The Visit


The VisitI knock on the door, I wait anxiously, not sure what to expect. You open the door and walk away from me so I can see your body dressed in black stockings, suspenders and basque… I step inside, feeling excited, but as the door shuts you swing around and grab me by the balls, and say from now on you call me mistress, you do what I say and receive what I give you willingly as tonight you are my cock slut…. do you understand, I nod amongst my whimpering… you order me to undress, as I take off each item of clothing I see you watching, you pick up a riding crop and tap my nipples, my thighs and my backside as they become naked.. until I am standing in front of you… my cock betraying my thoughts……you slap my nipple with the riding crop, then grabbing you order me to kneel down, and before I know it you are pushing your foot against my mouth, I pen and start to suck and caress and worship your foot, kissing and caressing,showing you how much of a sub I am to you…once you are satisfied I have shown you sufficient Devotion you pull your foot away and walking around me türbanlı bartın escort you lean down and tie my hands together with handcuffs, then standing astride me you push your pussy onto my face, your fingers in my hair, holding me firm as you start to rock, backward & forward, feeling my tongue as I flick it across your lips and dart inside you… Making you so very wet, I hear your breathe quicken as you orgasm, your cum washing over my face ……you stand me up and walk me into the room, forcing me to bend over a foot stool such that my bum is sticking up in the air, then standing back you spank my bum cheeks with your riding crop, hearing me shriek and my body jump, unable to stop you with my hands tied behind my back… once you are satisfied you have made your mark on my body, one that even my girlfriend can’t miss, you kneel down and stroking you fingers through your wet pussy you make them moist and start to rub them over my anus, spreading my cheeks wide… first you insert one finger then two sliding them inside. reaching türbanlı bartın escort bayan around you grasp my thickening shaft, and start to stroke it firmly making me groan… all the time your fingers are fucking my ass hole ……pulling your fingers out you walk around and push them into my mouth ordering me to lick them clean… I look into your eyes submissively and see the glint of the power and control you have over me forcing me to suck and lick your dirty fingers clean… I bow my head in shame, as you walk back around and bending down you push a butt plug into my ass… then I watch as you attach a strap-on to your waist and grabbing my hair push it deep into my mouth, filling it until I gag… not being your own cock you have no sense of pressure or force so you just start fucking my face as my bum cheeks grip the butt plug in my ass……I feel your fingers wrap around my throat as you slide the strap-on deeper into me, restricting my breathing looking down at me with contempt as a mistress should to her sub… türbanlı escort bartın Then releasing me I struggle for air… You step around and undo the handcuffs, I shake my arms to improve the circulation, then you help me stand and pull me over to the bed… You lay two pillows down and get me to lie on them so my legs and ass are up and open for your use, then you tie my arms again, this time to the headboard… You kneel between my legs and pull the butt plug out of my arse and feed it to my mouth… Then leaning forward you ease your strap-on into my dark hole, pulling my legs upward, watching my face as you begin to violate me… I cry out in pain and close my eyes whimpering, as I open them I see a flash, and looking up I see you take a picture of me in this demeaning position; tied down with dirty butt plug in my mouth and strap-on in my arse… Now I own you you say… And begin to fuck me, my legs up and over your shoulders, you lean forward to push in deeper, my body opening up now for you as you squeeze my balls and start to stroke my thick cock… Your pounding continues until I can take no more and I orgasm, my cum flying up and over my face … With you leaning over me, you take another pic and I know I am your dirty cum slut … You exit my arse and untie me, telling me to get dressed without touching or cleaning my face… Then you push me out of the front door, leaving me to walk home in this state for all to see xx

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