Subject: The team mascot – 2 It took longer than I expected, but here is part 2 of Team Mascot. I’ve received some awesome feedback. Thank you to the readers. Now I feel lucky to be able to publish somewhere. So if you want to keep reading stories like this, consider a donation to fty/ SUMMARY : A lot of gay men, young and old alike, fantasize about athletes and serving them. Well, Alex never realized he wanted this life, but he still got it. As friendships bloom and a shy nerd discovers what it’s like to have friends, he becomes the team mascot. What the outside world doesn’t know is how and why he got the job. This is my first story ever published. I hope you enjoy it. Send me your comments at ail Now on to the fun ! ———————- Fall weather was not really my favorite season back home. But here on campus it felt pretty nice. Not too cold, a light breeze, and the grounds smelled of earth and slightly humid. I was walking in the park to get to my training session. I had made some progress and was feeling pretty proud of myself. As I entered the training center, my mind went straight to that little encounter with Tyler. It had been a few weeks and the memory was still fresh in my head with the details still intact. Down to the taste of his cum. The only moment of that night that I could never remember was the moment I had lost my own load while servicing the wrestler. I still had a hard time believing his reaction. He was so… simple. He knew how hot he was. But he wasn’t mean about it. He kept smiling and laughing the whole time we were chatting after. I didn’t even shower that time. I was too mesmerized by Tyler and just went back to my dorm room. I masturbated like crazy. He didn’t touch me at all, but it felt so good. I hadn’t seen him again in the past few weeks. I didn’t expect anything really. I just felt lucky I got to do this just as I was getting to college. I went to change and then to train. I was enjoying the process way more than I thought I would. Seeing the progress was definitely motivating. I noticed my body slightly changing although I knew I would never be a muscle model kind of guy. And I had way more energy. The session finally ended and I went back to the locker room. As I entered, I heard the showers running. And two guys laughing. “I’m telling you, if you don’t do something about that, you will explode.” “Quit being a dick. You know that’s not how any of this work.” “Well yeah, but still, it can’t be good for you.” “Not much of a choice. Not all of us can be as lucky as you. Asshole!” “I’m telling you. It was awesome. The best one I had.” One of the guys, the jokester, was Tyler. I got a little excited, but kept my cool, he was not alone. And while I had made progress, I was still the same shy guy from back home. I didn’t feel like going in the shower with two wrestlers there. Those boys were physically almost perfect. I took my time to grab my things and prepare for a shower. Finally, they came out into the locker room. Tyler was leading the way. Behind him the other boy was so different. He was shorter than Tyler, maybe my height, but definitely bigger. His arms and legs looked almost too thick for his size. He had a deep chest with light hair growing all over. His neck seemed short and as large as his squared jaw. And like the rest of him, his dick was shorter but way thicker than Tyler’s. And he was hard. Like Tyler, his balls looked oversized and so full. I tried my best not to stare but it was hard. Thankfully Tyler snapped me out of it. “Hey Alex! It’s been a while!” “Hey Tyler. Yeah, it seems we don’t train at the same time.” “Well, the team usually trains during the day. But I’ve been feeling a little behind so I took on some more training.” “You? Behind?” “Hey! You should have seen the other guy during the last contest.” Tyler’s friend let out a laugh. “You should have seen him, that guy tossed him around like he was nothing.” “Remind me why you decided to join me again? Oh yes… you lost too.” “No need to rub it in. I’m already on edge as it is.” He looked down at his dick and I couldn’t help but follow his gaze. He was gaziantep travesti liberally dripping precum. While Tyler had had little pearls of the clear liquid, this guy had a small stream of it dripping from his dick. “Oh man… not again….” “Alex, meet Kyle. Kyle, meet Alex.” “Sorry man, it keeps leaking when I don’t get some.” I was mesmerized. Those guys were so… comfortable with their bodies, with sex and had no shame whatsoever. All I could think about was how much I wanted to be like that. “Hey man, sorry about the mess, the tanks are full.” He wiped his precum from the bench it had leaked on and merely licked his fingers. I must have had a strong reaction to this. He stopped mid-lick and looked at me quizzically. “What? It’s my own stuff.” “I know… I’ve just never seen a guy do that before.” “Meh… people are dumb. It harms no one. And it’s not like I can help it… it just leaks… all the time!” I felt myself blushing like crazy. Tyler saved me on that one. “How was your training Alex? I see results.” “Sticking to the plan so far. I just need to get better with the high protein diet thing.” “The trick is to drink it or to add protein powder everywhere.” Kyle chimed in. “After that, when you’re like me, you just don’t feel like it’s too much.” “I’ll remember that.” “If you need food tricks, I’m your man.” Kyle pointed at his chest and flexed. A little jet of precum escaped his dick again. “Fuck! It just never stops.” The precum