The Webcam Diaries Ch. 02

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Misty stumbled into the kitchen, greeted by Sandy making some eggs. Both women were quite hungover from the previous nights activities.

“Morning babe,” Sandy called out.

“Hey hey,” Misty sluggishly replied. “Are you as toasted as I am?”

“More so,” Sandy grunted, “want some eggs?”

“Sure. I’ll pour us some orange juice.” Misty said as she opened the cabinet to retrieve some cups.

Misty was wearing soft athletic slip on shorts, her large bra-less basketball sized melons swayed under a loose t-shirt. She returned the jug to the refrigerator after pouring their servings. She joined Sandy at the table to enjoy breakfast. They ate in silence; both women’s minds were drained from hangover, but very much thinking about the night before.

“We should go to the mall today,” Sandy broke the silence. “I want to get something sexy.”

Misty nodded as she chewed. She’d always been jealous of Sandy’s figure. Misty wasn’t huge, but she wasn’t skinny either. “Do you think they’ll have anything in my size?”

“I’m sure they will, its not like you are some super rare size.”

Misty lifted her breasts with her hands, “this is the size I meant.”

Sandy nodded as she finished chewing, “that’s what I meant.”

They finished their breakfast, showered, and off they went about their day.


‘Few more hours…’ Mark thought as he unloaded a pallet of boxes. His mind was also consumed with the images on his screen the night before. Sandy’s tiny hands on Misty’s massive chest, their playful drunken antics, Sandy’s petite but flawless body…who wouldn’t get lost in those thoughts?

Regardless of what he wanted to do to both girls, he still had to keep college a strong priority. That meant he shouldn’t instigate another night of sexually visual play.

…but then again, it WAS Saturday night…


It was cold as he rushed to unlock his car door and get in the car. Just as he cranked up the car, he felt a vibration from his pocket.

‘New unread message’ it showed. He fumbled around the buttons: the message was from Misty.

‘We still on for tonight?’

He typed his reply into his phone, assuring her that he would be there. After hitting SEND, his mind wandered more. Thoughts flooded his mind about how soft their tits felt, how drunk they were, and the like. All he wanted to do was fast forward time.

His car was warmed up, so he drove off. He pulled in to get some fast food, he missed his lunch due to the busy work load of the day. After eating, only one more stop to go: liquor store.

He had no work or school tomorrow, so tonight it was his turn.


Misty and Sandy tried on several types of sexy tops and lingerie pieces, modelling them for each other. Sandy has always been jealous of Misty’s ample bosom. In her mind, it was the only thing missing from her having a perfect body. Ironically, Misty just wanted to be smaller.

“Look how well your boobs sit in that top,” Sandy mentioned while she stood behind Misty, straightening the fit. Misty’s large orbs shook loosely in the garment.

Misty liked what she saw in the mirror and decided to buy it. Meanwhile, she helped Sandy pick out something naughty but tasteful. Sandy’s petite frame made it easy to find her size, but most lingerie pieces she liked seemed to be for larger bust sizes. This further disappointed her confidence in her attractiveness. Soon enough; she decided on a one piece, partially see through push up body piece.

They paid and went on with their afternoon shopping mission. It would soon be nighttime, and they both had a very sexy cam date to prepare for.

As they drove back to their apartment, the wheels began to turn in Sandy’s mind.

“Okay,” Sandy began, “its obvious we both bought these outfits for Mark. To spice it up a little.”

Misty nodded.

“To spice it up a lot,” Sandy continued.

Again, Misty nodded with a grin.

“Mind if I take it up a notch?”

Sandy spent a few minutes to discuss her plan in detail with Misty. They worked out details and came up with the perfect surprise for Mark. Just in time…they pulled into their parking spot, and it was getting dark. It was almost time. Misty exited the car, handing Sandy the keys as she shifted into the drivers seat. With a wave, Misty walked inside the two bedroom apartment.

