The Sweetest Taboo

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This is actually something from the archives of unfinished ideas. Since I have some time on my hands of late, I figure now would be a good time to finish out some stuff I had written before.

“Hey sis! Remember me?”

Tisha Roberts stood at the door in complete shock looking at the person in front of her, the latest KaySlay CD whispering its aural presence in the background. She scanned the person in front of her, trying to figure out what was going on. The woman in front of her was wearing a black leather catsuit that stopped just below her ass. Combined with a pair of thigh length black leather platform boots, the girl’s athletic, almost flat-out muscular legs seemed to stretch forever. The torso seemed almost unnatural, with a toned, tight stomach evident even through the leather and a bust that did just that through the catsuit, leaving a valley of cleavage for a lock of blonde hair to contrast against her dark chocolate skin. Her head was surrounded with a waist-length main of platinum blonde hair, and her face was made up with light metallic colors, her bright smile beaming through her shiny rose-colored lips.

Tisha, meanwhile, stared back, leaning her 5’10” frame against the door, her faded Janet Jackson t-shirt and sweatpants draping down against her body as she shook her head and said, “no way.”

“Yes it is, sis,” the woman said as she ran her hand through Tisha’s short-shorn curly locks. “It’s me, Jimmy. Remember?”

“Yeah, right. Jimmy is over in Okinawa right now, serving his military proudly…or so he keeps writing me.”

“And that’s going to be the official story to ma, at least until I figure out what to tell her,” the woman continued. “Remember your first boyfriend? You know, the tall, skinny one with those freaking Dumbo ears? The one you said wasn’t, how do I put this, big enough for you? The one I hid out in my closet to bail you out?”

Tisha stood up in shock when the woman at the door rattled off such a personal detail. “Well,” Tisha said half to herself. “If you know that, then you must know plenty about Jimmy…”

“’cause I am Jimmy!” the woman said. “Look, I know this stresses credulity, but could you let me in? I wanted to visit home, and I figured that I wouldn’t scare you to death if I didn’t use the keys. C’mon now.

“Well, you do look kinda like Grandma,” Tisha continued as she studied the woman’s face. “Especially…”

“…around the eyes,” the woman finished as she picked up the small leather bag at her feet.

“Oh my God,” Tisha said in a whisper, shocked as realized that this might be her brother after all.

Tisha leaned out over the door and looked both ways on the quiet tree-lined block, making sure a few people as possible were witnessing this exchange. Then, she stepped back away from the door, motioning for the woman to come in. “Come in, um…what do you call yourself these days?”

“Storm,” the woman replied as she walked in the door, ducking in under the door frame. “You know, like Halle Berry’s character from the X-Men movies?”

“OK,” Tisha said with a giggle “Name like a stripper? This story has to be good,” she said as she closed the door. “Where do you wanna tell it?”

“How about in your room, sis?” Storm replied. “I hear you got the latest KaySlay mixtape up there blasting.

“Yeah, I was listening to that before entering the Twilight Zone,” Tisha said, still in shock about the events of the past few minutes. “Come.”

Tisha looked over her shoulder as she heard the thud of those high heels tap onto the hardwood floor. As she walked up the stairs, she looked over her shoulder and couldn’t help but notice how slinky her brother, I mean sister, looked in that catsuit. “How the fuck did he end up a sex object?” Tisha thought to herself.

Tisha turned up the hallway towards her bedroom, then opened the door, hitting both her and Storm with a wall of sound.”

“Is that the new Papoose? Sounds like he’s at it again!”

“Yeah, he is,” Tisha said as she killed the volume on the stereo. She climbed onto the bed, then took loose her scrunchie, letting her brown hair flare out a bit before tightening it up again. “OK, Jimmy, let me ask. Are you really in Okinawa?”

“Well, I was for a while, then shit got real…really real.”

“So real that you have tits faker than Pamela Anderson Lee?”

“Yeah, pretty much. Let me explain this one, OK?”

“Alright, this should be a good one. My brother has turned into a tranny because he has to,” Tisha said as she folded her knees up on the bed and snuggled in next to her teddy bears. “What next? Ellen DeGeneres doing interracial gangbangs?”

“With some of the shit I’ve seen, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her doing it, with Portia de Rossi the fluffer. Let me explain this as quickly as possible. Now, up until about a year ago, everything I’ve been telling you and mom has been pretty accurate. Yadda, yadda, yadda, basic training, blah blah blah computer training, wah, wah, wah Okinawa. I was just thanking my lucky stars that good grades on the Basic Skills test combined with some classic luck of the draw had me in Japan illegal bahis as opposed to the Middle East. Then, one day in the shower, I see some officer walk up to me, tell him to come at once and toss me a towel to keep decent.”