landed on the back of my hand. I didn’t think and raised my hand and licked it. Again it tasted different than mine or Tyler’s. I only had two other tastes to compare it to. “See… No one was harmed.” Kyle winked at me. Tyler was standing just a little behind Kyle and smiling. He was slowly chubbing up and nodding at me. It took me a second to realize what he was implying and immediately I felt self-conscious. But Tyler was still all smiles, he kept putting his thumb up. I kept looking back and forth between those two studs. “Hey… I… I heard you talking under the shower.” “Sorry about that, Kyle said, it’s the only thing on my mind these days.” “Maybe… I can.. Help.” Kyle looked puzzled. “I’m.. gay… and I like what I see.” It was too much for Tyler. He let out a laugh. “Dude, if you say yes, you’re in for the best shot of your life.” “What?” “Trust me, the little dude knows what he’s doing.” “You mean…” “Yeah, he gave me the best orgasm I ever had.” “Wow! Really?” “Yeah. I’ve never felt anything like it.” Kyle’s dick kept pulsing in front of me dripping precum all over my hand. He looked at me really intensely. “Would you? I mean I don’t want to force you but I could really use it, besides, Tyler said…” He never finished his sentence. I covered his entire dick head with my hand slicked up with his own precum. I’d never heard a man make this sound. Halfway between a moan and a roar. His head threw back and his knees buckled. Tyler caught him. “Careful big guy.” Kyle was breathing rapidly, obviously concentrating hard. I looked at Tyler who was now fully erect and all smiles. “Now relax, and let the little dude take care of you.” “O…. ok… FUCK, it already feels so good.” I took my time, getting a feel for this new dick that I had in my hand. It felt so much thicker than Tyler’s although I knew it couldn’t be a huge difference. I never let it go. I get going over his cut head to gather more precum and continue my massage. Everytime, Kyle would let out a moan and immediately after a huge drop of precum would form right at the slit. Soon, it started leaking down to his balls. I took my second hand to his dick head and slowly started massaging his balls with the other. “They… they feel even fuller when you’re touching them. Fuck it’s so good… I… I…” “Told you the little dude was awesome, said Tyler.” He himself was leaking quite a bit of precum. It made me smile. He kept calling me little dude, and each time it made me blush. There was something in the air. A warmth radiating just from those two studs. The smell of sweat from the locker room, and of gaziantep masaj salonları soap from the showers. It made me zone out completely, and I lowered my mouth toward Kyle’s thick head. I started by lapping at the slit, tasting more and more precum. Everytime, Kyle would whimper. Finally, I put my lips on the wet and large head in front of me and slowly took it in my mouth. It was stretching my lips quite a bit. My tongue was lapping at the underside and quite a bit of drool pooled in my mouth. “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!” “Easy there, said Tyler, little dude is just getting started with you.” “I have to hold back so hard.” He was breathing rapidly, exhaling through his mouth. I could almost feel him hold back as much as possible. The desperation I felt from him turned me on so much. Like I did with Tyler, I worked my way down on his shaft slowly, bit by bit, controlling my breathing. Each time I would go back up, I would swirl my tongue around a bit and vacuum sucked his dick to the tip of the head. I finally bottomed down to his crotch. My mouth was fully stretched around his massive shaft but he wasn’t near my throat. Looking to the side, I could see his knuckles turning white from holding to the bench. He was breathing heavily. “Hard to resist, huh?” “Shut up Tyler, don’t ruin this for me… I never felt that.” I heard Tyler whisper something in his friend’s ear but couldn’t make it out. Finally Kyle let go of the bench a bit and tentatively put his hand on my cheek, slowly stroking my face with just his thumb. I felt like I was melting and automatically started sucking slowly. “Tyler said he has a nickname for you… One that get you really going.” I moaned. “Fuck, he is right. You are an awesome little dude.” In one go I bottomed down to his pubes again. “FUCK!” Kyle tensed a bit but managed to hold back. I started sucking a little faster and a little stronger. My hands were coated in precum and saliva. He was thick enough that I drooled all over his dick and balls. I started massaging his balls again with one hand, and then the other continuously. When I was going down his sack, I twisted my index to grab the back of his balls. Each time it would make him moan, each time louder. I started pressing the muscle a little more. His breathing increased again. “I… I can’t…. I can’t hold.” I moaned louder. “Let it go Kyle, little dude will take care of it.” “Li… Little… dude… I… I’m gonna…” He never finished that sentence. I sucked down hard again and pressed behind his balls at the same time. “SHIT!” He completely lost it. This time, I tasted all of the sperm. He shot five times. Five massive times. I felt his body shake rapidly, overwhelmed by the orgasm and oversensitized by the whole experience. I stayed really still for a moment and finally let go of his dick. He was slowly coming back to reality. Finally he looked at me. His eyes were green, I hadn’t noticed before. “That was… amazing!” I smiled and made a