The Truth About Swinging 5

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The Truth About Swinging 5Ok….Almost at the end of quest to find truth about swinging, and the “Holy Grail…” We’ve gone over a lot of info,and continuing with the couples you’ll meet,there even more I’d like to share and pass along about the couples youve already seen on the websites…My wife and I are the more “narcissistic” couple,we want a couple that is as much like as as possible,size,age,likes,etc,etc…..MOST couples are like this as well,of course,most people want to associate with those most like them,the same is true in the lifestyle,the exceptions being of course,the interacial fantasies,or the trying something new fantasies….But it can even get more specific than you might think….Here’s why….My wife is 5’5-1/2″ 135 lbs,green eyes and auburn hair,she’s very feminine,makeup,hair,clothes 500 different shades of lipstick and nail polish,20 different bottles of conditioners,shampoos,body washes and scrubs…,Damn,LOL!!!……You can get 20 women,ALL of them 5’5″/5’6″,weighing at 130lbs,give or take a few, and line them up,and every woman will look very different from each other,even though they are roughly the same size.Sure they will have different hair color,eyes and styles of clothes,but look a little closer…they ALL carry around 130 lbs very differently, on their 5’5″ frames.We met a woman who was 135 lbs,5′ 6″, and looked like a short squat,linebacker….Same goes for men,line 20 guys up,same height and weight,and you’ll get 20 different ways of carrying their frames.No one is going to look exactly like you,and NO COUPLE is going to be EXACTLY what youre fantasizing about,and you will see this again in the “Holy Grail…”—A CLONE of the both of you,doesnt exist.Not gonna happen.We have yet to meet a couple in 20 years, thats as compatible as we would love to have as far as our own fanstasies go,much less LOOKED like us.Most times in life,the Fantasy is far,far better than it reality.When you see a PORN MOVIE,it is NOT “reality…”Porn movies take great lengths to “size” women and people up for whatever reason they need for the scene.It looks wierd to see a 5 ft tall woman, with a woman who’s 5 foot 9.It looks odd to see a heavy set woman with a skinny one—Ever seen that in a porn??? Usually they are sized to match only slightly more and less.So,In porn, they size and match them up.Porn is an ILLUSION,and you’re sex life,even swinging ,will NEVER be like the wild situations you see in porn.It will NOT “look” like a porno,its a little more intimate than that,and the only time it looks like a “porno,” is if you move away from the group,and take it all in,and even then,youre simply watching “amatuer…” And, its not angled, and lit up right, and theres no music loop to accompany it. A porn actually does a GREAT DISSERVICE to people…Now…We LOVE porn,dont get me wrong,but porn is not the reality of sex.It is a FANTASY,it is contrived,it is ORCHESTRATED,it is CHOREOGRAPHED,unless its a raw amatuer flick,which is few and far in between,thats ever actually any “good.” There’s lighting,angles,countless hours you dont see,because you only see the best of the mariobet güvenilirmi best of a finished probuct ,most of the time in porn movies.A lot of couples and single male/single female situations like to “warm up” with a porn movie.Too many of them think they are going to be IN a Porn,or that they ought to be able to FUCK like porn stars,and this is where it gets odd…Men seem to think they are supposed to last for hours and hours and hours,to please a woman…Guys,let me dispell a HUUUUGE myth,right here…If you think you gotta pound like a goddamned piston for more than 45 minutes,and this is at the TOP of as long as you need to last,then you dont know what the fuck you are doing.Period.Women will tell you,that a great pounding is good,but there’s no need to shoot a line of shit,about you lasting for “hours.” More than 4 hours,Viagra or not,and DAMAGE begins.Most people get bored after 2 hours of doing anything…My wife and a LOT of women ive met over the years,in and out of the lifestyle,HATE the bullshit line that a man is such a stud,that he can go for hours…Guys…women are NOT STUPID.They got that pussy,they KNOW what they can, and cant have with it,they can tell how healthy you are,they know what your capable of,they can sense things about you cannot believe,they NOTICE far more than even I am comfortable with,married to them or not,they know how much you make,and so much more about you,at a glance,than you are ever gonna know about yourself,and these are even the women who are NOT, and are NEVER gonna give you some pussy,in or out of the lifestyle,and they KNOW WHEN YOU ARE LYING!!! They might go along with it,but they know…They know…….I know it sounds harsh,but the FACT is,that most of us ,even when we are healthy and young and at our peak,30 to 45 minutes is a long fucking time,and a woman,and there are exceptions,simply will not lube herself naturally for that long either.In fact,GREAT SEX,the old in and out,the end of the journey, lasts ONLY 11 to 20 minutes!!!! Thats right,it just seems a lot longer.Your brain is releasing all kinds of stuff that confounds,confuses and overloads your senses,and make men and some women,think they theyve been at this for a long time…One of the bEST orgasmd my wife ever had she said,was a “quickie” we did in the car,outside of a mall.I didnt last for more than a few minutes,but she clamped down me and screamed,because….BECAUSE OF THE SITUATION,not so much as ME, and I was OK with that…Its the situation,the scene,the mood,the setting,with women,that get thems off.They can come with you or without you.But do you MIND FUCK your spouse? Do you let her indulge her deepest darkest fantasies???This leads to the part where you WITH another couple,or when your alone with your spouse,its almost no different,did you rush in,or did you spend about and hour on foreplay??? When you were with another couple,did you go right to it,or did you spend an afternoon and evening around each other,letting it build up??? Too many couples,especially the males in the couple,are afraid that the deal will fizzle,and mariobet yeni giriş they want to RUSH through and get to the fucking before it doesnt happen,and sometimes,the