Subject: A Neglected Boy The Twins LXIV Please support Nifty to keep stories coming. http://donate./donate.html Thanks to all Nifty Staff for their help. Please remember this Story is fiction, names fabricated, locations may be accurate. Included links are fun. … There may be some sex; it will be gentle and loving. Just a reminder that the story is told by either Jake or Kori in alternating Chapters. A Neglected Boy “The Twins LXIV” ota I’m not sure who was going to eat more chicken on a stick Jake or Ethan or Keith but we all know who was eating the most Kimchi “rug-rats” ! … We all have become used to Kyle and Justin having slightly different tastes; they’re doing great with most American/New England dishes but some of us do have a problem with some Korean dishes as we found out when Marco said . . . . “yuk, what is this?” Jake and Keith grabbed Kyle just before he stabbed Marco with a fork. Insulted and ready to start another Korean War, Kyle and Justin were on the attack. Ethan calmed everything down and whispered something in Kyle’s ear that made him smile and give Ethan a hug … “secrets!” … then Ethan explained … “Kimchi is a very important dish………….. ……………Marco its Korean cuisine, it’s a famous traditional side dish of salted and fermented vegetables, … (Jake and I think it may have been fermented a little too long) … such as napa cabbage and Korean radish, made with a widely varying selection of seasonings including gochugaru, spring onions, garlic, ginger, and jeotgal.” … Jake tried it but made much the same face as Marco then made some comment about how it could make dog fart. The table was hysterical even Kyle and Justin were laughing. Jake really shouldn’t have said that because we all knew what direction that was going. Things `nearly’ settled down when Marco and Lorenzo said Kyle and Justin were sleeping with Jake and me tonight, `nothing’ settled down! I think we have gas masks in with the camping gear. Keith and Ethan like General Tso’s Chicken and it is a favorite Chinese food both in the restaurant and a favorite takeout choice. It’s sweet and slightly spicy with a kick from garlic and ginger. The most important word is “slightly-spicy” but tonight our 2 teens decided it was mild and needed more “spice” and added the hot red pepper sauce. Keith and Ethan tried to pretend that adding 3 tablespoons of the mixture was just right. The giveaway was their breathing and the beads of sweat on their foreheads. Antonio, bless that boy, said . . . . “Hey Keith, if you think it’s hot going in just wait till it comes out” … Dinner was out of control.!.!.! … and I swear Jake was just as bad tonight as any of the boys. The all-you-can-eat soft ice-cream helped those who needed it and put smiles on most all the faces but Jake and I like the almond cookies best. The ride home was more like a tour of Yale campuses. Yale covers 340 acres of downtown New Haven and you know who has a new Jeep. Ethan does and everyone had to have a ride in it “Tonight”. We passed by the Medical college stopped changed passengers, drove by the Art’s and Science college and changed passengers and finally Jake had his turn. Then home. Then Jake took Keith back to the dorm driving Ethan’s new Jeep … Wow! I had the privilege of getting everyone settled down and ready for school and bed. The phone rang … it was the Judge calling to let Jake and I know he would be home late tomorrow afternoon and would pick up Antonio, Lorenzo and Marco from school. The call was short and all he said was that the situation wasn’t better and asked to speak with Antonio. Antonio was leaning against the wall; tears rolling down his face as he spoke with his Grandfather. The call ended with the phone quietly placed on the counter as Antonio slid to the floor, back against the wall, head in his hands quietly crying. I tried to pull him up, I wanted to hold him to try to take some of the pain away but he just asked to be left alone. … Why does his father not love him? … Antonio is a beautiful and loving boy. … Why? Ethan walked in and looked at me as I was looking at Antonio, then just slid down beside Antonio. There was silence. Neither Ethan or Antonio said a word. A minute or two passed and Antonio rested his head against Ethan’s shoulder, soon tears were soaking Ethan’s shirt. I was upset and beginning to feel sick ………. I turned to look out the window just as Jake walked in … I almost felt relieved. … Jake stood for a moment looking at Antonio and Ethan … walked across the kitchen knelt beside Antonio and kissed the top of his head and went to the den. I don’t