The Substitute Ch. 03

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Manny stood out on the back patio and opened the grill. He began to turn and rearrange the burgers that were simmering on the heat as a cloud of smoke rose around him. He could hear the chatter in the kitchen behind him as his wife excitedly talked about the coming baby. Being a grandmother seemed to agree with her, he thought.

The family had gathered Sunday to discuss Melanie being pregnant and have an impromptu baby bar-b-que. It had been his wife Carol’s idea, and Manny had been only too happy to agree. His only problem was keeping his eyes off his daughters toned legs as she wandered around in that short sundress she arrived in. God; how he wanted to bend her over and drive his cock deep into her right now. He could feel his shorts twitch at just the thought of it.

“How are they coming?” Manny almost jumped at the sound of his wife’s voice behind him.

“Almost done” he said, turning the last burger.

“Good, everyone is starving.” His wife told him.

Then, without warning, her hand slipped around his body, hidden from view between him and the grill. She gripped his semi hard cock in her hand.

“Looks like the hamburgers aren’t the only meat that’s cooking”; he heard, as his wife gave his cock a squeeze and then silently vanished from behind him.

Manny stood in shock, the spatula limp in his grip. What the HELL had just happened, he wondered. Where did that come from?

For the next hour the two couples ate and sat on the patio. They talked about the baby, what names they had considered, how they planned to remodel their house. Through it all, Manny tried to watch his wife for any indications of what had happened earlier. There was nothing, as if the incident had never occurred.

As his attention drifted back to Melanie, he could see the outline of her breasts through the summer dress, and when she leaned forward talking with her hands, the expanse of her bare cleavage filled his vision. He knew his cock was thickening in his shorts, and worried his wife would see. Finally, Manny just couldn’t take it anymore. Excusing himself, he headed into the house and into the bathroom on the first floor.

Manny dropped the seat on the toilet, and sat as he slid his shorts and boxers down. Taking a firm grip of his now throbbing cock, he began to slowly stroke as he closed his eyes. Visions of Melanie on her hands and knees as she took his thick cock from behind filled his mind. He could almost feel her tight walls gripping his shaft. Seeing in his mind as she slid her tight cunt lips down his shaft; the memory sending a shiver through him.

He could feel his balls start to tighten, as his orgasm neared. His hand began to pick up sped as he sought for that release. It was then the tapping on the door penetrated through to him.

“You OK in there?” he heard his wife call out.

Quickly stuffing his still rock hard cock into his boxers, he pulled his shorts up as he flushed the toilet. His shorts were still unfastened at his waist as he gripped them with one hand, as he opened the door to find Carol standing at the entry.

“I’m…I’m OK.” Manny told his wife.

“You sure?” she asked. “It looked like you had a…hard problem.”

Manny was about to exit the bathroom but stopped cold as his wife emphasized the word hard. He could see a light blaze in her eyes, something different than what he was used to.

“I’m all right hun” he tried to say back.

Then, he felt his wife press against his chest with her small hand, slowly pushing him further back into the bathroom. He could only watch as she slipped in the small room with him, turning and flipping the latch on the door behind her.

“I don’t think so” Manny’s wife said firmly. “You looked rather…stiff when you came in here.”

“Carol…” Manny tried to choke out.

“Do me a favor” his wife stared straight into his eyes. “Shut up.”

Before he could move or reply, his wife Carol slid to her knees in front of him, she reached up and swiftly drew his shorts and boxers to his knees. Manny felt paralyzed as his thick hard cock sprang free, only inches from his wife’s face.

“Oh fuccckkkkk” Manny moaned.

He could only watch as the unthinkable happened. His wife leaned forward, and her hot mouth engulfed his throbbing member. He couldn’t remember the last time his wife had given him a blowjob; she had always hated giving oral, considered it dirty she had told him time and again.

Now, here she was, in their bathroom, on her knees, and sucking him like a professional hooker at a glory hole. The hand stroking from earlier, the shock of what was happening, was all causing Manny to feel his balls race towards release. The sensation of her tongue running along the crowned head, then seeing her cheeks puff out as she sucked harder on him drove him to the edge.

“OH shit” he gasped. “I’m going to cum baby.”

With an obscene plop, Carol Andrews spit her husbands’ cock out and looked up at his face.

“Good, cum in my mouth, right now.” She told him. canlı bahis “You know why, because I swallow too.”

Manny’s eyes almost bulged out of his face at his wife’s words. He opened his mouth to speak, just as his wife slammed her mouth back down onto his throbbing cock.

