The Toy Party’s

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The Toy Party’sMy girlfriend sells sex toys to help make a little extra money while in school. She doesn’t make much, but she does get access to a lot of great toys and of course I get to play with them.Since we have opened up our relationship to share sexual adventures with others, we have been discussing the idea of having an all girl toy party at my place, hoping that it might turn into something even more. Beth started advertising with little fliers that we could personally invite women that we felt would not only want to come to the toy party, but would be women we would want to have sex with and would be into the idea. I circulated invites to women I knew were bi, a few of them married who were bi on the side without their husbands knowing, Beth was canvassing the campus of her university. All in all we probably handed out 20 invites by the first week of January and our party date was set soon after.We had 12 women RSVP, four were women I knew and the rest were from the campus, we only had 7 show up, university students can be fickle. When they all arrived I knew we were in for a fun evening. There was a beautiful young blonde named Anna that was invited by Beth. My eyes were all over her and knew that she was my main desire for the evening. She couldn’t have been much taller than 5’5″, her hair shoulder length, petite in build. Anna came across quite shy and she would often blush when some of the larger toys were brought out and passed around. This of course made me want her all the more because I thought in my mind her bashfulness meant inexperience. About 30mins into the toy showing a big pink jelly was brought out and passed around. One of my invites (40, athletic, red head *with amazing breasts I might add*) asked Beth if we were allowed to try out the toys. Beth got really enthusiastic and said that you could only try them out if it was done in front of everyone else. Well that’s where it all started. My friend (Joni) unzipped her pants pulled them onto the floor, removed her panties, sat back down on my sofa and started rubbing the pink dildo between her labia. We all watched with fascination as we could all plainly see that Joni was already soaking wet. Beth who was beside her asked Joni if she could help. Joni was all too happy to accept. Beth took over from Joni and started to work the dildo in and out as Joni released those gorgeous breasts of hers. As this was going on I could see that a lot of the ladies were totally transfixed on what was going on. My thought was that they were all getting turned on except for Anna. Anna was blushing even more and idly playing with one one plain vibrators in her hands, her gaze adverted from the action.Meanwhile, Beth started taking it to a whole new level. Beth pulled the Dildo out of Joni and said that it was time to see what she tasted like. Beth took the dildo, stuck it in her mouth. Beth then set the dildo aside and dove into Joni’s crotch as Joni laid back and enjoyed the attention. The rest of the ladies watched enthusiastically and slowly started doing their own thing, one went over and joined Joni and Beth while others started playing amongst themselves. Honestly, I wasn’t paying a lot of attention because I was transfixed on Anna. I love inexperienced girls, and she was looking like a fish out of water. I went over to Anna and sat beside her. I asked her if she was comfortable and she replied she was embarrassed. I asked why and she said she had never had any experience like this and she was a little uncomfortable with what was going sarıyer escort on around her. I asked her if she would mind if I kissed her. She was hesitant but I moved in anyhow kissing her neck and then moving forward to kiss her mouth. My hands started working up her shirt and her hand stopped me. I pulled back and asked if everything was ok and she blushed again and said she wasn’t ready for this. I took the opportunity to remove my shirt and bra and knelt in front of her. I asked her if this made her feel any better and moved her hand onto my breasts. I leaned forward and kissed her more. At this time Beth removed herself from her action And came up behind me, reached around, un buttoned my pants and pulled them down to my knees as I knelt forward and was kissing Anna while she was still touching my breasts. I wasn’t wearing any panties in anticipation of the evening. I leaned backwards away fro Anna and kissed Beth passionately. Anna’s eyes were wide open, I could see she was enjoying what she was doing and enjoying what she was seeing. I looked at Beth and told her that I wanted Anna all to myself. Beth backed off and moved back into the group of women, working her way into the orgy of lust that was happening around us.I grabbed Anna by the face and told her to sit back and relax. Anna was sitting on the floor with her legs extended, her arms behind her supporting her upper body. I pulled up her shirt, un clasped her bra and exposed her small pert breasts. I leaned forward and began to lick and suck her nipples. Her breathing started to speed up. She pulled my face up to kiss her some more and whispered a question, asking if we could go into my bedroom. I was a little disappointed because I really wanted to be focusing on this girl while being pleasured by another of the ladies…. I wanted to be a part of it all! However, I wanted Anna more. She was so young (18) and so inexperienced… This was what I really wanted.Anna and I retreated to the bedroom, I don’t think anyone even noticed. Beth had her face completely buried in one of my other invite’s pussy while one of her invites was using a toy on her. When I got Anna into the bedroom I wasted no time at all taking offer pants and getting her completely naked. Anna sat on the bed and I wanted to take her all in. Her beautiful blonde hair framed her innocent looking face with big hazel eyes. Her pussy wasn’t shaved but her hair was thin. Her inner lips protruded from her labia just a little bit. I was so excited to explore! I moved slowly on the bed and positioned myself beside her. I faced her and spread my legs wide open. Anna asked if she could touch and I told her she could do anything she wanted to me. Anna was trembling as she reached for my pussy and started moving her fingers between my lips. She smiled and kind of giggled saying that I was really wet. I leaned back and asked her to continue. Anna looked absolutely fascinated as she stared at her fingers playing with my pussy. It wasn’t long before she penetrated my wet pussy one then two fingers. I was loving it and she could tell as my hips started to move in rhythm with her fingers. I was absolutely soaking, my pussy was absolutely creamy and I was getting close to cumming. I grabbed Anna’s hand and pulled her fingers to my mouth and sucked them clean. To my surprise she leaned forward and kissed me, mouth wide open, tongues darting back and forth. I moved back from her on to my back, and pulled her on top of me. We kissed more and I told her that I esenyurt escort wanted her to mount my face so that I could taste her. Anna blushed again and said no that