The Tale of an Amazonian Buttsniffer


The Tale of an Amazonian ButtsnifferStepping out of her invisible jet, Wonder Woman’s iconic red boots touch the tropical Grecian paradise of home on Themyscira. Her mother, Queen Hippolyta, had been killed by the god Mars in the brutal war between his army and the Amazons, the latter of which had barely won. Being heir to the throne, Princess Diana became Queen Diana of Themyscira, and she has returned to build up the depleted forces of her warrior sisters. Only thing she didn’t count on, was a young orphaned girl had snuck onto her plane back in the human world, and followed her onto the island.The young slim blonde girl had snuck around at first, being careful not to be seen, but luck wasn’t on her side…She was caught by a young warrior, who, fearing her to be a spy of Hades, frogmarched her by sword-point to the throne of Queen Diana.”What’s your name? How did you get here?”The Amazonian Queen asked impatiently.”M-M-M-Mindy… I got here- I f-f-followed you- back in -in Washington…”The frightened blonde haired girl quivered in fear.”How do I know you’re not just a spy of Hades?”The jet-blacked haired beauty asked sternly.”I’m not! I-I’m just a little girl- I, honestly, I-“Mindy stuttered.”Enough!”Queen Diana interrupted, she grabbed her Lasso of Truth and threw it around the girl’s slim waist and pulled it tight. The rope glowed a magical golden yellow light.”Who are you, where do you live?”She asked with her face a serious expression.”I am Mindy, I live homeless on the streets of Washington D.C in the United States of America.”Mindy replied in a trance-like state.”How old are you, and where are your parents?”The powerful goddess concerned.”I am 8 years old, turning 9 in 6 and half months time, my mum died in c***dbirth with me, and my dad died in a drink-drive incident last year on June 19th.”Mindy stated with such frankness.”Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”Wonder Woman loosened the lasso and pulled it back to her, looping it up and hooking it to her belt on her hip.”Well, we can’t send you back to live on the streets, I guess we can make arrangements to have you stay here, you will live like an Amazon, and we will train you like an Amazon. Zeus knows we need all the sisters we can get…””Oh really?! You’d let me stay here?!”Mindy squealed in excitement, tears of joy forming in her bright blue eyes.True to her word, Wonder Woman let the young orphan live on Themyscira.The reaction from her sisters to her letting a mortal stay and live with the Amazons were mixed to say the least, most disagreed with it, and few others only tolerated it at best.The years passed by, Mindy trained as best she could but she just couldn’t keep up with the natural athleticism and skill of her Amazonian sisters. She would always come last in all the training games and always lacked behind in the training exercises. She couldn’t shoot an arrow or throw a spear with any accuracy or skill. She couldn’t sword fight to save her life, and she couldn’t wrestle a small fish out of a barrel of water, let alone wrestle another person.She would always end up tied up in knots when trying to learn how to lasso.Indeed, she was very useless as a warrior.To make matters worst, one of the young Amazonians growing up beside her, hated her for being an unnatural to the paradise island.”Mind your breakfast!”The young girl teased as she tipped up Mindy’s clay bowl of gruel, spilling the grey muck onto her white tunic.”Hey, watch it!”Mindy cried as the bowl slipped from her hands onto the tiled floor.The other girls in the long dining hall laughed at Mindy.”Make me.”The tough girl squared up to her.Mindy stared at her, before bowing her head, backing down from the confrontation.”That’s what I thought.”The brutish girl stated, before shoving Mindy to the floor, alongside her cracked clay bowl.Mindy quickly stood up, infuriated at her bully, and pushed her.”Come on, Ayala, leave it, we all know she’s just a weak pathetic girl!”One of the bully’s friend pleaded, but to no avail.*THWACK!