know how I felt. I was surprised at what I thought was a lack of interest, a lack of not doing anything, a lack of words. … I thought Jake would have done something. He just left Antonio and Ethan sitting on the kitchen floor and went to his den. I was angry. … Very angry! I walked to the living room and paced from the front door to the hall, back and forth, back and forth. … I was getting more worked up. Jake and I have been together forever and like anyone else we have had our disagreements, just a few. He walked away from Antonio and I’m pissed. I was walking toward the hall when Ethan and Antonio passed, they walked down the hall and into Ethan’s room, his door closed quietly. I wanted to know why Jake ignored the situation. … Pissed, I went to the den walked in quietly and sat looking directly at Jake. Jake never looked up from his reading and said . . . . “You’re angry. I know you’re angry by the way you walk, you have your angry face on, you’re posture says you’re angry. … Kori who are you angry at … me? … Are you angry at me because I kissed Antonio and walked away or because I didn’t make things bursa escort better? Do you really know why you’re angry?” Jake wasn’t making things better and for a few seconds, I was getting even more pissed. More pissed at his attitude; then he turned in that damn big antique desk chair of his and said . . . . “Kori, remember when you were Antonio’s age and you were really hurt or angry? … Remember how sometimes you would tell me to just leave you alone but then go to Peter? … When I walked in and saw what was going on, I knew Antonio wanted to be left alone and just be with Ethan; they weren’t talking they didn’t need to.” I felt stupid. Jake got out of that beautiful old chair walked over and kissed the top of my head; returned to his chair and went back to reading. I thought .. “a Ph.D.” hmmm .. will never take the place of a loving grandfather; I wish I had known Jake’s granddad he must have been a very special man and Jake must be just like him. It was nearly 11 pm and I needed a cup of tea. I was sitting at the table thinking of tomorrow when Antonio and Ethan came in. They took down 2 glasses, filled them with milk and reached for the cookie jar. Finished they put the glasses in the sink and I felt 2 warm hands massaging my shoulders … they stopped … Antonio hugged me and whispered . . . . “I love you.” … The teens disappeared down the hall, I finished my tea. Jake walked through the kitchen saying it was time for bed. The house was quiet and I was exhausted as I felt the warmth of Jake’s arms around me. The wind blowing, not howling, was almost a nice sound as we drifted off to sleep. The night passed quickly and Jake and I found morning with 3 extra bodies pulling covers down and climbing in bed. Wait … where is Lorenzo? … We’ve got Kyle, Justin and Marco but no Lorenzo. … Justin told Jake and me what was happening. As the 4 boys, Kyle, Justin, Marco, and Lorenzo were heading for our bedroom Lorenzo slipped into Ethan’s bedroom. Ha! … we expected to hear a ruckus at any time ………….. Nope ………. Everything was quiet. Very quiet … what was going on in Ethan’s bedroom? Jake said it was time to get up and sent the 3 munchkins to go shower and get ready for school. I had to smile when Jake said . . . . “Don’t worry about Lorenzo … Ethan will take care of him” . . . . it’s true when it comes to school nothing and no one will make him late not even a “sex-crazed Lorenzo”. Jake and I were putting things out for breakfast so we could grab a quick shower while the boys were having breakfast. Well, that was our idea … however, as we were placing cereal and bowls on the table Ethan, Antonio, and Lorenzo marched through the kitchen. Towels over their shoulders and underwear in hand, and asking to use the shower in the master bath. … Actually, Jake and I had to laugh as the 3 amigos never slowed or waited for an answer. Must have been an Army or Navy shower because the 3 amigos were back at the table in about 5 minutes, obviously not enough time for any fun. Ahhhh, 6 boys at the table all talking at the same time … 2 boys speaking in some undistinguishable language, perhaps because their mouths were full, and 2 boys with a rather strong Italian accent. Jake and I took advantage and ran for the shower. Shower finished it was our turn for breakfast. Tea and coffee already made, thanks to Ethan, English muffins and strawberry jam next to the toaster and all 6 boys dressed and ready for school. … Ah-ha! … I know what’s going on … Ethan is about to ask if he can take his new Jeep to school. Nope … however, Jake did make Ethan smile when he said . . . . “Ethan can you help Kori and me out and take Antonio, Lorenzo, and Marco to their school then come back and we’ll take you and the rug-rats with us over to University School.” ………. Oh, the `Smile’ … Ethan was in charge, he had 3 Italian boys with backpacks at the door giving instructions. … As the door opened Jake and I heard . . . . “No, … I said you and Marco are sitting in back and Antonio is sitting in front. … Ok, it’s not fair, you’re still sitting in back! End of discussion! … OMG, end of discussion, he’s using Jake’s phrase! “Dad, Dad … can Ethan take us to school in the Jeep?” … Kyle asked .. and Jake answered . . . . “Kyle we’re all going over to University together you guys know Ethan can’t have his Jeep on campus.” … Ha! I smiled, let’s see Jake get out of this one. Then … “It’s not fair Dad, you let Ethan take those other kids.” I was really enjoying this. Justin was pouting, Kyle was using an accusing tone and even called Antonio, Lorenzo, and Marco `those other kids’ … and Jake was trying to figure a way out. Jake looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders, I’m not the one who suggested Ethan take Antonio, Marco, and Lorenzo to school, I’m innocent. The kitchen door opened and in walked Ethan. Kyle ran to Ethan attaching himself saying . . . . “Ethan, that other Dad is being mean.” … pointing at Jake. … Ethan had a big grin and said . . . . “He is? … n looks at Jake and says . . . . “Jake what are you doing to my boy?” I thought I was going to burst out laughing at the smile on Kyle’s face. It was so amazing, … Ethan was the big brother protector and standing up to Jake. It got worse, Justin is now at Ethan’s side telling Ethan that Jake won’t let he and his brother ride in the Jeep. … Interesting because that is not what Jake said! How those little rug-rats like to twist and turn things. Jake was trying not to smile as he was leaning against the sink and I never expected to hear what he said next …….. “Ok, ok, ok … Ethan take those 2 whiny, bratty little kids over to University School and get back here. Then I got my instructions when Jake looked at me and said . . . . “you bursa escort bayan take your car and I’ll take Ethan with me when he gets back.” I don’t believe what Jake said was a very good idea but, it was already said. In the kitchen, there were 2 very happy Korean kids, spoiled rotten happy Korean kids. Justin and Kyle were just about out the door when they turned ran back and gave me and Jake a hug. Kyle looked at Jake and said . . . . “sorry Dad, you’re not really mean just kinda gumpy sometimes.” … gumpy? ……… “you’ll figure it out.” I left `sometimes grumpy’ standing in the kitchen and was out the door “driving my own car” to campus. I chuckled all the way. The day passed quickly like every other day and both Jake and I received a text from the Judge that he had picked Antonio, Marco, and Lorenzo up from school. When I read the text, I’m not sure how I felt. I’ll be happy if Antonio, Lorenzo and Marco are happy. Right now, I feel sad and already miss him. Jake and I ran over to the pool to watch the boy’s workout for the upcoming meet Friday. It seems like Kevin, Tim, and Chris were really pushing our boys. I heard Kevin . . . . “Hey you 3 … not good enough! another lap and Kyle cup your hands, Keith that last dive was sloppy! Do it again!” …… Justin and Kyle looked exhausted. Kevin approached Jake and I and said . . . . “The boys are off their time and looks like they’re being lazy. I think you need to make sure they workout on the weekends and perhaps watch what they eat. Justin and Kyle both gained weight. … The other 2 need more sleep and less fooling around!” … Kevin never smiled, just turned around and walked away. I didn’t like his approach; I didn’t like his tone and I’m not sure what he was referring to when he said “the other 2 need more sleep and less fooling around” … Tim and Chris were walking along the side the pool shouting commands at Kyle and Justin. Ethan was working with another coach who was constantly clicking a stopwatch. I didn’t like how red Ethan was. I didn’t like this training session. I was watching Ethan and didn’t notice when Jake walked away. I looked up and spotted Jake as he picked up 2 towels and walked to the end of the pool as Kyle and Justin approached. Jake reached down and grabbed Justin’s hand and pulled him from the pool then the same with Kyle. Chris hollered . . . . “Hey, Jake they’re not finished” … The look on Jake’s face said he was pissed as he looked at Chris