The Transformation


The TransformationI woke up in a daze. It had been a night of drinking and all I could remember was everything eventually getting fuzzy. My head was spinning but that was the norm after a friday night “study night” with my friends. Most everyone was out of town but I had still gotten a ride over to my friends apartment. Anna and Heather’s place, Anna is a tall redhead. She has lovely pale skin and a bigger build. Not fat just broad shoulders, massive tits, and a fitting frame. She never looked fat just healthy, always in good physical condition. Although she made me look ridiculous. I’m scrawny and 5’10”. We are about the same height but she takes the cake on muscle. Heather on the other hand is 6′ tall and a stick. She runs a lot, blonde, and has almost no tits to speak of. Heather had gone home so last night had ended up just Anna and I. I could remember we drank a lot and talked about sex like we almost always did. It was always fun because Anna swings for every team. Suffice it to say it was a joy to hear of her exploits with other women. I still felt dizzy and went to rub my eyes. All I heard was a rattle of metal and felt my hand being held back. I was handcuffed to a bed frame. Not the first time, but I was fully clothed and didn’t remember getting here this time. I noticed my feet were even tied to the bed. It also became apparent that I was in Anna’s room. I wondered what I had tried to end up needed to be locked up. Just as my vision came in clear Anna came in the room. She was in pajamas and sat beside me on the bed.”I’m sorry if I tried anything last night. I can’t imagine how bad I must have been acting for you to tie me up like this.” I apologized profusely. She sat silent. “Are you going to tell me what I did?” I asked.She turned and looked me in the face. “It’s not what you did, but what you left open.””Shit, I’m sorry. What was it?” I asked her.Her face lit up with a smile. “Well I’m not sure you’ll be happy.”My heart skipped a beat.”We were talking as usual last night and after you were really drunk we stared talking about porn. It didn’t take long for us to bring up some of our favorites and we logged into our usual sites. It was all the usual stuff I would have expected that you claimed as your favorites.”I could hear my heart pounding. I knew then what she had seen.”But after you passed out you were still logged in and I thought I would see all of your favorites. My oh my I was pleasantly surprised.”My face grew red. Understand that this is a girl who is not shy of being dominant. She’s told me before of how she’s left men locked up in her closet for hours going back to tease them every half hour only to let them cum right before setting tuzla escort them free.”All those female domination videos, cross dressing videos, and not to mention the feminization stuff. We are going to have to have a talk about that mess but for now I’m sure you have to go to the bathroom.”My face was solid crimson at this point and she was right on both accounts. “yes I do need to take a piss.””Anything else?” she asked.”No,” I said wondering why it would matter.”Good,” she chirped as she hopped up from the bed and left the room.Shocked as I was I was speechless and very uncomfortable. She came back into the room with a pitcher and my stomach turned. “What the hell!” I exclaimed.”oh I’m not setting you free yet,” she said smiling. “There’s much to work to be done and I can’t have you running off when I plan on helping you.” She reached for my crotch and I felt helpless. With one smooth motion my belt was loosened and slid off. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down the zipper. Before I could protest she had me turned to the side with my cock out in the pitcher. She looked me right in the eye with a smile on her face and simply said, “go.”Embarrassed and in a state of awkwardly becoming aroused I went. When I was done she left the room and poured the pitcher in the toilet flushing it down. I was left bound to the bed with my cock sticking out from my pants. When she came back in she had a pair of scissors. “now let’s take care of those clothes,” she said. With care she cut the jeans from my legs, cut off my shirt, and then cut off my underwear. I was left without any clothes there and totally exposed. “I’m surprised you have an 8″ cock. A nice surprise but definitely surprising given what you watch,” she smirked. She reached for a bag that was by the bed and pulled out feminine shaving cream, lotion, and a lot of razors. “I’m guessing you can figure out what to do with these? I don’t want to see a single hair anywhere but your head. Understand?”I was in shock.”Understand?!?” she yelled.All I could do was whimper, “yes.” Matters were only made worse by the raging erection I had.She smiled and told me she had already drawn me a bubble bath and I was to go there to shave right after being unlocked. My apartment being 3 miles away, not having a car there, and no clothes she had no worries of me running. She untied my legs and unlocked my hands and I went into the bathroom to bathe and shave.I kept my pubic area shaved already so it only took a long time to shave my legs, arms, armpits, and by her demand through the door my ass and asshole. Thankfully she hadn’t noticed that that was already shaved for the most part. As I got out of the tub ataşehir escort she told me through the door to go directly into her room after drying off. I was