The Sunday School Teacher

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Summer vacation was a week away and the students at Louise K. High School was in a great mood, looking forward to the break from their teachers and the usual tedious school activities.

When Michael got promoted, his wife Samantha, daughter Julie and Jack his son, had to relocate with him to Southland.

While none of them were keen to move away from their friends, Jack took the news particularly hard.

This was in part because a couple of months prior to this, a new couple had moved in next door to Jack and his family.

Jack had grown accustomed to spying on them from his bedroom as they fucked in their backyard.

Jack knew he would miss the sandy beaches of Derby. The topless young women who walked around frolicking in short shorts and mini skirts as they flaunted their asses and tits.

Most of all he would miss spying on Cathy, the “milf” next door, when her husband was not around.

On these occasions, Cathy would invite guys and girls in their late teens to early twenties over to swim in their pool. This always turned into a free for all sexual romp.

Jack had witnessed Cathy being double and triple teamed by her fuck buddies. Sometimes she would take on three guys, other times two guys and a girl.

He had even seen her in a daisy chain with five college-age females, but what aroused him the most, was watching her fucking the high school quarterback-(his bully) and his friends.

Jack would cum just from watching as they used and abused her sexually for their gratification.

Calling her a “slut cunt and cum dump” seemed to turn, Cathy on even more, and for some strange reason had the same effect on Jack.

When the college jocks gangbanged her it lasted for hours.

Jack would cum so many times that he would not be able to get erect or produce sperm for several hours.

Watching her with a cock in her cunt, one in her ass, and one in her mouth, with another in each hand, made his day. When they came on her face, tits, ass, and in all her holes, it blew his mind.

The gang-bangs, she had with the eighteen year old high school jocks were nothing compared to those with the college guys, nevertheless, it was to witness her sucking and fucking the high school boys that thrilled him the most.

Jack wished he could be one of them, but knew he did not have a chance, after all, he was just the school nerd, someone the jocks picked on and bullied.

That was until a month before they relocated.

He didn’t know the reason for their change in attitude until that fateful Friday.

Jack had come home unexpectedly. Chess club had been canceled, so- he rushed to take up his favorite spot to see what Cathy was up to.

The scene that was displayed before his eyes, shocked, thrilled, excited and disturbed him all at the same time. So much so that, he came all over himself before he even unzipped, touched or took his cock out.

Looking out his window, he saw the makings of a Roman orgy, but that was not the reason for his rapid heartbeat, nor was it the male attendees, his bully, – the high school quarterback and six of his friends.

What stirred his reaction was the presence of his mom, Samantha, his Sunday school teacher, who lectured him at every opportunity, and Julie his “holier than thou” sister.

Julie was on her knees a cock shoved up her ass, getting fucked while sucking on another cock.

She was moaning as both guys drove their cocks all the way in and out of her, her ass and mouth stretched with the cocks of her brother’s bullies.

Her sun-kissed body glistened, and tears rolled down her cheeks from the pounding she was receiving.

Tom the guy fucking her face held onto her head as he drove his cock all the way in, lodging it right in her throat. He took a deep breath, and repeatedly slammed his cock in and out, as his balls bounced off her chin.

Spit and cum leaked from her oval-shaped mouth and splashed her face as Tom continued to ram his cock into her.

Silver strings of saliva drool and precum continuously escaped her engorged mouth, splattering Tom and her as it dripped off their sweaty bodies onto the lawn.

Tom held her head in place as he stood still and emptied his fully loaded balls into her mouth, the thick white and creamy liquid escaping from her defiled mouth. She choked, gagged and coughed, as bubbles and strings of his cum flowed freely from her precious mouth and lips.

Julie stuck out her tongue trying to capture as much as she could before it landed on the lawn. Her eyes were watering, her cheeks and lips were puffy and red from the assault. Mascara ran illegal bahis down her cheeks and smeared her face, her blonde hair was disheveled; overall, she looked a sexy, if slutty mess.

As Tom pulled out Jeremy left Jack’s mother and replaced him. Like a good cum slut, Julie swallowed all seven inches of his “steel-like rod,” alternately deep Throating and nibbling on him, running her snakelike tongue along his meaty shaft and hairy, cum- laden balls.

