The Thank You Dinner

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“I don’t care how you do it, just get it done!” The phone landed with a rattle back in the cradle. “How old is he – three?” Nate exploded, slamming himself back in his leather chair, running both hands through his already messy curls. Nathaniel Walker was having a bad day and it was only 11:45 am.

It had started out fairly good for a Friday. Traffic had been excellent and for the first time in God only knows when, he made it to work by 7:30 am. Paperwork that had been sitting in his In-Tray for a week was now safely tucked into the Out-Tray, ready for his PA to work whatever magic she needed to get it distributed correctly. Files were updated and put away from the past few weeks of slaving over them checking and rechecking figures for the latest project. Nate decided everything was going great. Right up until the phone rang at 11:00am.

“How can a grown man who graduated in the top five percent of his class not know that you have to order a few weeks in advance when sea freighting from the other side of the bloody world?” Nate wondered aloud, shaking his tawny head.

He pushed himself out of the chair and stalked over to his side cupboard, opening the bottom door and reaching in for the bottle of Jameson’s he kept in there for emergencies or late night strategy meetings with his best mate and business partner, Koby Allen. Pouring two fingers…okay, three fingers into a crystal tumbler, he looked up at the clock on the timber panel wall and decided it was after 12:00 pm somewhere in the world, therefore okay to indulge in the badly needed shot.

He and Koby really needed this project to come together. It was the final step required to put their company, NAK Inc, on the map and he had imbeciles who thought a container ship could get from London to Australia and the stock cleared through customs, off the wharf and delivered to the customer in five days, working for him! ‘Okay, that was harsh,’ he thought, ‘not imbeciles but Christ on a crutch; can’t anybody else think for themselves anymore?’ He exhaled roughly, massaging his temple with one hand while throwing the whiskey that was held in his other down his tan throat.

A tapping on the door pulled his attention to the woman standing just outside his office. He had forgotten to shut the door before having his little tantrum and was now feeling another form of heat rising up his neck…all the way from his loins.

“I couldn’t help but overhear your side of the conversation, Nate. Is everything alright with the Harbourside Marina Project?” enquired Abby, Nate’s PA, who in his opinion was the most striking woman he had ever met with her blue eyes and dead straight black hair, which she kept tucked up in a professional but sexy French braid. She was wearing his favourite outfit today too: tailored black trousers and one of those silky blouse things. The one that made a man want to touch it to see if it was as soft as it looked. It was a blue one today.

“No, Abby, everything is not alright. The shipment has only just left the factory on it’s way to the wharf in London,” Nate replied disgustedly, enlightening her to the other side of the conversation. “Paulson didn’t realise it would take so long to get here and hadn’t organised the order until last week.”

“Is it possible to get the truck to take it to the airport rather than the wharf?” Abby asked. “That way, we can air freight it and with pre-clearing through customs it should be here and ready for delivery by this time next week.”

Nate just looked at her in awe and then smacked his hand to his forehead, forgetting that it was the one he held the crystal tumbler in. “Oh, Fuck, that hurt!” he cried, too busy trying to rub away the pain in his head to be worried about embarrassing himself in front of his sexy PA.

Abby had realised what was going to happen when she saw the hand with the glass rising but couldn’t stop it in time. “Here let me look at your head,” she said clucking her tongue, as she walked briskly over to Nate, reaching up for the hand rubbing his forehead.

“No, it’s alright. I’m a big boy.”

Nate didn’t want Abby to get too close because of the way she affected his body whenever she was in the same room with him. Actually he only had to smell her perfume to have the same reaction. Parts of him desperately wanted to make friends with parts of her but he was acutely aware of their working relationship and didn’t want any sexual harassment charges brought against him.

“Don’t be silly. I’m a first aider. I have to check to make sure you didn’t give yourself a concussion with that chunk of crystal.” Abby once again grabbed for his hand. “Why don’t you put the culprit down and sit down so I can see your head and eyes better?”

Nate gave in to her demand and, putting the glass down on the side cupboard, he turned round to face her, perching on the edge.

“There, happy now?” he asked, sarcastically. The embarrassment was starting to set in.

“Now look deep into my eyes,” Abby said in a comical canlı bahis şirketleri voice. “Are you getting sleepy? How many fingers am I holding up?” she asked in her normal husky voice.

