The Test pt 4


The Test pt 4The Test Pt 4Joshua blinked the stars from his eyes as Anton pulled out of him… Joshua could feel cum running down his taint from his gaping hole and dripping off his balls into the bed. He looked back at his own dick and balls, both of which had shrank considerably. It was still going to hurt getting that cage off, but it would be possible. He resumed being a good slut and waited face down ass up until he was told otherwise.“Sit up, Slut.” Anton commanded. Joshua sat up obediently and waited. Anton’s jizz flowed from his gaping asshole onto the plastic sheet, his own jizz dripping from his stomach and still drooling from his dick.“Clean up your mess Slut. I gave you all my cum and don’t you dare waste it. “ Anton told him. Joshua knew without being told what he was expected to do. He re positioned himself and start licking up and swallowing all the cum he could find, both Anton’s sweet cum and his own bitter cum. Every time he turned there was more, usually behind him. It took Joshua a minute to realize that it was still running out of his ass. He sat up and pushed, and a large cum fart erupted with what seemed like a gallon of Anton’s jizz. He licked and sucked it all up obediently. He didn’t mind, it didn’t taste bad at all, even after his cock lust had subsided. Still the cum dripped from his abused hole. Joshua lay on his back, and fingering his hole with 2 then 3 fingers, scooping out as much as he could get and sucking it down. Still his hole dribbled cum out. Finally, Anton left the room and brought back the biggest butt plug Joshua had ever seen. Before today he would have laughed at the thought of using it, but now he was not entirely convinced it would actually stay in. Joshua turned around and presented his ass to Anton.“No slut, put it in yourself.” Anton told him as he held it out to Joshua. Joshua took it from Anton and studied it briefly. It was about 8 inches long, 3 inches wide just below the tip, 6 inches at the largest point and 3 inches wide below the flare. The base was a strange shape, about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide on one end, and 6 inches long and just over an inch wide with an upwards curve on the other end. “The curved part goes to the back.” Anton said. Joshua never even considered not putting it in, or how he might get it out later. He could get it about 2/3 of the way in, but his hole was screaming for mercy and refused to stretch any further. “That’s not working Slut. Sit on it and bounce and wiggle your ass some.” Anton commanded. Joshua squatted over the dildo and sat down, wiggled his ass, bounced and ignored the pain, but it would go no further. The mattress had too much give.“Use this chair.” Anton told him. Joshua stood up, holding the plug partially in his ass and duck walked over to the wooden chair in the corner. He considered the best way to do this and decided that his experience with impaling himself on his thick dildo all those months ago might be the ticket. Sure it would hurt, but he might just be able to get it over with all at once. Joshua lined up his ass to the chair with the plug hovering a few inches above it being sure to position his fingers so they wouldn’t get smashed. He took a deep breath, exhaled and dropped. His asshole exploded in pain, but the plug went just a bit deeper. Joshua wiggled some, took a few deep breaths and tried again. Again the plug went just a little deeper. He couldn’t see it, but he felt his asshole give way just a little more and his fingers got closer to his body. Over and over again he dropped onto the plug. Progress stopped before he could get it all the way in. His hole was stretched so far that every time he came off the chair, the plug slipped out a bit and would go back to the same spot when he dropped. The pain was so intense he couldn’t even think about he, he just tried his best to block it out.“I’m actually proud of you Slut. Anton said. I thought you would cry and whine and refuse to even try that monster plug. All the guys who were ever willing to try before you couldn’t get it in. Honestly, I only gave it to you as a test. I never thought it would fit. I wanted to see if you were truly a slut or not. You’re so close now though that I think I might have to help you with it. Stand up Slut, and hold that plug up in there as far as you can.”Joshua stood. Anton placed his hands on Joshua’s shoulders and started pressing down. As Joshua dropped for the final time Anton jumped up and locked his arms straight, all 245 pounds pressing down on Joshua’s shoulders. Their combined weight popped the plug in place. Joshua’s eyes rolled back in his head, his vision went dark, and he stopped breathing for a minute. His asshole closing around the 3 inch lock ring almost hurt worse than the stretch. The curved back end of the base rode up between his bruised ass cheeks, and the front of the base smashed his bruised balls. The worst part though, was the pressure on his prostate. He enjoyed it, but immediately his dick tried to get hard and his balls tried to swell.