Subject: A Neglected Boy The Twins LXXII Please support Nifty to keep stories coming. fty/donate.html Thanks to all Nifty Staff for their help. Please remember this Story is fiction, names fabricated, locations may be accurate. Included links are fun. … There may be some sex; it will be gentle and loving. Just a reminder the story is told by either Jake or Kori in alternating Chapters. A Neglected Boy “The Twins” LXXII ota I heard that Antonio … you don’t have to whisper in Jake’s ear, and `holy cow’ you’re a little young to be using that thing! … Jake had that amused look as I told Antonio to get out of the house and get some fresh air. I turned to Jake and asked why the amused look only to hear …. “Well Kori, it seems to me if those things were around when you were 14, I bet you and Peter would have found out how to use it and for sure you know Riku would” … I didn’t bother to even try to defend myself. Jake was so right. The more I think about it I wonder if Ethan would let me try it? I’m smiling and Jake is reading my mind. Hey Antonio, please find Keith and Ethan tell them I need to talk to them, thanks … Oh, and what’s taking you so long to get outside? … “I’m going Kori.” … Oh, Antonio tell all the boys to get ready for a ride … we’re going to look for that `people eating bear’…………. I heard Antonio laugh as he hollered as loud as he could …. “Ethan … Keith … Kori wants you now.” …….. Then … why do they need to slam the back door when they leave? … and … why is Jake looking so amused again? I looked at Jake as I said …… I didn’t slam the back door like that. He just smirked as much to say … “no Kori, you did it much louder”. Ahhhh Yes, my 2 favorite teens, thanks for joining me. … Jake was sitting having another cup of his favorite coffee as I began my little talk. …… Ethan, Keith I think it will be best if you were to have your anatomy lesson either late this afternoon or after a game or movie tonight; your choice. Just so you two boys know I’m not mad or angry or even upset and that goes for Antonio too. I do think the rest of the boys will understand it better from you guys than if Jake or I tried to explain. Oh, remember Kyle, Justin, Lars, Marco are all still young even if they’ve been fooling around. I sent Antonio to tell every to get ready for a ride … could you guys take charge, please. Keith had a wicked smile and Ethan was trying to look away. Something tells me, and Jake, they know more about and how much Kyle, Lars, Marco and Justin have been doing. I know absolutely it’s more than show and tell. Ethan said …… “sure Kori, we’ll help them saddle and get the horses ready and we can get Fargo, and Da Vinci ready too. Peter and Neil walked in for coffee just as Ethan and Keith were leaving. Neil said …. “I’ve got drawings of the house. I thought we could stop and Peter and I can explain about the house on the way down. Oh, Peter thinks the day is perfect for a nice lunch down at the end of the old orchard.” … Jake and I agreed with that and Peter decided to take the grill and pack the big cooler and just leave his truck down there if someone could give him a ride back. ……… Yes, Ethan in the Willys can drive Peter back. We were all smiles and looking forward to a quiet ride, BBQ lunch and Jake and I can’t wait to see the plans for Neil and Peter’s new house. Peter had everything on his tablet and said the new house has plenty of room for guests. Ethan and Peter loaded the grill in Peter’s truck and they drove down to the end of the `old orchard’ and returned in the Willys. Everyone saddled up and it was, like so many times years ago, down through the upper and lower pastures on Finley, Eric, and Dusty with Liam or sometimes just me and Peter. Jake was saying over and over …. “Kori remember when, Kori remember this, Oh, do you remember the day you and Peter?”…………… ……………Ok, Jake, that’s enough, we don’t need to go there. Peter looked at me and said . . . . “Geeeeze, Kori I remember that day n you ended up with those `nettle sticker things’ on your bum.” …… Thanks, Peter! Why not tell everybody? … Peter had the wise-ass smirk and thank goodness we were through the lower gate and right at the foundation for their new house. We got everyone dismounted and hitched some of the horses but some of the boys just kept the reins in their hands. Neil began to tell about the house. … Well, it’s a sprawling log cabin, called the Stratford. It has a front presentation with the upper triple dormer configuration, an open-concept dining and living area that flows into an attached cathedral great room.”