“Not sleepy and I didn’t know you had seven fingers on each hand,” Nate joked.

“Okay, smart guy, you’re fine. Next time remember if you’re going to get all drama queen on me, use the hand that DOESN’T have the chunk of glass in it!”

“I’ll have you know that tumbler is genuine Baccarat crystal, you peasant!” Nate said in a faux-snooty accent.

“Oh, so sorry, M’Lord, I didn’t realise the importance of such a piece,” Abby played along, bobbing into a quick curtsy.

Unfortunately, on top of the three fingers of Jameson’s and the knock on the head, the proximity of Abby’s curvy little body was too much for Nate’s poor system to bear and he found himself hardening right there in front of her. He quickly rose from his perch, turned away and walked uncomfortably to his desk, clearing his throat and wishing like hell his hard-on would settle down as he settled back in his chair…BEHIND the desk.

“Yes, well back to the marina project,” he said in a brisk tone. “Do you think you could contact our clearing house and organise for them to set this plan into action?”

“Shouldn’t be hard,” Abby quipped. She had noticed the movement in Nate’s jeans, her gaze longingly following her hot boss’s butt as he walked over to his desk. In the year she had been with the company, Abby had woven many a fantasy in relation to her boss and his fine form. A vision of Nate wearing those blue jeans and nothing else ran through her head.

Nate’s head turned sharply at her reply. Surely she couldn’t have meant that the way it sounded, he thought but her face showed only the innocent expression she usually wore. “Great. You arrange the change of delivery method and I’ll contact Paulson to advise him not to bother fixing anything else for us!”

Abby agreed and reluctantly went back to her desk outside Nate’s office. Efficient as always, she made the necessary arrangements without any fuss. Abby couldn’t believe that Paulson had made such a huge mistake with this project. Everyone in the small company knew this was the big one. Everyone but Paulson, it seemed. Abby knew Nate and Koby came from wealthy families and that both the guys had decided to do this on their own. She was very impressed with their independence. Sighing, Abby continued on with her other work until Nate poked his head out the door.

“All done?” Nate enquired.

“Yes. Everything has been fixed. I’ve emailed the necessary documents to the clearing agency and they should take care of everything else. All we have to do is sign for the shipment on Wednesday and have it delivered to the Marina on Friday. See, all fixed!”

“Abby, you’re a life saver…or should I say job saver? Paulson owes you a big bunch of flowers for saving his job,” Nate said as he wandered completely out of the office. “How about I buy you some lunch? It’s my way of saying thanks too. You really covered my butt on this job too.”

‘How about I cover your butt with baby oil and my hands?’ Abby thought, mentally licking her lips. “Sounds great! Pub for lunch?” she asked.

“No, this thank you requires somewhere a bit more up market than the local pub. How does Michels grab you?”

“Michels? Do you really think we’re dressed appropriately for there?” Abby wondered looking at Nate’s jeans and polo shirt.

“Yeah, should be. It’s only the lunch crowd. Michel only gets pissy about dress code at dinner,” Nate responded thinking about his old uni friend. “On second thought, how about we just grab lunch from Mickey D’s down the road and I’ll treat you to dinner tonight at Michels?”

Nate was rather proud of this idea. This way he could have the pleasure of seeing Abby all dressed up and relaxed out of the office and yet cover himself from a possible harassment suit by claiming it was a work dinner. It wouldn’t hurt to claim it on the company credit card either. Shit, he was brilliant!

“Oh Nate, you don’t have to. I was only doing my job after all,” Abby demurred though inside she was pumping her fist in the air saying, ‘Yes!’

“No, I insist!” He really did! “Come on, Abby, don’t be a spoil sport. I need to thank you properly for all the great work you’ve been doing over the past year,” Nate coaxed. Now that he had made the decision, it was imperative she said yes. He needed to see her tonight. “I’ll send a car for you to bring you to the restaurant and I can drop you off home afterwards if that would make you feel better…or not.”

Nate knew her car was in the shop getting a new paint job thanks to some inconsiderate jerk who had rammed her in the local shopping centre car park and he thought if he gave her this option, she wouldn’t think he was trying to come on to her; though he desperately wanted to.

“Oh, alright, if you put it that way, it would be lovely to have dinner tonight,” again mentally canlı kaçak iddaa Abby was jumping around the office like a lunatic.

