The Sweetest Treat

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The Sweetest TreatThe Sweetest TreatPounding music in my car after pounding keys at work. Tonight I drove home under the weather. I had my stereo turned up and window wound down. Tired, I didn’t like the trash I listened to anyway, but I would hear myself think if it were silent. So long as I did not think, I could pretend I was not lonely.The red lights dimmed lazily against the dark sky and this morning’s spent coffee fell from the dashboard as I revved away.”I’m going home. I’m going to bed,” I promised to myself to quell the misery, “sleep fixes everything.”The boss had been a whip today. Mrs. Hanningston, a real bitch of a woman. Who’s she to tell me I don’t work hard enough? Easy enough to work hard when you got something worth working for. But she and I both knew this job was a dead end and at least she had someone to go home to. Before the next light I couldn’t help but to think of her more.She was old, but elegant in a way. Like fancy wine, Hanningston ages well. Controversially amongst the office, her matured elegance often attracted the attentions of younger suiters. So much so that in January of last year she engaged with her mid-twenty something husband, who she often flaunted about the office during lunch breaks, snogging him like the trophy he is. She went home to him tonight…Amber lights flashed red. I broke from my daze to hit the stop. Having come back to reality, I realised I had wicked boner going on. At first I felt disgust. //Her!?// But when the lights turned green, I remembered no one was there to judge. So I kept going. I guess you can find someone you hate sexy, right? Damn I hate her. Her lovely tall physique. Her small firm breasts. Faded blonde hair, worn neatly with pride. Those tight mini-skirts she wears with her dress suit, which women of her age often shun over modesty. And that sense about her that her whole body was as tight as her lips. My dick felt warm. I felt pretty pathetic.”Fuck that young stag she screws. I want what he’s got.”But I was going to go home to fap to some porn for five minutes before I fell asleep, dreaming that somebody would touch me like that.I parked the car. Went upstairs.Pacing down the walkway. I saw someone fumbling at the door next to mine. A lady dressed tight in all black tights, skirt and sweater. She was bent over, peering at the keyhole. Her body was a brilliant dark silhouette against the dull incandescent lights outside. I stood dumbly before my front door, staring at her. Her slim long legs stood as straight as matches, ending in a perky thin ass. Her incredible waist and body arched over whatever she was doing.Just as I was about to remind myself not to be pervert, she looked up and startled. She had a broken hairpin in each hand. Immediately my mind rushed and I was about to apologise for staring at her when she spoke.”It’s not what it looks like!” she sputtered, raising the hairpins in each hand.”Oh uh, no. I didn’t think you were…” I panicked, “What are you doing?”She turned her pained gaze to the keyhole before turning back. “I lost my keys. Locksmith won’t come until tomorrow.””Aw shit, that sucks…” She was having a bad day. That I could see. “Paige, is it?” I think that was her name. We talked once when I moved in.”Yeah,” she calmed slightly, “… Harry?””Henry,” I blurted just a little too quickly. I think my time without loving had made tokat escort me too easily entranced by women.”Oh… Sorry.” Everything was awkward for a moment. I couldn’t stand there all night.So I asked, “what are you going to do then? Book a motel?””Uuugh, fuck. I guess I’m gonna have to.”This was a strangely pleasant encounter. It was nice to talk to someone. Though I felt sad now that I thought it had to end.”My phone battery is flat–“”Would you like to come in?” I said more loudly than I’d intended.She looked taken aback. Almost as much as I was myself. “Yeah, sure.””… What?” I stammered, struggling to process.”Sure, I’d like to come in,” she said, “to your house… May I?””Uh… Yeah, sure.” I fumbled for my keys and let her in, “Here.”She wandered into the shadowy interior of my apartment. I snuck another glance of her smokey silhouette before I clicked the light switch. //What am I doing!?