The Tryst


I took a deep breath.

I knocked.

She answered the door wearing a thigh length satin robe. I knew she fretted about her weight, but I thought she looked breathtaking. Her curves, her fullness, the softness of her made her a goddess for me.

She threw her arms around me and pulled me in. She pushed the door closed, pulled my face down to hers, and kissed me deeply. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth and she tasted sweet and a little spicy at the same time. I could feel my cock swelling as her breasts pressed against me. I hugged her, then I felt her reach down between us, massaging my hard on.

“I’ve been waiting too long for this,” she whispered.

“There’s no rush.”

“There is a rush. I want this.”

She turned me so I was backing up towards the bed, then when she was about to push me over on the covers, she stopped and went down to her knees. She looked up and locked eyes with me as she started fumbling with my belt and trousers.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I want you to fuck me.”

Without waiting for an answer, she pulled down my trousers and underwear, and kissed the tip of my cock. Then put her lips around it, started milking it gently with one hand, as she licked and sucked my knob. Her other hand was on my ass, and she stroked the crack with her fingertips. She maintained eye contact, and the corners of her mouth turned up into a wicked smile around my shaft. I kicked off my shoes, and she pulled at my socks one by one.

Her tongue was licking me, and her lips were going back and forth on the sensitive rim of my cock’s head. Her hand was stroking up and down. Her technique was perfect and I could feel her saliva and my pre-cum dripping onto my thighs. Her other hand caressed my ass, and slid between my thighs to tease my balls as she worked on me. My pecker was swelling and throbbing under her touches, and my knees started to tremble.

I lifted her away from my throbbing cock and up to standing. I reached under her robe. She wasn’t wearing anything under it, and her pussy was slippery. More than slippery, she was soaked and her clit was swollen. I peeled her robe off as she undid the buttons of my shirt. She shook the robe the rest of the way off, and I cupped her breasts, and caressed the nipples with my thumbs. She moaned as her nipples stiffened.

Now I turned her so her ass was against the edge of the bed. “You said you wanted me to fuck you, not that you wanted to give me a blowjob.”

“Mmm-hmm. Whatcha gonna do about it?”

I leaned forward and kissed her. Our tongues brushed against each other as I reached between her thighs again. I found her wet and swollen clit, and made circles on it. She whimpered escort eryaman into my lips. Gently, I placed my other hand between her breasts, then pushed her slowly. With the backs of her knee pressed on the bed, she fell back with her thighs spread, exposing her neatly trimmed bush. I stepped forward and rested my cock on her glistening pussy, the head of my shaft touching her clit. I pulled her hips so that her ass was on the edge of the bed and snug against me as I stood between her thighs. Her pussy was kissing my cock, and getting it lubed. Her core was hot against me, and hungry.

I teased her, rocking against her without entering, rubbing my shaft on her clit, and grinding against her ass. She reached between her thighs and massaged my wood. She pressed me hard against her mons and flexed her ass trying to guide me into her. I matched her movements so that I kept enjoying the feel of my cock against her vulva and clit, and the sensations of her fingers on me.

“Stop teasing!” She moaned.


She was getting frantic trying to push me in. Her honey and my pre-cum were making our connection squishy and our thighs slippery. I relented, and allowed her to impale herself on me. She groaned in pleasure as I thrust all the way into her pussy. Her cunny squeezed me, and her hand that had been stroking me was now diddling her clit.

She moaned, “Fuck me, I want you to fuck me, cum in me.”

I was moving slowly now. Her pussy was wet but tight and I intended to take my time. Fucking her was glorious. She rocked her ass, squeezed with her inner muscles, and used her fingers to urge us both closer to climax. She was panting, and I could feel her start to gasp and quiver under me. I leaned forward and kissed her hard, flattening her lovely tits between us.

“No!” she groaned as I pulled out of her. I climbed onto the bed, swung her ass around, and knelt between her wet thighs. I got my arms under her legs, and lined my shaft up on her pussy. Her lady-honey was trickling down between her ass cheeks. Gently, I lifted her legs up and pressed her knees to her chest. My cock spread her labia. “Yes…” she moaned as I thrust into her again.

I began thrusting into her harder. With each thrust, she gasped with pleasure. I leaned down over her as she lifted her ass to me, grinding into her, her clit and mound pressing against me. I took her wrists in one of my hands and pinned them above her head. Bending a little, my mouth found one of her tits. As I fucked her, I caught her firm nipple between my lips and sucked and titillated it with the tip of my tongue, and it got hard. The other one obviously wanted its share of attention, and when my lips touched it, I felt her elvankent escort orgasm start.