“Great, I’ll send the car to pick you up at 7:00 pm. Meanwhile, I’ll head down to McD’s and grab our lunch. Same as usual?” Nate knew he was almost babbling and just wanted to get out of the office as quickly as possible so he could get in his car to calm down.

“Thanks. The usual is fine.”

Abby waited until Nate had left the area before jumping up out of her chair and doing a little booty shake. She then stopped and straightened her blouse, furtively looking around for any spectators. Thankfully, the other three people in the office took no notice of her.

Nate reached his car and upon opening the door, slid straight in behind the wheel. ‘Whew, that was close,’ he thought, then pumped a fist in the air and yelled “Yes!” He fired up the car and went to get lunch.

The rest of the day went on as usual. Nate came back with their lunch and after eating had gotten back to their respective tasks for the day, both thinking of the coming night.

At 6:00 pm, Abby was still debating which of the two dresses laid out on the bed would be the best for a work dinner. There was the classic little black dress that no self respecting woman would ever be caught without, or the eye popping red one that was her lucky dress. And boy, did she want to get lucky tonight. She was worried the black would be too plain and the red would be too flashy because she would have to go braless with it. “Damn it. It’s probably the only time I’ll ever get to go out with him, even if it is for work. I’ll wear the red!” Abby decided aloud.

Quickly removing her bra and she pulled the red dress on carefully over her hair. “There, it’s on and it’s not coming off. Well, not before dinner that is,” she chuckled wickedly, hoping like hell she would have reason to take it off after dinner and not just to get into bed by herself.

Abby was sick and tired of being alone. It had been 15 months since she had split with her last boyfriend and therefore 15 long months since she had gotten laid. The length of time was definitely not due to any secret hope that they would get back together, just that the first few months she was angry with all men because of the two-timing prick and then she had started working at NAK Inc. and had fallen secretly in lust with her sexy but oblivious boss.

The next 45 minutes was taken up with last minute primping, hair, face, good knickers. All check! Now all she had to do was wait for the car Nate was sending. Five minutes later, it arrived. Only it wasn’t the car she was expecting which was the little Corolla they kept at work for any visitors from the London factory. No, the car that had pulled up outside her little town house was taking up two car spaces. “Holy fuck! He’s sent a bloody limo!” she exclaimed.

Bemusedly she locked up her house and walked down the path toward the long black car. Nodding to the driver who held open the door for her, she ducked down and climbed in, ever mindful of the short skirt of her dress. She didn’t want to give the neighbours who were gawking out their windows too much of a show, after all. Sinking back into the plush leather seat, Abby felt excitement bubble inside her. Maybe tonight actually is going to be my lucky night, and on that thought she settled in to enjoy the ride to the restaurant.

Nate was pacing nervously in front of Michels worried that he’d blown it already by sending the limo. He had thought it would be a treat for her as he had remembered from an old conversation of theirs that she had never been in one before. He had been surprised by that remembering all the limo’s that had deposited young girls to his Year 12 Formal. He had thought everyone had done that. Oh, well, what’s done is done, boyo. Nothing can change it now, he thought.

Nate couldn’t believe how nervous he was about dinner. He wasn’t a green kid out on his first date; he was experienced with women. Too many women, his mother would say. “One of these days, Nathaniel, I expect grandchildren!” he said mimicking his mother’s higher pitched voice.

He often felt like telling her he didn’t need to be married to accomplish that goal for her but years of training and respect for her feelings made him bite his tongue. Deep down though he wanted the same loving marriage his parents had. They had married young, both only 18 but they were coming up for their 30th wedding anniversary this year. He just hadn’t met the right woman yet.

Nate had dressed carefully for this dinner as well. He was going for the casually elegant look and thought his black trousers and open neck black silk shirt worn with his sleeves rolled up fit the bill nicely. He had debated over untucking it as well but knew that Michel would get his knickers in a twist if he went that casual. Not only that but he had a feeling his PA would be dressed to kill or rather he was hoping she was and didn’t want canlı kaçak bahis her to feel too overdressed.

Nate had fantasised about what she would wear tonight as he was dressing. He hoped it was silky, short and tight. Just thinking about her dressed that way got him hard. Shit, he thought, thinking about her any way got him hard. In fact, lately he was walking around in a constate state of arousal due to Abby. He tried to think about something else, anything else to get his erection under control.