//”Nice place,” she glanced around. She didn’t mean it. Rubbish littered the floor. My sofa bed was still sprawled open with sheets tangled. I hoped she wouldn’t see the giant pile of tissues nearby. “Can I sleep there?” She pointed at the sofa bed.”Uh… I sleep there.””Oh…” The way she stood there with one hand on her hip. I wished she would never go. But she was only here to leave, I kept reminding myself.”Would you like me to look up a motel?””No,” she seemed anxious that I would.”Then…” I didn’t mind her staying longer, but I wondered why she would want to. “Are you tired?” she asked.”No,” I lied. I wanted her to stay a little longer. //She might stay.//”Me neither,” though the dark rings under her eyes told a different story.”Would you like something to drink then?””Like what?””I have some coco.””Coco would be nice, thank you.”I stirred us both some mugs of warm coco. She pulled up a chair and sat. For the first time since I’d seen her, her shoulders loosened and she looked relieved. I passed her a mug. She picked it up with two dainty hands wrapped around the smooth ceramic and took a minuscule sip. A white smear of milk foam remained on her lip. She wiped it away with a single finger and sucked the finger clean in her mouth. There was a wet pop as she pulled the finger out. I chuckled nervously.”What?” she looked up.”Oh, nothing.””What?” she wasn’t going to let it go.”//Don’t be creepy Henry,//” I thought to myself.”Well?””You’re quite cute.” My heart was racing. Her face was vacant.Her lips suddenly broke a smile. She was blushing now, covering her mouth with one hand, trying to suppress a giggle. “Thank you.”Seconds passed.”So Henry, how was your day?””Shit.” Melancholy as that was, it was the first thing I said.”Bad day at work?””Yeah.””Boss’ an asshole?””Yeah.””Mine too,” she said, “Mr. Richard. I call him Mr. Dickhead. Not to his face though.””Hehe,” it’d been a while since I was somewhere I could rant about work, “Mrs. Hanningston. I call her Hag-ingston.”She laughed at that. I liked the way she laughed. It was hot. “Is she an old hag then?””Old, but not a hag. She’s actually pretty sexy. I found myself having a boner for her on the drive home.”Her eyes shot wide open and she gagged on her coco a little. “//Oh great, you really fucked it up now Henry.//””I’m sorry…” I said, “Too much information. I’ve just been spending too much time–“”It’s okay,” she didn’t want to hear the rest. trabzon escort She stirred the spoon in her mug a few times. “Sometimes I get day dreams about riding Mr. Richard until he passes out. It’s not like I actually want to. But if all you think about is sex and work… It happens.””You think about… sex… a lot then?” I asked cautiously.”Hah,” she blushed, “I spend too much time alone… And so do you, from the looks of that giant pile of tissues you have.”I blushed. “Yeah.””I haven’t fucked for maybe six months,” she seemed saddened to admit this.”More than a whole year for me.”Her eyes glowed with pity on hearing this. Though she definitely didn’t do this next thing out of pity. “Would you like to…””Yes.””Over there?” She glanced at the sofa bed.”Sure.”There we were, kneeling on the sheets, lip to lip with clothes still on. The same hot erection was burning away in my trousers, but with no shame in sight. I pulled Paige close. She pulled me in too, holding tight, pressing her soft chest against mine. Her thighs just brushing the inner side of mine. I moaned. She lapped furiously at my mouth.”Mmm,” she hummed in between breathes, “take these off.”She grabbed my hands and pulled them around her back. I frantically fondled at the zippers, buttons and buckles that kept sweet Paige clothed. Meanwhile I felt her hands travel up my back, lifting my shirt up from underneath. Her skirt popped off and I ripped it away from her and tossed it aside. She pulled the shirt over my head now, breaking our embrace for a split second. Impatient to make out some more, she pressed her mouth towards mine through the fabric. Her hands caressing my abdomen.I lifted the shirt off fully and flung it away. She pulled away and shed her slim fit sweater effortlessly over her magnificent figure, then dived back into my face. I fumbled at her top. I just wanted to tear it off. With both her hands pressed between us, she unbuckled my belt. I tugged at her tights, which rolled neatly away from her bare skin.We fell sideways, deep in embrace, furiously making out. Paige lifted her knee, scissoring with me, her hot unclothed leg brushing against the swollen package between my legs. Somewhere through the shuffling, my trousers came off. Her tights caught at the ankles. She reached down to pull them off, laying her soft hair against my chest. I held her tight. She came back up and kissed me in the crook of my