The Ultimate Sex Party Pt. 01


I was told the party was going to be epic; 200 guys, multiple girls, and me the only femboy. There was going to be a wet t-shirt contest, 2 different orgies, an open bar, and a large glass bowl where all the men could cum for the next 3 days. To say it would be the ultimate sex party was an understatement, and I was eager to fill up on all the cum I could get my hands on. I was the designated eater; all the other ladies in attendance were to get as much of it into that bowl as possible.

I showed up to the party early, making my way up the long drive to the 2 story mansion hidden in the woods. My bag was filled with lingerie and toys, and as I lifted it out of the trunk a valet stepped forward.

“You’re Alex, aren’t you? I was told to take your stuff up to the girl’s room where you’ll be staying. All the male guests are staying on the ground floor in the east and west wing. There’s a pool out back, all the girls are already there, so if you want to get a swim and some sun in before the party then feel free.”

I left my bag with him, making my way through the extravagant foyer, through the main entertaining area, and through a glass sun room to the pool. It was the biggest private pool I had ever seen, nearly an acre, and around the far side was a group of women who were waving me over. Black, white, asian; it was an eclectic mix to be sure. All were nude, sunning their breasts and asses before the long 3 days ahead of us.

I knew most of them; exotic dancers and escorts from clubs around the city. Each one was a true beauty, with large breasts, narrow waists, and long legs. My body was similar, but not exactly the same. I never took the plunge on breast implants, but I had worked on my feminine body for the last 5 years. My legs were long and lean, my ass was a rival to any of theirs, a flat and tight stomach, and long slender arms. I even grew my naturally blonde hair out, but this season I had opted to dye it gray with purple highlights.

I stripped, leaving my clothes on the concrete, and my large cock and balls hung freely in the sun. Danielle, the girl I knew best, came over and kissed my cheeks, patting my growing cock as she walked naked into the pool. “Come on,” she said, “There’s still a few hours before the men show up. How about you show me a good time and help me put on a show for the other girls.”

I giggled, moving down into the warm water with her. She was a natural red head, green eyes, and a body that wouldn’t quit. We had sex on occasion, when I was feeling into women, and she never disappointed. It wasn’t long before she had lubed my cock with suntan oil and I was fucking her ass from behind.

All of the other girls watched as I bent her over the edge of the pool, pumping deeply into her, and a few took bumps from a tray of cocaine. I never partook myself, but it helped them stay ready for the countless men who would be fucking them silly. Danielle’s back was arched, pushing her ass towards me, and I could tell she was cumming from the anal alone.

When she was finished with her orgasm she pulled my cock from her ass; she was so clean inside that it still smelled of the tanning oil, and she dipped her face down near the water to take me into her mouth. It wasn’t long before I blew my load across the back of her throat, and when I had finished she stood up and kissed me deeply. The warm semen flooded across my tongue, and as she kissed me it moved all over our mouths.

She finished the kiss, giving me a big hug, and whispered into my ear, “It’s going to be an amazing weekend. Come find me during the party if you get time and we’ll have some more fun together. Otherwise, I’ll see you tonight in the room.” She kissed me again on the mouth, and got out of the pool and went into the house.

I settled into a chair next to the other girls, still horny even after my time with Danielle. I could have fucked every one of these girls; all of them were down for anything anytime, as long as the money was right. Even though the money was good, VERY good, I was here for another reason entirely. I wanted, no needed, the cum that was going to be waiting for me at the end of each day. I hoped the bowl would be full nightly, so that I could bathe in it in the kiddie pool that was set up in the main entertaining area.

The girls did a few more lines, drank their fill of the free alcohol, then went upstairs escort bayan to change. I didn’t stay by the pool much longer either; it was hot, and I was excited to get into my ‘costume’ for the first night. I went up the over-sized stair case to the second floor and found my room. It had 4 temporary beds in it, and I was bunking in the same room as Danielle. She was laying face down on the bed, ass up in the air, trying to lube up her rectum. I came up behind her, taking the bottle, and covered my already hardening cock with it.

“Here, let me. You know I’ll get it deeper than the applicator will.” She giggled, using her hands to spread her large ass cheeks, and her eager hole was gaped and waiting for me. I shoved the opening of the bottle inside her, squirted some lube in, then pressed my dick deep into her ass. She was loving it, as she always did. This girl was a serious anal slut, and the deeper you could hit the more she loved it.

Two of the other girls were giving each other deep pussy massages with desensitizing jelly. There was no way I would be using it; I wanted to feel every cock, every single deep thrust into my boy pussy, for the next 3 days. I heard the first of the buses pulling up, and went to look out the window. It was a group from one of the local frat houses. Young, raging hard cock was piling out of the bus, so I went to put on my outfit.