Just then, the limo pulled up to the curb beside Michels. The driver got out and before he could reach Abby’s door, Nate pulled it open. All he could see in the dimness of the interior was a set of gorgeous legs disappearing from the thighs up due to the shadow in the car. Suddenly those legs shifted slightly open as one sandaled foot exited the door and reached for purchase on the sidewalk before the other joined it’s mate. In that split second Nate got a flash of red panties. Oh, mama! Red was his favourite colour.

He offered his hand to the gorgeous creature exiting the limo. Surely this wasn’t Abby. He knew Abby was sexy but this woman was red hot sin. From the tips of her strappy gold heels to the top of her raven locks, this woman oozed sex. Nate was dumbfounded. Suddenly the nervousness vanished and in it’s place was lust.

“Abby,” he breathed, “you look fantastic.” All worries about sexual harassment suits disappeared in a puff of air. He was getting himself some of that tonight!

“Thank you. You don’t look too shabby yourself.” Abby had spotted Nate pacing the front of the restaurant as the limo had pulled up and very nearly swallowed her own tongue. ‘God, he was hot,’ she thought. ‘If only this was a real date and not a work dinner.’ Sighing, Abby let him help her up from the seat of the limo.

Placing her hand through the crook of his arm, Nate escorted his sexy PA to the door of the restaurant. Being the gentleman he was, Nate opened the door and allowed Abby to walk through ahead of him. This also gave him the opportunity to view her from behind. He watched the sexy sway of her hips as she walked over to the Maitre’D who hurried over from talking with one of the waitresses.

“Welcome, Monsieur Walker” said the Maitre’D, “your usual table?”

“That would be great, Sam” Nate addressed the man as he would an old friend. “Is the Princess here?”

“Monsieur Michel is in the kitchen, Mr Walker. I’ll tell him you’re here,” Sam said with a little grin as he proceeded to take the couple over to a table placed in an intimate corner right next to the window overlooking the river. Nate had once again taken the rear of the little procession, so that he could watch Abby’s arse as they walked. He may be a gentleman but a man couldn’t be faulted with wanting to watch perfection in motion. And that was what her arse was, perfection…in red!

Sam offered menus and told them someone would be over shortly to take their drinks order. Abby jerkily opened her menu. She was feeling a bit breathless. She would swear on a stack of Bibles that she could feel Nate staring at her arse as they had walked over. Now she nervously peeked over the top of her menu to find those eyes riveted on her.

“Do I have something on my face?” Abby enquired.

“No. Why?”

“You have been looking at me funny since I got here.”

“Sorry,” Nate chuckled, “I’m just blown away by the way you look tonight.” Nate sang the last six words. “You are a very attractive woman, Miss O’Riley.”

Abby blushed to the tips of her toes. “Why, thank you, Mr Walker. I’m glad you noticed.”

“Oh, I noticed all right. Not that you don’t look attractive normally but tonight there’s just something different about you.” Nate pondered for a moment then tapped his knuckles on the table. “I’ve got it. You looked relaxed.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m always relaxed.”

“No, this is more relaxed than work relaxed. Don’t take offence but at work you seem a bit more restrained.”

“Well, it is a work place. I wouldn’t want to dress like this every day, Nate. For one thing my feet would be crippled if I had to wear these shoes every day,” Abby said as she lifted one foot gracefully from under the table to show off her gold heels.

Nate swallowed hard as he imagined her naked in his bed except for those shoes. Unconsciously, he reached down into his lap to rearrange the erection in his pants.

Abby noted the subtle movement and licked her lips. She found herself shifting in her seat trying to get comfortable and hoping the wetness she felt wasn’t leaking onto her dress. She could think of nothing worse than having a wet spot in a very noticeable place.

Nate saw her little pink tongue swipe over her lips and just about came in his pants. ‘This is not good,’ he thought. ‘How the hell am I supposed to get through dinner without touching her?’ To fix that, he took the hand she had resting on the table.

Abby glanced up at Nate’s face when she felt him take her hand. “Uh, Nate, what are you doing?” She couldn’t help the excited little quiver in her voice. His eyes smouldered at her and she noticed his lips had parted and his breathing seemed to be just as haphazard as hers.

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