The Ungrateful Valentine


On Monday he did bring a rose, A wretched floral stink, Emerald leaves, a thorny stemAnd horrid petals pink.  “Please marry me” he did proclaim, He really made a scene. With shuttered eyes and turn-ed cheek My response was quite serene.  Chocolate kisses, a symbol of love. I really felt upset. Is there bahis şirketleri no peace from all this fuss, Just allow me to forget.  A teddy bear he proffered next. What a silly thing to gift. Such trinkets will never sufficeTo overcome our rift.  “I promise you love for eternity”Oh will this never end? This bahis firmaları is becoming so embarrassing. My disdain is no pretend.  With outstretched arms he did approachAnd flung himself at me. Sobbed his never dying love, A whiney, whinging plea.  His puckered lips were next to show, A tender kaçak bahis siteleri kiss to plant. But I was having none if it, Despite his lovesick rant.  “Oh will you be my valentine?” Sobbed my lovestruck slave. I pursed my lips in silent thought, Rolled over in my grave.  Oh silly me I should have said, Unfortunately I am dead. Buried deep within the ground, Still, silent, with ne’er a sound. Yet still he showers me with love, Upon the sodded earth above. Though sadly I am quite past caring, Worm eaten eyes no longer staring.        

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