this she opened her legs giving more access. Then Chris told her to turn over and lie on her back. As her tits wobbled and set in place as she laid down I noticed all the guys ogling her nakedness, and their hard ons grew. It started as a massage but soon turned into a free for all groping and squeezing her tits and fingering her clit and pussy. She didn’t seem to mind and the playing with her clit was clearly turning her on. Then a couple of guys started to suck on her nipples as another started to lick her pussy. She orgasmed loudly. Chris then suggested she remove her blind. She was greeted with the four strangers and Chris’s rock hard cocks, and I too had stripped naked and was wanking at the sight of my wife. She looked at me and smiled. She told the guys to stand in front of her and she knelt, taking it in turns to suck their cocks. She then chose one to lie on the floor and she lowered her pussy onto his cock and started to ride him until he filled her pussy with his man juices. At the same time the guy she was sucking started to cum and she aimed his cock so that the cum hit her in the mouth and over her face. All the guys took turns in fucking my wife, taking great delight in barebacking my white wife’s pussy and shooting their cum into her. She liked the rough treatment and the fact that she was in effect their sex toy, but she was having a great time, and having plenty of orgasms. After the first couple of guys had cum inside her, Chris positioned his cock at her pussy entrance. He thrust forward forcefully with it and it sunk deep into her. As it did it forced the other guy’s cum to squirt out and the air rushing out of her pussy released a massive and loud pussy fart. The other guys laughed so for effect Chris pulled out and did the same again forcing a pussy fart. They laughed again and so did my wife, who told Chris to stop farting around (yes a pun) and fuck her. When they had finished with my wife they told me it was my turn. I should take her to bed while they tidied up and fuck her, now that she had been well and truly used by the black men. She was cum covered and exhausted, and her pussy was a mess, and open, cum filled. My wife thanked them for her birthday surprise and we went to bed. After I had fucked her she told me how much she had enjoyed it, and if it was OK with me she wanted to experiment with more guys. Over the next few days I became reluctant to let my wife go through a gangbang again. However, my wife had enjoyed it so much she was clearly wanting to try it again and maybe make it a regular occurrence. I was worried if I said no then she would do it behind my back. I agreed and a few weeks later Chris organised another gangbang. Again 4 guys, but this time there were two different guys. There was no blindfold this time and my sex hungry wife fucked them all in a variety of positions. I watched, and admittedly was very turned on. One guy offered to wear a condom but my wife insisted on bareback.This became a regular occurrence 4 guys every month or so. In total about 12 guys were involved and they seemed to rotate when they came to fuck my wife. After the 4th or 5th gangbang when I was in the kitchen with one of the guys he let it slip that Chris was charging them £50 each for each evening fucking my wife, and they were all keen to join in as my wife would open her pussy to their bare cocks and enjoyed them cumming inside her. It turned out Chris was doing this once a month to raise part of his rent to us for his room. The next morning I decided to tell my wife that Chris was in effect pimping her out, and even though she didn’t know it, the guys were seeing her as a prostitute. I thought this would make her want to stop the evenings. However, she laughed and said how flattering it was that guys wanted to pay to fuck her. Soon after the conversation bahis şirketleri stopped Chris walked in. My wife looked at him and asked him outright if he was charging his mates £50 to fuck her. He didn’t deny it and said that it appeared everyone was happy. She asked him if he had money issues and he said he had a small overdraft he was trying to clear. My wife suggested that he invite over all the guys who had so far fucked her for one special evening, charging them the usual amount. My wife looked at me and could see I had a disapproving look on my face. What would the problem be love? They have all fucked me already. You have seen their cum in me, running from my pussy and it turned you on. I fancy trying a big gangbang. I am sure you will enjoy watching it ….. she smiled. She told Chris to organise and that ‘her husband would come round to the idea’. It only took a few days for Chris to organise a full on gangbang for my wife. He came in one night when we were sat in the lounge and was pleased with himself. He told us