The Teacher


The TeacherJohn was 18 years old and a senior in high school. His English teacher, Ms. Blevin was a pretty woman, at least twice his age, but man was she hot. John thought about her all the time, in fact, he often would catch a glimpse of the swell of her breast as she bent over in class. A glimpse that would cause him to lie back on his bed and jerk off.John, would look at porn, and guess that Ms. Blevin’s body looked like this woman or that woman. He so wished he could get her alone for an hour, but maybe she was married? Maybe, she’d turn him in to the principal if he asked her if she would like to be worshiped by him. So many thoughts, what to do? What to do?Then John had a thought. He had a plan! He would woo her, by stealth. He would sneak typed, anonymous messages to her, and some how make her want him. So he drafted the first message and somehow managed to get his folded message on her desk, without being observed.Ms. Blevin wrote on the chalk board and sat at her desk. She reached over and picked up a folded piece of paper and opened it. It read “Ms. Blevin, you are so beautiful and sexy”, nothing else. She scanned the room for signs of a joke, or nervousness, but no one seemed different. She wanted to question the class, but for some reason, she merely opened her desk drawer and put it away.The next day, as she went to her desk, between classes, and there was another folded note. This time, when she opened it, it read “ Ms. Blevin, you are in for an incredible treat, one you never thought could happen” and since it was typed, and no signature, she thought it was one of her students who had a crush on her. So without any more thought, she threw it in her desk with the other one.The next day, during third period, she was moving some home work assignments, she spied a third note. She was intrigued and opened it. It read, “ can you imagine lying back and being licked from head to toe, caressed with rabbit fur, and feathers, and you directing my head and tongue to your most sensitive spots?” She blushed, then got angry and threw it in the trash can. As she was about to leave for the day, she bent over and took it out of the trash, and read it again.“Oh my”she thought, “I haven’t been loved like that in some time” and on a whim, took it and the previous notes home with her.The next day, as she prepared for her next class, she went to the teacher’s Lounge for a brief moment, and there in plain sight when she got back was a 4th note. Her eyes furtively looked around, and she grabbed note and opened it. “I would feast upon you” it said, “ putting my mouth on each nipple, coaxing them into full erection, I would tug and twist your hard nipples, as your head went back and moans escaped you.”She quickly shut the note. She was flushed with desire, and puzzled how any one knew of her love of having her nipples tugged and stretched taut, til she nearly screamed with the pain/love feelings it gave her. Her last boyfriends, copped a quick feel, shoved their dicks in her cunt, and a few seconds later…it was over. She slipped the note in her purse, and got ready for her class.Every day, a new note would appear. She assumed it was a student, but whoever was writing these notes was so sophisticated. He knew more about making love than most men, she’d ever met in her life. And curiously, he seemed to either know, or was intuitive about her desires. Last week end she took a bath and re-read the notes, as she soaked. Her hand drifted between her legs to her clit, and rubbed, her fingers pushing into her pussy and back to her clit, as she imagined a nameless, faceless man/boy doing these things to her.What if it was a student? Surely, none of her students were this sophisticated. But neither did she think any of the make teachers were, as well. She had never given thought to an encounter with one of her students, it was wrong, and..against the law!John izmir escortlar was enjoying his note creations, but he was also dying to see if he could somehow have his desire..Ms. Blevin. So it was time to set the hook.The next day during sixth period, Ms. Blevin found another note. Even tho she was dying to know what it said, she stuffed it in the drawer, and continued with class. She could feel a stickiness between her legs, her pussy was wet with desire, and yet, she had no idea what it said. She was so eager to continue the story, that after class was dismissed, she ran to the ladies room and closed herself in a stall and sat down and read the note in private.