“What for?”

“Well, we’re getting closer to my current appearance. You know the family genes for thin, wiry builds, especially among the men?”

“Yeah. I know how our uncles are. But what does that have to do with anything? Is the army making a he-she army?”

“Get comfy, because this is going to be rich. After being yanked from the shower, I end up in this place way out behind God’s back to a meeting with a bunch of guys who I thought were civilians, along with my military escort and some other officer dude. Anyway, turns out the civilians work for what’s commonly called The Company.”

“What Company?”

“THE company. The CIA.”

“Oh, that’s some shit,” Tisha said as she sat up. “So the CIA made you into a transsexual Halle Berry? By the way, stand up…I want to see what they did to ya.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty much the size of it,” Storm said as she climbed off the bed and stood in front of her sister. In the narrow bedroom, it became much more obvious to Tisha how her brother had changed. Her breasts looked impossibly pneumatic as they almost floated over her head. While the tight, wiry frame she was used to growing up, she didn’t expect her brother to be turned into a real-life comic book heroine. Even her, I mean, his, I mean, fuck it, her brother’s ass looked much more voluptuous than any she could ever have, no matter how much weight she put on or how well she worked out.

“Is all of that a part of you?”

“Courtesy of the American taxpayer, and I got the thankfully small scars to prove it.”

“OK, I gotcha. But why all this?” Tisha said, gesturing to Storm’s body.

“Alright, here’s the drill: a good chunk of American spies are either closet cases or fans of transsexuals like me. It turns out that if you’re good at being in the closet about your sexuality, you’ll be good at other forms of living a double life. Of course, then the CIA can’t use the same methods of spying on the spies, and that’s where I came in. Apparently, between the build and some, ahem, ‘male attributes’, the CIA thought I would be a good person to check out on these people, ya know, flirt with them, get into relationships with them, and make sure they’re playing for the home team.”

“They obviously aren’t, especially if they’re with you. I mean, don’t they notice your hands?”

“He, he, funny,” Storm said with a toss of her hair. “My job was to make sure they weren’t trying to sell nuclear secrets to Al-Qaeda and stuff like that, not that kind of home team. Anyway, the first month was a bitch. Implants, silicone injections in the ass and thigh, rib removal, facial feminization surgery, the works. Can I say Codeine IVs are better the Jesus?”

“Yeah, I bet. I got some Tylenol with Codeine when I broke my leg last year, remember?” Tisha said while the two siblings broke into a laugh and ended up slapping 5.

“Then after all that, there were the femininity classes. I had to act, dress, talk and generally carry myself to be enough of a woman that I wouldn’t get beat on the street while making it obvious to the open-minded set who I was. And then there was anal training…” Storm said before shivering in recoil, looking up and putting her long-taloned hands over her prodigious chest. “Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord…”

“Damn, that’s some deep shit. So how did you make it here?”

“Alright,” Storm said after taking a breath. “Eventually, they informed me of my first target. I can’t tell you what he was doing, but no one would mistake this dude for James Bond, that’s for true. Anyway, I was planted in this club out in London to meet up with him. Being nervous about that whole sex thing, I played hard-to-get for a bit, getting useful info to my superiors and such, which was thankfully good news. Of course, at some point he was looking to consummate the relationship, and, well, I ran. I got the hell out of Dodge, got in touch with my superior and couldn’t do it. I mean…”

Storm took a deep breath, then wiped her eyes and ran a hand through her platinum tresses. “It’s one thing to be told this is what’s going on, but when he touched my leg and kissed my cheek, I mean…fuck country at that point. Everyone has their limit, ya know?”

“Damn, I know that’s some ill shit,” Tisha said as she gave Storm a hug, rubbing her arm and brushing her hair out of her face. “I can’t believe all that happened to you. What did they do after that? And why did they choose you in the first place?”

“Well, because of the obvious physical stuff. Heck, before this, I had this regular local piece and a female solider who performed some maintenance, if you get my drift. But after all this, it was kind of hard to just go back to the base. Officially, I was off doing some special ops in Afghanistan, so I had to go back as Storm to Okinawa to run some entertainment agency for the troops, like setting up parties and shows and illegal bahis siteleri stuff. Meanwhile, it’s kind of hard to circulate on the base with all…this,” Storm said as she gestured to herself. “I mean, if you’re female in the military, you aren’t going to be seen too tough with a female, especially one who looks like me. I was able to convince the brass to let me back home for a visit, and here I am.”