…………. https://www.northeasternlog/plan/the-stratford/ … …………..Peter continued …… “Every upstairs bedroom features bursa escort so much space for us and lots of `guests’. The fourth bedroom can easily be converted to a home office, library or media den. We’ve decided to add a balcony over the kitchen so we can use binoculars to watch you guys being naughty. The photos and the floor plans were spectacular; I did remind Peter that I have that super-telephoto lens and my telescope. From the front porch of the farmhouse we could see right in the windows. … Jake and a few of the boys were giggling. … What did Antonio say about home movies? … Yes, Antonio, you are spot on with that suggestion, thank you! … Peter was grinning ear to ear. We were back on the horses and now Kyle and Lukas and Justin and Lars were riding and chatting together. I think I heard something about sleepovers in the log cabin. It was just about the middle of the old apple orchard when we all stopped … it became so quiet … the only sound was a few birds. I was looking at Marco … his eyes were trained intently on one spot. … Is that a bear? … I hollered and Marco almost fell off his horse. With 13 of us, we needed to double up and it was fun to watch. Ethan and Kyle riding double, Keith and Justin riding double and then the horny toads, Antonio and Lorenzo, riding double. Now imagine this, Antonio in the saddle holding Lorenzo. Lorenzo had the reins and Antonio was holding Lorenzo right at the front of his sweatpants. We arrived at the lower end of the orchard only feet from Peter’s truck. Everyone was ready for burgers and chips. Ethan, Keith and I were first to notice a small wet spot on the front of Lorenzo’s sweatpants and a much larger wet spot in front of Antonio’s sweats. Ethan said something to Lorenzo causing Lorenzo to look at the front of his sweatpants. Then although Keith tried to hide it, I saw him reach down and squeeze the front of Antonio’s sweats. I thought everyone else missed it, wrong … Lars, Lukas, and Marco were looking at Lorenzo and at the spot with big smiles on their little faces. Bet tonight will be fun. Peter, Neil, Jake and I made the burgers, hotdogs, and chips while the boys played frisbee. A few times the frisbee flew into the thick woods adjoining the orchard. It was fun to watch Lars, Marco, Lorenzo, Lukas, Kyle, Justin, and Antonio follow Keith and Ethan right to edge of the woods giving directions … but, not going any further. I bet if there was a loud noise, they would jump 3 feet off the ground. “Is it ready? … we’re hungry, are the hotdogs done, they look like they’re done” … Yes, Kyle, Marco, Lars … get your fingers out of there Antonio! … I know where your hands have been! …… `giggles’ …….. Hey, where’s Justin? … Kyle pointed to one of the bigger apple trees … Yep, he was peeing. We were all standing around enjoying burgers, dogs, chips, and juice and that flavored water they all like when Marco said . . . . “Hey Justin, you know that tree you pissed on … the apples gonna taste like pee.” … Justin’s smart, … he looked at Marco and we all heard him say . . . . “Yeah Marco, and you’ll love `em … bet you suck all the juice right out, you know you’re good at it.” In a big family discussion, we decided to put in some hitching posts and 2 large picnic tables. Sounded good, and then it was a firepit, and an outhouse. Lunch finished a little more frisbee, it was a little like tackle football; never seen frisbee games like that. ………. Jake was under a bunch of kids and when he got free he asked me . . . . “Kori did they grope you too?” …… I looked at Jake with a big smile and said … “Yep, n it was fun, I hope Keith enjoyed it … the second time it was Peter.” Jake looked over at Peter standing there with a wicked smile I know Jake was thinking that Peter will never grow up. I kinda hope he doesn’t. It was time to head home and as we were about the center of the orchard, we spotted that ferocious White-tailed deer that almost ate Marco, Lars, and Kyle. I rode past Antonio and Lorenzo, … Lorenzo had the reins and, and … those 2 boys are not only horny but daring too. Antonio had his right hand inside Lorenzo’s sweats and … never mind I don’t need to explain. We arrived back at the barn and as Lorenzo dismounted several of us noticed a larger wet spot than before. The remainder of the afternoon those 2 toads were inseparable. All the horses were groomed and released to the upper pasture. Ethan drove Peter to get his truck and the grill while the rest of the boys showered. I noticed Ethan and Peter were gone about 30 minutes, hmmmm, it only took 8 minutes to take the grill down but 30 to bring it back? … Maybe it was still hot. … I was in the laundry room when Ethan came in and with his arm around my neck whispered bursa escort bayan …… “I know why you liked Peter when you were a kid.” …. And walked