Julie seemed to savor the taste and aroma of her mother’s juices on Jeremy, as she stroked his shaft and caressed his balls while he fucked her face. She drooled and licked her way down his shaft, engulfing his hairy nut sack, and sucking on the egg-shaped globes.

The only words coming from Jeremy’s mouth were, ” OOOH BABY, OOOH BABY!” “YES YES YESSSS! WORK THAT COCK, SLUTTT, WORK THAT COCK!”

The combination of her saliva, his pre-cum, and her mother’s pussy juice coated his impressive cock.

Jeremy became impatient, took Julie’s head in his hands and shoved his cock deep in her mouth, touching her tonsils in one swoop. He was close to the finish line, his cock in overdrive, pistoning in and out with no regard to her needs.

A combination of spit, pre-cum and cum were flying all over, as he watched a smile appear on her cum smeared face.

Derrick the guy fucking her ass, held onto her shoulders as he drove his cock at a rapid pace into her, repeatedly pounding her sweet sexy ass, showing her no mercy.


The tighter Julie’s ass gripped Derrick’s cock, the harder he fucked her, it was not slow and easy going, it was rough, fast and hard.

Julie was squealing, like a stuck pig, and as the sound reverberated along Jeremy’s cock, his shaft swelled, shooting into her mouth which overflowed with his copious discharge.

Jack heard the smacking of their bodies from his perch in the window, even over the groaning and yelling of his mom and Cathy.

Jack’s cock was rubbed raw, but somehow it once again erected. His lust filled eyes still focused on his sister’s stuffed mouth and ass. Secretly, he cheered them on.

Derrick just kept slamming repeatedly into Julie, pulling on her tits and pinching her nipples, calling her “his cum sucking whore.”

Derrick moved into a kneeling position, his left-hand slapped the cheeks of her ass as he wrapped her blonde hair around his right hand.

Jeremy’s cock dislodged from Julie’s mouth and a large glob of saliva and drool escaped her vacated mouth; he wiped his cock on her, as he came on hair face.

Mike grabbed the back of Julie’s head, and shoved the monster he called a cock in her mouth, busting the saliva bubble that had formed around her mouth and nose.

Mike asked Julie if she loved the taste of Samantha, her mom on his cock, telling her, “It just came out of your her mom’s cunt and ass.”

Julie nodded, pulled his cock out of her mouth and said; “I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, GIVE IT TO MEEE!”

Mike put both hands behind her head and slammed his cock back into her mouth.

Julie began to gag and choke, a strand of saliva leaked out her mouth and dripped down past her tits and perky, cherry nipples, landing on the lawn.

Derrick the guy fucking her ass leaned backwards for more leverage and pulled on her hair. He began howling, filling her bowels with his thick creamy discharged, soothing her sweet, well-used ass.

When Derrick pulled out of her cum filled bowels, some trickled out, and he began slapping her thick, firm, tight ass with his cock. His final rope landed in the middle of her back; as he fell on her they tumbled onto the lawn, then, with a smile on his face he went looking for his next conquest.

Julie was still on her back as Mike knelt over her face, straddling her head, he stuck his cock in her mouth.

Julie wrapped her hands around his ass, welcoming him into her sloppy used mouth as he bent over her, driving his cock into her mouth, fucking her throat deeply and urgently. He needed to cum.

A gurgling sound escaped her, as his first few shots of cum coated her mouth, tongue and throat, and she gleefully swallowed his load. As Mike pulled out, his final blast of thick, slimy cum, covered her eyes, nose and mouth.

Mike’s gooey cum stuck to her face, coating her everywhere. Her eyes temporarily stuck shut from his gluey discharge.

Julie stuck out her tongue trying to retrieve what was on her face, licking her swollen, bee stung like lips teasingly. Taking his cock in her hand, she jerked him off on her tongue, savoring the last of his copious nectar as it coated her tongue and ran down her throat.

Jack’s cock illegal bahis siteleri was throbbing painfully in the confines of his pants as he continued to rub his cock from his secret spot in, his bedroom.