She set the bag down on her bed and güvenilir bahis undressed for a quick shower. The hot water steamed up the bathroom. She felt a calm soothe take over with the sauna-like conditions. Her mind drifted back to the image of Mark’s member. The way he held it, its size, how he stroked it…it was all so sexy. A slight tingle inside caught her attention.

She saw no harm in taking care of herself before the cam show. She dried herself off and made herself comfortable on the bed. Her mind raced with desire, as a hand slid between her legs. Her other hand did its best to cup a massive mammary. She reached an took her dildo from the nightstand drawer.

She acted out her thoughts. Pinching her nipple while imagining his tongue circling and sucking it. Slowly thrusting while trying to imagine how good his thickness would feel. Minutes passed imagining fast but gentle sex with Mark until she called out in pleasure. She moaned as an orgasm flooded her body, sending tingles from her crotch to the tips of her fingers and toes.

Her moments of blissful recovery were interrupted by a muffled chirp from her phone. Retrieving her bag, she dug out her phone. The text message Mark wondered if she’d had second thoughts about their web meeting. In a panic, she noticed the time and replied that she was almost ready. She frantically clad herself in the lingerie she bought, the slipped on some normal clothes to cover up.


Her face appeared on his screen with a smile. She was fluffing her hair in her hands as she settled in.

“I hope I didn’t wake you,” Mark laughed.

“No its cool,” Misty responded as she sat up with her textbook in hand.

Mark was surprised at how covered up she was compared to the night before.

Misty couldn’t help but notice the definition of Mark’s arms which his muscle shirt left exposed. She was a tomboy at heart, never letting a man show her up…but she was still very girly in loving muscles on a man’s body.

“So where did we leave off,” Mark sighed as he opened his book.

“Two fifty-five,” she replied.

It was business as usual for the next twenty minutes. They both remained very professional getting much of their assignment done until there was a knock at Mark’s door.

“Hang on a second,” he said as he left her view. Giggling and voices could be lightly heard in the background until Sandy’s face appeared in Mark’s place.

“Ah, I see you made it okay,” Misty smiled into her cam.

“Yes and I got him in there mixing us up some drinks. So put that book away and lets have some fun!” Sandy chuckled and winked.

When Mark returned to his desk, he gave Sandy her drink. He stood over her and looked right down her shirt as she turned back towards the monitor. He caught a small glimpse of the lace that lined her bra.

As the two girls talked to each other through the webcams, he pulled up a chair and joined Sandy in view.

“Surprise!” Sandy poked Mark in the side as Misty looked on. “You had no idea I was coming over, did you?”

He took a big swig and shook his head. “Not a clue,” he hissed reacting to the bite of the alcohol.

Sandy giggled like a teenager in her seat.

“She’s just so bubbly, isn’t she?” Misty commented sarcastically.

The conversation and alcohol continued until Misty decided it was time to have some fun.

“So we have a little surprise for you,” Misty blurted out.

“Oh yeah,” Sandy chimed in. “You first, honey.”

“What? Why me first? You go first!” Misty exclaimed.

“Because I drove over!” Sandy insisted.

“Oh alright…” Misty shifted in her seat.

Mark was curious as to what they were referring to, but eager to see. He and Sandy watched the full screen image of Misty intently as she lifted her shirt, showing her upper body clad in sexy lingerie.

The view was incredible. Misty’s arms tossed her shirt out of view, then once again settled her hair. Her breasts jiggled inside the cups of her top. The top left very little to the imagination. She lifted and increased her already superior cleavage for Mark to see.

“What do you think?” Sandy asked with a big grin.

“Wow,” was all he could muster as he stared.

“Okay your turn,” Misty pointed through the camera at Sandy.

Never one to be shy about anything, Sandy stood to her feet. “Its going to take me a second here…” she wrestled her shirt off and slid türkçe bahis her sweat pants to the floor.

In front of Mark now stood her slender figure, the lingerie showcased her flat stomach and highlighted her pushed up breasts. They looked an entire cup size larger thanks to the outfit.