“Unngggggggggghhhhhhhhh” Manny groaned. He could feel his hot cream speed up his shaft, and jet into her tight throat. One, then two, thick ropes pumped out as his balls emptied on the spot.

“Mmmmmmmmmm” his wife hummed as her mouth filled with his hot cum. She could feel his body shaking as she sucked every drop from him, while Manny could hear her swallow as his thick cum filled her mouth.

Manny shuddered and felt his knees almost buckle as his wife drained him in their bathroom, with their daughter out on the patio. He could feel his cock softening as she pulled her mouth free and rose to her feet. A thick trickle of white cum dripped from her lips as she looked into her husband’s face. He stared as she used a finger to wipe up the hot glob, and then suck it off her finger.

“Now” his wife told him firmly. “Get it together and come to the living room. We have something to discuss…stud.” Carol turned and left the bathroom as Manny stood in dumbfounded shock at what had just happened.

Manny fumbled with his shorts to fasten them around his shrinking cock, and then slowly left the bathroom. When he entered the living room, he found his wife sitting on the couch while Melanie sat beside her.

“Sit down” Carol told her husband, gesturing at the chair opposite the pair. She turned to Melanie.

“Your husband has a terrible headache and went to lay down” she smiled, “I suspect it may have something to do with the lemonade he drank.”

Melanie’s eyes grew wide as she stared at her mother. “What’s going on?” she asked softly.

“That’s just it…darling daughter,” she looked hard at Melanie. “I know exactly what is going on.”

Manny opened his mouth to speak, but before he could utter a sound, his wife turned on him.

“Not a word out of you” she hissed at her husband.

“I wondered how you got pregnant so quickly” Carol turned back to her daughter. “After all the talk about Paul’s sperm count, and your year long struggle. Then…wham…fat with a baby. I knew how badly you wanted a child that I guess I overlooked the obvious.” She stared at Melanie. “Paul didn’t get you pregnant.”

Carol turned and looked at her husband. “YOU did.”

“Honey…we just…” Manny tried to say.

“I said shut up” Carol barked, and then leaned back on the couch to glare at her daughter and husband.

“So here we sit with my daughter who is just glowing with a baby in her belly. Oh yes…” she smiled, “being pregnant is the best thing for you I can see that.”

Carol turned to Manny; “with a husband that not only cheated on me; but committed incest AND deliberately knocked up his own daughter.”

“Mom…” Melanie gasped.

“Don’t start with me young lady” Carol stopped her. “My daughter the slut, begging for her father’s seed. I heard every word.”

Melanie was so stunned she couldn’t even find the words to reply to her mother as she sat silent. Heard them? How and when, she wondered.

“Ohh give it to me daddy…fill your daughter’s pussy”; Carol mimicked

“Take it little girl” Carol dropped her voice lower, echoing Manny’s words.

“You two sounded better than a fucking porn movie in that hotel room.” Carol told them.

“What are you going to do?” Manny finally found the words. Listening to his wife’s words, he had no doubts that she had actually heard them fucking.

Carol laughed. “Well, as I see it; I have two choices.” She turned and faced her husband. “Turn you in for incest, watch you get drug through the mud, take everything you own, and send your fucking ass to jail.”

She turned and faced Melanie “You baby, you would see that hard earned law degree go sailing away in the breeze when they find out you fucked your own father just to have a baby.”

“You said two choices.” Melanie watched her mother closely.

Carol stared at her daughter silently for a moment. “Strip” she commanded.

“What?” Melanie asked, horrified.

“You heard me” her mother told her. “The dress, the panties; I want all of it off right here and right now.”

As Melanie rose from the couch and began to slowly slide her dress off her shoulders, Carol turned to her husband.

“You too big boy, strip it all off.” She told Manny.

Manny could only do as his wife commanded. He raised his hips and slid his shorts and boxers free. His semi flaccid cock lay along his thigh as he sat back down. Looking up, his eyes were drawn to Melanie, as her dress slid free and fell to the floor at her feet.

Against his will, Manny could feel his body respond even at the sight of her. Her toned thighs glistening, as a pair lacy green panties barely hid her treasure. Her firm breasts were standing out proud, capped by two hard nipples. He could feel bahis siteleri his cock thicken against his thigh as he drank her in, even the recent blowjob form his wife made no difference in his body reacting.

