The vacation she needed

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The vacation she needed.

Have had this one in my head for a long time, and it just spoke to me saying it needed writing. A tale of woe and of rebirth that can speak to a lot of us. Enjoy and as always reach out with your comments or even emails as I rather enjoy them.


Wendy sat in her first class airline seat looking out at the bluest ocean as the plane descended. Just two weeks ago her boyfriend had gotten angry with her again, but this time instead of just bruises he had put her into I.C.U. and an induced coma. When she was brought out of it the police detective, Andy Plum, was there sitting in a chair beside her bed. Probably the nicest guy she had met in such a long time he wanted to bring the guy who hurt her to justice.

Wendy pressed charges and got a restraining order and once home new and heavier locks but none were enough. Three times she called 911 for a noise and three times the police came. Oh they were nice enough but she could tell they were tiring of it. Then she found the tickets and reservations. She had forgotten that in another week her and Kurt were supposed to fly to the islands for a beach vacation at an all-inclusive resort.

Wendy’s mind worked fast that day. She called the travel agent and yes she could change everything to a single with a first class ticket but there would be charges. Wendy didn’t care at this point, just idea of getting away to the sun and the sand cheered her up a bit. Over the next week she notified Detective Plum of her plans and packed. Now she watched as the island grew larger and her heart calmed.

After the weeks she had endured recently the warm atmosphere of the resort was a welcome change. Everywhere she looked there were pretty people in meager swimsuits smiling and enjoying life. “Why shouldn’t I enjoy it too?” she asked aloud to no one.

“Pardon me miss? I didn’t catch that.” The desk person asked her in an awesome English tinted accent.

Wendy got checked in, changed into her most awesome sexy bikini but frowned as she looked in the mirror. She could easily see where she still had traces of bruise on her arms, her side and hip. At first the tears started to well up but “dammit it’s my life and you have no control over me anymore.” Wendy wrapped and tied a bathing skirt around her hips that had a nice uneven edge to it. Then she slipped on an almost sheer ¾ sleeve top. Happy she grabbed her bag and made for the beach.

Her entire afternoon was spent soaking up the sun, taking in the awesome sights, fending off the advances of several very handsome men and one attractive lady and partaking in the all-inclusive drinks and food. Her waitress for it all was a mocha skinned local with an almost lyrical accent that made Wendy melt. She reminded Wendy that dinner would start at 5pm but it’s got busy after 6. She could dine at any of the restaurants on the small island as it was all one big resort, so if she walked either direction on the beach she would come to somewhere to eat.

Wendy’s mood had cleared as had the negative thoughts that normally bombarded her head. The advances from the guys were nice, but she wasn’t really here for that, the flirting from the girls was different, and new as she had never had any experience in that arena. “Let’s work off some of those drinks and food with a walk shall we?” again asked of no but herself.

She walked right at the edge of sand and surf often taking waves up to her calf and loving the warm sand and water on her skin. The breeze carried with it the smells of the sea and as it cascaded over her making her hair feel as it were alive Wendy felt exactly that, alive.

The sun was touching the horizon when she realized she had walked far further than she had anticipated. It was getting late and she didn’t want to miss dinner when she saw lights ahead. Her waitress had mentioned other dining spots down the beach so ahead she strolled coming güvenilir bahis to a very period looking structure. Spanish influenced with a stucco building that had arched top windows and doors and a walled courtyard from which she could hear soft violin music and smell delicious food cooking.

Torches burned proving light as she walked through the arch way into the court yard. Here a fountain splashed water softly among many green and colorful flowers and plants. She stood taking in the sight when an older man who looked very much like he was an extra from one of the pirate’s movies approached with a smile. “Ah my lady, we have a table for you right over here, and you companion will be along momentarily.”

She smiled and apologized. “Oh I’m sorry; I don’t have a reservation, just a guest from up the beach.” Wendy tried to explain but he stopped her.

“No no, mistake my dear. Please sit, enjoy the music and I shall fetch you a drink.” He made to hold out a chair at the only table she could see but everything stopped when another man entered.

Tall and dressed in the most perfect pirate outfit since Jack Sparrow in the pirates movies. His leather pants of brown; with knee high bark boots were awesome in her eyes. His off white cotton shirt had actual leather strips tying it closed. He had both a pistol and saber hanging from or tucked into his belt and from his neck hung an odd symbol carved from some white material. This tall handsome man with tanned skin strode in with a purposeful stride.