“What do you think?” she struck a pose with her arms stretched way out.

“Sexy,” he wore a huge smile.

“Here,” Sandy pulled Mark up and out of his seat. She took his place in the chair as Mark stood up behind her. “Why don’t you massage my neck?”

It took no time at all for his wide hands to engulf her shoulders. Misty looked on with a little tipsy jealousy as Sandy winked into the camera.

His strong grip proved quite pleasurable for her. His fingers and thumbs rubbed the tension right out of her muscles. Her gentle moans meant he was making her feel wonderful. She wanted to return the favor, and thanks to the alcohol, wasn’t going to be reserved about it.

“Here too,” Sandy grabbed his hands and positioned them at the top of her chest.

He obeyed, the tips of his fingers touching the tops of her raised flesh. She moaned her approval with her upper body swaying to the pressure his hands provided.

Of course Mark’s mind and eyes were looking a little further down, watching them move with his motions.

“Hey Misty,” Mark looked up at his screen.

“What’s up?” she responded when she finished her shot.

“Can I see your tits?” he asked with a smile.

She smiled, knowing that even though he had Sandy’s body in front of him, he wanted to see hers. “Of course you can.”

As she unzipped the front of her bra, her big pillows expanded. When the zipper reached the bottom, her top sprang open under the pressure. After fully removing the bra, she lifted and massaged them for him to watch.

“I swear, one day I’m going to steal your tits!” Sandy joked.

This raised Misty’s confidence higher. She bounced them in her hands. The fleshy orbs jiggled like gelatin in her grasp.

“Hey,” Sandy jumped in, “don’t forget these.”

Sandy followed suit and removed her top. Her tiny nipples stood at full attention when his warm hands gripped her exposed breasts.

Mark’s hands were comforting Sandy’s mounds, but his eyes were locked on Misty’s full rack. They were so big and looked so soft and inviting.

In full competitive and drunken spirit, Sandy now felt jealous of Misty getting the attention. She sat Mark back in the chair, now massaging his toned shoulders. She moved her hands down his arms, stopping and commenting on his strong biceps. She commented on them and made him flex as she massaged. She knew exactly what she was doing watching the front of his shorts grow.

“I see that got someone’s attention!” Sandy snickered, aiming the cam at his waist. She watched the monitor to make sure the view for Misty would keep straight.

Feeling quite bold himself, Mark went for it. He pulled his shorts down and his tool to freedom. Now reclining in his chair, his thick erection was now the star of the show.

Misty hummed her approval, and smiled with raised eyebrows. Her view was dominated by his meat. She traced around her nipples with her fingers, her breasts plumped to her squeezes.

Sandy ducked her head into view with a devilish grin. “Every girl loves a great dick!” she turned and kissed the head.

“Too bad I’m not there Mark,” Misty spoke.

“Oh yeah? Why’s that?” Mark wondered.

“I’d treat that thing right…”

“Who said I wasn’t?” Sandy interrupted with a purpose. She kissed it again, making it twitch, and wrapped her hand around his girth.

“It looks pretty thick,” Misty inquired.

“It is, like one of those long metal flashlights,” Sandy answered, giving it another pucker kiss.

Mark was just struck over the entire situation; watching his friend squeeze her enormous melons on cam and a pretty petite thing planting innocent kisses on his rock hard erection. The only way this could get better is, oh my…

Sandy lips stretched wide to accommodate as she inhaled half his length in one swift downward motion.

Misty’s eyes grew large at her friends bold gesture. Her eyes were locked on the spectacle. It was like she was watching a porn starring two of her friends…and it was turning her on.

Sandy’s lips rhythmically sucked up and down with strong desire, her hand stroking in unison.

“Good lord, güvenilir bahis siteleri suck that dick girl!” Misty cheered.

Sandy let out a muffled laugh as she attacked with purpose. Her intoxication meant nothing anymore as now it was friendly competition with Misty. She leaned up to rest some, she kept jacking him off in view of the cam for her friend.

