The Summer Vacation Ch. 02

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In the morning, I woke up hearing two female voices. One was Anandhi aunty, and the other Janaki aunty. She had come to Anandhi auntie’s house with her little girl. Janaki aunty had just then given birth to her second child three months ago. I could see her blushing pink due to her pregnancy and breastfeeding.

When I finished my bath and my breakfast and came out to the hall I saw Anandhi auntie was coaxing Janaki auntie to do something and she was refusing shyly. When I asked Anandhi what it was all about she said ‘nothing’ with a wicked smile. Yet, I could hear Anandhi whispering in Janaki’s ears ‘if you want it… just go ahead and do it’.

In a few moments Janaki walked over to her baby and then brought her baby onto her lap where she was seated in the floor cross-legged. Meanwhile auntie signalled me to look out for Janaki’s act.

“What?” I asked to her in a whisper.

Then, just as she would do casually, Janaki pushed aside her yellow printed cotton saree a little bit and then unhooked two of the bottom most buttons of her matching yellow blouse and then pushing them aside introduced her daughter’s mouth to her left breast to feed the warm milk from it. Only then I realised that she didn’t wear any bra inside. I could see her face blush with shyness and she didn’t look up and face me even a moment. Instead, with her left hand I could see her kneading the left nipples as if milking them for her baby.

Without my conscience I felt my left hand go up above my hard penis and knead them inside my shorts. Anandhi auntie would have noticed me I think.

She moved next to Janaki and said aloud that all three of us in the room could hear, “You seem tensed Akka(elder sister)… why don’t you just relax? It’s just three of us here. And then saying that, she moved to Janaki’s back and slowly massaged her shoulders. I could hear Janaki give out a soft sexy moan. The next moment Anandhi pushed Janaki’s saree from her shoulders and it fell to the floor. Now Janaki was there sitting to my left with both her large milk-filled breasts jutting out of her blouse, her blouse half open, with one of her mango coloured breasts, showing off its golden lustre to me.

I could only see half of her left nipple as her daughter was still sucking her left breast. The nipple was brown with a light brown and rosy areola surrounding it. Now Anandhi auntie’s hands moved to sides of Janaki and started massaging her left breast. Janaki auntie moaned yet more loudly with some intermittent words like ‘No Anandhi…’ and ‘Please Anandhi… don’t do it…’.

“Do you like this? Do you enjoy this Akka?” Anandhi Auntie was asking her.

There was a feeble ‘yes’ from Janaki.

Then let ‘us’ do whatever and I’m sure you will enjoy it.” The word ‘us’ meant it included me also. I could feel a pulse of blood striking at the end of my penis hard.

The thought that all these were happening in broad daylight, in the front room of the house made all of us excited more. I was continuing to stroke my penis. And I could see Janaki auntie in some sort of seduced feel.

“Praveen, could you help us?” Anandhi auntie asked me.

By this time the little baby was fast asleep and I put the baby to the cradle.

And Janaki auntie stood up, still her saree at her hips and her blouse half open, trying to hook her blouse and smooth her saree at her shoulders.

“You both move to my bedroom. I’ll be there in a minute.” Anandhi auntie said to both of us. We both went to her bedroom and she followed us locking the bedroom door. canlı bahis Then catching the shoulders of Janaki auntie and let the saree fall off her shoulders.

“Anandhi, should we really do this? I’m feeling very much shy.” Janaki said to Anandhi.

“Why Akka… You were the one who said that you wanted to feel Praveen’s hard muscles on your body…”

“Is that so auntie?” I asked Janaki auntie looking straight at her face.

“Speak Akka… Don’t feel shy… After all it is between us three…” Anandhi auntie coaxed Janaki.

“Yesss… but…” Janaki was struggling to accept her desire for my body.

“Ok. Then… don’t worry… everything will be fine.” Anandhi still encouraged her. And then she slowly started unhooking the hooks of Janaki’s blouse. Slowly I moved my sweaty palm over Janaki auntie’s supple fleshy hips. They were so soft and beautiful. I could feel her body shiver in excitement.

As Janaki was stripped of her blouse, both her milk-filled supple breasts sprang out of her chest and juggled in the front. Her nipple tips were filled with her milk. White droplets could be seen at her nipple tip. Anandhi auntie squeezed Janaki’s breasts and milk squirts out in one fast motion out the left breast where she was feeding her daughter.