Jack was transfixed, watching as his mom’s hips made small circular motions as she fucked Deon’s big stiff cock. His eyes locked onto that junction where Deon’s cock slid in and out of his mom’s cleaned shaven glistening bald cunt.

Lewd smacking sounds echoed around the back yard, as she bucked and rolled her ass all over his thighs, cum and pussy juice, ran out of her pussy and down his cock.

Jack watched, mesmerized, as Deon slapped Samantha’s round tight firm ass repeatedly and with great force.

Smack, smack, smack, smack, echoed across the yard as Deon forcefully spanked her humping ass.

Yes! Yes! YEESSSSSSSS! Spankkkk my asssssss! Samantha screamed.

Her ass turned a bright red and his hand prints shone all over her quivering ass.

Her clenching pussy was a blur as she slammed it repeatedly up and down on his cock, making her moan.

Suddenly Deon pulled her off his shaft with, a wet popping sound, and pushed as her face down on the lawn. He dropped to his knees, his hands wrapped around her waist and wiggling ass, and drove his rock hard, glistening cock into her well used, wet, hot, slippery, fuck hole.

Softer sounds and panting escaped her mouth, followed by OHHHHS and hissing as she moaned and groaned wantonly.

Deon’s cock filled her hungry pussy, making her arch her ass high into the air as he eagerly resumed to slam fuck her upturned cunt.

Jack’s reaction, was about jealousy, anger and rage;, he wanted to hurt them, especially his mom, wondering how could she betray him. Telling himself, It should be him fucking her, not Deon.

Jack was suddenly distracted from his thoughts by his mom’s groaning and yelling at Deon his bully, “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEE HARDERRRRRRR STUD, FUCKKK MYYYY CUNNNNNNNNTT, FILL MY CUNT WITH YOUR BLACK BABY SEED”!

For the next three to four minutes the continuous loud smacking of their bodies could be heard over everything else. It was as if time stood still, and the only persons that existed was his mom and Deon.

Deon’s cock ravaged her cunt, he put all his energy into it, as he fucked her mercilessly.

His huge black cock spread apart her swollen cunt lips and stretched open her pussy, with every heart-pounding stroke, as he bottom out in her tunnel of love.

Jack heard the haunting, raspy voice of his mom, telling Deon she wanted to ride his big black cock to glory, she wanted him to fill her cunt with his baby batter.

Harder and harder the black cock pounded her pussy.

As she squealed and whimpered, “Fuck me, baby! Your cock feels so good in me, it’s so big and hard, split me open with it.”.

Her words inspired Deon to power fuck her as hard as he could.

Him, telling her to bounce on it, “Bounce on my cock baby, ride my fucking cock, ride me like the good little slut you are.”

As their bodies shifted position, her astride him, sitting on his cock and riding him, they began french kissing, their hands caressing and exploring each others’ bodies.

He occasionally slaps her ass, as they both cum together once more time, filling her cunt with his potent black seed. Their combine love juice coats his black rod of steel, some slowly trickles down to his large balls covering them.

Fucking his bully was already hurtful, but seeing his Mom being so intimate with Deon was disturbing. Jack even started to wonder if she was in love with Deon.

Samantha re-positioned herself and took hold of Deon’s big black cock and began forcing her squeezing cunt onto him.

The combination of their juices dripped out of her, and every inch of his cock was slowly, teased, kissed, caressed and devoured by her pussy lips and cunt. As her cunt engulfed his cock, she began sighing, her body trembled, their hands interlocked like lovers, their lips locked, with their tongues intertwining and their bodies grinding on each other.

They looked for all the world like long lost lovers.

She rode him slowly, only going up halfway before going back down, not wanting to let his precious cock escape the grips of her cunt. White frothing cum covered his shaft and ran down to his egg size balls with every movement.

As she continued the slow, deliberate ride, her back was to Jack’s window, Deon had both his hands on her sexy firm hip. His hands roaming from her hips to her delectable, firm tight ass, caressing her cheeks, spreading them open.

Jack could clearly see her brown hole, as Deon’s finger penetrated her ass. First one, then two fingers invaded her; canlı bahis siteleri she started yelling, more baby, more, someone, shove your cock up my ass, fuck my ass.