*Mindy was shocked with a hard punch to the face, sending her flying backwards onto the floor.She laid there, dazed and confused, with blood dripping from her nose.She wiped the blood away, and ran off crying to the sound of laughter emanating in the hall.”Or not.”Ayala’s friend declared before joining in with the mocking laughter.From that day onwards, Ayala would pick on and tease Mindy relentlessly, during every class and every training regime.As Mindy continued to grow through the years, she still remained as useless as a warrior.She just couldn’t get the knack for all the skills involved, and when she started going through puberty, she started to notice herself desiring her attractive sisters.As if that time in a young girl’s life isn’t confusing enough already, she also started to notice just how attractive Ayala was getting.She may be a mean nasty bully to her, and she may be very tom-boyish in her ways,but her body was filling out and developing much quicker than the other girls.Her boobs grew ripe and plump in the space of a short hot summer,and as Mindy lay in her bed at night, thoughts of Ayala would enter her head,and she would explore her body, dreaming her fantasies of the young wicked woman.Several more years passed by, a few weeks after her 16th birthday,Mindy sat at the long wooden dining table in the big dining hall, eating her fried egg breakfast with the rest of the young warriors.”Hey Mindy, I hope you’re ready for a beating today!”Ayala called out to her from across another table,Mindy looked at her, then looked back down at her plate.Today’s training would be advanced wrestling, and Mindy was dreading it!”I really hope I get paired with you!”Ayala taunted.Mindy ignored her.”Hey stupid, I’m talking to you! You deaf or something? Hey!”Ayala carried on.”What?!”Mindy growled.The other girls gasped and laughed.”Just you wait, I got something special planned just for you!”She winked and then laughed mockingly with her mates.Mindy looked back down at her food, letting her long blonde hair hide her fretful face.She then heard a loud belch coming from Ayala and a roar of laughter.”I dedicate this egg-flavoured burp to Stupid.”Ayala stated and then blew air from her mouth in the direction of Mindy,making all her friends laugh again.Mindy softly groaned and put down her fork, having lost her appetite.Later that day, after a few short instructions from the wrestling tutor,they began pairing up the girls for the long wrestling session.”This may feel like just another wrestling lesson, but I want all pınarbaşı escort you girls, all you young proud Amazonian women, to treat this as though your life depends on it.That means, show no mercy, show no leniency, and most of all, show no submissiveness.Any warrior who taps out or submits to her opponent, will no longer be called a warrior!”The tutor explained in her passionate speech.Ayala made sure she was paired up with Mindy.As all the girls, in their skimpy metal armour, began wrestling eachother on the dusty sand in the small arena, Ayala squared up to Mindy before locking her arms around her head as Mindy grabbed her arms.”Just give up now, and I’ll go easy on you…”Ayala threatened.”Never!”Mindy bravely declared, and tried with all her might to off-balance Ayala, but to no effect.Ayala was just too strong, and with such ease, she grabbed Mindy’s exposed waist, and turned her around, clutching her back to her body. She then lifted Mindy up in her arms, and slammed her down hard onto the dusty sand.”OOF!”Mindy let out a sharp moan as the air was knocked out of her.She rolled onto her back, and her eyes almost popped out of her head as she looked up to seeAyala standing over her facing towards her feet, wearing nothing underneath her short armour-plated mini-skirt!Ayala bent down, grabbing Mindy’s golden hair, lifting her head up off the ground and hooked one leg around the back of her neck, and in one continuous move, she moved forward and sat down hard on Mindy’s face, locking her head up into her crotch.”HHMMMMMPPHHH!!!”Mindy tried to scream but the sound was muffled against the naked hot flesh of Ayala’s pussy.”Told you I had something special planned for you!”Ayala teased triumphantly.”Hhmmm-mmmphh…!”Mindy groaned.”What’s that? Oh yes, you may start begging for mercy now!”Ayala cruelly mocked and chuckled.Try as she might, Mindy just could not move or escape from her humiliating hold.Her head was being pushed up and squashed against Ayala’s exposed crotch.Her mouth was pressed tight to her hot pussy, making any attempt to scream or even just to breath an almost impossible task, and her nose was wedged right between her surprisingly smooth buttcheeks.Thank goodness there