neck.She propped herself up, leaning over me. I could stare as much as I liked. Her breasts were right there, cute and plump in a push up bra. Then she touched me. Her slender soft hands were holding my balls through my underwear. I realised that this was really happening now.”Paige!” I exclaimed.”What’s wrong sweetness?” Paige grinned.”Nothing… It’s just that… it’s been a while.”Paige stared blankly at me. “Do you want to stop?””No! Please! I want it so badly…”She shifted her hand, brushing across my thigh and holding my ass. “You’re nervous?””Yeah.””Just sit back and let me do the work. Sound good?” she proposed as she traced a swirl on my chest.”Okay.” I tried to relax for her.Paige and I, in our undergarments on my bed. She swept two hands across my body before standing up on her knees. Swiftly she uncovered my sex, tugging the scrap of cloth away. I watched her unwrap the rubber. Every flick of her escort bayan fingers as she did this turned me on. I did my best to stay still while she gripped me between her finger and thumb, rolling the latex over my sensitive meat and settling at the base of my dick. She gave me two quick tugs, leaving me quivering in pleasure and wanting more.She laid back down. Three kisses, one on each cheek and one on the mouth while she played with my hair. Her bare leg sat between mine again, my soft skin against hers. She reached and touched me again. I buried my face in her neck to muffle the moans.She whispered in my ear, “You dirty boy. I’m going to make you cum like a bitch tonight.””Huh?” In the most arousing way, that scared me. She licked my ear in response.”It’s okay,” she purred, running her fingers through my hair, gripping my shaft reassuringly, “I’m going to make you feel okay.”Her hands disappeared behind her back, emerging to pull the bra away from her chest. Soft pearly white with perky pink nipples on top. She dragged the bra over my cheek and leant in for me to kiss. I held her tight, nuzzling her sternum with my face. I felt her shuffle on top of me. I let go. Paige dropped her panties on my nose.I stared at her. She stared at me. Her eyes glimmered with something filthy. She grabbed for my cock and lowered herself. I felt her warmth engulf my penis. Her hot wet vagina covering my tip, and swallowing me up whole. She exhaled. I gasped. She began to pump her hips and I flexed up and down to meet her.Pump, after pump.Shivers travelled down our spines.We snuck hot breathy kisses between cries of pleasure.Our sweat mixed as we clawed for each others’ flesh.The tension built…and rose…and rose…And finally the tension snapped. The whole sofa shook. My body shook violently in waves that came and went. Paige spasmed in my grasp. It took whole minutes of heavy panting interspersed with the occasional after-spasm before we calmed. She slid me out of her, pinching the full condom off and flinging it onto my tissue pile.”Still got a boner for mean old boss woman?””Nope.””Thought so,” she poked my nose, “Boop!””Hey!” I laughed.She laid down on my chest and stroked my skin. We fell asleep right there.In the morning we showered together, kissing and smiling, but without a word. Words would ruin such a perfect moment. But all good things come to an end.”So now what?” I asked.”Well, I need to go to the locksmith. Do you have work today?””I mean for us,” I still wanted her to stay.”Henry… You’re sweet and all,” this wasn’t easy for her to say, “But I’m not ready for that right now.””I’ll be lonely without you, Paige,” I wanted her to stay.”Henry,” Paige pressed her ear against my shoulder, “You don’t need me. You want me.””So?” I asked, “I do want you.””Maybe, but what you *need* a friend.””What?””You’re lonely.””I am.””When was the last time you just went down to the bar with some mates and just hung out?” she stared up at me with those shimmering irises.”… I can’t remember.””You don’t need me. You shouldn’t try to fuck all your sorrows away. It’s just not healthy…” she looked ready to present her confession, “It’s about time I stopped doing it myself.””Well… I guess this was nice while it lasted,” I spoke sorrowfully.”Henry…””You’ve been a real treat, Paige.” I kissed her on the forehead.She went for the door. Just before she went through entirely, I asked.”Paige.””Yeah?””Wanna go down and hang out at the bar?”She grinned, “Friday night?””Sound’s good to me.””Who knows, I might have a treat for you after.” She winked.She left. I felt good. Friday night.~story written by A.Z.

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