Tisha sat there in gap-jawed shock, amazed at the story she heard. Then she looked down at her new sister, exchanged a look and knew that it was real. She held her sister close, caressing her hair, feeling a bit warm from the touch. She shook her herself to herself, then lifted her sister up against the bed on the wall.

“So, what are your plans for being in the city?”

“Other than visit you, nothing much,” Storm said. “To keep up appearances, I need to meet up with some people during the day, but that’s about it. How’s mom doing?”

“She’s OK. Work at the hospital is the same ol’ same ol’.”

“And how’s the Applebee’s?”

“Managing it is a bit of a pain, as usual,” Tisha said with a laugh. “Though the wait staff is a bit nervous, with the economy is biting into their tips.”

“And classes?”

“Just one more year of the foolishness, ya know…”Tisha replied. “Hey, can I ask ya something?”


“Can I see your tits?”

“OK, let me get to my feet,” Storm said. She got her balance on her platform heels, then reached behind her neck to start the zipper down. After managing it to get it so far down, she reached behind her and pulled it down the rest of the way. Struggling a bit with the tight leather, she pulled one arm, then the other out of her suit, letting it drop to reveal a huge, perfectly round and firm set of tits that didn’t look as fake as much as they did supernatural. The massive mammaries were almost the size of her head each, yet seemed to defy gravity as they stood out in front of her, with huge, almost black areolas the size of the palm of her hand and smallish nipples.

“Hmmm…” Tisha said to herself as she reached out and traced the areolas. “Looks like you managed to get boobs shaped like mine, except, well, perfect. Even the nipples look just like mine.”

“I know,” Storm said, unsteady on her high perch as her sisters toyed with her breasts. “They told me the same thing after all the surgeries, that I must have picked that up from you,” she finished with a nervous giggle.

“Really,” Tisha said as she tried to heft a gravity- defying breast in her hand out of curiosity. Getting up on her knees and looking at a nipple, she swirled her tongue around it and gave it a suck, making Storm sigh a bit. She swirled her tongue around, then, rocked back on her knees with a loud pop.

“Hey, I, I got a bit carried away. You do look kind of tasty there though. Such nice skin.”

“Thanks sis,” Storm replied, blushing through her dark skin. “You know, it’s kind of been a while, ya know. Hey, can I see yours?”


“‘Cause you seen mine, ya nut. Besides, I haven’t seen yours since you were 7, and I still don’t buy the family resemblance thing.”

“Alright, alright,” Tisha said as she reached for the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. “Happy now?”

Storm brushed a few stray locks of hair out of her face and looked down at her sister. For such a thin frame, she had more than a handful on her chest. In anything, the areolas she had were larger than her, standing out in caramel on her two-toned skin.

“Yes, I am, my two-toned sis. In fact, I might just return the favor,” Storm replied as she reached down to pinch those nipples hard before pulling them.

“Hey, that hurt!” Tisha screamed in mock horror.

Storm stuck her tongue out at her in response. “Chicken!”

“Speaking of chicken, did you really have that surgery, um, what’s your name now?”

“Storm,” she replied. “And yes, I did. They just went though the belly button, see?” she continued, showing the small scar along the bottom of her navel as she stretched out the skin of her ripped abs.

“How did they get those boobs up there then?”

“They told me they used a catheter to snake them up into place, then inflated them. It took me two go- rounds to get me up to that size. All the scars I have is that and a couple on the bottom of my ass, that’s it.”

“Really? Lemme see.”

Storm turned around to face her sister, the shelf of her huge, rounded ass stretching her catsuit to the max. She reached down to unzip the suit over the rest of her bac and ass, then stuck her thumbs into the catsuit and the boyshorts underneath to pull the suit down until it pooled around her feet. She leaned on the dresser next to her to step out of the catsuit, kicked it to the side and stood there.

“Wow, they gave you a fatty there,” Tisha said before giving Storm’s ass a smack and hearing it crack a bit more than expected. “Ain’t it on the hard side though?”

“Eh, you get used to it,” Storm said. “At least it got the job done from my perspective, or maybe a bit too well. You’d be surprised how many dudes canlı bahis siteleri didn’t notice how hard it was during my brief spy adventures. But look,” she said as she gripped her cheeks and raised them. “I got a couple of lines down and the base of these things. See them?”