Carol reached out and cupped one of her daughters’ breasts. “Look at those…so firm. Her nipples are even hard already.”

She turned to her husband. “Wouldn’t you just love to suck on those; or would you rather slide your dick between them until you cover them in your cum.”

“Oh God Carol” Manny moaned. He could feel blood rushing into his cock, feeling it hardening at her words.

“Look Melanie” Carol whispered in her daughters ear. “He’s getting all nice and hard for you.” She could feel her daughter shudder at her voice. “Now the panties slut” she commanded her daughter.

As Melanie hooked her thumbs in the elastic waist, she bent and slid the thin cloth over her hips. She didn’t know whether to look at her mother, or that growing hard cock only a few feet away from her.

“Choice two” Carol said softly as Melanie rose back up. “Go over there, and FUCK him.”

“MOM!” Melanie almost shouted as she stared at her mother in shock.

“What’s the problem?” Carol asked her daughter. “I heard it all Friday, every bump and grind. Now, I want to SEE it.”

“What about Paul?” Melanie asked, as she stepped closer to her father.

Carol laughed. “What I put in his drink, that boy will sleep like the dead for the next two hours. Now fuck your daddy slut.”

Melanie straddled her fathers’ thighs, turning with her back to him so she could face her mother. Staring at her mother, she reached down and gripped her fathers’ now rampant tool, standing it straight up. Without a word, she slowly lowered herself down onto him.

“Fuck” Manny couldn’t help but grunt as his daughters’ tight cunt slowly slid down his length. He could feel her heat and wetness envelope him.

“Oh Jesus” Melanie moaned and she felt that familiar fullness in her belly. She used the weight of her body to drive herself down his full length.

“Unnggghhh” Melanie moaned as she felt her walls stretching to fit his girth. Her ass now rested against his thighs as she settled onto him. She held still for a moment, trying to adjust to his size inside her tight channel.

“Fuck her you bastard” Carol grated, watching. “Fuck her like you did two days ago.”

Almost possessed, Manny gripped his daughters’ hips, raising her up, and then he released his grip, letting her drop back down onto him hard. The sound of wet slurping filling the living room as his cock split his daughter again and again.

“Oh shit yessss” Melanie couldn’t stop herself. “Fuck me daddy.” She groaned as she felt his engorged head bump against her cervix as he drove deep inside her.

Manny was quickly losing control as he slammed up into his daughters’ hot cunt. His eyes stared at his wife, watching as she used one hand to brush over her own breast through the blouse she wore. Jesus Christ, he thought, she’s getting turned on watching us.

Melanie now moved her own body up and down the thick pole filling her. No longer needing Manny’s hands to guide her, she picked up the pace as her own needs took over. She could feel her juices flowing freely, seeping out to soak his balls under her. That familiar knot was growing in her belly once again.

“Oh fuck…oh God” she gasped as she rode faster and harder on the meat beneath her.

Carol rose from the couch and slowly walked to the coupled lovers. “You’re going to cum on him, aren’t you bitch” she growled at her daughter.

“Yes” Melanie grunted back as she thrust down, her eyes closed as she felt every inch of his cock filling her.

“Can’t help…oh SHIT” Melanie almost screamed as she opened her eyes and saw her mother standing only inches from her.

She watched as her mother slowly unbuttoned her own blouse, seeing the creamy skin slowly come into view, until her mothers’ heavy breasts swayed in front of her face in all their glory. Her gaze locked to the two hard nipples in front of her.

Carol reached out and drew her daughters head closer. “Suck them you fucking slut” she whispered. “Nurse on your momma like you did when you were a baby.”

Melanie had only experimented with another woman once in high school, men had always been her focus, having a huge cock shoved between her thighs the ultimate goal. Now, she leaned forward with total abandon, and sucked her own mothers throbbing nipple into her hot mouth.

“Ooohhhhhh” Carol cooed, feeling the warm sensation spread through her breasts. “That’s it you little whore” she gasped.

Melanie didn’t know why, but her mother’s language, so vulgar sent shivers through her body. This was a side to her mother she had never dreamed existed.

Manny could only stare in shock at the erotic sight before him. His cock wrapped in a tight velvet vise, as his daughter suckled on his wife’s swaying tit. He grunted as his nuts spasmed, feeling that boiling quickly rising in his bahis şirketleri balls.

“That’s it” Carol told her husband, her eyes locking to his. “Fuck your little girl you son of a bitch. Don’t you dare stop, until you fill that pregnant belly with your hot seed.” she told him.

