The Warrior Princes

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The Warrior PrincesAxynthia was left alone in the woods. She had just been in the dungeon under the active volcano and me the secret wizard Gonzyndro. She was going to walk back to the nearby village to recuperate and find a crew to go and take over the fortress of Undrasow. She was walking in broad daylight, keeping cool in her specially designed armour. The armour covered her breast and her cunt with metal plates attached on her hips and sides with clasps. She was otherwise naked, beside her high boots. She had thick red hair, she was tall with long slender legs. She had big breasts and beautiful curves. Her neck was delicate and she and a well-defined chin. She had big lips and deep, mysterious eyes. She had her sword by her side for protection. As she was walking through the forest she heard a rattle in the bushes. Her reflexes took over and she took out her swords. As she stood in the middle of a grove she saw a bunch of small eyes coming out through the bushes. It was a gang of smaller goblins, only about 30 cm high, armed with clubs and dressed in brown cloths. They were indigenous for the area, and known for playing devious pranks on young women. They were all smiling, and as Axynthia stood in the grove she noticed bursa escort that she was surrounded. But she did not panic, the women who were a*****ed and attacked by the goblins were young women from the nearby villages, not an experienced warrior like herself.As she pulled out her sword, ready to fight she could feel her body becoming stiff. She had no idea what was happening. Through the crowd of goblins a goblin-magician immersed. He had a wizard-staff and was controlling her body. Axynthia could not move at all. Suddenly she could feel her legs weaken and she fell to her knees. Her legs were spread and her hands were brought together behind her back. Her chest was brought to the ground, having her ass up in the air and knees and chest in the ground. Her chin was touching the ground and she was facing straight forward. The goblin-magician had her eyes locked in her eyes and was using hypnotism to control her body. She was maintaining eye-contact with him as the group of goblins were tying her legs to pins in the grounds. When her legs were secured, they tied her arms together, first her wrists together and then her elbows. The they tied her neck to the ground to pins they fastened next to her shoulders. When bursa escort bayan Axynthia was completly secured, the goblin-magician released his control over her body. She wiggled and tried to get out, but there was no way of getting out. She was in the goblins complete mercy. She knew they would not go easy on her, she had laughed about the cruel pranks they had played on the village-girls. A goblin opened her mouth and put his club in. He pulled it in and out and Axynthia had no choice but to give it a pretend blowjob. The club was soon exchanged for a goblin dick, which was so big that she was almost choking. As she was sucking goblin-dick, she could feel a gang of other goblins unclasp her bra and her panties. She was suddenly completely naked and she could feel goblins putting their penis inside her. She was fine with one, but suddenly she felt several goblins going inside her at the same time. The feeling was driving her wild. She could feel herself becoming wetter and wetter, was she enjoying this? She felt herself getting hornier and hornier, and suddenly she felt a goblin putting his dick in his ass. She had an amazing orgasm and was moaning as loud as she could, having a dick in her mouth. The escort bursa goblins were having their way with her in anyway possible and she had no way of stopping them. A lot of goblins were having sex with Axynthia, the rest were cheering on or drawing on her body with markers. They were going to show everyone in the village that she was just as stupid as the other women for being beaten by goblins. She had orgasm after orgasm, she had never felt a sensation like this before. After having sex with her a couple of hours, the goblins left her tied up. The sun was going down and she was alone. She was scared that she would get let alone here during the night, but then she heard footsteps. She cried out for help and she could see som feet in front of here. She still could not see who it was since, she was completely restrained. Haha they got you too?, said one of the village girls. Axynthia recognised the voice, it was one of the girls she had laughed at for being pranked by the goblins a week earlier. She said:Maybe I should just leave you here, the way you laughed at me.The she smacked Axynthias ass, still completely naked. She felt that she was in the control of the village girl, this was extremely embarrassing. But then the village girl untied her and helped Axynthia up.Let’s go back to the village, getting pranked by the goblins can happen to the best of us. But you owe me, I will collect my debt whenever I feel like it, said the village girl.The End

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