“Yeah,” Tisha said as she leaned forward and traced them out. “Did it hurt when they did all that?”

“Mmmhmm, but at least it’s good and healed up for now,” Storm said as she let go of her ass. She then turned around and said, “is there anything else you want to…ooh, I’m sorry. You OK?”

Storm looked down at her sis, and realized she accidentally smacked the side of Tisha’s face with her dick. She saw Tisha rub her cheek, dazed in response, then her eyes bulge open as she realized what hit her. She hefted up the thick, limp dick in one hand and the balls in the other. She looked down at Tisha weighing her privates in her hands, her eyes glazing over, then feeling those lips and tongue on her shaft, springing them to life. Soon, she felt Tisha’s lips stretch around her swollen head, the suction tugging at her head and the feeling tugging at her brain.

She reached down with one hand to caress Tisha’s hair and the other to brace herself on the dresser. Meanwhile, Tisha grabbed onto the the thick shaft and dove onto that huge dick, sucking and coating the half of it she was able to cram into her mouth. She sucked like a woman possessed, the thought of what a huge dick could do making her pants wet as it hardened in her mouth, making her gag and back off of each inch as it grew in her mouth. She stopped sucking for a bit and pumped the huge hard shaft in her mouth as she groaned in desire before swirling her tongue around the plum-like head, making her sister shiver, before sucking hard on the head and pulling off of it with a loud pop. Reaching up on her knees, she reached for and grabbed a can of air freshener off the dresser. She scrambled back down with thin breath, then placed it side by side wityh the length organ she was just fellating.

“Damn, you’re big,” Tisha gasped. “Your headd stretched past this can, and you’re almost as thick. What the fuck? How did I miss this growing up?”

“A lot of modesty,” Storm said in her lust-hazed mind. Snapping back to reality, she recoiled a bit. “Wait a sec. You just sucked my dick, right?”

“Yeah, I mean…”

“I know it’s been a while and all, but still, I don’t wanna marry you on some West Virginia shit. I mean…”

“Yeah, I feel ya,” Tisha said as she lay back on the bed. “But it was just so big and tempting and so close and…well, you see what happened, right?”

“True. That did feel good. But wait a sec, since I got you here…”

“You buggin’, right?”

“I mean…you got any condoms? That’ll cut down on the freak show kid movement.”

“Hold on,” Tisha said as she nudged Storm out of the way, dug through her panties and pulled out a box of Magnum XXLs. “If you’re for real, use these.”

Storm stood there for a moment rocking on her platform heels, as her big head and little head battled it out in her mind. She looked down at her sister for a bit, then almost snatched the box out of her hand, fishing out a condom opening the wrapper and unfurling it on her dick.

“Get. On. All. Fours.”

She saw her sister get onto the bed on all fours, then reached down to pull down her pants. She got on one knee behind her sister, holding onto her dick and aiming it for that pussy. After a bit of an assist, she could feel the warmth envelop her tip. Little by little, she eased her way into the warm, wet walls, feeling them squeeze with each stroke in and out. Finally, she managed to hit bottom, and began to slowly pump. She got her rhythm going with long strokes, steadying herself with one hand on her sister’s arched back. Feeling herself a bit, she wrapped her hands around her sister’s hips, her talons digging into her sister’s flesh, her platinum tresses beginning to stick to her as she started pumping in abandon. That wonderful, tight pussy was rubbing against her so right, tugging at her, milking her in response. She could hear her sister moaning off in the distance, each stroke making her want to go harder, make her to come hard as the loud slap of flesh hypnotized her.


“Wh-what sis?” Storm said as she was broken out of her trance.

“Phew! I knew calling you that would get our attention,” Tisha said, almost out of breath. “Hey, can we change angles? I’m hitting the wall with my head here.”

“Oh, OK. Lay down lengthwise on the bed,” Storm said as she pulled out of Tisha, then got off the bed for Tisha to straighten out. She then climbed in between Tisha’s legs and pifted them up on her shoulders before gently guiding herself into the opened, slick gash between her sister’s legs. She pushed in all the way to the bottom, then rocked back a bit on her knees before starting to stroke out, htting the G-spot with her huge member. Storm looked down and just rocked her hips back and forth, making her sister gasp in pleasure. She kept up the motion, loving the way that cunt squeezed on her more and more until it went a- flutter, coating her balls in a thick layer of juice. She blindly groped out her sister’s tits, rolling and pinching the nipples and getting a yelp out of her as she kept up that motion before stopping and bending down to suck a nipple.

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