Without saying a word, Anandhi auntie moved her mouth to Janaki’s breasts and started sucking the right breast while at the same time kneading the left one. Janaki let out a shrill moan that showed she began to enjoy the excited feeling. Blood once again rushed to the tip of my penis. With one hand I was kneading my shorts-covered penis. Sweat beads appeared at all our skins.

Just imagine this situation… two of my aunties sitting before me on a bed, with one of the half-naked and the other playing with the naked breasts. My tongue went dry and I gobbled a thick blob of my own saliva to wet my throat. Janaki was sitting on the bed feeling the tongue of Anandhi auntie with her eyes closed and her moving from one side to other in a slow swaying motion.

Emboldened by this scene I moved near both of them and slowly grazed my hand on Janaki auntie’s naked shoulders. She caught my hand and then placed it on one of her breasts and I started massaging them. Anandhi auntie gave me a smiling look and continued to drink milk from Janaki auntie’s left breast. Janaki auntie pulled me in the front and coaxed me to suck the other breast of hers. After a few seconds there we were; me and Janaki auntie, both of us sucking each of the Janaki auntie’s breasts… like two puppies sucking the teats of their mother.

I felt warm milk flowing into my tongue, tasteless yet sweetened with raw lust! Minutes passed… may be around 10 minutes I think… milk stopped flowing from her breasts. May be that was the case with Anandhi auntie too who was sucking one of her breasts.

“Hmm… it seems you’ve got less milk today. Did somebody else suck your breasts yesterday night?” Anandhi asked Janaki with a wicked smile.

“None other than my husband”, said Janaki with a soft giggle.

Next Anandhi auntie tried to pull Janaki auntie’s saree and petticoat from her hips, which met a moaning protest from Janaki auntie.

“No Anandhi… plz… I’m feeling very shy.” Janaki said with red cheeks. Yet Anandhi auntie didn’t stop but pulled off the dress whisking them away through her legs making Janaki fully naked. Her white long thighs were soft and sexy. In between her thighs at her groin were nice black curls covering the deep exotic mound that is a source to thousand pleasurable moments. bahis siteleri A musky smell filled the room as sweat and her juices at her cunt worked together.

Spreading the thighs of Janaki auntie, Anandhi gave me the full view of the beauty, even as Janaki closed her eyes with shame and shyness using her hands. In that short moment, Anandhi pulled off my shorts in a fraction of second, revealing my long hard penis that was ready to show its might.

“You naughty…” Anandhi giggled looking at my hard-on.

A drop of pre-cum glistened like a glass bead at the entrance of my penis. The foreskin was pushed back convincingly and Anandhi ran her hand along the contours of my penis. Only then Janaki opened her eyes and was awe-struck by the sheer hardness of my penis. Now she was slowly massaging both her breasts with her hands dreaming about my penis to work its way into her vagina.

“Are you ready Akka?” Anandhi asked her.

“I don’t know what to say… I’m afraid to do this, but still want to do this… I could feel my heart beating hard.” Janaki said.

“Ohh… Come on… Be bold and help him. He is still a person new to do it.” Anandhi coaxed her.

“Ok.” Janaki acknowledged.

Then Anandhi moved to one end of her large bed leaving us alone and at the same time providing herself a nice ring-side view of our fuck.

Now I could see the fear in Janaki’s face gone. Instead a feeling of excitement twinkled in her eyes. She stood up and then slowly with the grace of a mature woman, slowly undid her dress one by one. First she pulled off her saree, and then ripped her blouse off her shoulders, showing me her full-blown soft fleshy breasts with a gold chain and mangalsutra dangling along her cleavage. In a few minutes, her petticoat too came off her hips revealing her hairy cunt. Now it was my turn to get tensed and feel my heart beat fast. She instead, was so cool! She called me beside her and made me massage her breasts thoroughly. Her breasts were a little bit warmer. Her breasts moved between my fingers like a nice ripe juicy mangoes.