was just the most littlest of gaps between her nostrils and Ayala’sbutthole, otherwise poor Mindy would surely suffocate and pass out.Although it has to be said, any oxygen she managed to breathe in through her nose came doused in the distinct musky smell of her firm smooth butt.With what very little smelly air she was getting into her lungs, she began to get lightheaded and dizzy, her heart started to race, beating hard and fast inside her chest. She began to panic, trying her upmost best to arch her back and buck Ayala off of her, but Ayala just wouldn’t budge an inch.”Oooh, there’s still some fight left in you!”Ayala smirked.”Just give in, it’ll be so much easier for you…””Hmmpphh!! MMMMPPPPPHHH!!!!”Mindy’s panicked screams muffled and raspberried against her pussy.”Hey that tickles!”Ayala laughed but stayed firmly sat on her face.”hhmmmmmppphhh…!!!”Mindy was desperately trying to say that she gives up, she just really wanted Ayala to get off of her, even just for a second or 2 so she can breathe in a big lungful of fresh air, but nothing was going to make Ayala get off her.Tears started dripping down Mindy’s cheeks as the panic set in strongly.She was sure she was going to die under Ayala’s ass.She felt the darkness settling in around her eyes.She started seeing bright stars twinkle with each slow blink,and before she knew it, she passed out.She opened her eyes, and saw a sight she was dreading to see.Looking up, she saw the 2 tanned fleshy mounds of Ayala’s bum under her metal skirt.She was still stuck under her!She tried to move but felt herself even more restrained than before.”Oh, you’re alive? That’s a shame…!”Ayala chuckled.”Hmmmphh?”Mindy muffled.Trying just to move her arms but she couldn’t.”When you stopped moving for a while there, I thought I had killed you.So I thought it best if I bind your ankles and wrists together.”She smugly smiled.While Mindy was u*********s, Ayala grabbed her roped lasso from her waist and reverse hog-tied Mindy’s hands and feet together, just to give her zero chance at all off escape and having her lay under her in an evermore humiliating position!The sudden smell of Ayala’s bum came flooding back into Mindy’s mind.Her nose was still wedged dangerously close to her taut little brown butthole.She could hear all the other girls around her in the small arena grunting as they all were still combatting eachother in wrestling.”Hmm hmmmpphh hm hmmppph…”Mindy muffled, trying to plead for mercy.”I could stay here all day long, so that’s what I’m going to do!”Ayala chuckled.”hmmmpphh hmmph!”Mindy tried to cry out.”If you have a problem with that, all you have to do is say you submit.”She grinned.”Hmmm hmm-hmmpphh!”Mindy groaned aloud, trying to say ‘I submit’.”What’s that, you DON’T want me to get off you? Well ok, as you wish!”She chuckled.”hhmmpphhhhhh…!!”Mindy moaned defeated.”Oh you do want me to get off you?”She asked.”Hmph!”Mindy muffled her answer, trying to say ‘yes!’.”All I heard was, ‘no’. Ok then, I shall stay sat right here on you, can’t say I’m not being fair!”She chirped proudly and grinned.”Hhhmmm…”Mindy dejectedly moaned, accepting her fate.As the mid-morning sun rose ever higher in the sky, soon turning into mid-day, its hot rays beating down over the sandy field of the young wrestling ladies.Beads of sweat started forming around Ayala’s ass and dripped down over her luscious tanned skinand onto Mindy’s cheeks.Mindy could feel Ayala’s pussy becoming increasingly slimy on her, as Ayala’s salty sweat mixed with the natural sweet juices of her vagina, lubricating the soft flesh of Mindy’s lips.She noticed her mouth was able to move just a little bit, just enough to get a tiny gap for her to talk.”Plea-phh phhet off me.”She was able to successfully say to her mean tormentor.”Oh now you want me off you? Um, let me think about it and I’ll get back to you with my answer shortly, ok?”Ayala calmly told her, and just sat there silently on her.A minute passed by.Mindy moved her mouth again just enough to get that little gap.”Well? Will you le-phh me go?”She asked, her slimy pussy pressing and bearing down hard on the side of her lips.”I told, I’m thinking about it!”Ayala impatiently snapped back.”Ha-phh you phh-ought about it?”Mindy asked after several seconds.”Fine, you want my answer?”Ayala asked sternly.”Hmmph.”Mindy’s reply was muffled once again by her pussy as Ayala leant forward on her, allowing more of a gap for air between her nose and her crack.She thought Ayala was finally going to get off her, but suddenly.