Mark was loving every bit of this. He spun his chair sideways letting Sandy go to her knees on the floor. He lowered the height of the chair and Sandy resumed.

Misty watched completely aroused. Sandy was blowing him hard and fast. Both girls wanted to seem him explode again.

Sandy was relentless, focused on putting on a show and satisfying Mark. She wanted to be the reason he came tonight, and she was about to be.

“I’m going to cum…” Mark grunted.

She positioned her tits level with his dick. Her hand slid up and down ferociously as he neared his breaking point. Her firm breasts bouncing with her flying hand. He cried out and erupted, coating her chest and neck. She jerked quickly with one hand and rubbed his warm fluid all over her breasts. Three good shots flew and her mouth was back on him. She sucked everything he gave her.

“Wow, look at you go!” Misty applauded. “You’re good!”

Sandy let out a muffled giggle while she concentrated on his slick stick. She sucked every drop from him until his perfectly clean, glistening rod emerged from her tired lips. She breathed deeply, licking her lips in raw sexual desire.

Mark stared down at her with full satisfaction in his eyes. He didn’t expect a visitor, much less one that came to blow him. He glanced back at the monitor for another eye full of Misty’s awesome rack.

She bounced and teased him with them. Her big nipples stood proudly as a testament to her arousal.

Sandy rose to her feet and made her way to the bathroom. He heard the shower start and talked to Misty.

“You know, as fun as that was, I hope you haven’t seen enough of this,” he waved his flaccid inches in the cam.

“Not at all,” Misty smiled. “What are you proposing I should do with it?”

Mark paused and grinned.

“Its more…what I’d like to do with it.”

Misty’s face lit up, “oh yeah? And what WOULD you like to do with it?” she spoke with a cocky tone.

“Do you think you’d like it? You know…” Mark suggested.

“Hmm, don’t toy with me like that. Its been a while for me.”

“I’m not toying with you,” he noted as he slowly tugged his loose, flaccid member for her to see.

“You know, I just might take you up on that…”

Mark smiled with her response. He now had an intimate attraction for Misty. Her sharp, quick wit and tough but friendly shell were due to guys not giving her the attention she deserved. Now, after his episode with Sandy, it was apparent that he really wanted to please Misty.

“I’ve never been one for one night stands,” Misty spoke. “I certainly wouldn’t want that to change.”

“Oh of course,” he assured her. “I’ve never seen you that way and I was almost sure you wouldn’t go for my offer.”

“I normally wouldn’t,” she replied, “but its not like we’re fucking strangers.”

“Agreed!” he laughed. He heard the shower stop, and decided to wrap it up as to not hurt Sandy’s feelings. “Text me tomorrow and I’ll make sure I’m home.”

“This is so weird. I’m setting up a fuck date.” Misty muttered.

“A date,” Mark quickly corrected with.a smile.

Misty nodded and they said their good nights.

A naked Sandy emerged from the bathroom drying herself. Hopefully she’d heard nothing of their plans. Mark had always thought Sandy was cute, but he knew that relationship would be a waste of time. Sandy was a ditsy, party type…and Mark was really trying to make something of himself.

She dressed and gathered her things. She planted a small kiss on his cheek and gave his dick a light squeeze. “I hope you enjoyed tonight.”

“We both did,” he looked down at his shorts and back up. “Thanks.”

She giggled and made her way to the door. He walked her to the car and saw her off. His mind was now entranced with Misty. He began to go over everything in his head.

I hope I do good with her. I hope I last long enough to please her. I hope I feel good to her inside. Wow, what if I blow early? What if she expects a stud and I don’t deliver?

He smiled.

I hope she wears that top. Wait a minute, I hope she comes topless! She’s got really nice tits. Her smile is awesome too. I hope we have fun…

Then he stopped dead in his tracks with a deer-in-the-headlights look.

“Oh wow,” he paused, “I think I’m in love with Misty…”

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