The Temp Ch. 04


Chapter IV

Martin watched anxiously as Theresa showed up for work. She smiled and nodded a greeting and then settled into her chair.

She was wearing a dark colored suit today, one with a knee length skirt and blazer. The blouse underneath was ruffled and there was a string tie around her neck.

He grunted to himself and frowned.

‘I hope she’s wearing underwear today!’ he grumbled to himself.

When he arrived that morning he had gathered a half a dozen file boxes and leaned them against the wall by the file cabinets.

“You’ll be busy boxing file folders again today,” he said without looking up, “I have a lot of spreadsheets to work on, so I can’t afford to be, um, interrupted.”

Theresa nodded and got to folding file boxes together.

“After you’ve finished with these file cabinets, there are more in the storage room,” he said in a practiced monotone, “I’m afraid there’ll be no time for, uh, other things today.”

“Okay boss!” she said happily.

Martin glanced up at her and was relieved she was getting right to work.

‘I don’t know what I’ve been thinking!’ he thought sternly, ‘She’s just a slip of a girl and I should be better than this! I can’t let myself be distracted by some tits and ass!’

He set his mind to working again and started graphing the figures he’d received from sales and inventory. Without consciously calling the memory up, he suddenly saw in his mind’s eye Theresa’s naked tits. The thought of fondling them came to him and he swallowed nervously.

‘Not again!’ he thought desperately, ‘I can’t let myself get distracted like this!’

He grimaced and bent his mind to his work once more. After about twenty minutes, he was ready to graph the whole sheet. He set the program to work, and the graph appeared on screen. He gulped and sighed in exasperation.

He let out an agonized groan and stared helplessly at the monitor.

“I can’t go on like this!” he muttered.

Theresa looked up expectantly with her large eyes and huge glasses.

“What was that?” she asked.

Martin looked toward her sadly and then let his head hang down.

“What’s wrong Martin?” she asked with concern.

He moaned quietly and let his forehead fall to the desk.

“Martin?” she asked in alarm.

She stood and went to his side, putting a gentle hand on his shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” she asked again.

Martin sighed heavily and raised his head to look at her. His eyes were filled with sadness.

“Is there something wrong Martin?” she asked.

He sighed again and frowned.

“Theresa,” he said softly, “Do you think you could, um–.”

“Anything Martin!” she said quickly, “Tell me!”

He grimaced and felt like he was about to fall apart.

“Theresa,” he moaned, “What we’ve been doing. It’s so wrong! We shouldn’t be doing it!”

“What do you want Martin?” she asked sadly, “I’ll do anything if it helps you.”

He grimaced and shook his head sadly.

“Can I, um,” he stammered, “Could you, um, show me your breasts?”

Theresa opened her mouth in surprise.

“Will that help you?” she asked.

Martin nodded and gave her a pathetic look.

Without another word, she removed her blazer and unbuttoned her ruffled blouse. She was not wearing a bra. When the blouse fell open, Martin sighed and gazed at her firm boobs with a sad smile.

“They’re beautiful,” he murmured.

She held her blouse wide open for him with a gentle smile.

He put one hand over one tit and felt it. The nipple hardened under his palm, and he half smiled. He squeezed it softly and nodded in appreciation.

“Beautiful,” he muttered.

“Take all the time you need,” she whispered.

Reluctantly, he leaned forward and mouthed her left nipple. He pushed his tongue against it, and she placed her hand on the back of his head.

He put both his hands on her bum and squeezed. She sidled forward and placed her feet on either side of his right foot. He held her buttocks firmly and put his face into the valley between her breasts. With a happy sigh he closed casino siteleri his eyes and ran his hands up her thighs.

As he expected, she was not wearing panties either.

He gently pushed her buttocks against his desk and urged her to sit. She perched on the edge of the desk, and he eased her thighs apart.

He gazed at the sparse hair around her slit and sighed.

“Beautiful,” he muttered.

He leaned forward and inhaled the aroma. He smiled in appreciation put the tip of his tongue against the top of the slit. She shuddered and he sucked the folds of her flesh between his lips.

“Ooh,” she moaned.

He slid his tongue from the base of the opening to its tip, and she groaned and writhed against his face. He gripped both her hips and buried his face deeply into her cunt. She put her hands on the back of his head and looked down at him with heavily lidded eyes. She ground her hips against him and groaned.

For the next ten minutes, Martin moved his face back and forth and up and down. He poked his tongue deeply into her hole and tapped it against her clitoris.

Theresa put one hand over her mouth and tensed. Her thighs gripped his neck, and she let her head fall back. With a high-pitched squeak she came all over Martin’s face.