*Pppfffffttt*A powerful gush of hot smelly air blew out of her butt right over Mindy’s nose.”That means, ‘no’!”Ayala laughed as she sat down back onto her face.”Hmmmpphh!!”Mindy groaned in disgust as the stench hit deep in her nostrils.Of course, breathing through her nose being her only option for air, she had to sniff it all in.”Stop your complaining, bitch, and suck it up!”Ayala ordered her before laughing.Mindy tried to shake her head to the sides, trying to get away from the hot heavy suffocating smell but it was no use, she was stuck solid under her and her nose was trapped right between her smelly cheeks.”Phew, what rotten luck for you hey? Wrestling me on the one morning when I have eggs for breakfast!”Ayala chuckled as she playfully wafted her hand infront of her face.Mindy realised just how bad her eggy farts were smelling when even Ayala had to wave the smelly air infront of her face, and she was in clean fresh wide open space of the arena.The trouble for Mindy, of course, is that she knew she was sniffing the fart right from the source!To Mindy’s shock, Ayala farted once again. She closed her eyes as the hot suffocating wind rumbled out of her bum and up into her nose. She tired to cough but only managed to snort out through her nose as the strong hot eggy smellsinged the tiny hairs in her nostrils.”Oh, was that me who farted?”Ayala placed a fingertip onto her lip, acting all sweet and innocent before laughing.”Phew, you can really smell it, can’t you?”She teasingly asked, wiggling her bum a little on Mindy’s face.Mindy could only groan and sniff up her smelly fart.”I almost feel sorry for you… Not really!”Ayala paused and laughed before blowing off another fart.”Ahhh that feels much better.”She smiled real pleased with herself.”Hmmpphhh… Hmm…”Mindy moaned, sniffing the hot sweaty musky bumhole of her bully.”It’s better out than in, hey?”Ayala asked with a smile.”Hmm…”Mindy submissively tried to nod her head, she didn’t care no more, she was just utterly defeated by this whole ordeal and just wanted it all to be over.”Yeah, that’s what I thought, well, better practise what I preach.”Ayala leaned ever so slightly to one side, lifting a bumcheek off of Mindy’s face cheek, and then blew off once again before resting her cheek back down onto her face. She then chuckled, relieved.”Hm…”Mindy quietly sighed.”Nothing like being healthy!”Ayala chirped.An hour or so slowly ticked by.Mindy was trapped under her ass, unable to do anything else but sniff it that whole time.Despite smelling it so much, the smell didn’t fade in her mind. On the contrary, it only got stronger and muskier, what with the build up of sweat being under a hot blazing summer’s sun. It was so sticky and uncomfortable down there, but what could she do about it…”Ok, that’s enough! sisters, cease!”The wrestling tutor shouted out.All the girls stopped wrestling, and stood up to attention.That is, all but Ayala and Mindy.She stayed perfectly sat on her face.The tutor stormed over to see why the pair hadn’t stood up.”Ayala! I said, ‘enough’!”The tough woman bellowed out.”Ma’am, please forgive me, but Mindy hasn’t said she submits yet.”Ayala bravely told her.”Oh?”The tutor replied, rather unimpressed.”And I thought we was instructed to show no mercy, ergo, not to budge ’til our opponents give up.”Ayala continued, looking up at the tutor like butter wouldn’t melt.”Hm, you are a smart young woman. Tough too, I seen you’ve held her in this hold for the whole session.”The tutor praised, much to Mindy’s embarrassment.”Yes, ma’am, and I’ll keep her locked in this hold ’til she submits.”Ayala declared.”Hmmphh!!”Mindy tried to speak.”Has she really not submitted this whole time?”The tutor asked, bemused.The other girls crowded around the spectacle, murmuring amongst themselves about it.”Can she even breathe under there?”One girl puzzled.”Ayala’s killed her, no girl could survive that hold for so long!”Another announced.”Silence!”The tutor barked.”Allow her to speak, Ayala.”Ayala grunted and then hovered up about a millimetre above Mindy’s face.”Do you submit?”The tutor asked.”Yes! I submit!”Mindy cried out, a mixture of relief and shame in her voice, finally able to say it.The tutor shook her head in disappointment