the wife and her sister..


the wife and her was a Friday night and the the wife’s sister was visiting us as she was going through a rough patch with her husband, we were sat having a drink and the door bell went, Susan asked my wife Jane who could that be? Jane looked at me and i looked puzzled then i remembered i had rang Ged to come over and have some fun with the wife and i, it totally slipped my mind. i looked at Jane and said it was Ged he was popping in for a drink with me! i answered the door and i shut it behind me and told him what was going on he said it was ok he would come again another night, i said no do come in for a drink and a chat then we can sort another night out. we sat down and i introduced Ged to Susan telling him he was a work mate, i could see Susan looking him up and down and thinking he was a big Black man, which he was he was 6’2 and ripped. i really met him on line and he had been over a few times to fuck Jane and make her cum all over his black cock and myself finishing him off and cleaning Jane down, it has been great fun but it looks like we will have to wait now Susan is here. the night was passing by and the 2 sisters had finished a fine bottle of wine and were on to the 2nd, they were giggling about old times and Susan said remember Tim her ex boyfriend who was also 6’2 she said with drink in her he was hung like horse are you hung Ged, then they both laughed and out the blue Jane said he his huge Susan, Susan stopped and looked at her and said how do you know?? Jane said Peter told me, she looked at me and i said yes i seen him in the shower and he was hanging low. Jane laughed again and said tell her Peter she is my sister and she will be fine with it, Susan said tell me what! well Susan it stared as a wish but became reality when i asked Jane to do it. do what? i went on line and started tuzla escort talking to Ged about sharing your sister with me, sharing! yes, i wanted him to shag Jane whilst i watched and joined in as well. Susan looked shocked. she asked Jane if she really wanted this, Jane replied not at 1st but when it happened it changed our life’s its so much fun as long as there are rules. Ged said to Susan it only happens if all parties want it it has to be controlled and fun, i told Susan that Jane and i were getting bored in marriage and it needed spicing up maybe you and John need this?Susan said there is no way John would want that he is so stuck up, Jane asked would you want it though? Susan said maybe but i would be so scared. Ged said nothing to be scared off its just sex. so as the wine was still going down Susan was asking Jane what happens and how, Jane said try it and see, try what, try Ged. i said yes try Ged he is always willing and Ged said yes have some fun your husband will never know. Jane stood up and walked over to Ged and started to kiss him and his hands started to touch Jane’s tits and then one hand lifted her skirt and he started to finger her whilst kissing her neck Jane was telling Susan it felt so good, come her s*s and feel it, Jane undid Ged’s belt and undid his button’s and released his flaccid cock which was semi hard and already 7 inches and fat, feel it Susan put it in your hand and feel its power. Susan held it and her face lit up she dropped to her knees and started to suck him off, Jane was still kissing him and Susan was getting him hard. i was rock solid i was just watching Susan i have always fancied her as you do being the wife’s younger sister. Jane said lets go upstairs.the 2 sisters started to undress and Jane has always been the bigger girl she is a size 20 but Susan is a chunky size tuzla escort bayan 16 with firm tits and fantastic legs. Jane walked to the bed and laid there asking for me to come over and get her ready. Ged walked over to Susan and he started to kiss her he touched her pussy with his big hands and he parted her lips and started to finger her, Susan was wanking his now full length cock a stunning 11 inch cut cock, i was licking out Jane and fingering her pussy stretching her ready for his black cock, Jane shouted over Ged and said take me now and show Susan what she gets. Ged walked over and pulled her legs wide and placed his cock inside her and slowly started to pump away, Susan was stood beside me and above her i held her hand and i said look Sue watch his black cock stretch her pussy and fill it till hes balls deep.Susan grabbed my cock and started to wank me my jaw dropped, Jane said good girl Susan wank him good. Ged was watching Susan wank me and he said come here Sue i want you in front of me, she climbed on the bed above Jane and Ged started to eat her out whilst fucking Jane, i got above Jane and was getting sucked off this was unreal, i was touching Susan’s ass and started to finger her arsehole she was dripping wet. Jane told Ged to fuck her now she was ready, Susan fell back on to the bed and laid back i walked round and i was looking at her pussy wide open i had to lick it 1st and taste her, i went down on her and i was pre-cumming so much i wanted this so bad it was my dream to do this to her sister, Ged tapped me on my ass and said move over Peter i need it also. Ged held his cock in his hand and slid it between her dripping pussy lips he slowly slid it inside her and she was gasping for air, more more deeper i want it hard, Ged laid on top of her and started to pump hard within a minute she escort tuzla was shouting she was cumming, Susan was screaming, Ged laid back and started to finger her clit and she started gush, Sue said she had never done that before she was cumming so much, i went down on her and was licking his shaft and her pussy tasting her cum gushing out, i stood up and started to kiss Jane i said taste your sister she was licking my face and tasting her, i told her to go down on her and taste them both, i told Ged to pull out and i held Jane’s head guided her towards her sisters pussy, Jane knelt down and opened her sister’s lips with her fingers and started suck her clit, i looked at Ged and he said this is some Friday night mate, i high fived him.Ged told Jane to get on the bed and continue to eat her out whilst he fucked her from behind, he started to fuck Jane and he pulled out and spat on his cock and he went for her arsehole, Jane yelped a little as he put his head in, but she took it. i was getting sucked off by Susan and i was cumming i could feel it i told her and she said she would swallow. i filled her mouth and she gulped it down. Susan said could she take his load she wanted to feel him cum inside her. Jane pulled away and let Ged get on top of her Susan said she wanted it doggy and also in her ass, she wanted to feel his 11 inch deep inside her ass. Ged obliged and filled it ball deep he went to town on her and he was cumming he filled her up and when he pulled out Susan just fell into a heap she was goosed, i rolled her over and Jane and i cleaned her down we were kissing each other and tasting him and her, Susan looked up and smiled and said thanks for this i needed it so much and when i go home i am going to drop hints till my husband comes around to this it could save our marriage if not i am going to get myself a big black cock. Jane and i said thanks to Ged and we have booked him in for 2 weeks on Friday, Susan said she might call in if she is free, i hope so cos next time i am going to fuck her. till next time..

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