“I will open you wide, and with my lubed pinky finger pressing into your pee hole, I will push, as I rub your clit. I will slide my finger as deep as it can go, fucking your pee hole until my hand is drenched with your cum.” Lightning bolts shot through her clit, She often touched her peehole as she masturbated. She loved how sensitive and erotic her peehole was. She had dreamed of peehole play, but thought it was too sick.Now, this guy wants to do, what she often thought about, but no man ever considered. She heard a noise. And grabbed some toilet paper and flushed, feigning that her business was done. As she collected her things and left for the day, she quickly drove home and read the note again. She ripped off her panties, hiked her skirt up and shoved two fingers in her cunt. Her foot was on the arm of the sofa as she rubbed her peehole, and cum, and cum again in a few seconds. She was confused. What does she do? Who is this? She was a bit shaken by her desire. This series of notes has had her in a state of constant arousal, she never felt like this before.The next day, there was no note. She was crest fallen. Perhaps the author was sick? The next day no note. As her 4th period class was leaving, John leaned over to throw something in the trash can and said “peehole” and left. She turned to John and said, “excuse me what did you say?” And he gave her a glance….a knowing glance.The next day, still no note, but at the end of the 4th period, John once again went to the trash can, and looked her right in the eye, and mouthed the words “pee hole” inaudibly, but Ms. Blevin flushed, and she knew. John scurried away, leaving her with her thoughtsthis went on, until the last day of the week, when she found another note. She tore it open, and it read. “Follow your desire, meet me at the basketball court at the park, at 10 PM tonight” She folded the note, and stuffed it in her bra, and was sick to her stomach. She was so torn. Her guts wanted to meet John, to let him have his way with her. Her mind said, this is a can of worms you do not open. Her next two classes were miserable, She could not concentrate. She could not focus. All she could think of was John’s tongue on her body, him tugging so hard on her nipples, his mouth on her clit, his finger in her peehole. Her thoughts were racing. She let her last class go 15 minutes early, feigning illness. She scurried to leave the school, she could not stay, she had to think.Once she got home, she yelled at herself for even thinking about it, and made some soup and toast for dinner, watched some TV, and ran a bath. As she soaked in the bath, her nipples were so tender, her pussy was begging to be played with. She looked at her watch and it was quarter after nine. She leaped out of the bath, dried herself, and threw on some slacks and a blouse. No panties or bra, as she ran to her purse and her keys, and went to her car. She drove to the park, it was nearly 10.There was John , standing outside the basketball court. She just sat there watching him, filled with desire, and too scared to move. She turned on the dome light and looked at her appearance in the mirror. At the sight of her interior light, John knew she had arrived. He slowly, izmir escort bayan and purposely walked her way. She saw him coming, and wanted to flee….but she stayed. As he got closer her heart was pounding, she was so scared.“Ms Blevin” he said as his hand touched her car. “Are we going to do this?” he asked, and then opened the passenger door and got in. “Let’s go to your house” he commanded, and turned the key in the ignition. At the sound of the engine, the teacher put the car in gear and drove away. When the got to her house, she fumbled with her keys in the door. Once inside, she locked the door, pulled the curtains shut, and kissed John“John,” she said, “this will only happen once. We will never do this again, nor will we ever talk about it, understood?” John, shook his head yes, and She said “rock my world, Johnny Boy, and I’ll rock yours” and turned the lights down and unbuttoned her blouse. Her milky white tits fell loose, as John cupped each one, feeling their heaviness, sucking on each nipple, and true to his word, he pinched, twisted and tugged on her nipples. It was so painful and so good, as John pulled, she leaned back, stretching her nipples as far as they would go. Her pussy was dripping!John began to bite each nipple and pull his head back, stretching her nipple. He pulled back as far as he could, until she stopped him, and then he moved over to the other nipple. Her hand went to her waistband, and slip down inside her slacks to her pussy which was soaking wet with desire. She used on wet finger on her clit and immediately had a small orgasm. as John drove her insane with his tugging and twisting, and biting her nipples. Never had her nipples been so abused. Never had she gotten so hot, so much pleasure from her nipples. She never thought of herself as being into BDSM, but John was doing a number on her nipples, and she loved every painful, glorious second of it.She moved forward and unzipped John’s pants and took out his cock, as she stroked his cock, she started leading him by his cock to the bedroom, where she lit a candle and got naked, and John did the same. John was ecstatic to finally see Ms. Blevin naked. She was even more gorgeous than he dreamed. As he got near, he noticed the closely shaven pubes, lack of hair. Her belly was not flat, but soft and curvy, Her lovely, breasts, flattened out a bit, and hung to the side. As she lie on the bed and John began to suck her toes, and he licked her toes, and her calves, and her thighs and by-passed her pussy to her navel and up to her titties, then made his way down again. His tongue traced it’s way all over her body, never quite going to her pussy, tantalizing her with expectation.When he got to her pussy, he licked, he lapped, he spread her wide, he sucked on her