and tutted.”Ok, Ayala, you have proven yourself a worthy victor, now let her up, and I shall counsel with our leaders about what to do with our… Lesser ‘warrior’.”The tutor clucked.”Yes, ma’am.”Ayala nodded and then stood up. She flashed a disdainful look at Mindy before heading off with the other girls who all patted her back and praised her for her achievements on the field.Mindy just laid pathetically tied up on the sandy floor. Her face was a mess of sticky sweat, pussy juice, and dried tears.The tutor bent over, pulled out her sword, and cut the rope binding her ankles and wrists together.Mindy stood up, and rubbed off some of the very tiny loose pebbles that had pockmarked her back where she had been laying on them, and ran off to her room, embarrassed and ashamed.She stayed in her room for a couple days alone, she couldn’t bare to face any of her peers.Finally, late at night, she threw on her white tunic, and headed out the door.She walked up some tiled steps, to another house, another wooden door, and gently tapped on it.Her hand shook with nerves as she tapped on it again.She heard movement from inside, and sighed anxiously.The door opened, the glow of orange light beamed over her, and there, infront of her, stood Ayala.She was only wearing her white knickers. She seemed totally unashamed to bare her buxom breasts.”I wondered if you were ever going to show your face again around the island.”She stated.Mindy nervously bowed her head.”Look I’ve not come to start any trouble, I just- I- I need to talk to you…”Mindy began, her voice a nervous quiet quiver.”Go on, then. Speak.”Ayala demanded.”Well- um- it’s about, the other day, you know, when- you know… Anyway, I- er- I just wanted to… Apologise.”Mindy stuttered.”You want to apologise?”Ayala chuckled.”What, you’re sorry I sat and farted on your face?”She almost burst out laughing.”No, not that.”Mindy nervously giggled.”I mean, I’m sorry for submitting to you, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that, I should have just let you stay on me ’til you were good and ready to get off me.””Oh, er, ok…”Ayala replied, a little confused and lost for words.”That’s not all, um- this is really embarrassing but, well-“Mindy continued trying to explain.”Come on, spit it out.”Ayala impatiently stated.”Look, ever since then, the last couple of nights, I REALLY need to smell you again.I’ve been replaying that day over and over again in my mind, and it excites me beyond belief and I’ve just been absolutely desperate to have another sniff of you, of your bum.”Mindy splurted out.”By the Gods…”Ayala paused in bewilderment, before nervously laughing.”Hold on, let me get this strait, you want to sniff my ass again?”She chuckled.”Well, yeah.”Mindy nervously grinned at her.Ayala’s face suddenly turned serious.”You know what, you have some fucking nerve! Coming here and telling me that!Who the fuck do you think you are?!”Ayala scolded her.”I’m sorry.”Mindy bowed her head.”I think my farts and the hot sun damaged your brain!”Ayala quipped, somewhat jokingly but somewhat seriously too.”I’m sorry this was a mistake, I just really needed to tell you.”Mindy sheepishly uttered before turning away.”Ugh, come here.”Ayala grunted and grabbed the back of Mindy’s blonde locks, dragging her inside her room.She pushed her infront of her, making her tumble down onto her knees.She then locked the door and drew her sword from the leather sheath.”I should slit your throat and gut you like the worthless pig you are!”Ayala boldly stated, holding the tip of the sword to Mindy’s throat.Mindy froze in fear, and gulped. The tension was thick in the air, as Ayala stared at her, thinking through her options.Suddenly, she pulled the sword away, and turned her back on Mindy to sheath it.”Come on then, you wanted to smell it, come smell it.”Ayala told her, standing with her back to her, much to Mindy’s shock and surprise.”Wha-“Mindy gawped.”Come on, before I change my mind. Crawl over here on all fours like the dirty little dog you are, and sniff my asshole.”Ayala ordered her superiorly.”Ok.”Mindy breathlessly whispered.She crawled on her hands and knees over to the awaiting Ayala, ’til the tip of her nose pressed against her buttocks in the white knickers, and she sniffed.”Ahhhh…”She sighed, so contently.She continued to sniff and smell her butt, enjoying its lovely, much sweeter fragrance.”Is this