“I do believe I have it from her Mr. Jeffers.” And with that he pulled out the chair and with just his deep blue eyes motioned for Wendy to sit. “My dear lady may I say without causing you concern that you are by far the most beautiful dinner companion I have had in……. at least a fort night.” He laughed a devilish laugh as she sat. They seem to have gone all out on the theme of this place she thought as Mr. Jeffers returned with a very old looking bottle. “I have brought a fine wine captain, unless the lady would prefer the spiced rum?”

Wendy had never really been into wine but spiced rum was good, and she was here to have a little fun so. “The lady would prefer the spiced rum actually.” This brought a wicked smile to her dinner companion as Jeffers turned and left.

“A lady after my own heart you are, allow me to introduce myself, Captain Alex Arnette of the Dawn Rose, and you are?” He had taken her hand as he spoke; his rough hand well used hand gentle to her.

“I m Wendy, well actually Gewndolyn Richards but everyone calls me Wendy.” Alex smiled again still not having released her hand, his warmth flowing into her.

“A fine name, but I think I would prefer if I called you Gwen. It has a more noble sound to it, and more befitting of such a ravishingly beautiful soul.”

Wendy, Gwen grinned but inside was thinking ok, laying it on rather thick for a resort but she went with it. Mr. Jeffers returned with a wax sealed bottle of rum and poured into two average looking glasses. Gwen held it aloft and toasted “To new friends, new adventures and to the Dawn Rose.” She downed the first glass and instantly felt warmth spread through her body. “Wow that’s some strong rum Captain”

“I am quite sure a lady that has seen the battles you have can handle whatever comes her way.” Gwen pondered this for only a second and let it go. Alex poured them each more rum as Mr. Jeffers brought them each a bowl of soup as well as a plate with bread and cheese for the table. In the back ground Gwen could still hear a violin playing as well as the water fountain as the sky darkened.

“I count myself lucky to have made port just this day, and have the chance at a dinner and perhaps a dance with such a lady?” Gwen smiled as she finished her second rum which she noticed the captain refilled immediately. “From where do you hail sweet Gwen?”

She again smiled because türkçe bahis the charm just oozed from Alex and he was playing his part perfectly. “New York my good sir.” She answered very much feeling the drinks and trying to get into character.

“I thank you for the compliment Gwen, but I am a pirate captain, just how good will be for you to judge. What brings such a fine lady to this backwater isle may I ask?”

Gwen drank her third rum as she stared into Alex’s deep blue eyes. “This was supposed to be a couples weekend with my boyfriend but It changed to just me after he put me in the hospital.”

Gwen was stunned that she had said it aloud and more stunned when the captain suddenly stood and brandishing his very real looking saber. “If such a man was before me now I would strike him down like the filth that he is.”

Mr. Jeffers appeared and looked troubled. “Problem captain? The authorities I wondered?”

Alex sheathed his saber and waved off Mr. Jeffers. “No Mr. Jeffers, just reacting to Lady Gwen’s tale.” The two snacked on soup bread and cheese as well as more rum while Gwen listened to the captain’s tales of his ship and crew. Soon they were interrupted by Mr. Jeffers carrying arms full of plates.

Gwen realized they never ordered anything but here was two plates with large rare hunks of steak, lobster tails and potatoes. The fork and knife were rather crude but work well enough as the two went to work on the fine food before them. Gwen had now lost count of how many glasses of rum she had consumed but knew it was many as Mr. Jeffers exchanged the empty bottle for a full one.

As they finished their plates of food Mr. Jeffers walked around the court yard extinguishing most of the torches plunging the area into a soft darkness lit by the millions of stars alone and the glow of the sea. Alex stood and held out his hand. “Will the lady do me the honor of a dance?” Gwen took his hand and realized the rum was kicking her ass. Alex moved like a no other man she had known. Fleet on his feet and graceful he swept her into his arms with little effort as the violin was suddenly accompanied by other stringed instruments.

No words were spoken as Gwen’s head spun more from the emotions she felt than the rum. This was heaven. She felt so safe, so wanted. They danced in circular turns bodies held close and eyes locked. Gwen offered no resistance as Alex leaned down and kissed her firmly yet softly on her lips. She melted in his arms kissing back with her tongue causing him to kiss harder.