Then she bade me to kiss all over her body. I did by the words, moving from every bit of her body from her forehead to her toes, through her face, lips, breast, navel, stomach, waist, her thighs and legs and at last ending up with her toes. All along she punctuated my movements with little moans, soft oohs and aaahs…

She pulled me over her body with my broad chest pinning her breasts and mashing them down to her body. She guided her hands over my back then getting hold of both my ash cheeks positioned me just as if my penis would by right above her hairy cunt. And I slowly and steadily inserted my penis into the mature cunt that had seen two babies coming of it.

Then I withdrew my penis and rubbed it along her cunt lips. She led me to a continuous grinding spree, when both our pubic hairs got entangled with each other brushing the hotness of our groins. After a few minutes, she pulled and positioned my throbbing penis at the entrance of her slit and slowly I pushed it tearing the sides of her vulva.

It was hot, wet and slippery as both our flesh scraped with each other; my penis really scraping the sides of her vulva. It went in and in until it touched the end of the wall and the entrance of her vagina. Yet a part of my penis was out at her groin.

She let out a soft hush and moans as I went in… “Go on till u push yourself fully into me…” she guided me and so I continued to bore into her vagina. Now her moans grew aloud and started to become bahis şirketleri soft screams in between her fast breaths. As stayed there for half a minute as I finished the exploration and then withdrew my penis out of her cunt. As I pulled out her juices flowed out of her wet slushy cunt and along her thighs

“Don’t stop. Do it again and again.” She said and so I pushed it again, but a little bit faster, hitting her vagina in full force. By the fifth time, she bucked her hips up matching my rhythm, so that my penis would go the maximum distance into her cunt.

Till now I was holding her shoulders, but now I rose a little bit, positioned myself above her and started massaging her large breasts.

In the mean time, as my glance passed towards Anandhi auntie, I saw her eyes closed, her saree hiked up to her hips revealing her large wheatish thighs; her saree covering her breasts moved aside with one hand kneading her breasts with her blouse still covering them. The other hand with three of the fingers were exploring in and out of her own hairy cunt. I could think her far away from our world in her won world of dreams, with her eyes closed and enjoying her body.

Our rhythm didn’t stop and I was brought alive to reality by the sexy squeal of Janaki auntie, as my penis hit her vagina the umpteenth time. We worked up our hands and body in such a way as to increase of enjoyment. We both were sweating now fully and our skin glistened with sweat. Janaki auntie let out all sort of sounds as I fucked her harder and harder, moans, and screams and squeals and scowls, punctuated by soft yet faster deep breaths.

At one moment I felt as if a rocket burst out of my penis, just as my cum came out and shattered on the walls of her vulva. The next moment the rocked with soft breathy ‘Ayyoooooo…’ and finished her orgasm. I fell on top of her still clutching her breasts, yet smashing them between me her. In a few moments, Anandhi too let out a squeal of her own and ended up her orgasm.

So we three were there on the bed. Janaki and me… both of us fully naked, sweat filled and hugging each other on one side of the bed. And Anandhi at the other side with her saree and petticoat rolled up above her navel, half naked down the legs, her curly pubic hair matted by her own juices. We stayed that way letting out soft breaths and relaxing without speaking a word. Then we faced each other giving a warm wicked smile.

Again Anandhi moved near us and started sucking Janaki’s sagging breasts. I could see her slurping due to the sound of the milk out of Janaki’s breasts. “Please Anandhi… not again…” Janaki said with a laugh.

Still we didn’t let her go till we milked all of her breasts that afternoon. Then Anandhi auntie moved out for a bath while I slept with Janaki on the bed for an hour or so. When we woke up we laughed seeing each other still naked together, and then as Janaki refreshed herself with a face wash, they both moved naked into the room and then started dressing themselves. It was a dream-come-true for me as I saw two of my aunties naked in front of me.

We had our food and then talked happing with each other, with both Janaki aunty and Anandhi aunty snuggling beside me, on my lap. When Anandhi spelled out my fantasy to fuck or rape all my aunties, Janaki let out a loud laugh and then committed herself to help me enjoy my fantasy, reasoning herself with a point that all four of the ladies would surely enjoy it together, if it happens.

(To be continued… this is the second part of the story. I finished posted all the parts of the story simultaneously… so they would be approved in a matter of time)

Hi, friends… This is the second part… hope u enjoyed it.. Do sent ur comments ok?

Bye till then, from Saranya.

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