The Weekend


The WeekendThe WeekendWe had meet the couple at a party. We had gotten on so well with them that we had invited them to our house the next weekend. She was tall, blonde, and very sexy. Red swollen lips that pouted as she spoke. Her long blonde hair, cascaded down to her shoulders. Her full ripe breasts, pushed out as the tried to escape the confines of her dress. Her tiny waist, hour glass shape figure, curved in and out at her hips. And her long sleek legs gleamed as they provocatively flashed from under her dress. She was a vision of beauty. So like you my love, as I glanced back to you. You were taking in the handsome features of her tall well built husband, the tiny smile on your face, told me that you were impressed with his slim, sleek, body. I watched as your eyes trailed down from his blonde hair down past his face to his well built chest, stopping momentarily, to engulf his shoulders with your eyes. Further down you went taking in his thighs resting your eyes on the large bulge that was now growing in his pants. You looked up at me and the radiant smile that flowed over your face, telling me that you were impressed. Our conversation went well, we found out about each other, the little details, that one must know before partaking in the adventure we had in mind. They had no k**s as of yet and would be free to come join us at our house the next weekend. As we lived a little out of town, not liking the confusion that the city made. And they were a fun couple, and enjoyed the finer things in life.and not at all shy, when it came to flirting and behaving a little naughty, when it counted. As you found out when Jim was dancing close to you, and you could feel his refection pushing up against you. Not at all concern, Cathy watched sitting close to me on the couch, she leaned over to me and laughingly whispered into my ear. ” I hope you don’t mind my husband,” she said. “He says sexy women have that effect on him,” as she pointed to his large bulge in his pants. I laughed back telling her that you also enjoyed the flirtation. Cathy and canlı bahis I sat and watched as you two danced slowly, your hips touching lightly at first, then closer he came, and I could see your eyes close, as you lavished in the feelings as he moved his hips back and forth , grinding his manhood into your thighs. I knew then that the weekend that would follow would be tantalizing for both of us and them.We teased and toyed with each other the rest of the night. Taking turns dancing and watching each other with our new partners. The mischievous smile that came over your face as you reached down and slowly massaged his firm butt cheeks through his pants. and the way you let him hold you. pushing your firm and ample breasts into his chest. Cathy sat beside me, her arm back around my shoulder, her position on the couch gave me, and very exciting view along her long sleek legs up further than I should be able to view, exposing her nylon tops and the creamy flesh that lay exposed before me. My hand came down and rested on her leg, I could feel the sudden surge of electricity. and her thighs parted slightly. Her warm smile as she looked longingly into my eyes. I knew I could take her then and there as you would have also been able to seduce her partner on the dance floor, but it was a game and we were playing it out, and the next weekend would prove to be the wildest and hottest.The evening ended all to suddenly as it was late and we had to part. But before we left we made plans to meet and spend the next weekend together. Giving us both ample time to enjoy the next meeting. On the way home as we rode quietly in the car, you moved closer to me, letting your hand fall to my thighs, slowly stroking my leg. your eyes staring off into space, as I know you were thinking of Jim. I broke the silence, as your hand touched against my swollen manhood,that pressed up against my pants, moaning softly. you looked into my eyes and smiled. “Hum ” you said “what do we have here.” looking down at the refection trying to escape. You slowly moved your hand back bahis siteleri and forth over me. making sure that I was fully erect. Then without a word you, slid down in the seat. and your hands reach for my zipper and tugged at it. Pulling it down. and with skillful hands you reached inside and pulled out the hard shaft. As you ran your fingers over its head you massaged the juices that had flowed form its tip. You looked up at me and smiled. “this is what she did to you is it”. The glint in your eyes told me that you wanted to be mischievous again. “Yes” I said , looking down at the throbbing shaft sticking out of my pants. “Cathy was very exciting.” “I can’t wait till next weekend” I grinned. Your response was to squeeze my cock and look up at me once more. “Well neither can I” you said. tickling my shaft tip into your mouth you gently stroked it with your tongue. Licking up the precummm that was oozing form its head. It was very difficult to drive as you slowly massaged the head with your mouth, and tongue.And even harder when you moved your free hand to the bottom of your skirt and slowly pulled it up, exposing your lush, smooth, creamy thighs. the nylons tops of your stocking coming into view. and as they did you moved your legs further apart. Allowing your free hand better access to your now throbbing flesh. I drove much more slowly than usual, as I tried to keep the car on the road. your tongue and lips worked the head of my blood engorged cock, with the expertise you so well have earned. Your knee comes up and rests against the passenger door. you are no totally exposed to me. your thighs come into view as we pass under a street light. The sight of your naked flesh framed there before me with your dress ridding high on your hips, and the silkiness of your nylons. And the dark outline of your panties. pushing up against the pouting lips of your sex. I can see the faint outline of your lips as you run your fingers back and forth, over them. You are becoming very hot as I watch you suck and lick on my cock. your fingers now güvenilir bahis pushagainst the tiny band of elastic that holds them tight against your love. Exposing your lips to the night. you touch lightly against the wet lips. slowly stroking them, making them even wetter. We pull up to a light. the car next to us is dark but I know they can see you as you tempt them with your passion. Your fingers now working slowly between the lips of your pet tile. you fingers slowly sinks inside you. you pull it out, moving it close to your lips. tasting it and then placing it back down into the soft wet lips. and stroking it aging. and lifting it up to me so I may taste your sweet juices. you place your finger at the opening of my lips. my tongue darts out licking at the sweet honey that flows on your finger. Taking it into my mouth I taste your warm love .The car besides us doesn’t move as the light chances and we pull away. you giggle and continue to probe and touch yourself. Still paying attention to my now pulsating refection.I will not be able to hold off any longer. as I can feel the swelling in my balls and I can feel the sudden rush, as my seed bursts forth into your hungry mouth. Your busy lips suck and lick at me taking all of my Juice. your free hands strokes feverishly at your wet sex. bringing yourself to and explosive orgasm. your moans grow louder as you continue to suck at me. Yours legs part and then close on your pulsating love tunnel. Your fingers dart in and out. quickly. You cry out, but it is muffled by the still ejaculating member buried deep inside your wet lips. I must pull over as I can feel the sudden rush from my orgasm.The car is filled with the sweet smell of your perfume and the smell of our heated sex. your legs spread wide open exposing yourself. to me and any one that may happen by. But you don’t care as a matter of fact you like it. I can tell as you make no effort to cover your sweat cover thighs. and the honey liquid that flows freely from between your tights soaking your panties and the seat.We drive home in silence you move up closer to me resting your head on my lap. slowly stroking my half erect penis. I can tell you are thinking about the next weekend. as I am too,knowing that it will be the best weekend we have shared together.

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