that he had got all 12 to agree and were coming over Saturday night. They were all looking forward to opening my wife’s pussy up and fucking her. On the Saturday morning my wife started to get the house ready. I told her I was still very unsure and she said that I should at least let her give it a try. It did excite me knowing that all these guys were going to get turned on by my wife’s body and my wife was going to get the experience of her life. However, this was going down a cuckold road I wasn’t too sure about. My wife tidied up the house and then went to have a long lie in the bath. I was able to buy several concealed cameras and placed them around the lounge as it appeared that was where my wife wanted to play. We had an early dinner and then Chris came home, accompanied by a few of the guys. By 8pm all the guys had arrived and my wife suggested that the evening start. She left the room and on the way out told the guys to strip and be ready for her. It was only a few minutes and she returned back to the room, naked. She was carrying a bag and told each guy there that they could pay an extra £50 for a lucky dip number. Numbers 1-12 (no 13 or 14 for me and Chris). She said that each number related to a sexual activity that she hadn’t tried and for the £50 she was ‘selling’ each experience. I was taken aback as it was clear that this would include many things I had asked her to do and she had refused. She then added that these special activities were not for tonight, and laughed. Each guy deposited their £50 into a bag and went and drew out a number. She then asked each guy to write their name and a contact detail (email or phone number) on the list she produced which she had already written the number and activity on. I was able to glimpse it:1.Take my anal cherry2.Fuck me in a moving car (husband driving)3.Fuck me in a wood4.Fuck me at a dogging site5.Take me to a naturist sauna6.Make a porn film with me to post on the internet (masked)7.Watch me play with another woman (and probably join in)8.Use electro play on her9.Take her to amateur night at the strip club (and fuck her afterwards)10.Go shopping with her and get a blowjob (and hopefully a fuck) in changing room11.Watch me give my husband some CBT as you fuck me12.You get my body to try something you want to do. I was shocked by some of them but also turned on with what she was now looking to try. Once the sheet was completed my wife said she would be in contact when she was ready. She then brazenly said ‘my body is yours now …… enjoy my pussy, tits and mouth’. She was soon engulfed by a pile of men. I couldn’t see her but could hear her, especially the loud groan as the first cock went into her. Every so often I got a glimpse of my wife, lying on the floor, bent over the arm of the sofa, on all fours, generally with a cock in her pussy and one in her mouth. It took her over an hour before she called for a break. I watched as the guys moved away and she stood up ….. cum everywhere. She came over to me, knelt and sucked my cock. She then bent over and told me to fuck her as the guys watched. I obliged and found her pussy open and well lubed by the semen from all of these guys. I started to fuck her and she signalled for the guys to come closer. She took a cock in each hand and was able to suck on one. My thrusts timing with her swallowing the cock. It didn’t take long before my balls emptied into her. She pulled away and said that she hoped I was enjoying the show as she was definitely enjoying all the attention and the feel of so many different cocks in her pussy. She continued to fuck all the guys for several hours. When there was no more action to be had by her she called an end to the night, exhausted and satisfied, with a gaping raw pussy. After the event I noticed the large amount of cum stains on the carpet. It struck me just how much cum my wife must have taken up her pussy or in her mouth if this was the amount on the floor. We saw the guys go off and then we went up to bed, leaving Chris to do his best to clean up. My wife was too tired to wash and we went to bed, her smelling of spunk. Next day we talked about the night before and I gave her my honest opinion in that it wasn’t really my thing as I felt left out. She was no longer a ‘hot wife’ but I was a ‘cuckold’. She was sorry but said she had enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind some ‘moresomes’. She then said she was looking forward to starting her list of 12 new tasks, and she wanted me to be present at all of the meet ups with the men as they fuck her. I said I was unsure as it opened her to too many new things. She added, ‘why should you be that concerned as it will be 12 guys that you have already watched me fuck and fill me with their cum’

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