“Stand up, Slut. Turn around, bend over the chair and present your ass to me.” Anton commanded.Joshua again did as he was told. Anton managed to work a couple of fingers under the plug’s based and pulled. It wasn’t going to fall out for sure.“Stand up straight and turn around to face me. I want to look you over.” Anton told him.Joshua straightened up and turned around. His caged dick and balls stuck out obscenely in front of him because of the base of the plug pushing forward. His ass cheeks had a permanent spread like the world’s largest camel toe because of the base in the back.“Walk around the room, Slut.” Anton command. Joshua did so, but only with great effort. Every step he took wiggled the plug around on his prostate making his dick swell and poke into the horrible spikes. The front of the base punched his balls on each step, and the back of it punched his bruised cheeks.“Damn, I thought we were going to be done here Slut, but you’re turning me on. I need to take you one more time.” Anton said. “Do you want it in the ass or do you want to suck me off? Before you answer, keep in mind that the plug has to go back in when we’re done if you take it up the ass.”“I think I’m done Master, I want to stop now.” Joshua replied. In reality, he did want to suck Anton off, but this was enough for one day.“I don’t fucking recall giving you the option to stop Slut. I told you last time that option was gone. bakırköy escort Now ass or mouth? Choose!” Anton yelled.Joshua was in shock. All this time he had held on to his mental safety net, the ability to stop when it became too much. That was he only reason he didn’t stop after Anton’s ridiculous STD test. He considered getting up and making a run for the door. How could his little bit of control be gone? “You idiot” he thought. “You met a stranger from the internet and took him at his word. All because you’re bored with your perfectly normal, if infrequent sex life at home and your let your little head get you into this rather than just jerk off.” He glanced at the door again. He was closer to it than Anton, but doubted he could move fast enough to get there. “Go ahead and make a run for it Slut.” Anton told him. “I could easily catch you before you make the door, but I won’t. I’ll be 2 steps behind you the whole time. Even though you know I’m not actually trying to catch you, you’ll still run, I can see it in your eyes. Then what will you do? Run through the downtown streets buck naked with a giant plug in your ass, a chastity cage on your dick, and the word SLUT bruised across your backside? You’ll be arrested for sure, because I’ll be the one calling 911. Maybe you’ll tell the police your story, tell them I ****d you and beat you. They might even believe it. Then at the trial, my lawyer will produce the photos and the messages you sent me. It will be a media frenzy, my lawyer will make sure of it. There’s so little chance that I’ll be convicted of being anything other than being a pervert that I’m willing to risk it. You’ll be ruined. PR manager at your company? Ha! You’ll be lucky if you can get a job moping up jizz in an adult movie theater. Now I’ll ask you one more time Slut, ass or mouth?”Joshua was silently sobbing. He knew Anton was right on all counts. He only had one choice left to make that wouldn’t completely ruin his life.“My mouth Master.” Joshua choked the words out between sobs.“Good choice Slut, both it is.” Anton replied.Joshua didn’t even react. He wasn’t surprised by this turn of events. “Let’s get that plug out Slut. Your asshole is going to need time to close up some, otherwise it’s going to be like fucking a bucket of warm water.” Anton said. “Bend over on the bed.”Joshua did so, and Anton grabbed the plug and started working it. He pulled, and twisted and pulled some more. Joshua’s sphincter bulged obscenely, but wouldn’t give up the plug. Anton was grunting and starting to break a sweat. The pain wasn’t as bad as Joshua expected. After what he had endured today, it was tolerable. Anton braced his knee again Joshua’s ass and gave one final mighty tug. The plug popped out along with several more ounces of Anton’s cum. Joshua didn’t wait to be told. He got down on his knees and licked Anton’s cum up off the disgusting hotel carpet. It still tasted good to him. There was bitter cum there too though. He looked down at his own dick, surprised to see he had cum at some point while Anton was working the plug. He never even felt it. Joshua’s asshole was wide open and prolapsed. Anton nudged Joshua to lay over the bed again and fisted Joshua’s ass for several minutes just for fun. Joshua hardly felt it. In the back of his mind he knew it hurt like hell but he was in shock.