what you’ve been craving for the last couple of days?”Ayala asked, stretching her arms up above her head.”Hmm-hmm.”Mindy softly uttered, too lost in the wonderful smell she’s been craving for, oh so badly.”Hmmm I bet it’s been worth the wait?”Ayala softly moaned, finding great pleasure in having her ass sniffed.”Yeahhhh…”Mindy breathlessly sighed.”Are my undergarments getting in the way?”Ayala asked as she grabbed her knickers, and pulled them down, exposing her wonderful bum.”Ahhhh that’s better hmmmm smells so good…”Mindy softly muttered, sniffing away.Ayala closed her eyes, and enjoyed the sensation of her warm breath on her pussy and bum.”How long will you let me smell you for?”Mindy sheepishly asked, hoping she’ll never have to stop.”You want to sniff me all night?”Ayala asked.”Hmmmm yes please ahhhhh…”Mindy replied and continued to sniff.”We better get comfortable then.”Ayala smiled, pointing to her bed.Mindy stayed on her knees and followed Ayala with her nose keeping as close as possible to her beautiful bum as she walked over to her bed.She then laid down onto the bed, on her back, and arched her legs up, while Mindy crawled onto the bed and laid down with her face between her thighs.Ayala exposed just enough of her glorious ass crack for Mindy to press her nose to and sniff.She let her sniff her all night long. Ayala eventually fell asleep, but Mindy stayed awake all night, sniffing the hours away.At one point, Ayala turned onto her side in her sleep, but that didn’t bother Mindy at all,as long as she had access to that beautiful dark hole, she carried on enjoying the smell.Soon after the sun rose, Ayala awoke, surprised to see Mindy still there, and still sniffing her.”Morning, bum-sniffer.”She sleepily greeted her.”Morning.”Mindy softly sighed.Ayala just laid there for half an hour or so, sleepily watching her smell her.”You know you might not be around for much longer.”Ayala suddenly stated.”What?”Mindy looked up, stopping her sniffing.”The counsel, they figured your useless to Themyscira, they’ll want you gone.”She explained.”What, why? I have my uses.”Mindy protested.”Not to them, you don’t. They’ll most likely put you on trail to determine your fate,which will no doubtly mean, killing you.”She continued to explain.”Oh no, w-w-what can I do about it? Please, help me!”Mindy began panicking.”Don’t worry, just got to find some sort of use for you…”Ayala calmly commented.”Yeah, like what?”Mindy asked, still panicking.”Look, I can’t answer that, but, there may just be a way for you to keep your head…”Ayala told.”Yeah, go on?”Mindy urged.”Well, I can’t stop them putting you on trail or anything, but, I can offer them an option to consider that may just save you, you won’t like it though.”Ayala teased.”What? What is it? Please tell me.”Mindy pleaded.”I can ask for permission to keep you as my slave. If they grant me permission, it means you don’t die, and I have someone to do my chores for me!”She playfully grinned.”Is there no other way?”Mindy asked before pausing to think about it.”That’s all I got. It’s either that or being strung up and killed, so…?”Ayala twirled her light-brown hair in her fingers.”Ok.”Mindy stated with a smile.”Ok?”Ayala asked, to make sure she heard correctly.”Ok.”Mindy nodded with a smile.”You do realise, by agreeing to be my slave, you have to do any and everything I order you to, failure to obey would be instant death, right?”Ayala inquired.”I understand, I’ll never disobey you, as long as I can still sniff your bum!”Mindy grinned playfully.Ayala chuckled with her.”Ok, seems like a fair trade, I’ll own you as my slave and obedient servant,and if you do a good job every day following all of my orders, at night, I shall allow you to smell my stinky bottom for as long as you so desire!”Ayala cheered happily.”You got yourself a deal!”Mindy grinned happily in response.The fates were in Mindy’s favour, as that is just what happened.Mindy was trailed by the island’s counsel, including Wonder Woman,and Ayala was granted permission to own Mindy as her slave,and from that day forth, every day, Mindy obeyed every order, every command, every desire wished upon her by Ayala, and every night, she was allowed to sniff and smell and enjoy and worship the wonderfully addictive scent of Ayala’s sweet gorgeous bum to her heart’s content.The end.

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