After a few minutes, she relaxed and sagged back onto the surface of his desk.

“Oh Martin!” she breathed, “That was incredible! I’ve never had anyone do that to me the way you just did!”

Martin sat back in his chair with a self-satisfied smile and sighed. He used a tissue to wipe the juices from his face and sighed once more.

“Beautiful,” he muttered.

She scooched off the desk and went to her knees beside his chair. He gently urged her to her feet and shook his head.

“I have work to do,” he said, “And so do you. I told you we don’t have time for distractions today. I just needed to get that off my chest.”

“Okay,” she said, still in a daze from her orgasm, “Whatever you say Martin.”

He bent over his computer again and nodded in satisfaction when she returned to boxing file folders.

At lunchtime, he went to the café close by. When he left the office, Theresa was sitting at her desk, eating and reading her comic book.

The afternoon passed quickly with him finishing his spreadsheets and her boxing file folders.

At the end of the day, Martin took her by the hand and led her down the corridor to the bathrooms. He dragged her into the men’s room and pushed her into the stall closest to the wall.

Although there was not much room to move, he managed to position her facing the stall door. He hefted her skirt and reached between her thighs. He didn’t have to worry about panties getting in his way.

Her pussy was soaking wet.

He pulled his cock out through the fly of his pants and entered her in one quick motion.

She sighed happily and pushed her ass toward him. Martin pushed himself into her again and again. After just a few minutes, he pushed once more and held still. He ejaculated inside her and still he left his cock inside her. He spurted once more and then sank onto the toilet seat.

She began to turn around, but he held her still. He focused his eyes on her spread thighs and the pink opening of her slit. He stared until he saw his semen drooling out of her snatch and onto her right thigh. He watched until the stream of white had reached her knee.

Then he turned her around and sat her on his knee.

He opened his mouth to speak, but his doubts hit him full in the face again. He closed his mouth with an audible pop.

Theresa just stared. Her eyes were large and even more owlish with her big glasses perched on her nose.

The two of them looked into each other’s eyes without speaking for several minutes. Then, Theresa stood and brushed her dark skirt down her thighs. She gave him one last shy smile and then walked out.

Martin listened to her heels clicking to the door and then receding down the corridor toward the office.

It was Friday. Martin woke up at his usual time and sat on the edge of güvenilir casino his bed.

He looked down and saw he had a raging hardon.

He grimaced and sighed with exasperation.

“I haven’t had so many boners since I was in my twenties!” he said out loud, “I used to be able to control myself! What’s happening to me?”

He sighed again and took a shower.

When he arrived for work, he was surprised to see that Theresa was early. She was already hard at work placing file folders into the boxes in his office.

She was kneeling on the floor by the box and sorting the files carefully inside it. Martin grunted a greeting and made a quiet groaning sound at the sight of her.

She was wearing a loose blue sweater with sleeves that went halfway down her arms. The neck plunged deeply into her cleavage. When he first walked in, she was bending forward to arrange the folders in the box. The neck fell wide open to reveal both her tits in all their glory.

The printed skirt she wore had accents of blue, grey and white arranged in patterns. It was relatively short, at least compared to the skirts she’d worn to the office in the past.

Martin remembered seeing her wear it in her first week on the job. It hung about two inches above her knee and was loose and casual looking.

This was long before he became aware of her masturbating in the bathroom. Long before he ever touched her. Long before she sucked his cock.

He recalled thinking at the time that it was very flattering to her figure.

Now he looked at it with anxiety. She had not worn underwear for the past two days. The day before that, she had removed her bra and panties and placed them on his desk. He already knew she was not wearing a bra today. He just knew he was going to see her bare pussy under that skirt before long.

He closed his eyes and rushed to his desk to sit down.

He turned on his computer and stared at the monitor as it booted up. He continued to stare at it even though Theresa was in full view of his chair in front of his desk.

He didn’t want to look in her direction! He knew that he would see her naked arse and probably her slit as well as soon as he so much as glanced her way.

He logged into the network and called up his latest emails. One by one, he went through them. He dropped any attachments there were onto his desktop and sorted out which ones had priority over the others. Then he arranged them on his screen and got to work.

Theresa continued to place files into the boxes while facing the outer office. From time to time, she bent far forward to arrange the folders. Her rump rose and her skirt rode high up her thighs. Then she would scoop up another pile of folders and put them into the box. Then she would raise her ass into the air again to ensure the files were neatly arranged.

Martin was proud of himself.

Despite the half-naked girl in front of him flashing everything she had he was focusing on his work. He began to think of it as a mental exercise. He even stared right at her when she raised her behind so high he could see, not only the whole of her ass, but her wide open cunt and a few tufts of hair right above it.

