The Unexpected Fling

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Anri Okita

As I sat there getting ready to leave finishing up a few minor odds and ends on my next presentation for work I received and odd instant message.

[Helliun] hey Kathy

I looked at it oddly. Normally I didn’t give out my name so this couldn’t be a complete stranger but someone playing with me. It looked like a nickname a close friend would use so I answered in kind.

[KitKat] hello chris
[Helliun] not chris lol
[KitKat] then who?????
[Helliun] saw you Friday

Interesting, I went out to the bar with my sister on Friday. Then it dawned on me.

[KitKat] hi troy
[Helliun] what are you doing tonight
[KitKat] working out at the old mansion, I have to finish that project before the end of the month.
[Helliun] kewl I got to run ttyl
[KitKat] bye sweetie

He’d logged off. I had an odd feeling about that message. I shook off the feeling and went to change clothes. The last few days it had been so hot I was drowning in perspiration by the time night fell. I picked out a pair of skimpy shorts and a bikini halter top. The shorts were just barely long enough to cover the scar on the round of hip I’d had since a child. I looked in the mirror as I bound my hair in braids to keep the long chestnut locks out of my face. I stepped back and retied the halter more appropriately over my firm breasts. Finally I decided that I couldn’t do much better for working out at the mansion and left to get something done.

The heat was horrid I stopped for a second to go grab a beer from the cooler near the front door. I heard a knock on the door. I looked up and it was Troy. I smiled then sighed. Troy is terribly cute and I’m covered in paint and dust. I opened the door trying to straighten myself out as much as possible.

“Hey sweetie, what’s up?”

He grinned a very sexy grin as he walked in, “Not much was in the area and thought I’d drop by.”

I rolled my eyes, the mansion was out of anyone’s way. “Want a beer?”


I handed him a cold bottle and walked back towards the bedroom I was working on. All the sudden the idea of being in a bedroom with Troy brought heat to my cheeks. I tried to concentrate on the task at hand and not this sexy man that was following me into the room. I bent over to pick up the paint easel I had been working with and continued to work on the walls. I took a small brush working on the north mural.

“You’re hand painting illegal bahis the wall?” The amusement in his voice was cute.

“Well certain things are done better with the hands don’t you think?”

“I think it depends and the insinuation.”

I giggled and winked at him. Turning back to the wall. All of the sudden I felt him right behind me.

“Your sister told me that you thought I was cute”

“Oh she did?” I was pissed I had been told on, and cute was an understatement I thought Troy was damn sexy. A bit larger build than typically considered sexy but his mannerism and the way he carried himself was a hell of a turn on. I had never been so turned on being around a man. This man was my sister’s friend though and things like that get messy.

“Kathy? Are you embarrassed?”

I sighed and turned towards him, trying not to get paint on his shirt he was so close to me. “I’m not embarrassed I’m annoyed”

“Why?” He raised an eyebrow at me.

“Because I wanted to tell you I thought you were adorable” I smiled at him and for the first time I looked into his eyes and realized I’d really screwed up. I shouldn’t be loosing my mind around someone nearly a stranger. My heart skipped and my pussy slickened, my body was reacting just at his presence, nothing more. I wanted desperately to walk out but my knees were weak and I was nearly backed against the wall in the first place.

“Well thank you” he replied with a sexy smile, he placed his hands on my hips pulling me towards him.

As his lips caressed mine I felt a new hunger something I had thought died a long time ago. All I could think was I wanted more. I needed more, more of his lips, more of his taste, more of his body, I needed him. I tried desperately to shake this feeling as he pulled back from me I looked at him and felt even more lost. Everything I knew about Troy told me not to fall for him and every sensation in my body begged for me to give myself to him.

I tried to rationalize as his hands moved over my body. He took the paintbrush away from me and set it in the jar with the others. I tried to move past him to more open terrain to get air, he followed closely.

“Kathy come here.”

My mind told me not to and my entire body ignored it, I walked back to him looking into his eyes wanting to do nothing but please this man all night.

