The Trucker & Friends


The Trucker & FriendsI often fantasized about that day with the trucker. I often wanted another session. So one day, I got the courage u and called him. He laughed and claimed he went too far and would not leave me in the motel again tied up for all to see….if I agreed to “serve” him again.I reluctantly agreed to “meet” him again so we went to a similar same cheap motel and met again. Again, I checked on and was instructed to be “ready” for him. I realized that it meant being totally naked, lubed, and with all essential equipment (butt plug, taped, rope etc). When he arrived he grabbed my cock and immediately kissed me and put his tongue inside of my mouth. His breath smelt of beer. He asked if ai was ready for another hot time, for which I shyly said yes. I watched as he oddly put “something” in the room door lock so it could be easily pushed open from the outside. I questioned why, but all he said was that it made it more thrilling twith a chance of being caught. It actually DID make me hotter, with that thought. (shades of previous encounter).I was ordered onto the bed doggy style with my hands ties to my ankles and ass up in the air. He took the big butt plug from his bag and inserted it into my puckered ass. Just like before, he then took his belt out of his pants, and gave me several strokes which made my ass bright red. He then sat on the bed near the pillows and told me to suck his cock. I obeyed (and enjoyed).. He got on the phone with someone and told them that “it was time.” I asked him what was happening – but all he said was that he had a surprise for me. I struggled to no avail; and was made to keep sucking his large cock and hairy / sweaty balls.In a few minutes the door was pushed opened and a big man and heavy BBW woman entered the room. They were kind of rough looking and immediately laughed at me with my ass in the air and cock in my mouth. She saw the belt and smacked me hard. She took her friends pants down and told him to get on the bed alongside his friend so I would have to suck his cock as well. She made me suck him too. I had two cocks in my face now and was being smacked on the ass. She told them both to turn over and spread their asses and made me lick their hairy and smelly asses. In the meantime she took the butt plug and began to fuck me with it. It stretched my asshole out and hurt quite a bit. She stripped down gaziemir escort and had cheap panty hose on with what looked like cum stains. Her saggy tits seemed to hang down to her belly button. Her nipples were brown and huge. Her pussy was obviously well used and hair and had an aroma of pee and ass. However, she made me as hard as a rock. She then said she wanted her ass eaten as well so the two guys moved aside and pushed her big ass in my face. It was kind of nasty smelling and well used….Their cocks were really hard by now and then they decided to fuck me, one at a time, give me at least 10 strokes each – over and over again. I was sucking an ass and getting fucked by two men… they switched back and forth, into my well loosened ass. After what seemed like forever, the first guy stayed inside of my ass and continued to fuck me hard; and the other one took the woman’s place near my face and told me to suck him. I was being ass fucked and giving a blowjob and she started to record the scene on her phone stating that if I ever told anyone about them, she would put the video on the net. Soon, the guy in my ass groaned and shot his load deep inside of me. The other guy switched places and entered my ass very forcibly. The cum from the first guys lubed me up good so his thrusts did not hurt too much. But soon he was grabbing my hips and with a final lunge, shot his cum deep inside of me as well. The two loads made a complete cream pie and cum was dripping out of me and down my legs. By now she was masturbating herself into a frenzy and came as well, kind of shooting her combination of cum and piss into my face. After each guy shot his load, I was ordered to clean their cocks – so I had to taste their cum, my ass, and a sweaty mixture of sticky goo. (truthfully I enjoyed the taste).When they were done, they propped me up on my back, and ordered me to jerk off for them using the vibrating butt plug. . She straddled my face and all I could taste was her smelly pussy and ass. She seemed to enjoy pushing out stinky small but smelly farts in my face. (But, It made me so hot that I shot my load everywhere). By now, the first guy (my previous friend) said he had to go, so got dressed. The ‘lady’ whispered something to him which made him laugh. He then took all of my clothes except my shoes, put them into his bag and gaziemir escort bayan said that I would not need them anymore. and only my “Master.” I protested to no avail, saying I needed my clothes to get home. He just laughed, and he departed with my clothes. I asked the others if they had something else for me to wear, but they both just said “sorry” no…!!!The guy said he needed to cum again, so he decided to jerk off. I had to lie down and he straddled me and got off on my face as she fingered him and yanked on my balls. After a while, they said that they would have to go as well. I pleaded with them to release me, and told them about the first guys promise not to leave me tied up in the room. They said “sorry” it was not their promise. The shifted the night table near the room door and positioned me on top of it – so again_ my ass was facing the entrance of the room. Again, the butt plug was shoved into my ass and the vibrator was turned on causing my ass to buzz. They went into the toilet and took the towels and put them into the toilet and both pissed into it and onto the towels. She said that I could always use them as my new wardrobe to get home. I could not believe what was happening. They were going to leave me with no clothes and no chance of even using a towel as a wrap. They placed a blindfold over my eyes so I could not see anything. She took out a small butt plug from her bad and put it into her husband’s ass and then into her own ass. She then shoved it into my mouth and taped it in. It fortunately allowed me to breathe if I kept it clenched with my teeth. They turned on the radio fairly loud – so anyone passing by the room would hear. They also made a sign and hung it onto my butt plug which said: – “I was just fucked by two men and I am full of cum, AND I loved it, so please feel free to do the same.” Another sign was placed on the outside of the door which read: “Please feel free to take pictures of this slut whore.” They left me on the small table in front of the door. My legs and hands were still taped together at my ankles and now taped down to the table so I could not move. My ass was stuck up in the air with the butt plug buzzing away, and the sign hung from my ass. The two men’s cum was still oozing out of my ass and formed escort gaziemir a puddle under me. This was total humiliation. On the way out, she also wedged the door wide open, so anyone passing by would hear the radio and naturally look inside the room and see me and my upturned ass.After some time, I heard people passing by, and knew that they stopped to look. Most were quite shocked, giggled, and made some rude comments – but did nothing to help me. I heard several of them take pictures. But no one would come inside to help me. Finally, what seemed like forever, a ‘hotel’ service person must have been called because she shyly entered the room and asked me if I was ok….and if I needed any help…. Great question, considering the scene she found!!! She kind of giggled as she removed the tape from the butt plug from my mouth so I could speak. She would not touch the plug in my ass and would not turn it off as it would have meant that she would have had to grab it to twist the knob off. I asked her to help to cut me free of all the tape and ropes. She said ok and that she would, but that she needed to get something to cut the tape. She left and soon returned with the front desk manager and maintenance man. The older female manager and the maintenance man looked at each other and tried not to laugh after seeing me and reading the signs. He had a knife so he cut me free so I could move my hands and legs and I finally removed the vibrating butt plug and signs from my ass. I apologized to them, and they just seemed to smirk (almost secretly enjoying the scene). I can only imagine what they must have told their friends….I mentioned that my clothes were taken from me, and again they tried not to laugh. I asked for another towel to wear home, and she said that I would have to buy it from the hotel. She finally said to just use the ones from the room and that she would not report them missing. I (again) had to explain that they were soiled from the toilet. She kind of laughed and shook her head and said that I should find new friends. I think the guy seemed to be getting horny said nothing and only stared. I ended up getting a new towel which I wore to get to my car and then drive home. Now I wondered how in the world I could explain to my wife that my clothes were taken from me – and all I had was a cheap hotel towel to wear. I managed a plan to say that I went to the beach, went to rest room and someone robbed me and took my clothes. I really do not think she believed me, since she recently caught me stroking to a guy on the computer….but anyway. Another story…..I doubt if I will see those other people again……….but then well maybe……..????

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