women tend to do this too…These are your famous “PUSHY TYPES!” This couple cannot wait,they are afraid youre gonna change your minds midstream,and guess what…you will WANT to change your minds midstream,when you get a hold of the pushy types.There are other reasons why couples are pushy.Remember in an earlier installment,I told you about a husband who drove his wife crazy,over the beauty of my wife???She wasnt jealous,she was just tired of the going on and on about the ~situation~ he hadnt even gotten to yet,and she got tired of him being overanxious.She wanted to meet us,but he was too over the top with it,and with women,they can usually discern things that are unforeseen…. Well,one big reason a couple is “pushy,”,is that the female in the other couple is above average attractive.She might not be “Barbie,” but damn if she’s not HOT just the same.She’s that woman you’ve all seen,a fucking FOX,and you cant believe she’s with the dolt she with, and how this asshole ended up with her and,just what the fuck does she see in him,and and and…Stop right there.Youre already going too far.Remember,these couples are who and what THEY are,and NOT what you want them to be.People can get a little bit over excited in this thing.After long months even a year or two,of nothing,not getting much responses that are favorable,coutless hours “chatting(typing) after countless hour camming(Too lazy to meet,much less fuck)all the sudden you find a couple who seems to be compatible and you get alittle crazy,one or the other,or both of you….Avoid the pushy types…Unfortunatley there are too damn many like them.My wife and I like the “atmosphere” of swinging.We like to spend time on it,and dont want it to be over,too soon.Knowing that we are going to fuck is great,but lets look at a good way to go about being with another couple.A lot of couples meet in a motel,or in their homes,and within an hour or two,its over and done,and this is all well and good.There are couples out there,who simply dont want to take their times,and want to speed things along.But if your doing this as a sporting event with time contraints like there “quarters” in a football game,thats pretty much what its going to be,a game.There are couples out there who seem to veiw this as another workout,like a the gym,its a “competition,” you and your wife are nothing more than human Nautilus Machines….Well,again,as long as everyone agrees,its all well and good,but most of the time,the meeting is rather rushed,and they realize that they actually went through with this,and that they dont know much about the couple in the first place,and all kinds of anxieties set in….”Wow,over so soon? I do hope they were disease free,…” “Did I do well?” “Was the other person pleased with me” “Jeez,I HOPE they can keep their mouth shut…”These are,99% of the time,whats called the “One Nighter.” theyre never going to return your calls,and you might not return mariobet giriş there’s.Most of the time,a rushed swinging session is the lAST one you will have with that couple.Its the same as it was when you were in high school,sometinmes,it gets “wierd” afterwards,especially if you RUSHED right into it,JUST like you did when you were younger….The lifestyle has been said to be like “dating for adults” but I dont agree.When I was in school,I was ‘dating’ to find a girlfriend,a relationship,something MORE than just a sexual encounter.When you are swinging,you are looking for an “EXTRAMARITAL” sexual encounter,and not a ‘relationship’ that goes much further than a friendship,and NOT an intimate setting.Now,if you find a compatible couple,there are intimacies that do develope,and its OK, as long as no one gets hurt.Remember that your spouse is going to be in the throes of passion with someone other than you,and he or she might do something a little different,than you do, and as long as your spouse understands that its just for the moment,and doesnt want this to be more than a found,fleeting pleasure,then it should be OK.For example,I have 6 inch dick,but its very thick.One woman had a husband who had an 8-1/2 inch dick, whose girth was thinner.She loved my cock being thick,and he actually enjoyed her having the pleasure of the “difference” of it,and NOT becuase it was “better,” just “different…” You can and should spend more time with each other.Dont rush into it.ESPECIALLY this thing called the lifestyle.One couple we met,had a boat,and we went out on the lake.Both of our wives were exhibitionists, and they would flash us or change their clothes from their shorts and blouses to thei bikins as if it were the most natural thing in the world.Out on the lake, we took time to get to know each other,and over time,both wives had basically “swapped” us husbands for the day,we were kissing and holding hands and holding each others wives,with them also getting to know each other.That night,the sex was phenomenal,and we were with them for a few months more,until it faded out,no hard feelings,and wasnt a “one nighter…” because we took time to get to know each other.One evening me and another husband got to see one hell of a show,as our wives tried on lingerie and clothes for us.One threeway we had with another male,my wife ran around in just a T-shirt and panties for the afternoon,she served us drinks and sandwiches,and she expected to be,and got “rewarded,” for being such a good hostess,and we watched the games,and at some point the panties were off,and the fun slowly started.One threesome with another woman,came after her husband was just a royal son of a bitch in his treatment of her.We told her that she was “maybe a little too vulnerable” at first,but as some time wore on,weeks,as a matter of fact,she came over one evening and basically allowed herself to be “snowed in…” We got to KNOW her…This is very important.DONT rush in.Undertand that there are feeling and emotions involved,and this is not negotiable.Everyone needs to undertstand just what the hell there doing in this.Everyone need to accpet that they are as involved as the next person,and its not just about themsleves.Before we get to the Holy Grail,theres one more type of swinging scenario,that Im going to cover…”The frat party…” And this will be number 6,in the truth about swinging……

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