“Fisting you at least put your colon back on the correct side of your asshole Slut. In a half hour or so it should close up enough to be usable.” Anton said. “Now sit on the bed and face me. You know what’s coming.”Joshua stood up, turned around and sat on the bed. He opened his mouth, grabbed Anton’s monster cock and brought it to his lips. He wanted to go home, he wanted to have a long hard think about how his life got to this point, but he had a job to do right now. Joshua took Anton in his mouth. Anton started thrusting and Joshua started sucking and working Anton’s cock with his tongue. He gave Anton what he was sure was the best blowjob any man had ever received, even taking Anton into his throat over and over again. Anton stiffened again, a sure sign he was about to cum. Joshua took the first shot down his throat and then pulled back letting Anton fill his mouth. Cum dribbled down his chin, and came out of his nose. Anton pulled out and started to speak. “You’re a fast learner…” Before he could finish his sentence, Joshua took Anton’s cock in his hands and started stroking it, never saying a word or making eye contact with Anton. He just blankly stared at the cock as he worked it’s meaty length in his hands, trying to keep Anton erect.Anton was the one who couldn’t speak now. Joshua suddenly released his cock, turned around and bent over the bed. Joshua opened his mouth and spat all of Anton’s jizz and his own snot into his hand. He reached back, working the snot/jizz combo into his ass, then grabbed Anton’s erect cock and pulled him to his hole, never saying a word or looking up. Anton was scared now. Scared that he had completely broken Joshua and turned him into a mindless whore. He was pretty sure if he handed Joshua a knife and told him to cut his own balls off, they would be rolling across the floor before he could stop him. He wanted a cock-crazed slut, not a mindless whore, but what was done was done. Joshua’s asshole had recovered much faster than he expected and he might as well bust one more nut it. He fucked Joshua good and hard, slamming his ass and balls as hard as he could, hoping the pain would snap him out of it and he could get him dressed, sit him down and make sure he wasn’t too far gone. For his part, Joshua grunted a little on the particularly hard thrusts but otherwise didn’t react. His asshole spasmed and twitched, but Anton was pretty sure that was an involuntary reaction to the abuse it had seen all day. Joshua came 3 times while Anton fucked him, and never made a sound. The jizz and snot were drying out and becoming more like glue than lube. This had to be killing Joshua, but other than a few grunts he still didn’t react. Anton gave up hope and decided it was time to be done with Joshua. He pounded away at Joshua’s nearly dry hole for almost an hour, tearing the skin on his dick and Joshua’s sphincter in the process. Just when Anton was about to admit defeat and give up, he came again. Not a very good orgasm, but any orgasm is better than none. Joshua was more like fucking a sex doll right now than beşiktaş escort any human. Anton pulled out of Joshua’s ass. Blood and watery jizz dribbled out. Joshua grabbed the giant plug and immediately started working it up his ass. He still couldn’t get it in on his own. Joshua walked over to the chair with his eyes cast down to the floor, never speaking or looking up.“Look Joshua,” Anton started, dropping the Slut moniker for the first time since Joshua got fully naked. “I went too far. Come back from where ever your mind has gone OK?” We’ll stop, get you cleaned up, treat those bruises and get you home.”Joshua never looked up or even acted like he could hear Anton’s voice. He just started dropping himself onto the chair, pounding the plug home. It went in on the 17th try without so much as a grunt or whimper from Joshua. Joshua stood up, walked to the bed, and started licking up all the cum he could find, which was mostly his own. He returned to siting on the bed, facing Anton.Anton was convinced that Joshua’s mind was gone. He needed to get him cleaned up, dressed, in an cab and back home. He just hoped he could get an address from him, other wise he would have the cab driver drop him off at the mental hospital.Anton took Joshua’s hand and lead him to the bathroom. Joshua stood, swaying back and forth slightly as Anton removed the enema device and screwed the shower head back on. He washed Joshua, being careful around his ass and balls, trying not to inflict any further pain. Joshua just stood there, never even lifting his arms or looking up from his feet.Anton dried Joshua off, pulled the plastic sheet of the bed, and laid Joshua on his back on the bed. He picked up Joshua’s legs and put his feet up on the bed. He tried to remove the chastity cage from Joshua, but every time he touched it, Joshua screamed. It wasn’t a human scream. It was a scream of pain and fear, but there was no rational thought behind it, like a rabbit cornered by a fox. The same thing when he tried to remove the plug from Joshua’s ass.Anton pulled harder on the plug and Joshua started actively resisting, Thrashing around, trying to get away. He was a wild a****l, but his face was still blank and his eyes stared off to nowhere. Anton gave up on the plug and cage and formed a new plan. Anton started dressing Joshua. He found that if spoke to him like a c***d, Joshua would be cooperative enough to get clothes on him, but he just stared down at the floor, looking at nothing, completely catatonic. Once he was dressed, Anton picked up his phone and made a call.