As his mom fucked one of the biggest cocks he had seen, Jack, driven- by lust began to stroke his own. As Deon stuffed, Jack’s cheating mom’s tight cunt, Mike came over, straddled her body, lined his cock up with her ass, and slammed his cock home, all in one swift stroke.

Samantha yelled and screamed from the sudden and swift invasion of her ass. Both guys held her still, allowing her and themselves to adjust to this additional penetration of her tight orifice.

They slowly began a coordinated an in and out motion, giving her time to adjust and get comfortable with being double penetrated. As she became comfortable, they built up to a forceful steady rhythm as Mike entered her ass, Deon pulled out of her cunt, as Deon invaded her cunt, Mike pulled out.

Back and forth, the guys took her, increasing their tempo, repeatedly slamming their cocks home. It was her first double penetration.

Tears ran down her cheeks, and she was gasping for air. She started to scream, “Give me more, more, more, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me harder.”

Peter, filled her empty mouth with his thick six-inch cock, and she took it like a real pro. He grabbed her head and started face fucking her.

Another first, as she had never been triple penetrated.

All three guys used her for the next hour, each cumming in her multiple times, while she completely lost track of the number of orgasms she had.

Cum ran out of her mouth, ass, and cunt. Sweat covered their bodies, and finally, exhausted, they all fell to the lawn.

Julie, Samantha’s nineteen-year-old daughter, and Monique her thirty-year-old neighbor crawled over to where she lay. Julie and her mom got into a sixty-nine position and started to lick each others cum filled pussies.

Not wanting to be outdone, Monique took a pillow, placed it under Samantha’s ass, and started to nibble, bite and lick her leaking cum filled ass.

The guys’ cocks, although apparently spent, began to stir once more, and as the three women formed a daisy chain, the seven guys joined them.

Jack’s opinion of his mom and sister had changed, he would no longer feel embarrassed spying on them as they showered or undressed. He would no longer feel guilty trying to look up their skirts and dresses.

His only regret was that he did not record the orgy,

Time had flown by when he was interrupted by his buzzing phone. Looking at it, he saw a missed call and two text messages from his dad, inquiring about the whereabouts of his mom and sister.

As they started to break up into smaller groups again, he ignored his phone and turned his attention back to his mom and Deon.

His mom was on her back, getting fucked by Deon, and Peter was fucking her tits.

He heard his mom asked Peter if he liked her tits.

As Peter straddled his mom, she stuck out her tongue and swiped at his cock every time it approached her mouth.

His mom began moaning and groaning, her breath becoming shallow.

Through her groaning, he heard her yelling, fuck me Deon, fuck me, planted your baby- making seed in my cunt. Fuck me harder Deon, fuck me.

Peter moved up and off her chest and stuck his cock in her mouth, telling her to make her mouth more useful and suck his cock.

As he straddled her face, he began roughly assaulting her mouth, his cock hitting the back of her throat, her head bouncing off the lawn.

Deon had her legs trapped in his chest, the back of her knees on his shoulders, as he fucked her.

Bending forward, caused her cunt and ass to lift off the lawn, giving him a much better and deeper penetration, and added more power to his strokes. As he fucked her, he was sucking on her right tit and mauling her left.

His milf had a cock in her cunt, one in her ass, and another in her mouth. Two of the guys, fucking her pulled out at the same time, cumming on her ass and on her face, as she continued to ride the guy under her.

Peter stiffened, arched his back and held her head as he shoved his seven-inch cock down her throat, pinning her to the lawn as he straddled her chest and came in her mouth.

Deon’s pace sped up as he fucked her, slamming his balls in her ass and pulling her tits, calling her his cunt.

With his knees firmly planted on the lawn, and her legs pressed against his chest and resting on his shoulders, he leaned over her, causing her ass to lift further off the ground, as he jack -hammered his cock deep into her cunt.

It was then he heard the words he never thought he would hear coming from his mom’s mouth.


Jack was so focused on his mom and Deon he had completely temporarily forgotten about his dad’s messages.

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