For the first night it was nothing too over the top. I had garter belt stockings, assless and crotchless, with a black Victoria’s Secret seamless thong. A simple black leather choker with leash and a pair of high heel boots finished the ensemble. Danielle walked up behind me, lubing up my hole. I pulled aside the thong, bent over and spread my ass cheeks for her. Her tiny hand made it’s way up into my ass, past the wrist, spreading the warm lube up deep inside of me. She bit my ass, giggling, as she slowly pulled her hand out. The slickness felt like it went all the way up into my guts, which was good.

Everyone else was dressed; a slutty maid, nurse, and cosplay of Himiko Toga rounded out the basic lingerie. I was saving my best for night 3, and I hoped everyone else would approve. More buses were pulling in, so we went downstairs to start meeting the boys. Twenty or so guys were already completely naked, their erect cocks pointed our direction. The girls moved in fast, while I hung back and waited for someone interested to approach. It wasn’t long before a fat guy in a button up shirt and shorts to walk over. His cock was so long it was hanging out of his shorts by his knee.

“I was told this party was ‘free-use’ by the entertainment. Does that include you?”

I looked him over, noticed the bright gold Rolex and the key to a Maserati hanging off his belt. I could do worse. I moved in close, breathing into his ear, “That depends on how generous you are. The girls are free, of course, but I’m worth the money.” I took his hand, running it over my bulge, and licked up his ear.

“I can pay, and well, depending on what I get to do.” His cock was growing hard, raising up as far as the legs of his shorts would allow it.

“Well, you’re in luck,” I told him, huskily, “because I have pretty much no limits. You pay, and you can do whatever you want to me.”

Fatty took my hand, leading me to a more private corner behind some bushes. He loosened the draw string on his shorts and pushed them down, allowing that monster to jump upright. His balls were massive as well, obviously pumped before coming to the party. He took both of my hands, “I want to piss on you, into your mouth, and watch you drink it. My wife won’t do that.”

I was fine with piss, and was used to my clients cumming into my mouth and then pissing on me before leaving. Some people were just into it, and while it wasn’t my all time favorite I could appreciate it for the money it brought in. I licked the tip of my pinkie and then pressed it aginst his piss hole, working it in a little bit, “Two grand and I’ll drink every drop you give me. Is that all you wanted?”

He looked around a little, seeing the naked women already working on draining the balls of the guests, “I want someone to fuck my wife. She’s here with me. I want someone to abuse her, punish her, degrade her. I would pay for that too.”

I smiled; situations like this were where I shined. “I would be more than happy sincan bayan escort to make your wife my submissive little bitch. Is she here?”

He nodded, pointing to a woman on her knees sucking one of the college guy’s cocks. She wasn’t part of the entertainment, but she was giving that dick all she was worth.

“She is such a slut. Our marriage is shit, and she does nothing but cheat. We started coming to parties like this against my will, really. I learned to enjoy them for the release. Now I just want to watch the bitch suffer.”

“Four thousand. I will ruin your wife, and when I’m done you can piss on both of us. Get her to come upstairs to the guest rooms. I’ll be waiting.” I held out my hand, and he pulled a large wad of money from his pants pocket by his feet. He counted out the money, which I stuck in the front of my panties.

“I’ll get her there,” he said, “and you’d better fucking be there.”

* * *

Fifteen minutes later and they walked into my room. She was tall, taller than him, and basically made of plastic. Her tits, lips, ass, and nose had all been worked on.

“Why in the fuck did you bring me up here? What was so fucking important that I had to pull that delicious young cock out of my mouth and follow you up here? I swear to God, David, you could fuck up a wet dream.”

I closed the door, behind which I had been waiting. “Your husband paid for a private encounter, Ma’am. He paid well, and up front, for me to take care of you. David, you can sit down on that bed over there.” I pointed, and then moved across the room to his wife. She even smelled fake, like cigarettes and plastic mixed with entitled bitch. I grabbed her by the throat, throwing her down on the bed, and ripped her red silk dress from her body.

There was fear in her eyes, but she was also extremely excited. I flipped her around so that she was face down, and shoved my dry dick against her asshole. She wriggled to get free, grabbing at the sheets and mattress, but I was already forcing my way into her. I slapped her hard across the back, raising a welt, and then started slapping her ass as I pinned her down with the other hand.

Her pussy was soaking wet, and as I forced myself into her asshole I could feel my big balls get wet from it. I began pumping, grabbing her by the hair and pulling straight up. She screamed, which aroused David enough for him to begin jerking his cock with both hands. I smacked her again, this time across the side of the face. She groaned loudly, enjoying the pain. I had met women like this many times, and I knew exactly how to make them work.

I shoved three fingers into that wet hole she called her pussy, lose and weak, and worked until I had my entire hand in her. David came over, holding her arms down.

“What the fuck is this, David? You payed this… this… thing to do this to me? He’s a man dressed like a fucking woman for Christ’s sake!”