“I need a pickup at the Empty Arms Hotel. Just one passenger. I’ll have the address and I’ll pay cash in advance.” Anton ended the call and looked at Joshua. “OK buddy, we need to get you downstairs. You’ve too much to drink. Wobbling and stumbling around like that. I’ll help you walk, OK?” Again, no response from Joshua, but it couldn’t hurt to plant a seed of a different story in his head could it? Anton thought for a minute, then picked up one of the single shot bottles of rot gut booze the minibar was stocked with and poured it over Joshua’s shirt. Anyone who got within 10 feet of him would smell booze and not question that he was smashed out of his mind.Anton addressed Joshua again. “OK buddy, time to go downstairs. Put your arm around my shoulder and lean on me so I can help you walk.” Joshua only turned his head slightly in Anton’s direction and stored off further into nothingness. Anton gently took Joshua’s arm, and placed it over his shoulder, wrapping his own arm around Joshua and pulling him in. Joshua didn’t resist. Anton walked the two of them into the bathroom and looked at their reflection. Anyone would guess from looking at them that Joshua was drunk. This just might work.Anton walked them out of the room, and like a true drunk, Joshua wobbled and stumbled, Anton had to catch him a few times. As they exited the elevator the hotel manager noticed them and walked over. “Hello sir, I’m Trent, the manager here. Is your friend hurt or sick? He doesn’t look good. I’ll call for an ambulance.”“No, it’s OK, Trent. He’s just drunk. We’re old friends that haven’t seen each other in years and he came over for a drink since I’m in town for the week. One drink turned into 2, then the whole bottle. I’m afraid my friend here can’t hold his liquor as well as I do. I’ve already called a cab to take him home. His wife is pissed, so I WONT’ be in the cab with him.” Anton chuckled. “I think I’ll have the concierge send a nice bottle of wine and some flowers to his wife as an apology.” Anton continued. “Well, if you’re sure sir.” Trent replied. “The concierge is on a break right now, but if he’s not back after you get your friend in he cab, let me know and I’ll arrange for those flowers and wine.”Anton walked out the door with Joshua just as the cab pulled up and the driver, seeing Joshua’s condition, got out to open the door for them.“Looks your friend here had too much to drink. I’m assuming he’s the one I’m picking up?” The driver asked.“Yes, thanks man. I’m Anton, and this is Joshua. He has indeed had too much to drink and needs to go home now.” Anton told him. “Can I ask your name?”“My name is Scully. No really, that’s my actual name.” The driver responded.“Well Scully, please take good care of my friend here. I would like to join him to be sure he gets home safe, but I can’t. The address is 1400 Forest View Lane. If you calculate the fare now, I’ll give you cash plus a generous tip for your trouble.”“Let’s see, with the traffic this time of day, the fare is going to run around $120” Scully replied, smiling.Anton winced but opened his wallet, pulled out two 100 dollar bills and handed them over. Together they loaded Joshua into the cab and Scully drove off with him.Anton walked back inside and found Trent. “You know, you’re a real asshole Trent. Call an ambulance for you, what the fuck was that all about?” Anton asked.“Hey, we have a reputation to uphold here at the Empty Arms.” Trent laughed. “What would a customer think if they saw you walking out with a drunk like that and the manager just ignored it. Besides, it’s a real pain in the ass clearing out rooms above, below and all around you so your fuck toys can make all the noise they want. If my boss ever found out I was turning down reservations like that, he’d fire me on the spot. So gimme a break, I busted your balls some.” Trent replied “What beylikdüzü escort was his problem anyway? Was he really drunk? I’ve never known you to fuck a drunk before.” “Let’s just say he had a bad reaction to playtime.” Anton mumbled.“Hey Anton, If you’re mentally fucking up your playthings up there I can’t have that. What if his wife or family finds out where he was? There will be questions.” Trent responded nervously.“Nobody’s going to be asking questions about him, don’t worry. Next time just reserve all the rooms around and make them a no-show. I’ll pay the no-show fees. Besides, if you want to gets your hands on that dick d**g coming out you’ll keep your mouth shut.” Anton replied.“I do want that d**g. Too bad the effects aren’t permanent. But I guess how would the company make any money that way?” Trent responded.“You’re right about one thing, Trent.” Anton said. “The version of the d**g that’s going to be available to the public isn’t permanent. You take one every week, and if you stop taking it your dick will shrink up to nothing and you’ll be impotent. We’re going to get our asses sued off over that one, but by the time it settles, we’ll have made 100 times more off the d**g than we’ll ever pay out. Besides, the d**g I’m offering you is permanent. Just keep taking it until your dick is as big as you want it, then one every 3 months as a ‘booster’ if you will. And you can fuck as many times as you want, your dick will just keep getting hard over and over. The little fags in the club will be lined up to suck you and take it up their asses.” “That’s what I’m talking about…you just go ahead and get me some of those and I’ll keep your room open for you anytime you want it.” Replied Trent.