and said . . . . “they’re on break” . . . . “they don’t need a break they need to work” … Chris said … OMG, that was the wrong thing to say to Jake. …….. Jake looked at Chris … “Back off Chris! … I’m their father and I said they’re on break if you don’t like it go cry to Kevin!” It’s been years since I’ve seen Jake like that. I walked over and helped dry Kyle and Justin with the warm towels. The boys seemed ok and not complaining … I think Jake may have overreacted. Jake looked at Justin and Kyle and said . . . . “you guys think you could swim just 1 lap for me and Kori? Just 1 and do the best you can?” . . . . Kyle and Justin were all smiles and said . . . . “sure thing Dads”. Jake was at one end of the pool and me at the other. Justin and Kyle were on the starting blocks as Jake counted 3-2-1 … Kyle and Justin hit the water at the same time and Jake had clicked the stopwatch. As the boys swam Jake trotted alongside reaching me as we watched Justin and Kyle touch the wall; stopwatch clicked. Kevin was out of the office and walking towards us when Jake turned and said . . . . “Chris give me their charts” … one look at the charts … their time? Half second faster than their best. Jake and I were hugging Kyle and Justin and wrapping them in towels telling them how proud we were. Jake told Justin and Kyle to go shower and dress they didn’t argue but didn’t look happy either. He was smiling when he handed the record board back to Chris. Rug-rats were off to the showers and locker room. That’s when Kevin said . . . . “Jake why did you tell them to shower and dress they’re not done with laps.” Jake was just about to say something when I cut him off … looked at Kevin and said . . . . “Kevin, I don’t know what’s going on but Kyle and Justin are finished for today and maybe finished with you period. You said they were lazy but they both were under their best time by half a second, and about gaining weight? … 3 ounces? They gained 3 ounces, Kevin. You need to remember this … those two boys don’t need you; … you need them.” … Kevin shook his head and walked off. Lesson to be learned “ours” mine and Jake’s ………… Jake had already walked away and had called Ethan and Keith. They were at the end of the pool furthest from the office. When I got there Jake was telling Ethan and Keith that it was their choice to stay or go and that they didn’t need to be abused. …….. What happened next was a real lesson for Jake and me……………….. ……………….Ethan began with … “Jake what are you talking about? You think the coaches and Kevin are abusing us, don’t you?” then Keith looked at me and said . . . . “the Northeast Regionals are in 2 weeks and we’re not about to let Brown, Cornell, or those Harvard slackers win one event. You guys do realize we have the best coaches, right?………..” It was just then Kyle and Justin showed up all dressed, not crying, but they had big tears filling their eyes and asked why they had to go home. … Then Ethan looked at Jake and me and said . . . . “training isn’t over, Justin and Kyle should put on dry suits and get back in the pool.” … Jake and I were looking at the rug-rats as they were nodding their heads in agreement with Ethan and Keith. I asked the rug-rats if they had dry suits, they just escort bursa smiled and were off, not running, but at a very fast walk to the locker room. Ethan looked at Keith shook his head and I think what we heard him say was … “Dads!” as he dove back in the pool. The best thing was what Keith said as he turned walking away . . . . “he loves you both” . . . . I wonder how Jake felt when he heard Keith say that. Ethan may not call us Dad but he says it in other ways. Eating words was my appetizer for dinner. Jake and I walked to the office and although not easy, promptly apologized for what we said and the implication that Kevin along with Tim and Chris were abusing the boys. A few smiles and a handshake and we decided it was best to go for a cold drink, diet coke and iced tea. ………. I was more relaxed, Jake was not. We had apologized. I think I understood the training and I think I understood the boys and how they wanted to be on top. I looked at Jake as he sat in silence and knew that he may have apologized but it had hurt him to see how the boys were treated even knowing it was training. Our phones sounded with the text saying training was over and they would be ready in 10 minutes. Jake and I started to walk back to the pool when Jake turned and said . . . . “Kori, I don’t think I want Justin and Kyle swimming after the Northeast Regionals.” …… I looked at Jake and said . . . . “Jake you and