The Stunning Rebecca


The Stunning Rebecca“Shit. Shit. Shit. Im gonna be late.”As I hurried down the hallway, the echoes of my 5-inch, black stilettos rang loudly causing me greater anxiety than I had anticipated. My white sleeveless dress fluttered as I scurried along. Nearly dropping my bejeweled clutch, I composed myself and walked into the Grand Ballroom. Brilliant hues of light projected themselves onto my face. My eyes focused after a long minute, and I took in my surroundings.The Annual Company Ball was an event full of glamour and celebrities. It boasted the most attended event in the city and over time has become the event to go to. My boss, Ty, hosts this illustrious ball every year, hoping to project an image of glitter, independence, and most importantly power. The latest music hits blasted in the background. I looked desperately aiming to pinpoint Ty. There he was. Socializing with the city’s most powerful elected officials, chuckling as a punch line was delivered. Walking towards him, I noticed a gorgeous woman standing at his side. She had gleaming dirty blonde hair that ran past her shoulders, covering the straps of her fitted black dress. She wore golden earrings that cascaded downwards, accompanied by a rippling golden necklace.“Damn!”, I thought to myself.As the distance to the stunning woman shrank, I could see that she had a great body. Her ass and her tits were big, firm, and round. The woman smiled. Her smile sent rays of attraction through my heart. My heart skipped a few beats. Forgetting myself, I quickly bahis siteleri approached the group.“Ah there she is! Gentlemen, Rebecca, I would all like you to meet Isla.” “H… Hi”, I mumbled. Brushing my dark wavy brown hair, I shook hands with each of them and briefly flashed a smile.As I shook hands with Rebecca, I noted the softness of her hands. So soft. I could hold them forever. Mentally shaking myself back to attention, the warmth of Rebecca’s greeting comforted me to her presence. “Isla, I’d like you to show Rebecca a tour of the company. She’s a highly desired talent and I want her to come work for us”, Ty instructed.Nervously, I led the dazzling Rebecca away from the Ball and towards the work place a few floors above. I sensed Rebecca was watching me as I escorted her. “Here is where we work”, I mentioned. “All of us get together in the board room first thing in the morning and discuss a plan for the day before we start any actual work.”“Hmmm.” Rebecca stepped forward and inspected the area. “Now tell me dear, why are you so shy around me?”“Huh?”, I gasped.“What is it about me that makes you silent and full of awe?” Rebecca continued.“Uh…um. It’s just that you’re extremely beautiful and I couldn’t help be attracted to you.” I spoke truthfully.“Oh if that’s the case, lets get to know one another better.” Rebecca gently grabbed my wrist and led me out of the building.“Wh… Where are we going?” I questioned.“To get to know each other better of course. We’re going to my hotel room where no one will canlı bahis disturb us.” Rebecca giggled.Rebecca dragged me across the street and into the lobby of her hotel. As we boarded the elevator, she gave me a quick grin. I hesitated and replied with a weak smile. We walked into her meager room furnished with only a bed and a small desk. A sudden blur of motion pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me. I barely had enough time to release a gasp when I felt that I was being kissed. My eyes focused and I grasped the situation. Rebecca was on top of me, kissing me passionately. To my surprise, I was quite enjoying her soft lips brushing upon mine.Rebecca’s hands glided over my body, arousing me. My body temperature rose instantly, leaving me a bit sweaty. I responded by sliding my hands over her svelte figure, relishing in the many curves that existed there. Slowly, our clothes melted off of us, leaving us to admire each other’s beauty.With a wistful gaze into my eyes, Rebecca lowered herself to my pussy. I exhaled as her tongue made a broke stroke across my pussy. My tits felt an amazing sensation. Rebecca’ hands rubbed my tits in circles, increasing my arousal. Hardly containing my breath, I moaned loudly. Goosebumps rose from the surface of my skin as the dopamine flooded my body.“Lets make this more pleasurable shall we? Have fun with my pussy too!” Rebecca crooned. Lifting her legs, Rebecca did a 180, pressing her pussy into my face. I was taken aback by how wet she was. Snaking through the güvenilir bahis lips of her pussy, my tongue reached her clitoris, already slightly engorged. Rebecca squealed when I flicked my tongue over her clit swiftly. “Mmmm. That’s the spirit! Now get into it!” Returning my attention to her clit, I suddenly realized that I was about to orgasm. I could feel the pressure building as my pussy contracted, tightening itself. Cocking my head back, I let out a scream of pure ecstasy. I was left convulsing. I’d never had such a strong orgasm before. Disoriented, I didn’t have time to react. Rebecca flipped around, slid her right leg between mine, and mounted. Our soaking wet pussies were now kissing, mixing juices. “Ahhhh”, I moaned. “Here comes the really fun part”, Rebecca teased.Rebecca propelled her pelvis forward and backwards, running her pussy over mine, in a smooth motion. I had never felt so euphoric. I grabbed her neck, pulled her in close, and gave her a loving kiss. Rebecca’s body emitted great warmth, which was only getting hotter as we both neared orgasm.The pace of Rebecca’s thrusting grew increasingly faster. I found that as she drove her pussy into mine, I too, was thrusting back. With our pussies accelerating, Rebecca and I were consistently letting out squeaks and moans.“Ahhh. Here is comes!” Rebecca and I screamed loudly as we reached orgasm. Quivering, Rebecca collapsed into my arms, hugging my body. She crawled up my body, looked deeply into my eyes and said: “Lets do this again some time huh? This was such a blast!”I leaned forward and gave her another kiss, but not the last one that night. That night we laid there holding hands, enjoying each other till the sun rose from the horizon spreading its rays across the city.

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