show on swallowing his entire load in one gulp. “Thank you, I’m glad you liked it.” “I told you, best orgasm ever.” Tyler was still by his friend’s side. I looked at his dick, there was a drop of cum at the end. “Yeah, sorry man, I couldn’t resist, it was just too hot.” Right by Kyle’s foot there was a splat of cum on the ground. For a minute I was tempted to bend over and lap it off the ground but I thought better and instead, I went for the last drop of cum on Kyle’s dick and then Tyler’s. Each of them shivered when I touched their slit with the tip of my tongue. And like I did the last time, I grabbed the nearest towel and cleaned them both. “I’ve never experienced anything like it” said Kyle. “I know right.” “Girls never do that!” “I know!” Kyle turned to me, still a little confused by what happened to him. “Are you good? Do you need to…. You know… blow yours too?” I reached in my shorts and immediately felt it. I quickly looked at Tyler who was observing me. “Again?” I nodded. “Again what?” asked Kyle. I hesitated for a moment and looked down. I didn’t really understand why gaziantep escort bayan it had happened again. Part of me was really turned on, the other part felt a little embarrassed. To what kind of man did this happen… twice… in a row. I scooped a couple of drops on my fingers and showed it to Kyle. “Did you just shoot your load in your shorts?” “Well… yes…” “Without even touching yourself?” I nodded and felt myself blushing. “So you got your fun too, he said. That’s so cool.” Kyle had the same smile as Tyler on his face. He had no clue whatsoever how surreal the whole situation was. “We should clean up a bit before getting out, Tyler said. Don’t want to smell like cum on the way home.” He grabbed the towel, wiped the cum puddle on the floor and then turned back to the shower, Kyle right behind him. I stayed on the bench, admiring those two studs. I felt a little jealous of how perfect they looked, even from the back. “Come on, Kyle called” “What?” “Come shower, you might want to rinse that cum off.” “Oh it’s… it’s ok… I’ll just… wait til you’re done.” Tyler cocked his head to the side. I smiled a little. “Why?” Kyle also looked confused for a moment and suddenly seemed to realize. “Hey little dude, we’re all dudes… no judging.” Tyler was still completely lost. “Why would we judge?” “Don’t listen to him, he’s a nice guy, but a little dense sometimes.” “Hey ! Not true. Now, off the showers.” I was still very hesitant but decided to go along. I removed my shorts and cum stained underwear. Like the first time, it was soaked through. I would have to go commando until I got to my dorm. I was still half hard and if I were to compare myself to the other two athletes, I was really an average guy. Nothing exceptional. I followed them in the communal shower. They were both facing the wall, relaxing under the hot water. Like me they seemed to be still half hard. The only showerhead on the wall was situated between them, like they had chosen these spots on purpose to let me shower between them. Apparently they had been discussing before I arrived. I turned on my shower and stepped under the water. Tyler gave me his bodywash and smiled at me. Kyle was washing his chest and slowly getting down to his dick. I tried not to look too much but it was difficult. I focused on the wall in front of me while I washed myself. Tyler broke the silence. “So… we were thinking… I mean, if you’re ok with it…” For the first time since I’ve met him, he seemed to hesitate. Kyle sighed. “What the dumbass over there is trying to say is… you think we could, you know… do that again? Sometime?” I stayed silent, too embarrassed to answer. “I mean, we both liked it” he continued. “And you obviously did too.” It suddenly made me feel very self conscious… and excited. I started to chub up a bit. “So here is the deal, Kyle said. We could meet up here on the regular to have some fun.” “But really regular” Tyler added. “Horndog over there really love your skills. And so do I quite frankly.” “We won’t force you or whatever, that’s just not cool.” “We could exchange phone numbers and maybe set up some fun when we can.” I remained silent for a moment, playing mindlessly with the hot water. Unconsciously, I started to touch my own dick. My little average 6 incher was getting harder as an idea formed in my head. It was something I had fantasized about for a while. And maybe, just maybe, they could make it happen. “Alright, I’ll do it” “Really ? You’re awesome little dude.” Tyler was all smiles and rock hard as well, his dick was pointing straight at me bouncing up and down as he got excited under the hot water. “But I have a couple of things I want to ask.” “Shoot” Kyle was also looking at me with a big grin on his face. “Whatever conversation you have about me, I want to see it. We only communicate about this all three of us, no secret.” “I don’t mind, Kyle here is one of my best buds. He knows how horny I am.” ” I don’t mind either. I should thank this dumb dumb for introducing us.” I chuckled. “Anything else?” Kyle asked. “Would it be weird, if I asked you to just… not care if I cum or not?” “What do you mean?” “It’s the second time it happened like that… and I’m getting into it.” Tyler grabbed me by the shoulders. I could feel how muscular he was, and how weak I felt in comparison. “Little dude, if you get off on that… we’ll get off on it too.” “Thanks… and one more thing… keep the protein coming.”

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