off to go shower. …… Ethan didn’t say anything else. … I don’t think Peter has changed, not one little bit. Everyone had showered, cleaned their rooms and all the boys were in the living room watching some sports program. Jake, Neil, Peter and I were at the kitchen table talking about how good it was to be home. We all said that the farm was a special place. … Jake said . . . . “My granddad said the farm used to talk to him, that it was much more than land and buildings it had a heartbeat.” …….. we all agreed Neil and Peter were telling Jake and me about the property to the west and south of where their new house will be. It was a little difficult to hear Neil with all the hollering from the living room. We could hear names being yelled out, Stefano or Tommaso then something like Francesco, then Keith or Antonio would say something like …. “no not 6 or 7 only 3 he entered the water crooked. We all heard Keith say . . . . “I know I’m on the dive team and you’re wrong Antonio.” Neil, Peter, Jake and I went to the archway to the living room to see what was going on. Whoa! … our boys, all like brothers, all sitting together watching this diving program `Boys B Platform – Eindhoven Diving Cup’. Jake asked if any of the divers were any good …… Wowww …. Ok, Justin started by telling us they all chose their favorites. Justin and Kyle were betting on Lewis Thomas, then Antonio said he and Ethan like Francesco Casalini, … Lars and Lukas favorite diver was Tommaso Rota, … Florian Prius that boy was Marco’s diver … Lorenzo had his eye on Torleiv Rike, … Keith barely looked up, his eyes were glued on Stefano Belotti, my eyes were noticing the front of Keith’s shorts. … No doubt Keith was hard and when I spotted this kid Stefano I can understand. Jake, Neil, Peter and I stood and watched for about 10 minutes and when this kid Stefano standing at the end of the platform and then the dive at 38:00 min. … I think I felt dizzy when he came out of the water and sat on the edge of the pool … well, I know I was in the same condition as Keith. I looked at Antonio, Lorenzo, Ethan … Yep, you know those very thin shorts really show the tenting and wet spots too. Neil, Peter, now in the same condition as me, along with Jake and I went back to the kitchen. Peter and I need a cold drink as Neil continued to explain about that property to the west and south of where their new house will be. It’s 80 acres and runs all the way up and behind our back yard and it’s for sale. Neil explained that it would be great for dividing into small house lots and that’s just what we don’t want. Jake and I were taken by surprise when Peter said . . . . “Some smart-ass developer will snatch that up and we’ll be overrun with a bunch of jerks. So, we bought it.” … What was that? … Jake looked at me then looked at Peter and asked, just to make sure we heard right, … “Peter, you and Neil bought the 80 acres?” . . . . “Yep, all of it.” … Peter said with a big smile. Neil looked and Jake and me and said . . . . “One thing, we need your opinion and your permission. Peter and I, and we hope you guys will join us, want to build a summer camp for foster and forgotten boys. All on the up and up with the best staff, counselors, nurse, dietician and we’ll include swimming and music. I looked at Jake as Jake looked at Neil and Peter; then it was not what I thought he would say . . . . “Neil, Peter there is no question that a camp like that is needed. With our families, we surely know that need. If you would give Kori and I a little time to think about an undertaking of the size I would appreciate it.” . . . . I was surprised at his answer, thought Jake would jump at the idea. Neil and Peter understood and said there would be no hurry. It was time for dinner and a slow pot roast had been cooking for hours in 3 large crockpots. The swim competition the boys were watching had ended and we all enjoyed our dinner with much talk about the end result of the competition. First — Stefano Belotti, … Second — Francesco Casalini, … Third — Lewis Thomas I think it will be a very interesting night when they all go to bed. With dinner over the boys all were off doing or playing something and I asked Keith and Ethan to please fold the towels in the laundry room. It was just an excuse so I could remind them of their anatomy lesson. Keith said . . . . “Kori, we already have it all planned out and Lorenzo said he was willing to help too.” ………. Lorenzo? …… then Keith explained they needed someone to be the medical subject……. hmmmm, I don’t know about escort bursa this. Neil and Peter were off to survey their land and but, I’m not sure why they took the truck. Anyway, Ethan and Keith called everyone in the living room and