The Summer of Losing My Virginity – Part II


The Summer of Losing My Virginity – Part IIRead my first story, “The Summer of Losing My Virginity” before reading this story.After losing my virginity to my dad’s long time girlfriend/step mom when I turned 18 years old, my newly devirginized cock was constantly hungry for Susan’s mature hairy pussy. My dad never knew that Susan and I were having sex, let alone having sex a few times a day, while my dad and Susan would have sex about 2-3 times a week.One early morning, I heard the muted sounds of my dad and Susan having sex in their bedroom. I mostly heard Susan’s moans gradually build to her climatic orgasm. As I listened in the darkness of my bedroom, I smiled because I knew what Susan’s pussy felt like on my own cock thrusting in and out of it in those moments. I knew esenyurt escort my dad had to of cummed inside her pussy since he was well aware that she was on birth control. Shortly after, I heard my dad getting ready for work….showering, shaving, etc, and I heard him leave as his truck pulled out onto the road. I got out of bed, and went to my dad and Susan’s bedroom. I slowly pushed the door open, and saw Susan completely naked laying on the bed. She wasn’t asleep, just laying there on the bed in the afterglow of sex with my dad. She looked up, and asked me “do you want my pussy?” By this time Susan and I were having sex a few times a day for the past three weeks, so the etiquette and foreplay wasn’t always necessary, küçükçekmece escort and we were more to the point with what we wanted. I was only wearing my underwear, so I pulled them down, and my cock was rock hard and fully erect by the time I stood back up. I got on the bed directly over Susan with my cock aimed for her pussy lips. She tells me, “your dad just cummed inside my pussy about 40 minutes ago. I want your cum inside me too.” With that cue, I pressed the head of my cock between her pussy lips, and eased my cock into her creamy pussy all the way until my pelvis was pressed tightly against hers, and my balls tight against her ass. Susan wrapped her legs around my waist, and crossed them behind beşiktaş escort my back. She tells me, “ok, now fuck my pussy hard.” I slide both of my arms under her shoulders, and grip her shoulders like a pull-up kind of grip, so I can thrust my cock into her pussy hard without her moving out of position. I pull my cock about 80% of the way out, and then I ram it into her pussy with a loud “SLAP” sound of our pelvises, and a loud moan from her. I do it again, and again, building momentum, and her moans become louder and louder. My ball sack is now rapidly banging against her ass like a miniature wrecking ball. She senses as I get closer to orgasm, and says “fill my pussy up with your seed, I want your seed inside me.” As hot as that sounded, I always felt that the hottest part is that I was 18 years old, and I was fucking my petite step mom’s 38 year old hairy horny pussy. Also, the danger factor of making sure my dad never found out added to the excitement as well. As I reached orgasm, my cum spurted out of my cock in rapid succession inside Susan’s cunt with a tremendous feeling of bliss and content……..

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