she was too embarrassed and instead asked if she could go down on me first. Who would say no! I spread my legs wide as she worked her way down to my breasts. She played with them with her tongue, sucked on my nipples as her hand moved down to my pussy that was just aching to be tasted. Her fingers worked their way in and out of me, bringing me to the edge of climax. I was getting very close to cumming when yet again she stopped fingering me but this time SHE put her fingers into her mouth. She then asked if I was close to an orgasm. I practically screamed I was. She said that she wanted me to cum while she licked my pussy. I grabbed her by the face and pulled her in… I felt a little bad because I was forceful, but she was into it. As soon as she got there she started to lick me… All of me. Kissing my inner thighs but settling into my most precious spot. Anna began to suck on my clit and I was shocked how good she really was being her first time (or so I thought). Anna started to finger me while she sucked on my clit and that is when my orgasm came on in full glory. I held her head down on my pussy as she sucked. I ground her face into my crotch as I bucked my hips in full ecstasy. I was shaking and when I realized that I was terribly creamy down there. I pulled her face forward and could see her face absolutely covered in my wetness. She smiled, I pulled her forward kissing her and licking myself off her face. You taste good don’t you she said. I kissed her passionately and pleaded that she get on top of my face. She consented but only if she could lick my pussy more. Anna moved her leg over my shoulders and there was her pussy and pert little asshole right in my face. Do I dare lick her asshole right away? I thought to myself?… I thought better of it as she begins to kiss my inner thighs once again. I pulled my hands free and cupped her ass cheeks as I used my thumbs to spread her lips further apart. There it was, such a gorgeous pink pussy just centimetres from my mouth. I wanted to dive in and burry my face in her beautiful place but instead I slowly licked between her thigh and her left labia, then I moved to the right to do the same. I sucked on that labia getting my first small tastes of her. My mouth moved over to her wetness and started to blow softly on her clit. Anna was busy kissing my pussy yet again and hesitated with anticipation as I played with her little more. Quietly she pleaded that I “just do it” and that was all I needed. I moved in and with a broad sweep of my tongue I licked from her hood to her lovely tight vaginal hole. Her taste was absolutely amazing. I continued to lick in this fashion from top to bottom and bottom to top. As I did this I could taste her wetness grow. I moved my lips around her clit and began to suck and lick quickly with my tongue. I moved my fingers so that I could play with her opening. Anna was thoroughly enjoying this. She even laid her cheek on my mound just enjoying the pleasure I was giving. As I sucked on her clit my finger started to wander. I rubbed the space between her pussy and ass and then started to trace around her asshole with her finger. I did this for a few moments and then heard her whisper, you can do to me what ever you want. That was my cue. I stopped sucking on her clit and moved my tongue up to her asshole curling around. avrupa yakası escort Anna began to moan and told me that she liked it. I spent sometime there licking her asshole, until she told me she wanted me to make her cum. I moved back down to her gorgeous pussy that was fresh with more fluids of pleasure (I’m a fluid loving girl!!). I started licking her in a frenzy and them moved down to suck on her clit again. My index and middle finger moved inside her as i searched for her g-spot. I found it right away and began to work it. Anna was in full orgasm now, gyrating on my lips and moving with my fingers. Anna cried out in absolute pleasure and I continued to suck on her clit. She pleaded for me to stop as it was too much so I removed my fingers and held her to me by her small ass cheeks. I would not stop until I had my fill of her beautiful taste. Finally I had to let go as she was in agony; her clit too sensitive to take anymore.Beth rolled off of me brought her face to mine and we kissed deeply. She told me she loved that experience and that she would like to do it again. I asked her if she would like to join the party and have sex with some of the other women. Anna pouted and said if that was what I wanted. I was a little surprised by this thinking she would want to experience some of the other ladies out there (I knew I did). Anna said that she only had eyes for me tonight and that she wanted to spend the night in my bed if I would allow. Who was I to say no to the 18 year old beauty? She asked if I would introduce her to some of the toys. I said I would be right back and I went into the living room to retrieve some. Well the living room was an absolute sexy mess. Beth was laying on her back while two of her young friends were between her legs. The rest of the group were using various toys on each other in various states of sexual enjoyment. I knelt down beside Beth and kissed her passionately. Beth smiled and asked me if I enjoyed my time with Anna. I said I had but we were not finished yet. Beth was pleased and said she had a lot more to do here before the night was through. I told her that I was not likely to leave the bedroom until morning. Beth really didn’t care and as I found out afterwards, she was the object of affection of all of the ladies at one point or another that night. I bent down to the girls pleasuring Beth and kissed each of them deeply and told them to make sure she had the best night ever. I made my rounds to all the ladies, kissing each of them and wishing I could do so much more, but I had something pretty special in the bedroom. I grabbed a few toys from a few of the ladies which were all sticky from use. I couldn’t wait to use them on Anna. When I entered the bedroom Anna was laying on the bed, legs spread wide fingering herself. I used all of those toys on her that evening and she used them on me. There was a lot of oral exploration and much passionate kissing. I found out that her and Beth had been sleeping together for the past month and that Beth was her first and only before me. I wasn’t upset because as you may know Beth and I have an open relationship (although not sure why she never told me). Anyhow, it was a beautiful night even though I never got to have sex with the rest of the ladies. I am hoping that we hold another toy party soon as I desire a chance at all of them. Also, I want to be the center of attention next time. Since that night I have been with Anna seven times. She is orally gifted and I have been able to make her squirt! I love girls that can squirt and when I find one I try to make them do it every time. I hope you like my account of the January toy party. If you live in the Kamloops area (and you are a woman) PM me if you would like to take part as we are always looking for people to invite. A picture of you is a prerequisite though.

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