not to have anything covered with a towel or my hands and that it would be best if I just left the towel on the floor. My cock was hard and all I could feel was that it was betraying me.I opened the door and peeked down the hall. The living room TV had some ladyboy porn on and I could hear her in there. “Get moving slut,” she shouted. I went into the bedroom and sat on her bed. I could hear her moaning and suddenly I heard heels clicking against the floor. She came into the room, her red hair was cascading down onto her tits which were perked up thanks to a green and black bone in corset. She had on matching panties, heels, and a garter belt. My cock certainly wasn’t betraying me at that point.”Get on the bed slave,” she commanded. “You’re going to thank me before we go on to the next phase.”I laid down on the bed and she got above me. Her panties were wet. She pulled them aside and said, “please your Mistress Anna.” I couldn’t help myself, she didn’t even have to lower down, I sat up enough to reach her luscious pussy with my tongue and began serving her. “Good slave,” she moaned. I watched eagerly her breasts heaving up and down above me as she pet my head and encouraged me. My cock was so hard I couldn’t stand it so I reached around and grabbed it. She slapped my hand back, “NO! Bad slave!”She stood up from my face and said, “Phase two needs to happen now! Stand in the middle of the room whore.” She left the room and went towards Heather’s room. When she came back she was carrying lace panties, a garter, and one of Heather’s black and red corsets. “Now let’s get you dressed.”I put on the panties and felt weird enough but by the time it was all on my cock was hard but I felt horrified. The only thing that redeemed it was her rubbing my cock through the lace panties. Unfortunately, she was telling me how “you obviously like it. look at your cock, I mean your clitty.” I heard the word and knew without a doubt I was now her sissy whore. She opened a drawer and pulled out a black wig. She fit it on me and turned me to her full length mirror. I couldn’t recognize myself. Heather’s lack of tits had served well for my transformation and I looked now like the traps and fembois I so much like to jerk off to. “Aren’t you a pretty sissy?” she asked. I regretfully mumbled, “yes.”She was rubbing my clitty through the panties but then licked her finger and slid it down the back of the panties. “Let’s get you locked up again okay?””yes” I answered.She handcuffed me in the closet. I could spin around maltepe escort and stand just fine. There were extra mirrors in the closet and she moved the one in the room to where I would always have a view of how I looked.”There was something that you told me last night right before you passed out. I had shown you a video of anal and you, in your drunken stupor told me you like to play with your ass.” She spun me around pointing my face to the mirror in the back of the closet. She pulled the panties aside and rubbed my asshole. It felt so good I couldn’t help but let out a moan. That coupled with my reflex of pushing towards her fingers brought a smile to her face. “That’s a good sissy, you have already been learning to play with your pussy, call it that now sissy.””It’s my pussy,” I moaned.She slid a finger in and I was in ecstasy. She reached around when my eyes were closed and put something cold to my lips. I opened my eyes and while she was finger fucking my pussy with one hand the other had a glass butt plug at my mouth. “Open!” She demanded. Open I did and I started licking and sucking the plug. My clitty was leaking precum and she decided it was time for phase two to wrap up. She pulled out her finger from my ass and the plug from my mouth. She spun me around to face her and she yanked down the panties. She spit on the plug and reached around behind me. With her other hand she took my cock and started to suck my swollen head. Little by little she increased the pressure on my pussy and sucked more and more on my cock. My body wanted both, my ass pushed back and my hips pushed forward, alternating because both were sending me to the edge. Then all of the sudden the plug slid in, as soon as it did she deep throated my cock and all I could do was cum. My body twitched for what felt like an eternity. When she finally released my cock she had squeezed and sucked every last drop of cum from me. I was exhausted. She stood up smiling. She grabbed the back of my head and forced her tongue in my mouth. She had held all that cum in her mouth. Now she forced it into mine and would not stop frenching me. The salty sticky mess swirled around our tongues until she broke the kiss after sending it all in my mouth. Holding my mouth shut all she said was, “Swallow.” And swallow I did. I saw myself in the mirror and noticed she had pulled the panties up. My cock was still hard but I looked unbeivably passable.She smiled at me and said, ‘by the time we are through all those fantasies you kept secret will no longer be fantasies.” Then she left me hanging in her closet after an entire day of her work. I could hear her making phone calls and my heart pounded at what else would come tomorrow.Thanks for reading, this is all biased on a dream I had that was by far the most erotic thing I have ever dreamt. Let me know if you like it and if I should continue the story! Feel free to send me friend requests too!

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