inner lips, and tugged them sucking hard to draw them deeply into his mouth. John shoved two fingers in her pussy and sucked her clit until she shivered and cum. She as holding his head as her hips lifted, her body shook and her moans escaped. John did everything to her, that he had seen, or read about. He was in no rush, he had the prize, and was going to relish this moment, and delight in her glory.Ms Blevin, lifted John’s head up, and patted the bed, and he dutifully lie on the bed next to her. She wanted to suck his dick. John had an average size cock, but was so clean and mannerly, as she licked and sucked his cock, unlike some men she knew, he did not try to jam her down on his cock. She could take a cock deep in her throat, if she was horny enough, but it was a gift she reserved for special times. She instead, jerked his cock as she sucked him, cupping his balls as she did, and without much work, John quickly cum deep in her mouth. She stroked his cock, milking him of his cum, until it was gone. As John lie there next to her, she felt a bit disappointed. It was over, he got want he wanted, izmir bayan escort now it would be awkward.John sat up, and pulled his teacher to the edge of the bed, and instructed her to hold her legs up. As he pulled her pussy lips apart, John spit on his pinky finger, and began to massage her pee hole. It felt fuckin great! He reached over to his pants and pulled out a small bottle of KY jelly and lubed her pee hole and his finger. As he reached around to rub her clit, his finger slid right into her pee hole to the first knuckle. He kept slipping in and out, a bit more pressure each time.“Stop I gotta pee”, Ms Blevin said, she hated to stop, but this pee hole play made her need to go void, and she rushed to the toilet and peed. She came back and John, lubed her again, and as his finger reached the second knuckle, she had grabbed his wrist and fucking herself by pulling and pushing. ˜Omigod! Omigod!” she said as her hips lifted high, her body convulsed, and some pee, some cum, exploded from her. Without missing a beat, John re-lubed his finger and shoved it in deep and just held firm pressure as she began to rub her clit “Fuck-k-k!” she hollered as she cum, and cum again, John arm hurt but he kept it there until she cum so many times, cum so hard, she pushed his hand away.As John stood up, his now erect cock dripping pre-cum, she sat up, and said “I have never even dreamed of cumming like that! Thank you John” and she grabbed his cock and licked the sweet pre-cum, she ran her tongue around the swollen glans of his cock, then she’d go down on him, and pull back. John stood there, his hips forward, his back arched as she sucked and licked his cock. Ms Blevin then grabbed his hips and fucked John with her mouth, she would pull him deep into her throat, squeezing her throat muscles, then pull back, only to force him down her throat again and again, until he leaned back and cum in her throat. She continued until his cock was soft.She had him lie on the bed, and she straddled him, rubbing her wet cunt on his soft cock, as she dangled her tits in his face. Like a moth to a flame, John began to bite and tug on her sore nipples. They were so sore to the touch, but it also felt so fuckin good, as she rocked her hips , grinding her clit on John’s soft cock. John would bite a nipple and she would lean back, pulling her nipple, painfully pulling, yet it was sweet ecstasy.Once her nipples were too sore, she rocked her hips some more and felt John’s cock was fatter. He was not hard, but not soft, and she reached down and stuffed his semi-hard cock in his pussy and rode him. She slid her hips back and forth, rubbing her clit on John’s pubes, and as John got firmer and thicker inside her. She began to lift her hips up and down, John asked her to turn around and face his feet. She gladly turned around, and guided his hard cock to her cunt and sat on it. John push her forward a bit and with his hands on her hips, He raised her up a bit, and began thrusting his hips upwards, slamming his cock deep into her..Again and again John shoved his cock into her pussy. John’s desire was fueled by the sight of her white ass, her brown hole above his cock…his cock sliding in and out of her cunt, John shove a finger up her ass, and bucked hard. She did not expect the finger in her ass, but it was perfect,a few move strokes and she would cum yet again. She met John’s thrusts with her own as John cum deep in her pussy, his pumping cock being massaged by her own contractions. As she extricated herself from John and lie back to catch her breath, she thought of how amazing it was. She glanced at the clock, it was nearly 11:30!!If John were an older man, she’d have him spend the night. Sigh. “John, get dressed, I’m taking you home or where ever you need to go. This has indeed been the experience of a lifetime, but until you graduate…..this never happened! Understand?” So she threw John his clothes, put her own back on, and took John to the park, where he ran the two blocks to his home. As she drove home, her fingers rubbed her clit through her slacks. She needed another bath, and maybe get out her toys.

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