David nodded, “And he’s hotter than you will ever be, you stuck up bitch.” With that he let loose the piss he had been holding in, drenching her face as she screamed in disgust. He aimed it at her open mouth, and then at her eyes. I was fucking her asshole full force by then, beating her back with my open hand. I finally flipped her over, and smacked down onto her left titty hard enough to have popped the old saline implants, but this was silicone and held up.

She was crying a little, but through the tears I could see the woman she truly was. She wanted to be treated like this, but her husband was weak and powerless against her. I started fisting her pussy again, and as I pressed the other hand against her wrecked asshole she shouted out, “Yes! Ruin me, you fucking whore! Ruin my pussy and ass forever!”

My fist didn’t want to fit, but I made it, popping it up and into her ass. She was grunting as I worked both arms into her, David mustering up another stream of piss to soak us both. He then squat over her face, forcing his asshole against her lips.

I knelt down, biting the inside of her thigh and pussy hard, “When a man puts his asshole there it’s because he wants it licked, you stupid bitch. Get your god damned tongue in there before I draw blood from your useless clit!”

She obeyed, licking and probing his hole deeply. She rimmed him like she was sucking that dick downstairs, with all she had.

I elvankent escort bayanlar pulled my fists out violently, slapping both hands down hard across her thighs hard enough to turn them red instantly. To her credit, despite her scream of agony, her tongue never left his ass. I pushed David off, smacking her roughly across the face several more times before ordering her up onto her knees.

“Your hands are to be behind your back, in the slaves position, on your knees. This is the position you will greet David in every day. He will then decide how to use you, as he sees fit. If you do not follow his commands, he will call me, day or night, and I will come over to give you further instruction. Do you understand, slave?”

When she didn’t answer I grabbed her nipples between my thumb and finger, pinching hard and twisting. She howled, reaching for my hands. I punched her in the gut, not hard enough to cause damage, but hard enough to knock the wind from her. She sagged down, breathing heavily and groaning. I caressed her hair away from her face.

“Are you ready to listen now, slave? Why do you make me do these things to you? You will wait for David every day in the slave’s position until he decides how best to use you. Do you understand?”

She nodded, mumbling out a word. I nodded, taking off my choker and leash and put it around her neck. I dragged her down the stairs by it, scraping her knees across the carpet as she tried to keep up. David was following us, laughing the entire way down.

The other guests at the party all looked up as we reached the bottom of the stairs. She was naked, bruised, and her makeup was smeared. “There’s a new entertainer with us tonight! You can call her slave, and she is willing to do anything you desire! Isn’t that right, slave?”

She nodded, coughing from the punch to the stomach, and multiple men came over, taking the leash from me. She was led into one of the orgy rooms, and I watched as David followed her in. God I loved these parties.

The bowl of cum on the center table was growing full, as the girls all came from the orgy rooms one at a time to spit a mouthful of the precious semen into it. Another hour passed, and the guests were all more or less done. They all gathered around the table, my new slave returned to me and at my side on her knees. She had been used to the limit, and I saw her squat over the bowl multiple times to empty the cum form inside of her.

I raised it high over my head, being very careful not to spill any, “Today’s activities have been fruitful, indeed! My new slave was well received, I see. To finish of the main event for tonight I will be bathing in and drinking from the contents of the bowl. But not alone! Slave! Open your mouth, you worthless fuck!”

She tilted her head back, eyes closed, as I poured cum from the bowl onto her face. She gulped greedily, like a good sub slut should. I stepped into the kiddie pool, pouring the remainder of the bowl over my head and down my body. I got down on my back, using both arms to slosh the cum up onto my body. Danielle was there by my side, taking handfuls of the delicious cum and pouring it into my eager mouth. She used a hands to fist my ass, shoving the cum inside of me, and then climbed in herself, riding my cum covered dick deeply into her asshole.

Did I say how much I loved these parties? It was only the first night, but I was already laying in a puddle of cum, fucking the ass of a beautiful woman, and had four thousand dollars stashed in my bed upstairs. The cum made my whole body slick and slimy, and before long I was blowing another load deep into Danielle’s bubble butt. The men from the party were fondling our bodies, fisting our holes and shooting their final loads of cum onto our bodies. It was absolute heaven, and as I looked over at my slave, her leash held by her husband, I could see the contentment she felt. There was still cum dripping from her face onto her battered and used body, and she was loving it.

Danielle leaned forward, shoving her cum covered breasts into my face for me to clean. Her hair fell over my face, and my long cock was growing soft inside of her. I could feel another cock entering her asshole, which was making mine hard again, and before I knew it I was double penetrating her perfect ass with another man, his dick slick with cum and rubbing hard against mine.

Danielle exploded, squirting and pissing into the pool of cum beneath us, and the other man pulled his cock out. I could feel another man climb into the pool, get on his knees, and fuck me until I was cumming and pissing into Danielle’s ass.

I couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

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