His lips met mine again and the flames burning inside illegal bahis siteleri me were fanned beyond all reasonable direction. I wanted to fight it but it consumed me. My body ached for him, my nipples pressed through the top against his chest. His hands found them his fingers massaging them through the top then he twisted them I whimpered the pain causing the fire to engulf me more. His hand caressed my cheek softly pulling me closer for a kiss, his other hand found my braids and yanked my head back his lips moving over my neck. The sensations were driving me out of my mind, how he could be so gentle then so rough. Yet all I knew was I desired more. I wanted him to want me beyond anything or anyone else in return.

I found myself leading him to the den. I pulled the cover off the large leather sofa and carefully folded it and placed it to the side, he sat down. I watched him watching me as I slid out of my shoes, I knelt before him snuggling between his knees. I had the sudden urge to please him.

I tugged at his jeans.

“Troy I need these off” I grinned at him mischievously.

He stood letting them fall to the floor. His rather large 9 inches springing forth, it wasn’t the length that I found so delightful but the width. I pressed the head of the sweet cock against my lips. I waited to see if he’d thrust his hips and he didn’t. I was slightly amused after the earlier show of aggression. He sat down I snuggled back his legs on both sides of me. I slid my lips over his large staff my mouth so full, my fingers caressed his balls, I stroked his shaft with my other hand.

“Careful there honey, most girls wear out before they finish me this way,”

I let his cock slip from my mouth, “I’m not most girls”

I took his balls into my mouth licking and sucking the sack. He tipped his head back closing his eyes for a second. The sound of his moan caused my body to flush hotter. I wanted this man and I wanted to taste his come. I ran my tongue back up his cock teasing the top of his mushroom head. I sucked it back down taking him as deep as I could without gagging.

I giggled over how still he managed to sit while I sucked and teased his cock and balls. His cock filled my mouth, I knew it would fill my pussy fuller than I’d ever been before. I craved that, but I wanted to play with him first. I sucked him harder. A few minutes later he moaned.

“Do you want canlı bahis siteleri a mouth full.”

“Mmmhmmmm” I mumbled with my mouth full of cock, my saliva dripping down his staff.

A few second later his sweet come flooded my mouth I swallowed it greedily licking his tip as he moaned. I was amazed at how sweet he was, I’d had pleasant come before but nothing like this. I knew I’d suck him dry anytime he asked.

He placed his hand on the couch beside him, “Get out of your clothes, Kathy I want you on your knees here”

I stood up and stripped for him, my shirt falling to the floor with the tug of two strings, I shimmied quickly out of my shorts the denim falling over my long legs, I kicked them off to the side.

He stood pushing me to the couch my breasts touched the cold leather back as my knees sunk into the cushions. He pulled my hips to him and thrust his large cock into my wet pussy.

“My, my you are wet aren’t you.” He chuckled.

“Faster baby please”

His body pounded me so hard all I could do was hold onto the couch. My pussy was soppy wet against his skin he slid faster and faster. He pulled back and I whimpered in disapproval. I wanted more of him and I was willing to beg if it would keep his wonderful cock inside me.

“I’m not done with you yet roll over” his tone was nearly an order, which caused me to want him even more.

I rolled to my back with my buttocks nearly off the couch cushion he shoved his rock hard staff into my ass. I moaned and squirmed at the first assault. I ground my ass into him as the waves of pain turned to pleasure.

“My, my baby you’re really enjoying this aren’t you”

“Yes please don’t stop”

“Are you going to come for me this way”

“No, but damnit it feels so good”

“Then what do you want?”

“I want to feel you come again.”

He grabbed my hips shoving his cock in harder I screamed as he filled me entirely.

“You like being filled?”

“Yes, please more, please” I was begging even as he was shoving his cock harder inside me. My body responding, my pussy juices running down onto his cock making the shaft slicker as he slid in and out of my ass. I felt his rod thicken splitting my ass wide, I felt him shoot his hot load deep into my stomach as he groaned and leaned his forehead on my breasts.

“I want to suck you hard again” I nearly whispered as he stood.

He looked at his watch and frowned, “Baby I’m outta time I’ve got an appointment to keep” He leaned down and kissed my cheek before walking out the door.

I was left someplace between overheated and terribly foolish knowing it wouldn’t happen again.

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