“Fuucckkkkkk” Manny roared hearing his wife. He drove his hips up hard, literally lifting his daughters’ feet from the floor with his strength. Leaving her sitting impaled on his pulsing cock.

“Fill her filthy twat” Carol told him. She felt her own walls spasm without even being touched. The sight of her own daughter, riding her father’s pounding cock pushing her body to the brink. The large dark spot in her jean shorts showing her own juices flooding out of her.

“Mmmmmppppfffffff” Melanie moaned against a mouthful of tit as she felt her fathers’ steel hard cock jerk inside her cunt.

“Arrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh” Manny roared, feeling his hot seed erupt from his cock, to wash his daughters clutching cunt. His body exploded for the second time in less than half an hour. He swore to God his own toes curled as his orgasm literally ripped through his balls.

Freeing her mouth, Melanie clutched at her mother, as her own body convulsed. “Moooooommmmmmm” she screamed, feeling wave after wave roll through her. She tried to hold onto her mothers’ hips as her body shook so violently she thought she would fall from her fathers’ lap.

Melanie’s eyes rolled back as the intensity of her orgasm shredded her mind, turning her into a quivering faucet for the cream that gushed out of her and dripped to the carpet of the living room floor. “Oh my Goddddddddddddddddddd” she screamed, not caring if she woke her husband.

Carol watched raptly as her husband pumped his hot cream deep into her daughter. She could tell on both their faces that the intensity of their orgasm was like nothing they had experienced before.

Melanie’s limp body collapsed back into the chair against her fathers’ chest. Small quakes made her limbs twitch as the after-shocks of the hugest orgasm of her life still rippled through her. Carol could actually watch as the muscles of her daughters stomach rippled with each wave.

Through half lidded eyes, Melanie watched as her mother headed back to the couch, discarding her open blouse on the way, then dropped the jean shorts as she slid nude onto the couch. Carol spread her thighs wide as she sat down on the seat, reaching down to drag her fingers over her own soaked lips.

“On the floor” Carol commanded, as she slid two fingers into her hot pussy.

“Please Mom” Melanie gasped.

“Mount her” Carol stared at her husband. “Fuck her like the little bitch in heat she is.” She looked at her daughter. “As for you” she said softly; “just admit it, you want your big…strong…daddy to FUCK you; don’t you.”

“Yessssssss” Melanie moaned as she slid from her father’s lap. She rested on her hands and knees in front of him as she stared at her mother only feet from her. She could see the wetness dripping from her mothers’ fingers as they sloshed in and out of her soaked pussy.

Just as she felt her father drop to his knees behind her, seeing her mother lewdly spread out on the couch, hearing her words; something clicked in Melanie’s head. If she had wanted them arrested, Carol would have done that long ago. No, her mothers’ perversions were as deep as her own if not deeper as she fingered her soaked pussy while she watched her husband about to fuck her daughter.

“That’s it you daughter fucker” Melanie told her father as she looked over her shoulder at him.

She could see by the lust hazed look in his eyes he was so far gone now, it wouldn’t take much to tip him over the edge.

“Shove that big daddy dick so deep into me I fucking scream” she egged her father on. “Own your little girls slut cunt.”

With an almost feral growl, Manny rammed his entire length into his daughter in one stroke. “FUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK” Manny roared as he felt her velvet vise squeeze his cock.

“Aaarrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Melanie screamed as she felt her fathers’ huge cock rip into her. “Fuck meeeeeeeeeee” she cried as her eyes began to roll back. The sound of Manny’s hips slapping against her cum slick ass echoed in the living room as he pumped into her with a vengeance.

“So fucking hot,” Carol growled from the couch. “That’s it, this is what heard” she told them. “Fuck that tight bitch you bastard.”

Melanie’s eyes grew wide as she watched her mother pull her cream slick fingers free and slowly lick her own juices right in front of the rutting pair.

“This is better than a hot porn film” Carol told them. “It makes a woman so fucking horny,” she added. “I think it’s my turn for a little shagging.”

Manny started to pull back from his daughter, as his cock dripped their mixed cream from his withdrawing rod. “Noooo” Melanie moaned.

“STOP” Carol barked at her husband. “Keep fucking her you son of a bitch” she told her husband. “I said I want to be fucked but I don’t remember saying anything about you.”

“But I thought…” Manny started to say.

“You can come in now” Carol called over her shoulder to the kitchen doorway as a wicked grin crossed her face.

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