He led her to the soft sand of the beach where he stood looking into her eyes as he removed his belt and weapons followed by his shirt. Gwen could see a very toned muscular chest and abdomen covered in scars, and a old looking tattoo matching the carved necklace that she now realized was a mix of stylized rose and sun. Her attention was drawn elsewhere as the captain finished undressing and stood before her naked. The rest of his body had scars as well but Gwen was drawn to his semi rigid penis. Cock she corrected herself, for nothing of that size should be anything less than a cock.

Alex took hold of her waist and kissed her deeply and passionately. Her body was reacting with goose bumps, hardening nipples and moistening pussy. He had complete control over her and yet she still felt safe. She never felt him remove her meager attire but as he laid her back onto the beach she knew she was naked. She allowed him to spread her legs and as he kneeled between them she heard him speak. “A lady should always be worshiped first.”

Gwen enjoyed her pussy being eaten as much as anyone but not to many of her boyfriend’s ever managed much of it. Alex was different because as soon as he went to work with his tongue and lips Gwen could feel an orgasm building. He used only his mouth and tongue because his hands gripped hers, held at her side as she thrust her pelvis and flexed güvenilir bahis siteleri rubbing it into his face. “Oh yessss, oh fuck yessss, I’m cumming, oooooooo yessss.” Gwen arched her back and shook as a most powerful orgasm took her.

Still shaking from her climax Gwen couldn’t move as Alex lay atop her and kissed her again, allowing her to taste her juices from his lips. He moved to her chest making love to her breasts and nipples in a powerful yet soft manner bringing numerous moans of pleasure from her lips. “Prepare yourself Gwen, for now I shall take you.”

“Take me?” she questioned unsure if the words were actually spoken but she received an answer quickly. Alex again spread Gwen’s legs this time rubbing the swollen head of his cock at her parted pussy opening. His thrust pushed half the length of his 10″ cock into Gwen making her arch her back again and cry out as waves of pure pleasure washed over her. “Oh yes fuck meeeee”

“Fuck you I shall” Alex said as he pulled back and thrust again this time burying the entire length of his cock inside Gwen. Gwen wrapped her legs around Alex as he drove into her with a powerful steady rhythm that quickly brought her to another orgasm yet still he pounded into her.

Gwen felt her body move as Alex rolled onto his back with her body still impaled on his cock. She hardly felt able to move but worked her pelvis forward and back, up and down making Alex moan and grunt and bringing yet another dizzying orgasm to her body.

Gwen now felt the still hot sand on her front as Alex laid her flat before slipping himself back into her pussy. She couldn’t believe how full she felt as he again began fucking her in a very manly fashion pounding into as if trying to drive her into the sand. She felt her body tensing again, waves of pleasure, of bliss rippling throughout her body as another orgasm exploded inside her followed quickly by Alex’s large cock. She could feel his thick hot cum as it shot deep inside her, filling her, warming her. He thrust into her several more times, each thrust making grunt as if an animal. Then he was done and he pulled her onto him, her head on his chest and she slept.

Sometime in the night she felt him kiss her and speak. “Good bye and thank you Gwen. Sleep well my Lady.” But it felt like a dream.

She awoke with a start as the first rays of sun broke the darkness. “Oh my god, I slept on the beach?” but there was no one there to hear her. Looking around there was nothing in view. No Alex, no building, nothing. “My god Gwen, get hold of yourself, getting drunk and having wild dreams of pirate sex all alone on the beach.” She wandered back toward her hotel lost in her thoughts. She had on only her bikini when she encountered her mocha skinned waitress from the previous day.

“Ah good morning beautiful, breakfast? I have a perfect seat right here?” She steered Gwen into a seat and reappeared a few moments later for her order.

“That is an awesome tattoo you have.” Gwen heard the girl say slowly realizing she was talking to her.

“I don’t have a tattoo, always wanted one but never got around to it.” The girl looked puzzled.

“I am curious how much you had to drink last night because this is a very interesting design, but not new.” Gwen felt her touch her left shoulder. “I like it, sort of flowing rose and sun mixed together.” The girl didn’t see the shocked look on Gwen’s face as she walked away.

Gwen’s plane landed in New York early Monday morning and she got a ride back to her apartment where she found Detective Plum and two police officers. “Problem detective?” she asked a knot in her stomach.

“Are you just getting back from your trip?” he asked, looking at her bags and tan.

“My plane just landed and I came straight home, why? What’s happened?”

“Last night Kurt Peterson’s body was discovered outside a place he was staying. He appears to have been killed with a sword. I would like your permission to search your bags and your apartment and will need you flight information please.” Gwen’s head spun as she let them work. Killed by a sword she heard over and over in her head.

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