I wanted “The Twins” to grow up strong and happy let them make that decision they seem happy to be on the junior swim team.” We arrived at the pool to find 4, that’s right 4 boys starving. … Pizza! … Ethan and Keith in my car and the rug-rats with Jake. We made a quick call to the Judge to let him know where we were going. Arriving at Zeneli Pizzeria was just plain crazy. Ethan had just dropped Antonio, Marco, and Lorenzo at school this morning but it was like a family reunion when we walked in. People must have thought the boys had not seen each other in years. We had our usual table, usual drink, usual garlic bread, and usual 5 pizzas, usual conversation, with usual bad jokes; Judge raised his eyebrows a few times. Ethan needed to go, (pee) and then Antonio needed to go. They were gone a few minutes when Keith needed to go and walked in on Antonio crying, turned around and walked back to the table. Ethan returned to the table followed by Antonio with very red eyes. Antonio whispered something to his grandfather. … the Judge handed Antonio some keys and he disappeared. The Judge went to the counter and returned with a roll of tokens for the games and gave them to Ethan and Keith and said to go have a good time with Marco, Lorenzo, and the rug-rats. When the boys were in the game room the Judge explained that Antonio was having a very difficult time with his parents’ divorce. Jake and I assured the Judge that we would be there for Antonio. He smiled and said . . . . “I knew you would, … Antonio loves you both.” I think it was about 5 minutes later when Antonio returned looking much better. He played a few Pac-Man games then left with his grandfather, Lorenzo and Marco. Jake took Keith back to Durfee Hall and I had “The Twins” and Ethan. Justin and Kyle … smart … they knew something was going on with Antonio and asked Ethan. The explanation was short and to the point as Ethan just said … “Antonio’s mom and dad are having some problems and Antonio is upset … like I get upset when you guys fight.” …….. Ethan dropped it right there and neither Kyle or Justin asked anything more. I don’t think Jake or I could have made it that simple. The night was cold … but, Jake and I enjoyed some quality time with 2 little stud muffins all snug on the couch watching some goofy movie. Kyle poked me and pointed to Justin and Jake … yep, sound asleep. … Nothing new. Ethan was in the kitchen and then there was the aroma of chocolate chip cookies … Justin’s nose was twitching; he was awake and we all were treated to hot chocolate and warm cookies. Soon it was showers and bed. Ethan took the rug-rats to the master bath and wasn’t very long, … and then it was time for Jake and me and a nice hot shower. We had one of those arctic winds and the temperature had dropped so the shower was a quick one and right into bed. The bed was warm and became much warmer when Justin and Kyle arrived wearing PJs. … PJs? … There was some giggling and tickling then a very quiet knock at the door unlike when the rug-rats fly in. I said . . . . “come in Ethan” … the door open and closed. Jake and I looked at Ethan, dressed in PJs, as he walked to my side of the bed picked up the covers and slid in … actually pushing me over. I think this was some kind of setup. “Hey what’s going on here?” … I asked … “Pajama party” … Ethan said with Kyle and Justin all laughing and giggling. Things settled down quickly and it was nice to have Ethan hugging me. Jake and the rug-rats were asleep in minutes. I felt a warm hand on my stomach and it was moving in a very slow downward motion. I reached down and moved the hand to my chest where it remained about 30 seconds before beginning its downward motion. This was repeated about 4 times, Ethan was taking advantage knowing I had to be quiet or wake the little tyrants and Jake. His body was tight against mine and it was very obvious he was hard. I have to admit I was horny and let things go to see just how far Ethan would go. Would he really go much further with all of us in bed? … I waited I could feel his heart pounding then it seemed to slow … I waited … did I dare … I did, I reached over to feel the front Ethan’s PJs … Sometimes I would like to strangle him! … He was asleep. To be Continued: A Neglected Boy “The Twins LXV” Hey! Don’t be afraid to drop a line or 2 … ota Other great stories you might like …… Heatwave: https://www.//gay/adult-youth/heatwave-in-the-city/ Schoolie: https://www.//gay/adult-youth/schoolie/ Kurt: (read together with fty//gay/adult-youth/kurt-series/

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