He didn’t let it bother him. He didn’t let it distract him. He wouldn’t let it distract him!

He continued to work on his spread sheets and got through all the high priority jobs before coffee break.

He went to the bathroom and then took a short jaunt outside to get some air.

When he returned to his desk, Theresa was again working on his office floor.

“You feeling okay today Martin?” she asked nervously.

“Yes, I’m fine,” he replied.

“Good,” she said with a vacant nod.

Then she went back to working on the file boxes.

When lunch time came, Theresa went to her desk and sat in her chair. She pulled a lunch packet out of a drawer and a comic book out of another. She bent to read while she ate and glanced in his direction from time to time.

Martin decided he wasn’t going to be distracted anymore!

He fished his own lunch packet out of his desk canlı casino and sat back in his chair to eat. He stared out the window and chewed on his sandwich and dried fruit.

When he looked in Theresa’s direction, she was half-facing him on her chair. Her legs were wide open, and she was pushing at least one finger into her snatch. Her eyes were mostly closed, and she was breathing heavy. After just a few seconds, she tensed up and made a soft squeaking noise.

When her orgasm was finished, she opened her eyes and saw him staring at her. She smiled shyly, closed her thighs and put her comic book back into her drawer.

She came into his office looking expectant.

“Is there anything you want me to do for you Martin?” she said as she stared at him through her big glasses.

“Yes,” he said and straightened in his chair, “Keep working on the file boxes for me would you?”

Her mouth opened slightly in surprise, but she nodded and went to the floor to continue putting folders in boxes.

Martin smiled in self-satisfaction.

He had done it! He had resisted her efforts to get him horny. Or, at least, he was resisting his own horniness. Because he was definitely horny! His hardon was pushing against his zipper and he desperately wanted to grab that girl where she was, throw her on her back and pound her silly!

‘Oh my God!’ he thought to himself, ‘What am I thinking? I can’t be fantasizing about doing something like that at work!’

‘Who’s fantasizing?’ a voice in his head said lewdly, ‘We already fucked her! No harm in doing it again!’

‘No!’ he said sternly into his own head, ‘I will not think about that sort of thing!’

‘Why not?’ the voice asked with a chuckle, ‘She’s willing and definitely able! Her pussy feels like wet silk, and she gives blowjobs Hugh Hefner would admire! And that staid librarian look of hers gets us hard as a rock!’

‘Stop it!’ he pleaded to himself, ‘Don’t say those things!’

‘What things?’ the voice said mockingly, ‘You mean about her pussy feeling like wet silk? Or how her blowjobs make us spurt like we were twenty-five again? Or, how about that her tits are so soft and so sweet! Those nipples are just screaming to be licked!’

“Oh God,” he moaned out loud, “Those tits are amazing!”

Theresa looked up from her work and then stood by his chair.

“Did you want to see my boobs again Martin?” she asked in a small voice.

Martin was beaten.

He nodded and watched in awe as she raised her sweater over her head. Her perfect breasts jiggled slightly when they came free of her sweater and then settled against her chest.

Martin stared at them while a pathetic mewl escaped his lips.

“Do you want me to take off my skirt too?” Theresa asked like a little girl talking to her daddy.

He nodded dumbly and moaned again as her pussy came into view.

Theresa pulled him by the hand to his feet and led him to a corner of the office that was not visible from the outer office. She laid him on his back and crawled over his midriff. With her knees bent crab-like, she reached down and pulled his cock out of his slacks. Then she guided the head to her snatch and lowered herself onto it.

She sighed softly as it penetrated her. When she hit bottom she gazed into his eyes. He stared right back at her and bit his lip.

The pleasure was almost painful!

She began rocking her hips gently back and forth. His cock was wedged firmly into her tunnel and her movement drove it against the walls of her vagina.

‘Wet silk,’ he thought to himself, ‘It really does feel like wet silk!’

Theresa closed her eyes and placed her hands on his belly. Her hips were moving like a belly dancer’s now. Martin’s eyes almost crossed it felt so good. She began humming softly as the pleasure built up in her as well.

Suddenly, her eyes shot open, and he felt her pussy grip his penis. Every muscle in her body tensed and he groaned. Then she shuddered as an orgasm ripped through her. Martin gasped and came hard inside her.

Her hips bucked and Martin shot another spurt. Her hips bucked again, and he felt another shot drool out of his dick. When she bucked a third time, he saw his semen dripping out of her snatch. She raised her hips and the white goo oozed onto his stomach.

He let out a sigh and she collapsed against his chest with a groan.

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