“Patience my friend, I’m working on it. It took me almost a year to sneak enough compound to make the pills I used and and I’m due for a booster soon myself. Management is about to shut down the program though, and we’ve got 10,000 pills in inventory. As project leader, I’m responsible for destroying that inventory. Good thing I’ve got 10,000 fake pills that look just like them.” Anton replied. “I’ve got a phone call to make, so I’m headed upstairs. Give the maid this, there’s a real mess in the room.” Anton handed Trent $100 in cash and left.Joshua and Scully a few blocks away from Empty Arms Hotel:“Hey man, I’m not drunk, I just needed to get away from that dude. He’s kinda psycho. I had to pretend to be fucked up. Joshua said. “Take me to 506 Lakeside Drive OK? If there’s any difference in the fare I’ll pay you cash when we get there and make it worth your while.”“What? Um yeah OK man, whatever. You’re either drunk or crazy as a shit house rat and I’m taking you to the loony bin like Anton said.”Joshua told Scully a story about what didn’t happen but could have. He couldn’t tell him the real story, any rational person would think was crazy to have voluntarily gone through that. So he made one up. In it Anton was a psycho, possibly a murderer, and had been harassing him for years before Joshua went to his hotel room to bury the hatchet with him.“I don’t know man, but whatever. I still think you’re the crazy one and it’s going to cost you $300 to get home.” Scully said.“No problem, make it $400.” Joshua replied. They rode the rest of the way in silence. Joshua thought about everything that had happened today. He couldn’t deny that he was a cock-crazed slut and maybe a pain pig too. He had started down this rabbit hole because he was tired of always being the guy that everyone brought their problems to and looked to him for a solution. He thought he wanted to give up complete control, but it turned out he needed some semblance of it. He enjoyed himself right up to the point where Anton told him he no longer had any say in what happened. At that point, he had no idea how far Anton would go or if he would ever get out of there. He needed that little bit of control to hold unto to keep his mind occupied on the pleasure and the pain. He liked both, the pleasure and the pain, no he NEEDED both the pleasure and the pain. When he lost that control he really did almost lose his mind and slip away, but then a plan started to form. He didn’t think Anton wanted a mindless fuck doll, Anton wanted Joshua to scream and whine and carry on so he would have an excuse to beat him and punish him. A totally passive fuck would bore Anton to death. So he let Anton think he had lost it and gone catatonic. It was tough not gagging when Anton fucked and came in his throat, or crying as his ass got ripped open getting dry fucked for an hour. And it was especially tough to slam his ass down repeatedly on this stupid plug and not cry out. But that’s what he needed to do to pull his plan off so he did it. After all, what was PR but deception and misdirection? He was a master at that.They arrived at Joshua’s house and Joshua went inside with Scully tagging along to make sure he got paid. Joshua had him wait in the kitchen while he went into his office and opened the safe. He took out some cash and walked back to the kitchen.“Here’s a cool grand Scully. If Anton asks, you dropped me off at the nuthouse doors and drove away. If anyone else asks, you’ve never met me or have any idea who I am.”“What, all I did was pick up rich lady and take her to the airport.” Scully replied with a smile.“That’s what I want to hear, and I hope we never meet again” Joshua replied.Scully drove off and Joshua sat down painfully on the sofa. He was going to have to figure out how to convince his wife to move. He was serious about that. Anton scared him enough to not want to live in the same city as him.Joshua hoped his bruises would heal enough to be able sit and walk normally before his wife got home. The SLUT across his ass he could hide, it’s not like they fucked or even saw each other naked very often. That was a shame too. She was drop dead gorgeous and had kept herself in shape over the years, unlike him. He thought she was probably having an affair. She certainly had many opportunities and it would explain why she never wanted to fuck him.The thought of dealing with the plug or chastity cage was too much right now. He could probably cut the lock from the cage, but the plug would be a challenge. He drank 2 stiff drinks, took a Xanax, and went to bed. He would deal with those problems in the morning.The Empty Arms Hotel, room 512.Anton was about to leave the room when his phone rang. Seeing who it was he went back inside and sat down. “What’s going on Scully?” Anton said. “He what?! Wait, he did what? Why what did he tell you? Oh that sneaky fucker… Look Scully I need to make a few phone calls, come over when you get back. Yep, room 512 as usual. We need to make a plan.”To be continued…

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