brought with them the `thing’ the `black vibrating thing’ and a tube of `smooth as silk lube’. … seriously? … There it was both `things’ on a large towel. Everyone was sitting close to each other with Ethan and Keith on each side of Lorenzo. Antonio really wanted to help and kept saying he could help if Lorenzo didn’t want to. … Haha, Lorenzo was really into this show and tell of the `thing’ and not about to let Antonio get the spotlight. Ethan began …. “Ok, first certain bad boys were in Keith’s and my bedroom and found this `thing’ but, you all wanted and I guess should know what it is. If we catch you with it, you’re in big trouble, like dead! Got it? … Keith turned to Lorenzo and said . . . . “Ok Lorenzo take off your clothes.” … What?, I need to get naked? … Lorenzo asked. … Yep, naked .. said Keith. Ethan looked at Lorenzo and said . . . . “We’re not going to hurt you we just need to point to where this thing called your prostate is when it’s inside and we can’t with your clothes on. ………. Lorenzo didn’t look really sure about this but he stripped totally naked. … oohs from 5 of the boys looking at Lorenzo naked. Oh, no erection that’s funny. Keith had Lorenzo on the floor on his back. Then had him pull his legs up as far as he could while Ethan took his finger and put it right about where the prostate is on the inside. … 6 boys, with eyes open really wide open and getting closer, now looking right at the end of Ethan’s finger. … Marco said he could see Lorenzo’s little pink hole … but he gets to see all the time at home no big deal. Then Keith pulled on Lorenzo’s knees up just a little as Ethan began to rub that spot. … giggling from 5 or 6, as Lorenzo was saying `oohhh’ feels so good. Then the surprise …………. Ethan took a big gob of the `smooth as silk lube’ on two fingers and begin rubbing that `little pink hole’. … Lorenzo shot up looked at Ethan saying …… “What the hell are you doing?” “Relax Lorenzo, it’ll feel good, I’m just gonna slowly slide this in.” Ethan was trying to get Lorenzo to relax. … Keith said . . . . “Lorenzo, we want everyone to see what it does, you’ll like it.” … Antonio is just about panting at this point. Ethan turned it on, it was on low and vibrating almost like humming, and so very slowly touched it to that `little pink spot’ of Lorenzo’s. Lorenzo’s penis was soft but I think some others were hard as little nails. So far so good, it was just vibrating right there at the entrance … Ethan pushed just a little and maybe that `thing’ was all of a quarter inch in when Lorenzo snapped his legs closed stood up and said . . . . “Let Antonio do it.” Giggling again from Marco, Kyle, Lars, Justin, and Lukas and even more when Antonio was naked and on the floor in position. … Keith and Ethan were laughing they had planned to go just this far with Lorenzo. … The plan was to let everyone see just what it does so Ethan and Keith had already had Antonio get ready and he was nice and clean. Wowwww! Marco, Lars, Kyle and Lukas said as the `thing’ entered Antonio … slowly till it was all the way in. The other part was touching Antonio’s balls. … Lorenzo said . . . . “Holy shhhh, look he’s drooling out of his dick … I never seen that much precum.” Ethan hit the remote and it got louder and was vibrating harder. … Antonio was enjoying it so much. All of a sudden with his hands on the floor Antonio arched his back and without touching his dick he began shooting, 1, – 2, good spurts then it kinda stopped then all of a sudden 2 more each a little less then it was just clear, but making a puddle. Show and tell was about over when Justin, Kyle, and Lars walked by Jake and me in the kitchen and Justin looked at Jake and said . . . . “They ain’t putting that up my butt!” and the 3 stormed out the back door. … I got up and looked in the living room, it was just Ethan, Keith, and Antonio, still panting, so I think the show and tell was a success and I bet it will be a long time before any of the smaller ones try that. With the show over it did leave some people in a rather excited mood. Jake already had the look. Neil and Peter returned from their little adventure and Peter looked very happy, Neil looked like the cat that ate the canary. … where did they go? What did they do? And now they just wanted a drink and were off to bed. … Well, a check on the boys and off to bed sounds like a good idea to Jake and me. Oh, speaking of sounds there were some from the boys bedroom…………… **The link was so you could enjoy the story as much as the boys. Hope it made you smile. To be Continued: A Neglected Boy “The Twins LXXIII” It’s nice when readers remember the authors. It’s important to say hello. ota

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