Her hips were bucking against me, and she wrapped her legs around my ass to pull me into her. She was moaning wordlessly, then gasping under me. Her heels locked on me so all I could do was grind into her, and feel her pussy tighten and swell around my engorged cock. Her gasps became cries of pleasure. Thrusting into her felt wonderful. I swelled inside her, and her sweet pussy squeezed me. The sensations washed out of my groin and over me, making me groan with the pleasure of it. I was right on the brink as she was shaking with her orgasm. She went limp, twitching and moaning with the aftershocks.

I pulled out, and went back to sliding my hard-on up and down on her soaked pussy. Each time I hit her clit, she gasped. She was catching her breath, her body limp after a powerful climax.

I whispered, “Roll over, my dear.” Wordlessly, she struggled to turn onto her tummy, limp and relaxed after her first orgasm. I spread her legs, and lay on top of her, my cock leaving wet trails on her ass. She squirmed a little, and got her hand under her. Kissing her neck, I lined up my cock to take her again, and as I thrust forward, her fingers guided me into her wet core. Rocking and thrusting into her, her body began to respond again. I nibbled on her shoulder, biting gently, and she moaned in her desire and passion.

“Do it, take me. I want to feel you cumming in me…” she whispered breathlessly.

“You want me to? You want me to cum?”

“Yes! Fuck me! I want you! Cum in me! Take me!”

“Well, if you insist…”

She was stroking my cock and her clit at the same time. The feel of those fingers on my shaft as I pushed into her wet cunny was too intense. She was also stimulating herself, bringing herself to another climax, and when her pussy started to quiver and spasm in orgasm again, I joined her. My orgasm seized me, I thrust hard and deep into her, and could feel myself filling her with my seed. A groan rose up through my throat as I came hard and shot into her.

Trying to catch my breath, I relaxed on to my elbows so she wouldn’t have to bear my full weight. My cock began to soften, but I stayed in her, enjoying the feel of her body against mine. After a warm and loving time that stretched and flowed for us, I kissed her on the neck, and slid off to one side.

She propped herself up, and turned to face me and threw one of her delectable thighs over me.

“I needed that,” she whispered.

“Me too.”

After a while, we took turns cleaning ourselves up and brushed our teeth, and got comfortable in bed again. Spooning against her ass, we drifted off etimesgut escort to sleep.


The sun made the edges of the curtain glow, and she was still asleep. The morning had arrived too quickly. I slipped out of bed and went to the toilet. As quietly as I could, I slipped back into bed behind her.

I stroked her hair, and my hard-on pressed against her soft, curvy backside. I kissed her shoulder. She reached behind her and started touching my wood. I returned the favor and caressed her tummy.

She said, “Let me take care of something.” She slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom. I threw the covers down and stretched out. I lay on my back, hands under my head, and reflected on the delightful time we had last night. As she came back to bed, she looked at me.

“Now that is a nice thing to wake up to!”

I opened my eyes and admired her as she wiggled between my knees and took my cock in her mouth. Her mouth felt amazing, and my cock swelled as she licked and sucked. I caressed her hair and groaned from the pleasure of it.

She looked up and caught my eye as she licked and kissed the tip. Her tongue explored the most sensitive places along the underside. Obviously enjoying what she was doing, she used her fingers under my balls, making me gasp. Her other hand was between her thighs. My cock was throbbing under her attentions. I groaned softly. She was doing wonderful things, and I was getting close to climax. Letting go of my shaft, she crawled up until her pussy was over my erection.

“Well, good morning, sleepy head!” She said with a quirky grin. Her hand was rubbing my cock against her pussy, getting the tip slippery and spreading her wet petals. She pushed herself down and impaled herself on me. She began rocking and gasping when she ground all the way down against my pubic bone. I pulled her shoulders down and buried my face in her tits. She rocked and snapped her hips against me as I kissed her hard nipples. I flexed my hips up, thrusting into her tight pussy. She was panting over me, and she was starting to gasp. Her pussy squeezed my cock as she moved on me and pushed me over the edge.

Her climax was right behind mine. I erupted in her, filling her with my cum, the pleasure of it washing over me.

“Oooohhh! Oooooh! OOOOH!!!” Her voice was almost a song as her eyes rolled back in her head and she collapsed on me. I adored the sounds she made when she had an orgasm. I held her, still half erect in her pussy as she gasped and tried to catch her breath. She raised her mouth to mine and kissed me deeply.

We held each other, still joined for a calm, sweet eternity. With a deep sigh, she said, “It’s about time to get up, isn’t it?”

I only nodded at first. I took a deep breath. “Yes. Yes it is.”

After we cleaned up, she walked me to the door. She hugged me, kissed me, and whispered, “Until next time.”

I agreed, “Next time.” With a final, quick kiss, I left.

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